Performance evaluation drama peaks at TCS (TATA Consultancy services)

Every year the annual evaluation (or Rating as TCSers call ) goes with lots of drama but this year it is going to be even more chaotic thanks to the economy.

The ratings or the actual values were released on 17 March 2009 and the final Bands will be released on April 11 2009.

Apart from many other dumb reasons managers have one more reason to tell their team members for their poor rating – economy !.

In most cases the employee would have done his/her job perfectly but the Manager will try to convince these poor souls that the entire company is in losses because of the one or two days vacation the employee would have taken, or the bugs in the system etc.

And the real cultprits who are responsible for not foreseeing realities or signing hopeless contracts at the bare minimum pricing would still get better ratings.

If a Project Manager is able to convince most of his team members to take poor ratings he will get a good rating from his boss. So you can understand how the situation in a team would be. Now top reasons a manager might give to reduce your performance evaluation ratings

1. If you want release I will give you lower rating and this is how works.

2. You haven't done any certifications this half yearly, Next time try to improve.
(Our hero would have worked 12 hours shifts everyday for no good)

3. You haven't contributed anything to the Centre level activities (like dancing or singing !!)

4. We thought of giving you even lower rating, but I argued with top management for this rating for you.

5. You haven't contributed to Knowmax, PIPs blah blah blah

6. Your rating got reduced in curve fitting which is out of my hand. (As if curve is some indeterminate shape and values in curve are random)

7. You have been given better rating last time, so give chance to others.

8. I made a mistake while giving the values as I was doing it in late night. Please don't make it as an issue I will compensate next time.

9. Our project doesn't have money.

10. We will send you to onsite soon.. so your rating doesn't matter.

Please add your own views experiences here and pass on this to your friends as well.

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83 Replies to “Performance evaluation drama peaks at TCS (TATA Consultancy services)”

  1. And one more reason
    Anyways there will not be any pay hike so why to worry about the rating as long as you dont get a 2 out of 5

  2. This time the default rating in TCS is 1 so quite a few will be rated as 2 on the scale of 5 which they cant argue about since it is not the default rating anymore.

    Then they will be told not to worry since they are allocated…but then after their current proj ends and they come on bench for even a week they will get a call from HR sayin u have under performed in this quarter or half year or year and hence its better that we dont terminate u…u plz resign…


  3. There is one more important reason that was skipped in this article – Learnings and Trainings!

    The person might have slogged for 10-12hrs daily working for the project … but that really does little when the target is to have 5 training days per quarter. 5 days! and that will get you a 2 rating (smart people have 100% of a goal completion as a freaking 2!). So, to do better i.e. over 150% you would have to have a minimum of 7-8 days of trainings!

  4. Market is down, dont see for ratings, just check you are allocated or not…
    once you are in project you ll get good rating next time. if you are in bench there is no use getting good ratings also.

  5. Some more reasons:
    1. You cannot be relied upon during emergency activities
    2. You did not work deliberately because you needed a transfer
    3. We have got instructions not to give a 5 . Hence we are starting from 4

  6. Also the managers will create the unnecessary escalation reports which not at all happened, and give a poor rating

  7. This whole economy and downturn crap is being used as an internal cleansing activity(like ethnic cleansing), to remove all those unwanted elements.

  8. This is happening in all other IT Companies, then why we often see articles only on TCS???
    Employees are getting paid for whatever work they have done… TCS is taking all possible measures to protect employee’s interests… Had TCS was proactive in sanitizing dead and decayed bodies long back, now the situation wouldnt have arise…

  9. This issue on performance evaluation is into “TCS CULTURE” from the begining which is now given a new name “ECONOMY SLOWDOWN”.GOOD Rating for an assosiate was always a problem inspite of his appriciable work (if his manager has a slightest problem).How much ever u slog for the whole year but by the end of FY if u r released ,no matter what u get the default rating.You are no more an asset to the account/project so why rate better,thats what it is like.The only difference is then we had job security now we dont have.The process followed here is just to show but internally Nothing works.Everything is a part of the game.”SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” holds good here

  10. Hey its not “Survival of the fittest”, I would rather call it “Survival of the Luckiest (or Smartest ?)”

  11. There is no meaning by spreading your frustations like this.
    Rather than this we should be giving attention to improve our competencies and skills. No one is sure what will happen in next financial year. You may be laid off from TCS for forever and would have no choice but to again improve on competencies and resume and again for job search.

