TCS asks employees who got continous 2 ratings or Band D to resign

Yesterday some of the   who have obtained two or more years of continous 2 rating or have been asked to resign from TCS even if they are currently allocated in projects.

Though this might look strange but might be a relief for unlucky ones in Bench at the moment and create panic among associates who have got 2 rating last year. This appears to be a strategy of making way for associates with good rating not to be fired from TCS.

By the currently allocated associates with poor record, the company tries to give opportunities to  associates with good track record and  currently unallocated . In a way this ensures the employees are not fired on pure luck and their influence with top management.

But to most this has been a bolt out of clear sky, and set the tone for Performance evaluation negotiations.

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51 Replies to “TCS asks employees who got continous 2 ratings or Band D to resign”

  1. Yes this is completely true….simple stratagy is to get rid of highly paid experienced people …and afford more entry level people ..who are ready to work like donkey.
    Morever this year more employees are going to get band D..followed by PIP…so most probably in april end more lay off are on the cards.
    TCS going to loose the fame it had earned during 2001-2002 slump.
    Many employees were loyal to TCS becaz TCS was loyal to them during that period…once the conditions are better.TCS is going to face troublesome attrition…even many good projects will be carried away from TCS by it’s middle level associates.

  2. Dear All,

    There is NOTHING like a PIP being followed in TCS.That is all just for the books.Beware TCSers, HR are forcing people to resign threatening them that they will be terminated if they dont.Even high performers ( 4 and 5 rating people ) are being forced to resign(because their allowances are more).
    HR are saying that “So what if you got 5 or 4, you never got it in all the 8 years that you were in TCS”.So if you refuse to resign,they are threatening to terminate you.So people get frightened and submit their resignation.

    Even Freshers are being asked to resign,especially in TCS Hyderabad.Contracts dont hold good when ur employer is TCS !!

    Who is this “admin” by the way ? Are you from TCS too ? I guess so because you are trying to cover up all the underhand doings of Tata Consultancy Services !

  3. Can’t we fight with this?………… rating should be based on your effort,work hard towards the project.not due to recession,cost cutting. I agree really need of cost cutting……..such way PL,HR,GL playing with team members giving d rating not based on your efforts….based on pl/gl like u………if he does not want u just used of this type of rule..he make u out from d proj. & also from TCS………..why like that?……there is no other way around solution is there………
    …….there different way to fight..take the suggestion………there r lot of people. can’t we talk to higher authorities……this not right way……..why we can’t used the employee for work who r in bench……….? increasing hours…other way used two people in proj. and worked completion also will be fast… little bit cost cutting in salary………no one will be feared about job security….one more thing……..i agree that there is need of fired the employee.but there is no way to fired with giving low rating.atleast give rating based on him/her performance…not due to recession,etc..Plz…..comment on this

  4. I have got 3.2 rating but band D.. can any one tell me wat would happen.. as my rating is gud but wat does band D mean??

      1. As per my experience in TCS ,ratings and Bands are just making fools the freshers and new comers in teams ,and of course it introduces a fresher who has just come from a college with lots of hopes and dreams to a multinational IT comp, with the real world. My suggestion to all TCSrs who are sufferer of the ugly process go in fight with your appraiser and try to get release as soon possible and go for a good project where you can learn something better than before and make way for your future . If you approach with confidence then you will surprise to see your appraiser’s behavior to you as he will know well that he had to give you D band as he has given A to someone of his choice who actually does not deserve it.Dont go to the HRs if you are not given your deserved band ,because HRs in TCS are just doing clarikal jobs and they are good for nothing .

  5. I have got rating of 2.93 and band D. I am allocated in a project from Day one in my base branch, and utilization is 100%. I got confirmed with a rating of 4 few months back.
    Now that I am given D band, I am confused what to do. I don’t want to continue with the present project as, there is no growth in it.

