Wipro conducts annual Technical tests for its employees

I recently had a chat with a wiproite working in J2EE , hes a six year experienced and has been with for past 5 years. ย When we were discussing about appraisal systems in and Wipro, I came to know of a technical test wipro conducts for its every year for the appraisal and if some one fails these exams affects their Salary and Career at Wipro.

Typically companies conduct exams during the initial training period for freshers and trainees, but conducting exams for experienced professionals in a annual basis is unheard of. And Im not sure about exact name they use for these tests but it appears to be very broad covering many technologies even if the individual is not working on them. ย For instance this person was working in Struts , Core ย but he had to take exams on EJB,Web Services,AJAX etc and he was telling how he had to take leave and stay awake whole night to prepare for these tests.

Any information on this topic is welcome through comments/. If some information is wrong or not complete please let me know.

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  1. Its actually an excuse to keep the percentage of the hike within limits.

    I distinctly remember a person mentioning under the title “Career Aspiration” as “Keeping the present Job”.
    His claim was the role he presently do and the next role that he might have to play will have no co-relation since all IT-Services companies treat their Talent as “Commodities” which can be moved across projects-technolgies-domains-customers-territories-teams-working hours so as to keep the profit-margin high.

    When these companies move the resources across the projects, do they at least ask them on human ground “How comfortable you are ? Do you need any assistance? You will be given breathing time.”. All they see is Who is Billable and how to squeez him/her.

    This is Cruel Capitalism at work and the conditions are no worst than the Sweat-Shops.

  2. Hi

    I was wondering if there is such a site to discuss about IT industry on its pros & cons. Anyways I appreciate that you had put up the Annual exams conducted by Wipro and they are called UCF tests (Unified Competancy Framework) for TCG (Technology Competancy Group). As you have mentioned it was really wierd when we heard of this test. These tests are not even related to the technology we work on and the questions which we take up for the test are also not logical… The thing is that we are provided with study materials for around 1000 to 2000 pages in general and the questions are in such a useless manner quoted from some page/internet for which we have to mug up all the materials provided. Also we work a lot to accomodate with internal quality process and tasks related to client apart from which we have to study and clear, which otherwise will affect our appraisal. This ultimately will affect our progression/salary in the appraisal to come. They even wont take a internal survey for the Annual test which wouldnt be voted for by anyone according to me. Even the Business heads are not able to answer on how these tests would improve our productivity which is a thing to laugh about.

  3. Hi,
    I am X-wiproite.What discussed above all are true and I appreciate all of you for your unbiased reply.I want to add few more things to this post. I too have given this test at least 3 times last year even when I had pass at first attempt, reason was silly that this test has to pass in proctor mode and I was working at client place and given exam from there not from wipro , even manager can arrange exam location. One worst thing is, exam only conducted on week days and office timings.

  4. I am a wiproite.This is really true .
    The thing is that Wipro will tell all the employees to pass the mapped assessment for the year in max 3 attempts.Then they will again give more chances to employees to pass since they want to showcase the clients that this many number of employeees have cleared this many assessments.I have taken one exam 10 times and didnt pass.
    the problem is that you will get NI in the next appraisal.
    Since the appraisal do not map to Salary hike no probs.
    At last the system will get reset after sometimes.
    Then your mapped assesment will reset and you will be asked to pass another exam.
    The one good thing about this assessment is that it has raised the attrition rate in wipro.People study for assesments and will attend inteviews and quit this bullshit company.

  5. This test is only the three of below three years of experience people.
    All the comments mentioned in the thread are correct.

  6. I appeared for the so called exam recently and as expected failed for the first time in my life. Reason the questions were no where related to the technology I was working on. After only 1 attempt it was clear that I may not pass this exam even in 3 attempts or more ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now lets see what happens next. Its kind of weird that even with 5 years of experience I have been asked to give this crap examination.

    Well lets see what happens next ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi…
    I have cleared this xam on 21oct 2010 and better know how i have completed this. The worse thing about this xam is that they used to ask questions on wiprostyle tools and coding standard of wipro. They provide us the material but in the xam u will not get any question from these. anyhow i have cleared it .
    Hope i will get other company before the next level of this xam in this shit WIPRO.

