TCS to change Promotion eligibility criteria from 2009-10

The news is almost sure, if the present batch was made to wait unofficially in the name of , the future batches will be made to wait in the name of new eligibility criteria. For the past batches the eligibility criteria is 3 years in a particular grade ie to become an ITA an associate have to spend 3 years in ASE (After confirmation) ie a total of four years.

But as per new guidelines to be released very soon,  the 3 years is to be increased to 4 years (total of 5 years from fresher to ITA)  for each grade or atleast for ASE to ITA .

The news is from some 's who are simply not accepting current eligibility criteria and asking the associates to wait for new criteria.

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49 Replies to “TCS to change Promotion eligibility criteria from 2009-10”

  1. The way the company is moving we can expect clauses like:
    a) The period of wait will be 4 years only if none of you ratings are ‘B’. With each ‘B’ an additional Year will be added to the wait period.

    b) The period of wait will be incremented by one year for each six months continuous stay in Onsite

    c) The period of wait will be incremented by one year for statying unallocated for two months continuosly. For each such occurence one year will be added.

    Please note there is no base for these and is my thoughts only on future company policy 🙂

  2. One of my friends did not get promotion despite of having 5 years overall experience and being recommended last year, having consistent 3 ratings and 100 percent allocation throughout his 3.5 years with TCS (He was a lateral hire after 1.5 yrs).
    Still his package still around 5.0 L pa. Dont know whats the criteria the HR sets. I am ITA and earn 1.5 L more than him.
    He made on mistake, joined TCS 6 months before me.

  3. @admin, Please give an update on this post. is the eligibility criteria really changed and can we have some more details like if grades will be a bigger criteria?

  4. @Admin, what about the lateral hires? It signifies that lateral hires should have 5 years of total experience for promotion out of which 3 years should be in current grade or may be 4 years of total experience out which 3 years in current grade. Man, is TCS considering its employees as slaves?
    I predicted bad time for us as soon as I heard the news about TATA motors suffering a huge loss. Expect TCS revenue going to salvage TATA motors which will affect our VA. Guys, I have already put down my papers. Now its your time to do it or bear the injustice.

  5. 1. HCL Infosystems

    HCL jumped up two positions from last year, according to Dataquest-IDC Best Employers Survey 2009 covering 200 IT companies of which 31 companies were short-listed for the final round.

    HCL Infosystems also climbed two ranks in the Employee Satisfaction rankings thus making it to the top spot. The only hardware manufacturer in the survey, HCL ranked among the top three companies in almost all the parameters followed by iGate, Rolta and RMSI.

    HCL Infosystems also emerged as the dream company to work for with one-third of those surveyed expressing desire to work for HCL Infosystems.

    Big 4 refuse to participate

    However, Dataquest-IDC said that for the first time Indian’s top 4 companies Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Technologies, Wipro, and Mahindra Satyam, declined to take part as layoffs and salary re-alignment leads to dip in IT employee morale.

  6. I have 5+ years exp and joined TCS 4 years ago, my promotion is initiated last year. I am still wating for the promotion Letter.
    It seems I won;t get the promotion which is sucking me.

    My Current year band is ‘D’. HR peoples are telling that who is having D band as current year they won’t get the Promotions and they need to wait for the new policy to initiate it.

  7. Anyone know anything abt this years eligible people for promotion. I am eligible from June, 2009 for promotions and I am hearing that a new promotion policy is soon going to come and there will be another promotion cycle open from Jan, 2010. But HR people are consistently telling they do not have any updates. Please let me know if someone knows anything about this?

  8. Hey guys…TCS has shown attrition rate of somewhere 11 % but people are leaving in herds….aspecially guys with 4 to 6 years of experience
    Hahh..thanks to the HR policies and corporate who thought of playing with our careers…stopping promotion,my friend who has just 2 months more experience is an ITA and draws 7 lakhs salary but I being held up in the same loop as others is a ITA with 5.2 lakhs salary…..But no point of whimming ..around more 25000 employees are in the same soup
    Its never an employee friendly organisation…..its a chindi chor company…..
    expanding the TATAs with employees money…..that too from employees in the lowest rung….
    They have a greedy vision…..
    dont get llured by easy onsites and fall in trap here ..even if you join TCS then get what you want and leave it…
    Its not a company whom you shall call your own.
    The Corporate is hiding its attrition rate..hah why are nolt they proud of it….

    HR are the worst…ask them abt new promotion policy..they dont know they will ask you to ask the supervisors…supervisors asks you to go to the HR
    its a merry go round hah funny company

  9. TCS is not hiding its attrition rate.II have a freind in TCS. He tells that there are two factors here:-
    a) Attrition rate in TCS was nearly 2-5% throughout the recession period upto Nov’09. Only in the last 3-4 months have the attrition gone up to 20%. Overall 11% seems right.
    b) Seeing a large number of people in the 4-6 years exp bracket leave, they simply gave go ahead to all the pending joining dates of freshers so that the attrition remains low on paper. The fact is that for every one experienced professional, they are employing one or more freshers and even BA/BSc graduates. The result: low quality of resources which the shaeholders do not know.

