ASUS Bamboo laptops with more features

As most of the laptop users will be well aware about the laptops having bamboos attached to their surfaces.Main advantage is Bamboos are all bio degradable and hence the laptop which is actually not true to the greatest extent.But ASUS is still coming out with bamboo laptops with more and more features to attract customers and they also mainly concentrate on high performance.

So this time laptops are going to have processors like Core i5-450M processors and with NVIDIA Optimus switchable graphics technology which gives a high battery life.ASUS also concentrates on their trademark feature which is the biodegradable option and with this new version they have also come out with more biodegradable option.

NVIDIA Optimus Graphics is estimated to have 11 hours battery life and the laptops still have good bamboo covers.But the laptop is not going to be 100% degradable because they still have a plastic support underneath of thick bamboo panels.

The new U series laptops are going to price from $1300 in US and in Taiwan it will be around $40,000 NTD

Lenova Thinkpad XSeries Tablet(TouchScreen) – Price,Review and Specifications

Apple unveiled the most expected Tablet – iPad and now its turn for the other competing companies to release their own equivalent products.Lenova has come out some some innovative feature in Laptop.This thinkpad can be used as laptop and also a Tablet PC with touchscreen.Its also light weight when compared to normal laptops.This laptop comes with Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 processor and Windows 7 Professional OS.So the performance and multitouch option is going to be very good with the powerful processor and a multitasking enabled OS

Features of ThinkPad


Three ways are available for datainput and this is a new feature in the generation of laptops
Digitizer pen,and with this pen it is possible to draw diagrams,write notes and the greatest part is there is a feature to erase the written contents by just flipping the screen.But generally if your palm touches the screen then there will be some impressions on the screen but Lenova has addressed this problem too by adapting to Palm Rejection Technology

Touch screen as available in all smart phones and iPad.This touch screen will be able to recognise multi touch

Last is the normal data input which is nothing but the keyboard and this keyboard is a comfortable full sized keyboard

3.69 lbs to 3.57 lbs. (LightWeight Laptop)

MultiTouch Panel
This is going to be a multitouch screen when the keyboard is flipped inside then this option will be enabled automatically.Digitizer pen can be used or the fingers

SuperBright Outdoor panel(Optional)
This option is mainly to work with laptops even in bright,direct sunlight.There is also an anti-reflective layer.

7.5 hrs for MultiTouch Panel
10.1 hrs for SuperBright Outdoor panel

Enables Wireless connection
3G support

HardDisk Capacity

Starts from 160 GB
Ends with 500 GB

Other Common Features of Laptop

Optional fingerprint reader
Self-encrypting drives (SEDs)
32-byte boot password
Input/output port disable
ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery™
ThinkVantage Client Security Solution
Shock-mounted hard drive
Spill-resistant keyboard
Magnesium-alloy top and bottom covers

Even with all these features ThinkPad can still be used as another laptop but definitely this laptop will pave the way for next generation laptops

Price of Lenova Thinkpad has come down from $1,984 to $1,509

Wi-fi direct to let your laptops Talk and Play

Most of the Wi-Fi users would have wondered atleast once why they are not able to connect their wi-fi enabled laptops and transfer files with their friend’s laptops. It is after all natural to expect a Bluetooth/LAN kind of functionality from WiFi devices.

This soon might become possible as Wi-Fi alliance is pushing for Wi-Fi direct (or Wi-Fi Adhoc) enabled devices as early as first quarter of 2010.The Wi-Fi direct will allow computers/devices to talk without a need for a wireless Hub / Wireless router. Currently Wi-Fi devices need to be connected to a Router/Hub to share data and communicate.
But with Wi-Fi Direct protocol the future devices can discover and automatically authenticate as in the case of current bluetooth technologies.

There are currently other limitations like you can have atmost one connection anytime in the Wi-Fi devices, For example I can only connect to one Wi-Fi network at any time. When we allow ad-hoc connections, the ability to connect to your internet and print at the same time from a Wi-Fi enabled printer becomes relevant. But whether this shortcoming will be addressed in near future is still a big question.

This new technology is expected to make the bluetooth technology which is a shorter range technology irrelevant in the long run.

More details and updates on Wi-Fi Direct can be accessed in Wikipedia’s article here