    Its tough times for company as well. Rather than cursing your employer give thnaks to them that they r giving u the same monthly salary even though ur client has refused or cut the payment to them.

    Have a positive atitute and njoy the Work.

  12. Hai,

    Why always dig on appraisals or whatever happens in a IT firm? Buddy, this is what happens in all organizations, leave alone IT. This is same as the story of Indian crabs being exported….. Managers climbs the tin can by supporting on his subordinates shoulders………..


  13. I got confirmed in TCS with rating 5. I got 4 this time.
    We have got instructions not to give a 5 . Hence we are starting from 4 is the reason. Points of improvement is to conduct trainings.
    We work in project 4 12 hrs daily. Conducted 4 training sessions & got client appreciations and still 4.

    No hike in salary is ok…… but what about decrease in salary

  14. for #13 and #14..

    Its not that companies pay us for charities .. they earn Millions of dollars on back of employees who are the modern day slaves. The true nature of a company will come out only in these tough times.

    Can you say any of the above comments are wrong?? . If you agree with above post and comments and still want to keep quiet thats a totally different story.

  15. All the above issues are never ending story in the TCS. Rating is decided not on the performance of the individual, but decided on the relation that have between the individual and the manager, and the work the individual is doing not related to the project but the work of the managers.
    Managers play lots of politics in the office and they give rating to their candidates that are close to them.
    If some leads have any problem with the team members, then the leads will definitley give low rating to that individual eventhough he is performing good in team. They misuse the power and take revenge on the team members.

  16. to #17 (Chopra saahab)
    I have very good relationship with my managers. But, nobody in the account has got a rating of 5. Strange Bosss!!!!

    I agree that relationship with managers does make a difference, but you cannot take away the credit of hard-work.

  17. Hi Everyone…

    I was reading all comments here… want to share or through a lite on some points..

    1. So many associates said that they are working for 12hours… My question.. when you are supposed to work for 8 hours why are you working for 12hours.. reason might be more work or you are not capable of doing the work.. we are not going to concentrate on associates who are not capable.. let us come to situation where you have more work and less associates.. why cant you talk with your GL for increasing the resources.. that is your mistake and your team mistake that you didn’t update it to GL, PL or module lead.. if they are not ready to increase the team escalate it .. work only 8 hours they will automatically increase the team.

    2. Coming to second info.. how many of us are increasing our competency? How many of us are taking enough trainings which will help us to deliver quality work. I hope very few reason being time management.. you are not managing your time properly.. like working for 12 hours where you need to work only 8 hours.. So, final conclusion is you want to impress your managers by doing more work and in the process you are able to improve your technical skills which doesn’t have any proof like Icalms or trainings attended or trainings taken.

    My suggestion to all my frnds in TCS, it is not only TCS which is firing people you name the company you will find. Don’t blame any company on this aspect we are here because we ourselves created this by committing impossible to increase our reputation in the team.. which finally made our GL’s to commit impossible to client.. so be happy and make sure that you are having enough skills so that if you are fired from TCS you can get a Job in any other company..

    Finally No company will protect you when they are in bad shape.. so it should be you your skill set and your knowledge which can protect you..

  18. Oh..!! common. you people are having a lot of time to send blogs. Just stop eveything and get back to work you lethargic fellows.

  19. Hey guys… .. its not only in TCS, but i can say this a good Indian company to work with and a company in which there are more values and ethics.. We all should be proud of that. But there will be always some problems in each company as it is in TCS, even though its a ethics based company. But we should think as a whole and we should respond… I have some questions.. to the people are who are commenting so many things.. are you really following everything….. produsing fake bills, unnecessory HRA bills, not willing to pay tax atleast a rupee, unnecessory claims, so many… I cant mention all here….
    Just stop pointing some one… we our selves are creating the problem to our own self….. We will get what ever we give to the society… Hope you people understood… If we are correct in all these things company can survive just like that……Sorry if I am wrong in any of these views…..