    My freind is one of the hapless ones who got a ‘D’ much before the promotion policy was changed and laments that changed promotion policies should not impact next due promotions as people are not forwarned in the process. What a shame! I was clever enough to quit just before the recession set in.

  10. I had worked with TCS Kolkata for 2.5 years and I found that it is the most unprofessional work place anyone can imagine.The HR s thnk themselves to be the owner of the company inspite of the fact that most of the Hr s are from middle rung B schools.They dont know how to talk properly leave along managing human resources
    To add to the misery of the employees there are the always over greedy managers who dont have any technical skill but are too good in office politics and lobby.Whenever there is any onsite opportunity ,there is always the bogus manager or his favourite shoe licker to grab it.They think that office is a place to rest after doing all work at home and so they come at 12.00 noon.They have been in the company since as a trainee since they dont have that much of technical knowldge to switch jobs.They always have a Godfather who is their saviour.
    In the last 3 months over 20,000 associates have left the company between 2-7 years of work experience.its high time that higher management looks at TCS Kolkata and save this Indian MNC.

    1. Dear friend
      I also share the same with you. I did my MTech from IIT Madras and joined in Kolkata in 1997 and left in 2007.

      Also I want to add one thing…
      There is also no salary balance here. People who are favourites to the management leave the company as ASE or ITA and within 3 months they join as Consultant. All the practices are fraudulant.

  11. I stayed in TCS for around 4-5 years and the right sentence to say about this is a place more than hell to work… Hr think themselves as owner of the company…. such idiots who don’t know how to talk and professionalism…… and rules over teh empoyees….. The better full form of TCS is Total Cheating Solutions…

    They cheat clients in the manner showing the higher exp people are working on their project and even charging higher from clients for them……. But employs teh fresher and contractual employees…. Work culture k naam pe to TCS ek dhabaa hai…..

    In TCS if you want promotion then u shud know how to do buttering of ur manager and u shud be ready for even cleaning his ass after toilet….. even….
    It doent matter whether u know how to work or not….

    People who are reading this will laugh to listen that there are so many people in TCS having experience of over 6-7 years of experience and dont know hot to write mails, scans the docs and draw some drawing in MS-Office….

    They dont pay to employees to achieve their greedy vision. They always enhance their policies only to check how to tight their slaves (because they dont consider employees as employees they are slaves…………..)………. so bad inside TCS which is not known to outside world……

    People always says good abt the company but who actually have experienced abt it can never say good about TCS

  12. tcs kolkata is the worst place to work …bloody dada culture which is nothing but extreme form of buttering.
    in kolkata u will clearly see how management favours bengalis over non bengalis for any good opportunity because bengalis believe in buttering…and the other reason for this is most bengalis are close relatives so they favours their own relative.
    if u are planning for kolkata then think twice. ultimately u will be spoiling ur career in kolkata.

      1. i am ’08 passout and (unfortunately) i land in tcs kolkata, this place is height of mis management, it is horrifying for freshers, this is extremely unprofessional environment and yes this bloody da/di culture is another form of buttering. I am in one prj for 1 year and all who were good in 5-6 yr exp bracket have left TCS. tcs kolkata is made only for bengalis who from all over india pour in here and after joining tcs kolkata they think and act like they got some govt. job and they are highly incompetent. Managers are S.O.B who only care for dipping profitability of project/account which happens due to their incompetence and mismanagement.

      2. dude if you have any other option …just dont get into TCS its hell….i did the mistake and left BEL …i m 2008 passout joined TCS on a package of 3.15 in 2 years its 3.41 only. no ethics here, no respect , infact no onsite…
        yes this is truth

    1. How did you come to the conclusion that Bengalies believe buttering?You cant not generalise a community in that way .
      Have you ever worked in TCS Chennai?Its ia horrible place to work because some Tamilians do not co-operate with other community people , but does it mean that all Tamils are self centred?

      1. very true, it is undeniable fact about S.O.B tamilians. Saying about my projct, it is chennai based and we are considered as slumdogs here, even though comparing competency we can screw them in any field.

  13. Hi All,
    I got an offer from TCS , with ASE as designationa nd C1 Grade.
    can anyone please explain me , what does it mean?

    what about the onsite chances , I have been offered in Hyderabad location..

    actually ,I have 3.6 years of exp , i have just joined SYNTEL 2 months back with 6.2 packge and looking for HYD position . previously I was with Cognizant with packge of 4.2. TCS is offering me 5.5 based on my Cogni Salary.
    So pls advise me , is it good to join TCS ? also can my salary be negotiated , iam ready to join if hey offer me the same i.e 6.2