  6. Hi,
    I’m a TCS employee, an ASE with 5.5 yrs’ experience….waiting for my promotion to ITA for more than 1 yr now as all promotions have been put on hold.
    I got 3.26 and yet my performance band for 2008-09 is ‘D’, whereas it was ‘C’ in 2007-08 when my rating was 3.21.
    This is the first time I got below ‘C’.
    Am I in danger?

  7. Yes, Anything can happen in TCS. Rating doesn’t value anything. The main
    thing is what the Band u r getting.

    Don’t worry ,and work hard next time you will get A or B Band.

  8. Hi ,
    I want to inform you all that april 09 onwards pip is not based upon performance band .It is based upon performance rating .e, the might be any two consecutive ratinf less than 2.5 will arise the situation of pip.

  9. I knew people who got 4 rating has got band D just because he asked for a release and went to another project. This is nonsense rating process. He is after all working for TCS only, right..

    People who really work hard also got band D due to unit level curve fitting. This is purely fitting process.

  10. bonus and dividend to shareholders…as all big shots have large number of shares..and variable cut to employees…what a grt company TCS is…hope market boom comes soon…then TCS is goin to get taste of it’s own medicine…


  11. There is a document uploaded recently in Ultimatix regarding the PIP process. Its the same as wot Sanjay (comment #12) has said. Effective April 1st, 2009 PIP will be based on performance rating and not performance band.

  12. please tell me the Name and location of document uploaded on ultimatix
    because we are not able to find such on ultimatix.

  13. @ Pallavi (#17)
    Go to Ultimatix–>KNOWMAX–>MyHR Home–>Global-DL-Performance Management & Compensation–>Pack-Performance Improvement Plan(PIP)—> TCS Global Policy – PIP (this is the name of the PDF doc)

    In the document under the Revision List:

    Revision Date: 1-Apr-2009
    Revision Description: The PIP guideline has been revised and is now based
    on the Performance Rating and not the Performance
    Rationale for Change: This is to ensure that the PIP is conducted based on
    an employee’s individual performance vis-a-vis his or
    her goals, instead of relative performance.

  14. Thanks,can you please tell me whats was the effect in our salary?is it depend upon the rating or on band??I’ve got cnfrmd here with rating 3 and now got band D i.e 2.then what will be my new salary structure becoz my graph moves down from 3 to 2??

  15. I got Performace Band ‘D’.I got default rating ‘1’ in H1 2008-2009.For H2 it was 3.5.

    My previous rating are

    Confirmation – ‘3’.
    After that – ‘B’.
    After that – ‘C’
    Then now – ‘D’

    Whats the implications…guys please answer me..

  16. I got ‘D’ rating this time..h1 – 1 and h2 – 3.5
    My previous ratings are

    this year ‘D’
    next – ‘4’
    Confirmation – ‘3’

    whats the implications of it?

  17. Hi..I have completed 3 H2 ratings till now.
    Theye are :

    First H2 was D
    Last year H2: C
    This year H2 : D with Ipf 3.2

    and my conf rating was 3…I am an ASE..and joined TCS as fresher

    ..please help I in danger???

  18. I am ITA with 8 years experience. I got confirmed in Nov08 with 4 confirmation rating. H2 Rating is 3.55. What will be impact on salary? Then also got rating D.
    In addition, I am sent to onsite for project requirement in March2009. I dont have any issue in my performance. Still executing projects and satisfying all expectations. Received customer appreciation emails for performance on 2008 entire year. That is also not considered where customer has mentioned my name specifically.
    Reason given to me is everyone is performer in a team. Also, I am sent to onsite. this is also one of the reason.
    Something is wrong in this process. If one is moving out of project or won, then at the time of review, One will have to face the magic of rationalization in the name of process.
    There are many other issues apart from performance. I am disappointed, that in TCS some players are there who are playing with the carrier of associate.
    Is PIP applicable for me?