  20. Now TCS is adopting new strategy …it is finding people who hav got 2 rating out of 5 in last year and asking them to resign.

    TCS has this bell curve funda where company has to give 20% of employees rating of 2.

  21. Agreed with #17. The managers extract the work, use the resource and neglect when not required.They give reason when questioned.One more statement added to above all is in a team anyone has to be given default rating.So internally in the team it will be again decided who has to be given what rating.Inspite of giving the low rating its sometimes heights to get maximum work extracted from a person who is getting released.

  22. For #19

    My PL is also one of my team members. Do not comment on technical skills, as I have got 4. The reason is strict timeline and budget from client. So before pointing out to anyone, rest assured that this does happen in TCS. Here PL’s are advised to give a rating of 1-2 to associates who worked well. When given a name that a person does not deserver a higher rating, GL said that for her there is some other issue. I will tell you later……
    So brother if you don’t know these scenarios…… you are not a worthy TCSer

  23. If you go to my Icalms, you will see trainings done on saturdays and sundays as well including WBT’s. More that 200% achieved. As already said, my manager is also a team member and he also works for 12 hrs….. What do you have to say about that?

  24. Hi all,
    The same thing has happened to me.
    I got a rating of 4 last time…and this time…even though its not released…its bad!
    The dumb reason tat idiot manager gave me….. i should be more proactive!
    and i took 1 day planned-leave in 6 months….. he said he had to work on my behalf on that 1 day planned-leave.
    that stupid gave me 2 on communications… who cant even say 1 proper sentence in english without 10 grammatical and vocab errors.
    i feel like laughing on his ugly face.

  25. to # 28 ..

    Gayatri, looking at your post, I seriously believe you deserved a negative on your communication. So Be happy that your manager was magnanimous enough to give you a rating of whatever-he-did !

    Here is my 2 cents, I think Indians ( including me) are very poor when it comes to facing criticism. Come on guys, accept that everyone has a developmental need and not everyone in an organization can get a “5”.

    Having said that, there are improvements TCS, infact any organization needs(infosys included! – For Some reason everyone believes this i the best IT company in India!!).

  26. Friends U have to fight for ur Hardwork no matter what the economic crisis is and pay Hike,I don’t know How many people saw failures in their ecademic career,but if u fail in Job that’s all gone.You have to manage the Four Quadrants Concept ( Internal Delivery Focus,Client Focus,Competency Managemt,Contribution to the project) always in ur Job,Until unless u manage them its like we are giving a chance to point us. Once u fulfill all these Quadrants If the PL/PM give ur Less rating then u can esclate to Higher authorities and get ur eligible rating.Ultimate wepon is Projection ,If ur not good at then no matter what hardwork u keep is waste.Here in this type of Industry no one need Hardwork,all need Smart work.Hope i can put some worthful points.


  27. Very honestly compiled, I would say. These managers would barely be at the functional and technical level of the actual performer, but would portray as if no one knows better than him. They are only concerned about when anything can be delivered asap(even if its quality is at stake). All they want to mention is:
    1) You are not taking ownership of this work
    2) You are not being proactive
    3) You have to come and ask for more work,only this much will not do.
    4) You are not flexible.
    5) I have noticed you take too long to come back from lunch (oh really, so mr.manager you want me to prepare n expose an excel of how long you take for lunch n phone calls and your actual time spent in office)

    They cannot recognize the difference between an actual performer and a sychophant.

    Apart from this, the sitation today which is not at all handled in healthy way at all, is the result of mismanagement, unplanned processes, etc. leading to sufferings to those who are not responsible.

  28. I really don’t agree with #19,

    We work more than 12 hours, b’coz of team size, communicated to PL, GL got the response we don’t have budget for more resources.

    Client is ready to call associates at client side, but TCS Managers are not giving approvals…what a crap it is…nyways company is gettin wht’s the problem in giving approvals.

    Coming on to ratings. My team lead told me that it was already pre-decided by the project lead & project managers, they told her to discuss the ratings of all the team members and if she gives more than that, they will simply reject which is unnecessary wastage of time.

