Apple iPad 2 Wish (Guess) List

The much anticipated iPad 2  is going be introduced on March 2 at an Apple event,  but there has been several speculations and rumours, starting with delay in production to iOS 5. But lets not get too ambitious on this.

Well one thing which is almost confirmed is the impending announcement about iPad 2 on March 2 event, after the not so obvious invitation sent to journalists last week.

The following are some of the most expected additions/upgrades

– Certainty is an upgraded processor in the lines of iPhone 4 (ARM).
– Higher resolution , but Retina eye display might be a stretch , but lets see if Apple surprises.
– No 7 inch iPad for now.
– Front facing camera
– CDMA addition to support Verizon.

We might get some new features but at the end of the day Apple could just add the Verixzon support and just lay out a
plan for 2011 just like they have mentioned in the invite.

iPad 2 enters production

iPad 2 enters production which is slim, light in weight, built-in front camera for video conferencing, increase in memory, increase in processor speed, but there are no changes in resolution when compared to its previous version. It will be initially available via Verizon Wireless, and also with a joint venture from Vodafone and AT&T, and might have both GSM and CDMA.

While looking at its sales for the past nine months it has sold 14.8 million iPads from the release, which is around $4.6 billion ie., 17 percent of Apple’s revenue inspite of  heavy competition, and also expects to sell 27 million units this year.

Apple to launch iPad in India

Apple is going to introduce iPad in India from friday onwards, where sales would be done through retailers instead of offering service plans by mobile operators. The 3G service to iPad will be provided by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) as for now 3G data plans for the iPad will be provided from telecom circles like Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kolkata and UP. The iPad comes with dual camera, high resolution display and with faster processor. The available capacities are 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB either as Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi with 3G.

While considering the price 16 GB with only Wi-Fi version is for Rs 27,900, 64 GB Wi-Fi with 3G is for Rs 44,900 and while we look at the data plans like pre-paid with 6 GB will cost Rs 599 for a month and if the limit is exceeds it will cost 1 paise for each 10 KB, the other plan is for Rs 999 with unlimited browsing, and there is a plan for people who use 3G rarely that is for Rs 99 /day. And these plans are not for contract so you can activate or cancel it any time.