This article focuses on Operating Systems of Apple and Google, and how Hardware plays a huge role in success of each. I was happily using my iPhone 6 plus till one day I couldn’t answer the call despite multiple attempts of swiping. And after the few tries the call disconnected and […]

Apple Iphone vs Android Devices – How does the future ...

Blackberry Manufacturer , Research In Motion is facing a tough challenge in the Mobile Device space, with competition from Apple and whole bunch of new Device vendors powered by Android.  And its device fortunes are tightly coupled with Enterprises continuing to use BES for Mobile email. Though RIM has brought […]

Blackberry (RIM) facing a Grim future with BES

Apple’s highly anticipated 4th Generation iPhone hasn’t failed its fans.Unlike the previous two releases this version does have some serious improvements over the previous iPhone 3G. But again these are nothing new in the smart phone world but new for the Apple world. Multitasking : Apple has launched Multitasking with […]

Apple iPhone 4 – Raising the bar