    One of the reason I got it for low rating is, that I got an onsite oppurtunity, so rating won’t impact the salary

    Second we was asked to compensate our leaves on weekends and then we asked to apply for the leaves as well…when I questioned him….he was giving me a threat for Termination & poiniting that I was taking a unplanned leave, though that was planed & well compensated….so project suffer

    If you work gud(got individual appreciation’s) , they will count the team efficiency, not urs
    and unfortunately if some mistake was done on your part, then you didn’t perform gud, agreed you get team appreciation’s but what will you say for the individual performance.

    Inspite of cursing each other, I think we should need to take a step forward to overcome these problems, it could be at HR level or if required then we should talk to the Higher management.

    I know it’s not that easy but some one has to take up the initiative.

  29. My Manager says that.. he has given more than 100 % rating to you and guess what he manipulated and made 2 as 100% which was 3 usually.
    He didnt pointe one negative point but still he didnt given good rating :(, i disagreed and eagerly waiting for some good change.

  30. My Team lead told us that, If we will disagree then also she got an instruction to give the same ratings….

    And In the mean time she have to be prepared on the points(basis) she gave the rating like initiative, pro-activeness & what not

    I had a discussion with her, and even she was not agreed with my rating, but she gave it, coz she was asked to do so…..

    This is going on in TCS

  31. to #18(Victim sahaab)
    Hum haram ka paisa nahin lete. Hum ne project main bahut kaam kiya hai. Lekin managers appraisal ke samay apne bande ko hi dikhte hain. They don’t consider our hardwork in the project.

  32. i guess this year since the default rating in TCS is 1…ppl wont be able to deny when they get 2…this way thr will be a bunch of ppl in TCS gtng 2…and then…since the market condition is down..and client wont be paying much…TCS will reduce head count in projects…so this will bring more ppl on bench..and amongst them whosoever got 2 they will be fired…

    this is my wild guess… (just wait and watch)

  33. i have one simple question for who-ever can make me understand this…

    in tcs goal sheet there are 5 pointers…
    1. 80 – 90% of goal
    2. 100 % goal achieved
    3. 110 % goal achieved
    4. 125 % goal achieved
    5. More than 125 % goal achieved

    is TCS saying that 3 out of 5 that means 60% of its employees are those who contribute more than 100 % to the company…

  34. There is so much ado about the performance of the team, what about the performance of managers? Are the PMs , GLS, BRMs really competent? Majority of them are in these positions because of seniority and not skill. Project planning by PMs and GLs is always a disaster here. They keep only one thing in mind. Their revenue and their image to their top management. Their decision is never made keeping in mind the project requirements and skills of the team and because of their mistake, the whole team, is affected. A complete revamp of the entire top management is required. People with real skills should lead. It is these people who play politics and make it miserable for employees to work. If they loose jobs, surely, they can join politics. They will make it big there and even give the real politicians a run for their money.

    1. Jash I would suggest you to prepare for certifications in your area , if you are in J2EE – go for SCJP . If mainframe take help of sseniors for DB2 certifications, even you can try domain certifications just by studying. Also attend as much as possible in training, these will help you in being prepared for rating as well as in looking for jobs.

  35. Beware TCSers, HR are forcing people to resign threatening them that they will be terminated if they dont.Even high performers ( 4 and 5 rating people ) are being forced to resign(because their allowances are more).HR are saying that “So what if you got 5 or 4, you never got it in all the 8 years that you were in TCS”.So if you refuse to resign,they are threatening to terminate you.So people get frightened and submit their resignation.Even Freshers are being asked to resign,especially in TCS Hyderabad.Contracts dont hold good when ur employer is TCS !!

  36. The 2008 freshers batch in TCS Chennai has been laid off totally.The poor guys did not even have time to search for another job.And as they are freshers, no experience too !

  37. for 42..Meenu…what is the authenticity of your news….please don’t spread rumours….no mass lay off has happened in TCS so far….highly paid associates with Low performance ratings have been asked to resign …that is the only truth….