  8. I was an ex-wiproite, i left wipro the moment they told i need to take exams like a college kid every year. That too on topics that i am not working on. Not only do i need to complete my regular tasks but i am needed to take up exams by reading material that was sometimes outdated? Who was the genius who came up with such an idea? He certainly would be a candidate for future layoff according to me.

    Here is my suggestion to all folks banging their on the UCF exams. Read half the subjects that is required and you will get 100% hike outside wipro.

  9. In a its way good for you. Freshen up the concepts and seek employment outside, you may get 100% hike as Ajju mentioned in his comments. In the times of mindless capitalism, treat your employer as your customer and you are as a supplier. The customer is happy as long as the supplier provides high quality product with less cost. Similarly, the supplier can also have the liberty of saying “Get lost, enough is enough” to their customer when their demand is unfair. Learn this reality and get out of the employer when things are not working for you. There are plenty of companies outside especially new age companies treat you better than big corportae Indian companies (“white collar sweat shops”). If you are talented and innovative, then choose the companies like Google, CISCO and Microsoft. They pay you decent salary and provide options like work from home, flexible time (no mandatory 9.5 hrs clocking). More over, the boss cannot behave bad and treat you as his slave. All the best!

  10. Hi, i have been working as a Oracle DBA for last 7 years. and i have cleared many oracle certifications like, 9i,10g,11g professional, rac certified expert. but i was not able to clear wipro UCF oracle exam. because there are logics in that questions. i am dam sure that if you are 50% prepared for your UCF we will get 100% high in aother companies :). wipro is helping employees to study and quit the company ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. hi ,
      i am a fresher and i got the domain datawarehousing.we are geting trained on sql,plsql,tunning and utilities and also tools like INFORMATICA and BUSINESS OBJECTS.plz tell me hoew to do well in the ucf exam?i am also interested in oca and ocp exams.how to prepare for them?

    2. Hi, Having 7 yrs experience in wipro, I would like know, in case of failed in three attempts, will they fire employee? or they warn them ?

  11. Luckily , this is not there in TCS…. In TCS, we have to fill competency GAPS by taling certain online and iff line tests but not that strict as in WIPRO. If UCF like is there in TCS, its obvious that no one will be left behind..all will move towards the nearby exit asap..:)

  12. hi ucf is biggest torture the company is offering to its employees. The questions cannot be solved even by Bjarne Sroustrup nor any expert in the company.

  13. All the other companies have some or other good things….even though every companies will measure your performance and reward you..but wipro is the most marvadi,dubbakur, stupid, idiotic,blood sucking….#$%^$%&^$%&^ company…. this company will collapse in another 1-2 years….

  14. Advice to all wiproites….is to escape this stupid company ASAP… except for some fools who still think wipro is a great company and continue there like the frog in the well … i met many wiproites…many of them are some kind of physcos…who thinks wipro is some great company and every body is eager to join that company…except for some sensible guys like Vivek paul who left the company….some middle level and junior guys…are always in a fools paradise and think great of themselves…their talk and attitude depicts that… where as the outside always viewed wipro as a stupid company

  15. I have been a wiproite for a short while… Wipro always had a factory culture…which considers the software engineers as coolies- unlikely other great companies like infosys,IBM, hp, hcl etc… which are known for their employee friendly culture….at least for creating a hype even small companies keep talking about employee care and employee benefits. But this stupid company is always kept on sucking the blood of the employees…it is high time all sensible people leave this stupid company( except for some fools) and the put shutter to this company….

  16. all the comments are absolutely true.no doubt..
    this company is absolutely stupid and disgusting.
    no hike, no flexibilty, 9.5 hrs attendance, keeping people on bench for years, and rubbish policies like : unyielding integrity, honesty, blah blah blah..
    and mind it everything is valued here except WORK..

    there is nowhere a point called employee satisfaction.
    people come here to rot themselves in this filthy mud.
    poor me..i have also fallen prey to this crap company.. ๐Ÿ™

    studying for ucf is absolutely crap where nothing has to be done with the talent. talent is exercised in making excel sheets and beautifying(colouring and sketching blocks) it.

    ucfs are just to make an employee busy when there are no projects. and when they are used to it..they lose all their opportunities..

    and one more thing..very stupid people work here..no motivation, no aim, some are really fools here..who say : “u will collect so much money in wipro that u will not be able to handle it”.

    what a fool !

    i hope every wiproite can relate to the comments..this company deserves to go into a dustbin !