  19. I am an employee of TCS for past 8 years. There is no tranparent process of Performance Management. Lot of politics and associates are not evaluated based on their performance properly. No transparent process between rating and band sharing. Few people join together to drag and drop few associates up and down and play around it during curve fittings. Reasons are not provided properly. If you are benefical to your manager for long term they will give good rating..else they will dump you irrespective of your hard work. So it is all your fate. I am sure once market picks up, TCS will see lot of attrition.

  20. Guys,
    Please, please, try and get out of that junk called TCS.
    I have worked for 15 yrs in the IT industry now and the last 3 yrs in TCS , I find TCS to be the most horrible company I have worked in my last 15 yrs.
    Lets give them the taste of their own medecine. Lets get togeather and kill the company, its easy for you guys – just get more business to the company and it will not be able to handle the crisis situation.
    The company has a culture that of a “Family Owned” business.

  21. I agree with “Ramesh”. Once the market is up, TCS will face a lot of attrition, and go in dumps, coz, so many projects, so many people thrown in Band D, all set to go… he he heeeeeee.. I better sell my TCS equity rightaway.. :-))

  22. hi..i m undergoing 2nd phase training.My rating is one(1) for my induction phase training.can anybody tell me wat r all the things that i have to do to improve my rating to 3…i dont know how my rating will increase..anybody guide me please.will it affect salary.or will they terminate me.

  23. Hi, Can anyone of you tell me that is their any new guidelines came for the promotion in July 2010 that associate who got D band in 2009 will get promoted to ITA or not,because TCS already declare that the price will be rised from 1 year after the promotion date.

  24. Has this become another TCS policy to give the VAs to promoted associates an year after their grade change or is it just for this year only?
    Poor associates and worst sufferers who were promoted in Jul’09 and Jan’10.
    Pity on them…!!!

  25. I simply loved going thru this thread .Wud luv if more people could join to massacre TCS’s so called “work culture” and “business ethics”.I myself am wrkin in TCS from the past one and a half years and got a rating of 3.75 in my first H2.Waiting for my Band coming this April.Will update abuses for da company very soon bcoz I know dat the company and more precisely its HR policies suck big time :)Cheers n try to stay away from TCS if you love urself.

  26. Hahahhaa….TCS appraisal process is nothing more than a joke!!
    My H1 Rating is 4.6 and H2 5 (full 5!!!!)

    and Band is “C”.

    TCS Sucks!!

    Resign and find a new job….TCS is worst company to work for.

  27. TCS is a company of big magnitude and the powers are held with the project managers who are truly like blind in terms of rating associates . I have been a part of TCS too . Learning is minimal lots of bench period , rare opportunities for certification and when it comes to rating it is assumed u should have been a superman though out the half year cycle . Its the favorites of Project manager who score more thats all . Buttering wins and others are just puppets . The process of rejecting ur rating is just a formality as no one gets a revised band . It never never never works 99.999999% times its rejected . No one cares . People stay only for onsite opportunities and to have overseas trip . God help their clients and the softwres developed are buggy . CMM level 5 i doubt .

  28. I joined TCS last year as a ASE-Trainee .
    My ILP rating was 2 though I was not in LAP.
    Now for my final aniversay the ipf is 2.16 and final confirmation rating is 3.
    Will this have impact on my career growth ???
    Please suggest i am really confused!! 🙁

  29. Here is a case i am fighting for Got the highest avg H1 and H2 rating in the team 4.1.
    no one get more than 4 in my team but i have a C and there is one with B (rating 3.95). Funny thing is that i trained him!