  38. this year tcs management is decided to give 20% of 2 ratings in the financial year and after that they layoff those people.
    here is the target ,in every project this is the percentage
    20% –2

  39. Mates!!! since we just do not have control over our rating, its best to just forget this piece of yearly H2 shit. Its time for retrospection. We all know what we can do to improve our skills as our field is too vast. Its like ocean.
    Once we identify the most critical application in our domain and master it, no one in TCS (Even Big shots) will be in a position to undermine our efforts.
    I am diabetic and just fell short of nervous breakdown when i got dumb, rude comments from my managers. I have decided now that come what may, i will continue to do what is best for me and which would make me at par to indispensible resource in coming future.
    In sum, a cliche which is cent percent truth:


  40. TCS is planning to layoff upto 5000 ppl based on their Q4 results and the just concluded appriasals. All GLs and AMs are making a list of all people who can be disposed off. Wait and Watch. Right thinking people even so called high performers should quit and join more stable companies like Accenture, IBM…agreed they too layoff but they are not prone to gimmicks like ethics, code etc. Incidently IBM, accenture etc have increased recruiting from India.

    TCS-Experience Uncertainity

  41. agree with #47. tcs acts just like a side-business to maintain the other imp. businesses of TATA like Steel .. a VAMP company !

  42. Can’t we fight with this?………… rating should be based on your effort,work hard towards the project.not due to recession,cost cutting. I agree really need of cost cutting…but here TCS name is going down………..such way PL,HR,GL playing with team members giving d rating not based on your efforts….based on pl/gl like u………if he does not want u just used of this type of rule..he make u out from d proj. & also from TCS………..why like that?……there is no other way around solution is there………
    …….there different way to fight..take the suggestion………there r lot of people. can’t we talk to higher authorities……this not right way……..why we can’t used the employee for work who r in bench……….? increasing hours…other way used two people in proj. and worked completion also will be fast… little bit cost cutting in salary………no one will be feared about job security….one more thing……..i agree that there is need of fired the employee.but there is no way to fired with giving low rating.atleast give rating based on him/her performance…not due to recession,etc..Plz…..comment on this

  43. Finally, today performance bands has been released. I am quite happy with what I got considering what my LAST pl gave me.. he was an @$$ ole..
    S….., are u listening?

  44. Worked smart & hard, Stretched & sloged the entire year, Took initiatives, Trained new hires & on top of it always favoured the management…..End of it no hike & no promotion…..Y is it Promotions & Salary hike linked?

  45. You guys come across as such a bunch of Cribbers and Losers.

    Are you all collective idiots or you don’t realise that there is global recession?

    Are you all complete idiots or you don’t realise that IT Industry is completely coupled to global economy unlike other sectors in India..

    Now that the dream run of IT Industry is over, you are pouring your hearts out…

    DO you have a clue lakhs of textile workers, diamond workers & construction workers have lost their job?

    Get a life.. Get moving and understand that IT is no longer a sunrise Industry and hence will not grow at 30%. It will become cyclical henceforth and hence you will have upswings and downswings…

  46. Condition is really very BAD here in TCS, And one of the reasons for it are Higly incompetent managers, which doesn’t even know the meaning and definition of Manager in IT.

    This time they got good chance to present their personal feeling while rating instead of teh actual performance of the people.

    The most frustrating thing is that There is no one who Listen or can take action against them.

    Every one starting from IOU head to GL are aware of the fact but don’t want to take any action.

    Some time i think that the picture they have presented to higher management is the one that suits their survival instead of the real one.

    Every one here who is in TCS know very well that HR is like nothing in TCS, IOU head / GL and other high rank officer keep them in their pocket.

    Higher management is also not taking any initiate to get the real picture of bottom levels which in turns in Really worst work culture in INDIAN it industry.

  47. #50 forget it for now. U may be cald in 2011 if u r lucky enough.
    Situation is very bad here. Lot many ppl in bench for more than 8-12 months!

  48. today “Variable Allowance Quarterly Component – Q4 FY09 ” announced.

    Can somebody from TCS make me understand what does it mean? Will we get our money that got deducted from JAN/FEB/MAR salary…

    “The success of TCS has always been built on strong foundations laid by its talented professionals. Keeping this in view, we continue to reward performing employees. In line with our performance, we have paid the variable component of salary each quarter. No further pay outs will be paid for 2008-09 for employees on the India payroll. For international employees, the company’s financial performance will have an impact on their bonus pay-outs this year.”