  14. i m weeping all days being in TCS for 2.5 yrs now… made u work in some obsolete technology which is of no use elsewhere… ma manager cheated me by faking ma resume to put me in dis obselete shit technology which is tool based … curse dat bitch manager to d core of hell.. TCS high time sucks guys… ma manager thinks she is d most eligible Manager… ha ha… shitty lady she is… she is d worst kind of creature on earth to cheat her subordinate like dis .. donno how many ppl she has slept wid to reach manager position… TCS sucks by its managers/matc/GL’s…. my sincere advice to all ppl of the whole world..dont join dis place which is full of shitty minded ass holes …. me too decided to chuck dis company sooner…

    1. Don’t worry as same is the case with all the ladies .. they are good for nothing except sobbing and …..

  15. Hi All,
    First I would like to ask all idiots that if you are so much frustrated with company then who is stopping you to submit your papers. TCS has never called anyone, you begged for job & salary was offered to you according to your skills & exp. You have joined TCS as per the salary accepted by you. Now why you are cribbing. If you feel you have more capabilities then seperation link is always open. Get out & get screwed by other companies in this world.
    People who think their managers are idiots are big stupids. They don’t understand that their boss has skills better than you due to which he is at a senior position in the organization. If you cannot work here you will not be able to survive in other blood orchid companies.
    TCS is place where you can show your skills to whole world. The brand name TATA should make you feel proud.

    1. @TCS Employee

      Managers are not at senior positions because they are better, they are at their positions because they are OLDER, in a company like TCS till few years back promotions were like a default thing, you sitout three years and you get a promotion, only when the number of employees have increased people are talking about all these things.

      According many managers are useless outside TCS, the guys who cant speak proper English, who dont understand either Business/Technology but knows bootlicking.

      Again there is no denying that there are good efficient managers as well.

    2. Correctly said except statement that in tcs boss has skill better than subordinates and due to which he is at senior position in organization..such wrong understanding leads to wrong opinion.

  16. hello
    could someone net me know that i joinded TCS on 20th august as a tranee
    on confirmation i get grade C1Y

    when i have been pramoted to C1

    1. My opinion: Learn to spell check your postings first. Also attend some grammar classes. Where did you do your graduation and who gave you job with TCS? Need to fire your recruiter!

  17. sir i am shovankar cxhakraborty and i have completed my b-tech in majoring electrical and i know c,c++,java ,j2e,oracle and i am also applying for scjp 1.6 but i have 63.4% in 10th,58.9Th in 12th and 75.1%b in b-tech can i applly for tcs

  18. my online Test of TCs off campus in kolkata finished around 11.50 am and in the result declaring time my name was not in printed copy of qualified list nor in non-qualified list candidates….. so i waited for another list and again my name was not in both of the lists……..i told the matter to them they told your result is still waiting but candidates who taken part the online test with me at the same time were in one of the list and some names were not in both of list like me………in this way there were probably 18 candidates whose name were not in both of lists some had finished online Test around 12.30,2 pm, 3pm….By 3.40 pm 7 to 8 lists already declared which consisted of both qualified list and non-qualified list probably 850 candidates lists declared……… having told the matter to observing HR of TCS around 4 pm he told us to write all 18 candidates names with DT number in a paper and after 30 mins of submitting paper the result of 18 candidates came in the same paper and all of us in the non-qualified list……….but i think my 25 questions were correct in Test and many of 18 candidates felt so they corrected 22,23………
    i think our result were not found in their Server so they disqualified us …..Had the result been there they would have told it earlier from Printed list or may be a problem of touch stone Software that unable to submit our result to Server after finishing Test……..
    so there is no transparency in TCS recruitment process is’t it…….??

    if You have any knowledge about the matter please throw some light regarding it……………………..

  19. With 4yrs of exp. i have offer from tcs mumbai as ITA C2 6L p.a. and IBM pune 7.5L pa
    which one is better since i stay in mumbai .
    or join ibm with 7.5 and after 6 mth back to tcs mumbai

  20. Hi,

    I got an offer in TCS as Assistant Consultant with a grade C3A , I have 9 years of experince in IT, is this a good option to choose ?

  21. never join dis company,it sucks …………this is run by a group of idiots…..u will regret later…………..

  22. My band was ‘D’,this year I got ‘B’.Alos I got promotion from ASE to ITA.Also there will be annual hike.My current package is 4.95 at an exp of 5 years.can somebody tell me how much will become after all above happens.

  23. Hello,I got an offer from TCS recently with position ITA.I have 4.5 years of exp only.i got a pay package of 7.51lpa with Mumbai posting.Is it a good package.Right now working in IBM last 4.5years.Still am confused with location and culture of TCS.Can anybody please let me know

  24. Hi, I have total 4.11 years of work exp. Current sal is 6.8Lpa.TCS has offered 8.8Lpa , grade C2, Designation ITA.Can somebody explain is this a good deal??..shoukd i negotiate further with sal or grade??..what is grade C2??..i am still confused if i should accept this offer letter and join the comp.please help TCS guys…thanks in advance…

  25. Can anyone please tell what is the salary structure for 12 years of experience in TCS? I am purely into technical and having very strong technical background of delivering large projects to UK and USA.


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