TCS wins Rolls-Royce

's top service exporter, proudly announced their victory over the Roll Royce deal. On Wednesday(21st Apr), has won the contract to provide design and engineering services to British engine-maker . However the the financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

As per the agreement, will set up a center in the hi-tech to provide design and engineering services to Rolls Royce.

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3 Replies to “TCS wins Rolls-Royce”

  1. the Engineering and Industry Services in TCS is already on deathbed. Whenever there is need to make it’s presence felt they will comeout with some news. What happend to SAAB deal nobody knows.
    EIS in TCS might be biggest enginnering IT services group in India but if one knows fact that IBM, Accenture and other bigwig are not present in that line and Infy , Wipro have not major focus, it is still not understandable as to why EIS can not contribute good margins and % of total TCS revenue.
    EIS in TCS is like Telco during 1995 when Ratan said it was office of jamindars.

    1. Well said, Typically EIS people are considered hot potatos in market specially in PLM. but the way i see it is there is very less talent and more bragging
      guys have big giant client names in there resume, but actually they know nothing technically or functionally..
      mgt sucks..

  2. Future of Rolls-Royce is bleak. Ferrari teamed with TCS and then there was no sign of it!!!!! Rajasthan Royals got TCS advices and now there are no where !!!! Rolls – Royce is gonna be history !!!

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