  49. Sour milk guys … always leaves an aftertaste.
    Before I ridicule some of the posts above, let me mention that I got a 5(A) this H2 and a 5(A) last H2 too. Had ratings of 4 before that. It’s a shame I don’t get any extra VA at onsite. So all of you who say 5 is a myth here are just plain misguided. Stop lamenting your ratings and try to look at things from another perspective:
    1) Not everyone can be a 5 plainly because TCS is not the home for 1E5 Bill gates or Steve Jobs. In a typical project there would be 1 or 2 outstanding performers (read consultants, professionals) and the rest are followers or just lame parasites
    2) If you want to know whether you are an “Outstanding Performers”, ask these questions –
    —–Where am I contributing more than my counterparts that can guarantee a 5?
    ——Am I really an expert at what I do or am I JAC (Just another Coder)?
    ———Can I Architect a solution, present it to the Business and Manage a Project in the near future?
    ——-What do I know about the project – My code, other’s code, overall system … do I know what the client does with the services I provide? Do I know what is the business need for my .js module or PL/SQL procedure?
    ——Can I propose a new solution which can result in TCS getting a new project?
    3) How am I doing anything better than what an American/Brit/Aussie consultant can do at a world stage (If cost was no factor)
    4) Can I communicate effectively? If my Manager falls sick tomorrow , can I take up the Operations review presentation and drive it end to end in front of 2 rows of Client managers listening in and asking questions to challenge each metric I present.
    5) Finally – Can you walk up to your manager and say: Boss whatever rating you give me would be directly responsible in my selection of TCS as a partner in my career development. If you can afford to lose me next quarter, please go ahead and give me a 4. I already have a bunch of offers for which I am searching a reason to reject. If you can give me that reason by getting me a 5/A, I would gladly stay in TCS a bit longer.
    Overall — you get the theme here. Yes, there is Butt licking which gets some assholes a 4 or 5, but if you are the best of the rest, you will get a 5. Stop being bound by technical boundaries of code, variables, logic and system. Think outside the Box. Inspire team members and amaze clients and no manager can dare to give you anything below a 4. Lucky ones get a 5 too.

  50. SHOBHIT: Dont get too happy that you got good rating. its just that TCS need you and you are not asking for more from TCS and thts why you are getting good ratings. and you cant redicule the above posts just because he is saying something you dont like and that could be true.

    I am also go a lot of 5s in tcs but that doesn’t mean what tcs is doiing is fair.

    You might disagree with me now but just wait for the day you join the league of “parasites”(as u said)

  51. Well said Rahul … I am neither too happy, nor did i ridicule anyone in the above posts (Originally intended to , but dont think i did). All i wanted to say was — STOP WHINING or QUIT TCS IF YOU DONT LIKE IT. I would do that the day I get a 3 , so to your delight – I wont be a parasite anytime.
    I will have to trust you that you get 5’s – but if you seriously did , you will get what i am saying in post #60. If you dont — try it and you might just get it one day ..

  52. This one is for Shobhit…sale jis din tera project chala jaye ga na us din samajh payega ke kaun sala parasites ke ginti me ata tu apne aap ko smajh ta kya hain…itne sare jo logo ko D mila hain uo sab parasite hain..mere khud ke project mein ek ledka hain (pasd out of IIT KGP BTECh Mechanical) of 3.5 years exp ..he came frm onsite and got D. tu to sale sabse genious hoga….sala tu agar kolkata mein hota na…aur yaha pe jo likha hain uo sab PM ko bolta to PM tujhe pura sal kam karne ke phirbhi E deta…sale………

  53. Ha Ha … LOL Sanjay !!!
    Well Lets see … Sanjay Working in Kolkata !!! I wonder how many would be e … Thats my Base Branch by the way … you should be careful not to give so much information about you here at this forum. You cant know who gets hold of your post here.

    In any case guys, you can see for yourself whats the problem here… I offered atleast a half decent advice for anyone who is disappointed with the rating and idiots like Rahul and Sanjay from Kolkata hang on to the “Parasite” word. Good going both of you .. I can see now why you would be pissed off at TCS — Great Attitude — all the best.

