Microsoft Windows 7 Touch pack as free download

touch pack is a combination of globe,Microsoft Lagoon and Microsoft Collage.Initially multi touch was available only in Microsoft Surface but later this feature got introduced in and was also demonstrated last year.Now with and with Microsoft touch pack, it is easy to feel the real experience of touch facility with microsoft surface and also enjoy other features.
So what is all in Touch pack? With Microsoft Surface Globe its easy to see 2D and 3D effects and with fingers you can slide in any direction,zoom in and out,rotate in any direction.Microsoft Lagoon is screen saver and interactive simulation where you can touch and play with water like attracting a fish in the pond or increase the number of fish in the pond.Microsoft Collage is all about playing with photos and arranging in a required format and also you can save the arrangements as desktop background

So with the free version of Microsoft touch pack its not easy to get the real hands with Microsoft surface and also with other multi touch features.

You can microsoft touch pack from the following link

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