  30. Friends, i am a fresher joined TCS at Ahmedabad this year(2012) and I am reaallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy scared after reading out all of the above drawbacks of TCS and also such for other companies like INFOSYS,IBM,ACCENTURE,WIPRO. But I were to sign a bond of min period of 2years, so I must remain here for 2 years. But then where should I shift ? Please please please suggest me a good company in IT_INDUSTRY in which I may feel secure…………
    My email id:
    Please help me please………

  31. I wish to say you all about the tragedy that happened to me with TCS day before yesterday. The RMG did not direct me to a good project. Afterall, they used me up for atleast 2-3 months each and did not allocate me. Later, the HR called me up to a separate room. I was wondering why it was for! He said that it’s one year and I’m not allocated for one year, so what were you doing in TCS for these many months? I said that the RMG had already sent me to 2 projects but they did not allocate me there and sent me back to RMG. It was not my mistake. I had huge desire to work in projects. There were 2 HR. They tried talking so harshly to me stating am not in any project and they were very keen to point out that the mistake was from my side. Then one of the HR said me that we are not here to just listen to your bullshits and said we are given orders to terminate you. The HR also said that you have one more option which is also impossible, but still if you want to choose it you can choose to resign. I was just thinking what’s the crap happening to me?? I was wondering how come they chose me. There were several people who doesnt come to report for 6 months. They made me to resign on the spot. They also said me to mention in the letter that I was resigning for personal reasons. The HR are all craps and bullshits. Fuck off idiots-TCS.

  32. Can anyone please tell me wats are the problem I have to face ifi wud get 2 times D band consecutively after joining as a fresher.One D band for Curves-Fitting and One when they are releasing me for Budget Issue in Project.And What sould I do then..Please tell me.

  33. I got d band becos of bench and after that i dint get any h1 as i was on bench now my h2 is initiated and might project might release me with d band and a bad per tcs policy at this time people who get two d bands consecutively their current h1/h2/pe and previous h1/h2/pe are compared.My previous rating h1/h2/pe ws nothing as in ultimatix it is nothing and now i might get d band and bad rating is there any threat pls help.

  34. This is my first year in tcs and I got 2 as final anniversary rating,waiting for confirmation letter,Please suggest what will be the next?Is my salary will going to reduce?

  35. Recently bands have been released.
    Got 3.02 as my final IPF with a band D.When approached my appraiser for clarifications, he came out with a really stupid answer.In his words “All freshers are supposed to get D”. I am just like “WTF!!!!” He als0 mentioned that he gave me since he has more important persons in the team who he doesn’t want to loose on.
    Isn’t rating and evaluation be made on sole performance rather than dirty politics?
    I say if this is the trend, dear TCS where are the good values in your system?

    1. Yep, Bands got released in TCS. Shocking faces around. As usual, results of DIRTY Politics. This time, the unlucky chap in my team is me. Guess wat could be the reason-‘I just asked for release from project’ !!!
      Last time I got rating=3.6 with Band – ‘C’.
      This time I got rating=3.7 with Band-‘D’ !!!
      Shocking, isin’t it ???
      They know that I’m gonna put down my resignation, given with ‘D’ band, but still they dared to do so, guess wat could be their cheap thought… “when the person itself is not in our team, how does it matter if he stays in the company or not” – this is how they think now.
      Yes – I’m gonna resign TCS right now and I’m writing this with my frustration at its peaks…
      BUT folks, any thoughts, how do I escalate on my managers so that I can teach them a lesson…???

      1. Hey same thing happened here , i too want to resign , but before that i want to know what will be the impact of d band on my salary. last month i hav completed 2 years, would D band reduce salary or no hike.

        1. @jsingh: Yes, salary reduces based on your Variable Allowance. There are 2 factors to consider.
          (1) Certain % of your VA will be reduced, as per ‘D’ => Reduction.
          (2) Because of Annual hike, certain % of your salary increases => Increment.
          Upon nullification of both these factors, maximum 20 – 30k might get reduced on your Annual Package.

      2. You can raise an employee concern from Ultimatix…. directly reporting it to HR…

        My piece of advice don’t do it alone… do it with a few like minded fellows…

        I am 3 years exp in TCS and got a D band…. All set to switch companies and before going I will definitely shut the project that I was working in.

  36. So what? I got D band in previous project and now I got B band. I got D because I am a Java resource allocated in a PHP project. And I cant reject it after waiting for one and half years on bench. TCS should provide opportunities for new employees or their time would be wasted.

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