  17. Things mentioned above are very true. U ppl left about the trainings too, I got trained in Unix but they put me work in cpp. If they want me to put in cpp project then y did they trained me in UNIX ?? After joining the project no trainings in it & they hv mapped me in cpp for appraisal.. what a shit idea

  18. I’m a wiproite. The concept of making assessments as part of the appraisal process is a fair idea for the freshers until 2-3 years. But it wouldn’t go so well with the senior professionals who have served the company in more ways than one. As a young professional you are vigilant and agile in biological terms. Whereas the experienced people might find it very difficult to adapt and focus on studying amidst their body, mind and family conditions. Hence, the policy must be casted off for aged professionals to save their identity.

  19. you are absolutely right Chandru…the way things are going one in the IT industry ..i think it is breaking the social fabric of the society no woders so many divorces and marriages are breaking ..and children belonging to IT couples …GOD save them !

    1. Please answer my questions. I have nearly 8 years of experience. I got offer in wipro. Will it lead to firing, if we are not clearing these exams?

  20. Hi,
    I am working in wipro from past 10 months, its really frustrating for me here, I got job after struggling for 7 months in bangalore, it fed up me while clearing the assesment in 3rd and last aatempt, after this I was on bench for 3 months then they transfer me to chennai..now here I got tagged in project but as being a north Indian my manager doesn’t let gave me work…after showing my passion and dedication towards work I got the project..now they don’t let me to sit idle for 10 min and now the UCF tension came on my head…when I asked from my manager to give me leaves to study as I am mostly busy in project work till night, he told that its better u leave this job…and just after me one south Indian guy asked for the leave on the same issue, he approved his leave. pls for god sake don’t come to this company as fresher as seniors here think that we freshers belong to some animal groups

  21. These exams are only conducted in order to torture employees @ 5th degree. Wipro is inspiring its employees by
    giving very less remuneration ( including amenities and money),
    less aprisal,
    increasing workload and responsibilities,
    no appreciation from either team leader or team manager.
    Moreover, some managers would call you and will ask u to work from home, when you are on sick leave. So Absurd !!! is this called humanity?
    Apart from this, the passing level is 70%.. Atleast the school/college exams had greater probability of passing !!!

    Wipro wants super man… not employees.. ;);)

  22. Hi,
    Please let me know the answer for my above question. I don’t have anyother option now. Because i have already resigned from my company. I have to join in wipro or i have to withdraw my resignation in current company. But I don’t want to withdraw the resignation. I have got Project Lead role overthere in wipro. Please tell me whether i can join that.

    Will it lead to loosing the job, if at all i failed in all the attempts including the 4th attempt. What and when will be the impact for failed result in these tests?


    1. Mine is B3. Project Stream.

      Please tell me about the FMP program. I heard if we opt for FMP, then there is no need to write the Exams

  23. Hi Sathya,

    Negotiate with them for the C1 band as you have 8 years of experience. If already fixed then go ahead and join the company.

  24. I’m also offered B3 band in wipro and role as project leader. As i know, B3 band will have 2 exams to be cleared. I don’t know how tough these exams wil be. I have offer in TCS also. i have not decided yet where to join.

    1. These 2 Exams in a same year itself or we can take it afterwards also? Can you check with some of your friends and let me know. TCS bangalore or chennai?

    2. And one more thing. I have spoke to one of the current employee in Wipro. He said that it will not be too tough and too easy also. It will be normal only. Only thing is, it needs a week’s preparation.

      Don’t take much tension on this.

  25. Its really frustrating to attend the UCF.Questions are not at all relevant.I tried few times to clear the UCF3.2 ,but not able to succeed.I cracked interviews of many companies and was the key resource of previous companies but not able to clear this exam.Employees are really getting torture by the management.No one is providing the inputs no proper training material available.Soon will have to say good by to this company….

