Windows 8 Metro IE10 Browser with HTML 5

Metro IE 10 Browser of Windows 8 is going to use HTML 5 instead of Flash which leads the consumer experience browsing in Metro Style UI ie., plug-in free experience. Metro is named for its custom interface and touch layer built with Windows 8 for tablet devices. They also still support Flash and plugins through regular desktop version of IE 10 where users can still experience ActiveX controls, pen and touch input, etc.,

But 97,00o sites ie., 62 % of sites using Adobe Flash have already started changing to HTML 5. Adobe also started to support for HTML 5 video in its upcoming version, it has demonstrated its EDGE HTML 5 app an alternative to existing technology


Microsoft’s new launch ‘Internet Explorer 9’

Microsoft yesterday launched its new browser IE9 at Austin, Texas. The browser has many features like Pinned sites (where you can go to your favorite site’s directly from windows taskbar without opening a new browser page, to do so click the icon on the left of the web address in One box/ tab of the website/ websites icon on the new tab page, and drag it to the taskbar. The pinned site appears to be a separate site from IE9. The pinned site also has a Jump list/ some have thumbnail preview controls similar to play and pause like in a video/ have icon overlays which display informations like status of the website.), new graphic capabilities and improved performance, Extensive HTML 5 support, Hardware accelerated text, graphics and video so that they act like the programs installed in your pc.

The installation of the browser is shorter and streamlined therefore the installation process is faster than its previous versions. Its other features include Snap (where you can view any two sites/ pages at same time by dragging them on opposite edges of your screen, and they appear side-by-side), One Box (for both navigating to a site and to start a search), Smart screen filter with Anti-phishing protection, Application reputation, Anti-malware protection and etc.,

Windows Azure Boot Camp – Cloud computing

First it was component driven model later came the Client Server model and after which SOA model took over and played a great role in the IT field.Now slowly it will be relaced with Cloud Computing as it has lot of benefits and its also cost effective.So Windows Azure of Mocrosoft brings cloud computing with microsoft technologies

Windows Azure is all about building processes on the cloud.In the fluctuating business environment Azure makes easy in adapting to the changing business environment and also to implement those changes in an effective way.

They are planning to have a two day training program and the great news on it is the traning program is absolutely free of cost.
Training schedule is available only in selected countries and it can be found from the following link

  • Windows Azure materials can be downloaded from the link