  54. Shobit you may be a bit misguided, but I get what you saying. Agar bande mein smartness and skill hai and if he want to be on top , he has to prove it. Sal bhar 14 ghante jam karega to it also gives a bad impression.
    I like some of your points and disagree on others. There are many who are just unlucky to be in a baaad project.

  55. I worked in TCS for 9 yrs and reading all the preceding blogs patiently for last 2 hrs.

    Let me summarize

    1) It is true that H1/H1 ratings are farce,biased and has to to more with partisan politics practiced widely in TCS. People excelling in glib conversation often escape the ignominity of poor/lower band ratings whereas those who are carefree/open often fall as a prey.

    2) There is nothing like great work done by a 5 rating personnel.Given equal opportunity, most(may not be all) can deliver . All the great client relationships, great work fades away when the entire team lead by Project Lead is bent on ruining your great deeds as you have confronted with the project lead on some pretty issue(like being a sole non Telg in the group)

    3) There are a few percentage of employees who deserve to be out on basis of effective communication, technical grasping ability and overall grooming. But irony is that such employees are tagged in the same band(2 in TCS) as another employee who might be performing well but has dared to question the authority of some process/authority/or pure lack of discipline(like coming late and not showing off on some scheduled training program). Hence the entire performance management process goes for a toss as the weed is seperated along with crop .

    4) TCS really needs to improve TATA CODE of CONDUCT. The middle management is horribly bad in terms of communication(especially appraisal ..DId u post in knowmax) and image building.
    There need to be increased emphasis on mutual respect and clarity of business practice.
    Everybody is not a born manager and hence the expectation on this line is incorrect unless training/grooming is provided.
    There should be more role of senior people other than just project lead position.
    This also explains why middle management is so bad as people have chosen this role in force.

    More and more can be said but the above are enough for todays digest.

  56. You well-advised check your fridge in behalf of pork! This swine flu outbreak is geting sombre! My neighbor came shy away from from Meixo metropolis and is geting sick! Subtle of her to forewarn the whole world in the neighborhood!

  57. Mr. Shobhit!!!..well,some of the stuffs u mentioned in ur message do carry some meaning but not all of them….I dont kno how cool ur manager s but if you speak the same language (will leave the company if you dont give me 5 & all those crap) infront of 100 others, atleast 99 will ask you to turn back & kick ur b**t with all the strength they hav got….ur message s ful of attitude & nothn else..try 2 control that wen u speak n public…learn 4rm d modesty of the top performers if u r one ..LOL……

  58. удобство, комфорт уют, надежность, долговечность – все это выгодно отличает деревянный дом. На протяжении многих столетий, дерево считалось самым практичным и выгодным материалом, из которого возводились дома. Дерево – экологически чистый продукт, что имеет существенное значение. На сегодняшний день, возведение домов из дерева не утратило своей значимости, наоборот, деревянные дома, за последнее время получили небывалую признание. деревянный дом – это связь с природой и неповторимым колоритом. многие из нас устали от шумного идушного города, хочется спокойствия,спокойствия и умиротворенности, а что может быть лучше загородного дома. Деревянный дом объединяет в себе надежность, удобство, комфорт.

  59. I have read most of the comments above and share most of the sentiments as well. Though there are some comments made by possiblly the HR guys or some managers who are like sarkari karamcharis, don’t do the work, follow politics and save you $ss dudes.
    I have some other disgusting reasons which I have been given all there years for a low BAND.
    1) “We do not want to give 2 to anyone in the curve so no one gets a 5 as well”. We all aggreed keeping in view the recessionary times. At the end people were given a 2 and they lost their jobs. How can someone be so unethical, so disgusting and such a big liar.
    2) “If you worked hard that is your problem, I didn’t ask you to”, how ridiculous is that.
    3)” You might have got a 4.8 in the appraisal but curve fitting is something else. We have to see everyone’s work and we cannot compare people on the basis of ratings, thats like comparing apples to oranges”. So what the hell do you compare upon, the traits like ralations with the bosses. The people who are dear to the bosses for reasons ranging from as far as doing their personal cores to slleping with the bosses. People don’t get surprised, this is a reality and I now such bosses and their pupils. If this is what you guys have to do then why do we do all this drama of goal setting, appraisal ratings and comments and discussion with reviewer. We just waste our time filling those idiotic goal sheets.
    I had joined TCS as a fresher and joined it above other companies simply because of it’s higer reputation. And this is what I have come to know. TCS should remember that in the IT industry its the human talent which matters the most, if you can’t care for that you are destined for a disater. If this is how things will continue to happen. it won’t be late till all the good, hard working and talented people leave TCS and it will be left with the prejudiced monkeys who will then take it to the bottoms of the IT corporate world.

