There is a burning debate going in both American and Indian Technology sectors pertaining to H1B VISA reforms. These debates were started by Donald Trump’s victory and fueled by his “America First” slogan. Additionally some of the new legislation introduced by Darrel Issa and another one by Chuck Grassley & Dick Durbin, […]

How is H1B Salary Determined – Hard Truths about H1B ...

After a shocking backlash from its employees in media and attrition , Nandita Gurjar has acknowledged that one of the problem is with iRace which has in smaller percentage reduced roles and salaries of mid level employees. In the interview she has admitted a high level committee has submitted some […]

Infosys plans to modify iRace

Well you can fake your internal Employee Satisfaction survey, but  an independent Survey is a big no no for Indian IT heavyweights like TCS,Infosys,Wipro and Microsoft India. Well all the top names of Indian IT chose not to participate in the Annual Dataquest Best Employer survey citing recession as reason, […]

Indian IT Biggies chicken out of Dataquest Best Employer Survey