Apple’s Red iPhone 7 comes with some complaints

Apple launched it’s yet another product a Red iPhone 7. Many of Apple fans have rejoiced the color choice and has created a buzz among fans during the period of lull.

Apple iPhone 7 Red

While this is part of Apple’s long running product Red line (for fighting AIDS in African countries), the product designers choice of using white bezels for front of the device similar to white/pink iPhone has attracted criticism.
Apart from not blending with the device in terms of colors, white bezels are also an distraction for most users.
Several comments and complaints have cropped up in various forums and users have started posting various ways to overcome the irritating design choice.

Google magic behind Motorola’s next gen XPhone

Motorola has been a sub par device manufacturer,  due to the poor quality and poor UI, they have always been the also runners of the several markets.

But with Google’s acquisition a lifeline has been extended to Motorola. I personally was expecting Google would start pushing out new devices,  but overwhelming media response was that Google will spin-off the Hardware group  and just use the patents.

Luckily for us consumers it appears to be not the case, Google has deputed some of its senior product managers to lead the Motorola’s product division, and has put the focus back on innovation.

Google Nexus 4

Currently Motorola’s premier team under the guidance of former Google product manager Lior Ron (architect behind Google Maps)  is working on its breakthrough phone X Phone. They want to bring the next Iphone, something totally original and totally new.

With Google behind surely there will be something new, but even if Motorola comes out with a not so new but quality build and a clean android implementation , I will still take it.

Apple to launch iphone 5 on October 7

Apple is expected to launch its much delayed  Iphone 5 on October 7 through ATT , Verizon and Sprint.  The  phone is also expected to retail on Bestbuy, Walmart and Apple Stores. Unlike the previous releases , queues are not expected in front of the stores and initial stock is planned to satisfy most of the early buyers. The phone will go on sale simultaneously on Apple’s website.

During the launch iOS 5 will be released to other iOS device users. Iphone 4 price is also expected to be slashed to $99. iOS is expected to bring icloud integration for the devices and iphone and othe iOS devices will finally be free from itunes.