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All Routes of Chennai MTC Bus Service - Click each route for detailed Bus stop and location names

05C 05CGS 07E 07HET 08C 101NS 10A 10E 11 114A
114CCT 114CTN 114CU 114E 114P 114SN 116 116GS 116L 118
118ET 118P 119 119B 119G 119S 119T 11ACT 11AET 11G
11GGSE 11GS 11H 11HGS 12 120A 120E 120F 120K 120KET
121A 121AN 121B 121C 121D 121DNH 121E 121G 127B 129C
12BET 12BGS 12C 12G 12GGS 13 138 138C 13B 13GS
142 142B 142P 147A 147B 147BGS 147CET 14M 14MET 14MGS
15 150 153C 153K 154 154B 154GS 154P 156AGS 156N
157 157CAG 157E 157ET 157GS 157M 159 159A 159AGS 159ANS
159B 159C 159D 159E 159ENS 159F 159GS 159K 159NNS 15A
15B 15BET 15BGS 15BNS 15C 15D 15F 15FCU 15FGS 15G
15GGS 15LCT 164 16K 16M 170ACT 170ANS 170B 170C 170CE
170CGS 170J 17C 17D 17DGS 17E 17EGS 17K 17P 18
18A 18ANS 18B 18E 18H 18K 18KGS 18L 18M 18P
18S 18SET 19D 19DGS 19H 19HGS 19K 19P 1A 1ACTNS
20 20A 20B 20E 20ECT 20GS 20K 20M 20N 20P
20T 21 21CCT 21D 21DGS 21E 21EET 21GS 21K 21V
22 23A 23C 23CET 23CGS 248 248A 248ET 248GS 26
26A 26B 26CT 26J 26M 26R 27B 27BCT 27BGS 27BNS
27C 27CGS 27CNS 27D 27DGS 27HCT 27T 28 28A 28AGS
28ANH 28B 28BGS 28C 28GS 29A 29AEA 29AEB 29AGS 29B
29BET 29C 29CEA 29CEB 29CET 29CGS 29DET 29E 29ET 29K
29NET 29T 2A 2AGS 32 32B 32BGS 32ET 33 37C
37D 37DGS 37E 37ECT 37G 38A 38C 38CGS 38D 38GNH
38H 38HET 38HGS 38S 3A 41F 42 42A 42B 42C
42D 42GS 44 44A 44B 44C 44CGS 44CT 44NH 45B
45E 46 46ACT 46C 46ET 46G 46GNS 46GS 46NS 47
47DCT 47GS 48 48A 48AET 48C 48GS 49 49B 49G
49GS 49R 50 500 500A 500GS 50ET 51 51A 51AET
51AGS 51B 51BET 51CT 51E 51F 51GET 51GS 51K 51M
51N 51P 51T 51TCT 52 52B 52D 52G 52H 52J
52K 52L 52P 52T 53 53E 53G 53P 53S 547A
54A 54B 54C 54CTNS 54E 54G 54K 54M 54P 54S
54T 54V 55 55A 55AGS 55B 55C 55D 55ET 55G
55T 55V 56A 56AGS 56C 56CET 56CGS 56CT 56D 56DET
56DGS 56ET 56F 56G 56K 56M 56N 56NGS 56PCUT 56W
57 57A 57B 57C 57CCT 57D 57DET 57E 57F 57G
57GS 57M 58ACN 58G 58H 58V 59 59A 5ANS 5B
5C 5E 5EGS 5ENS 5T 60 60A 60D 60H 61A
61C 61ECT 61K 61R 61RNH 62A 62AGS 62B 62CT 64A
64BN 64C 64CGS 64D 64K 64KET 64KGS 64P 65 65B
65BGS 65CCT 65D 65DET 65E 65G 65H 65K 65R 65T
66 66A 66CGS 66GS 66J 66NS 70C 70CNS 70F 70K
70S 71C 71D 71F 77C 77D 77K 77M 77NS 77P
77V 7B 7BET 7BGS 7K 7S 80 88A 88C 88CCT
88CET 88D 88K 88L 88M 8B 8BGS 91NS 95K 95NS
99CT 99NS 9METS A01 A45B B70CT C56C D170 D70NS F70
J66 K66 L18 M01A M07 M1 M118K M119 M119A M119GS
M12 M147N M14A M152N M15ET M15ETG M18 M18ACT M18C M18G
M18N M19A M19B M19C M1GS M21B M21C M21G M27 M28
M45 M45AET M45E M45K M51 M51D M51R M51V M52 M52ET
M52GS M56 M60 M62 M7 M70N M70NS M70S M7A M7GS
M88 M88A M88CT M88GS M88M M88R M89 M89T M9M M9MGS
N70 S07E S07F S07H S07HET S07M S101 S102 S102CG S102CT
S102EA S102T S109 S11 S111 S113 S113ET S113GS S114 S114CT