    1. Hi,

      Trully said. Imyself joined wipro as I heard that wipro is good towards there empolyees in this market slow down. After joining I myself wonder WTF@@!!!! How can UCF decide whom to promote???

      If the dont have projects to provide then before they should have mentioned this situation but no……Torturing is there motto…..

  26. I agree with one of the discussions that UCF in Wipro be made mandatory for the first 3 years after a fresher joins Wipro. As professionals, Wiproites needs to choose what is best for them to move up their career ladder in Wipro. Many government companies have exams to clear to move to the next band and Wipro is can be no exception to this. In other words, only if employee clears UCF, he can move to a higher band. In that sense, it is fair not to make it compulsary for band B2 and above. Which means, UCF clearing will have to be delinked with appraisals for band B2 and above.

    What is point in asking all Wiproites below C1 to take UCF assessments, where there is no differentiation between cleared versus not cleared during appraisal. Given the fact that somehow more than 80% of Wiproites clear UCF assessments year on year, can the company give good hikes to all those cleared and not give better hikes to those who have not cleared ?

    Hope Wipro understands this and change the policy soon.

  27. HI.

    I have to clear my UCF assessment. Exam – Oracle 3.2. Can any one pls share question bank for the exam.

    Need it asap.


  28. Hai
    I am a fresher in wipro i have trained on java/j2ee i am getting the mail regarding UCF assesment i dont know anything about that can any one share the information regarding this

    1. Hi Alphana,
      If you’re wase program, no need to write UCF. But if you’re a engineer, then you need to write it. please check with your peers.

  29. The UCF test is bad for those who want to limit their knowledge only to the specific area they are presently working. Those who does not like to expand their technical capabilities and want to stay in their comfort zones will dislike the challenge of learning something new in the same technical arena for self development. I have appeared 3 times for this exams in 3 years and till now have completed the highest level. It forced me to study few things like design patterns, core .NET concepts, application performance guidelines etc. which people normally does not learn during a project life cycle.
    The learning habit I accumulated due to UCF helped me in clearing MCTS and TOGAF, and finally move ahead in my career as an techincal architect.

  30. Now I’m struggling to clear this assessment. One year back I joined Wipro and being in Band B3, I have to appear UCF4.1. When I gone through the syllabus, I found nothing was related to my working technologies. Only GOD can pass my assessment. LOL.

    1. Hi guys,

      please note that, you can pass assesments/exams very easily upto UCF 2.2 level.
      only thing is you need to brushup your concepts .

      from UCF3.* you will have upto 10 questions related to your subject(java/.NET/MF) remaining 40 questions will be of team lead, design, project management & resource utilization etc

  31. Hi All
    I am working with wipro from last 1.4 yrs and from the first day in wipro I am facing lot challenges. Some of them are below:–
    1. You urself have to look for some project.
    2. If you are not tagged in some project they force you to join PRODUCTION SUPPORT.
    3. If you refuse to join prod support then they force to change your location. Although people at other location also facing the same problems.
    4. Then if you get project they force you to work late nights and even on weekends.
    i) Management thinks that you are a machine, you do not have emotions.
    ii) Management thinks you do not have family.
    ii) Management thinks you do not have any other responsibility but only to work for them day and night.
    iii) if you raise your voice they create circumstances that you urself would opt out of the project and manager will give negative feedback to other managers.

    5. I do not understand if you are hired once and why there are project interview within wipro.

    Also they ask and force you to give silly UCF exam and the syllabus of exam is also very much out of scope. They take exams on the technologies which are not used in wipro.

    for GOD sake if you are not in any urgent need of job please do not join this silly company.

  32. Hi all ,
    i have been in wipro for about 1.3 months now . I have been trying to clear the SAP UCF FY-confirmation ,yet despiste of giving 3 attempts i have not been able to pass the exam not because of lack of prepration but due to out of course questions and higher difficulty level . I have not been working in SAP technology for past 1 year yet i am tagged to it because i had my training in SAP Security module for 3 months . Its mentally harresing that my job is in danger after working for 1 year . It would be great help if someone can guide me that will i be asked to resign the company ?? does anyone has the dumps for SAP RAC L1.1 FY-Confirmation UCF Exam ????? Some how i can see my next nomination on 9th october .

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