    Moreover its high time the govt. should take note of all this injustice and create more stringent labour laws in the favour of employees.

  60. Hi Guys,
    I have been patiently reading the above contents. I got my rating yeaterday and the most suffered coz of the politics happnd within our team.. HELL WITH TCS and F**K it.
    Y do they hire ppl if they cant give good rating. I ve been working fr my team fr 14 hrs a day since they failed to hire more resources. This happnd fr 6 months in which my health gt spoiled. Now u know wats the rating i got “2.7” .The reason they give is curve fitting and band. I hate this stuff.
    Guys pls fr heaven sake learn the art of “BUTTERING” ppl..

  61. Hi,
    Do you want to know , How to got a D after a 3.8 in rating.
    1) Complte valuable cerification.
    2)Contribute in Mighty and all bla bla
    3) Deliver without defect and slipage.
    4) At last you get a release in the month of March….. Now you have done every thing what it takes to get a ‘D’ as band 🙂
    This is how you can achive a ‘D’ in TCS !!!!

  62. I got a ‘D’ too.I was afraid that the internal politics would come to this and I would take the beating as I was the only outsider in the team.So I planned in advance got a call from ‘Accenture’ and would definitely resign.I would ask you guys to plan likewise.The entire rating system is a sham designed to give less pay to people even after good work and capablity.The company does this to save money and the HR’s support this.Don’t stay in their control use the company to learn the job and as soon as they start giving bad rating resign.

  63. I have been in TCS for the last 4 years and I know things in and out.
    Let me clear your doubts:

    1. TCS is not doing charity by paying me. I work my ass off to get what I deserve. So don’t give me the bullshit that I must be happy that I am getting money at the end of the month.

    2. TCS is hiring expd professionals 3-4 years and they are being paid 7 lacs onwards.. I get 4.5 lacs. Is that fair ?

    3. While bidding for a project if some fool has signed a contract with minimum number of resources at the lowest cost possible, is it my fault that I have to work extra hours, without getting compensated for it ? And when its time for the ratings, the boss asks you what “extra-ordinary” work have you done. NOw you can count various things that you did, but for your boss, all that was part of your job. Nothing you say will make him believe that you did work out of your way.

    4. TCS has always been like this. Sucking blood of its employees. Holding hikes and promotions for 2 years. Is that fair ?

    5. Why TCS does not have a 360 degrees feedback during the Half-yearly appraisals ? Team members should have a say in the ratings of their “perfect” managers, who always end up getting a “5” rating.

    6. Role of HR in TCS= 0. Yes thats a zero in case you couldn’t figure it out. I have never been approached by an HR in the last 4 years to ask me if I have any issues. Where is the HR ? Are they hired only to hire more employees and not to make sure that the people already in the organisation are happy and motivated??

    7. Why in Ultimatix, we have an option to reject our rating, when no one is actually going to do something about it. I have dis-agreed to my ratings twice and nothing happened. No one from HR or higher management called me even once to know if anything was wrong.

    Bottomline : TCS is going to stay the way it is. Nothing can change TCS.
    Your Option: Quit TCS and join a good company like Accenture, JPMC etc.. This is what I did last month and I am very very happy now. Trust me.

  64. How about bringing the TCS’s own curve to 2 or 1??? Can we rate TCS to its actual performance, playing in its own game over PULSE? Can all employees answer pulse to set the curve?

  65. Hi all,

    I’m a fresher joined in march,2010.I just completed my training and was rated 2.What I don’t understand is I was rated level-2(highest in my ILP) in Communication Skills..Happy for that.But I dont understand why I got a 2 though I was good at other modules also,when all my frns r rated 3.

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