S114CU S114EX S114P S118 S11ACT S11H S120 S120CT S12B S12C
S13 S147BG S147C S147CG S14M S153A S153B S153P S153T S154A
S159 S159A S159E S15B S166 S170A S170C S170L S170T S17D
S17E S18A S18M S19B S1A S1B S1C S1G S1GET S21
S21G S21GGS S21L S23C S23J S23V S242 S248 S24A S24C
S24CGS S254 S25G S25GGS S26 S266 S26CT S27B S27BCT S27BGS
S27C S27CGS S27D S27DGS S27H S27L S27LGS S27N S29A S29C
S40AGS S41D S45B S45BGS S46 S46G S47A S47C S47D S47DGS
S49 S49A S49AGS S500 S500B S500CT S501 S514 S514E S515
S517 S517T S519 S519CT S519ET S521H S525 S533 S536 S538
S53A S53B S54 S547 S547NH S549 S54F S54FGS S54GS S552K
S553K S554 S554A S555 S557 S558 S558B S558D S562A S562B
S563 S565 S565A S566 S566A S566B S568 S56NEX S56P S570
S570ET S570S S572 S578 S578P S579A S57F S57FGS S580 S580P
S582 S583 S583A S587 S588 S59 S591 S591B S591C S592
S592NH S597 S599 S5A S5AGS S5E S5EGS S62 S62GS S6D
S6DGS S70A S70D S70KGS S70P S70PET S70V S71E S71EGS S71V
S77NH S7B S7F S7H S7HGS S7M S88K S91 S91V S95
SB51 SB70 SD18 SD70 SD70GS SE18 SE18EA SG18 SG18ET SG70
SM05 SM1 SM11 SM14ET SM18C SM21GE SM27 SM27GS SM51 SM7
SM70 SM70GS SM70S SM88 SN45B SP66 SP66GS ST151 ST70EX SV151
SV21 SV51 SV51GS T29 X01GCT X07H X07M X101 X102 X102A
X102C X102CG X102CT X102K X102KG X102M X102P X102S X105 X109
X109CT X109GS X109T X113 X114 X114C X114CU X118A X118R X119CT
X11H X120 X120GS X139 X141C X147C X147S X147V X151 X152B
X153 X153V X154E X155A X156D X15BT X15F X15G X16J X170B
X170C X170M X188ET X188K X18AGS X18D X19B X19BET X19T X1A
X1AGS X1B X1C X1D X202 X21G X21J X21L X21LET X21LGS
X221H X22B X23C X23CET X23CGS X242 X248P X24C X251A X254
X25G X25GGS X26 X26GS X27C X27E X27H X27HGS X27L X29BET
X29C X29L X29LGS X32 X32A X32AGS X34 X35 X37G X40
X40A X40AGS X41C X41D X44B X46G X46GGS X47D X49A X49GS
X500E X500J X500T X505 X505K X505P X512 X515V X519A X519T
X51D X51GS X51J X51T X522 X523 X523A X53A X53AT X53GS
X54 X54CT X54F X54FET X54L X54LCT X54V X551 X551A X555G
X555M X555N X555P X556 X557AE X557C X557M X558A X558C X558M
X558P X55DET X55M X562 X568B X56P X56PET X56PGS X56PNH X56T
X56V X570T X572 X572A X572K X578A X579 X579T X579V X57F
X580 X580M X583C X583D X583P X59 X592A X592V X593 X595
X595A X5A X5G X60C X60E X60G X62 X62ET X62GS X62T
X65A X65P X65V X66K X66P X66S X6A X6D X6DET X6DGS
X6E X70A X70AT X70C X70CGS X70T X70W X71H X77 X77A
X77CT X77E X77EX X77G X77J X77T X77TGS X77VET X79K X7F
X7FGS X7M X7MGS X88K X91 X91ET X91GS X91GT X91T X91V
X95 X95CTG X95G X95GS X95T X99 X99CT XA20 XA47 XA51
XB18 XB19 XB19CT XB19T XB21 XB29N XB70 XD51ET XD70 XD70CT
XD70EX XE18 XE18T XE51 XF54 XG18 XG54 XG70 XG70ET XH51ET
XH70 XJ29C XJ51 XL21 XL51 XL70 XL70CT XM18C XM1P XM21M
XM270 XM70 XM70GS XM70T XM79CT XP51 XS1 XS10 XS11 XS12
XS13 XS14 XS15 XS16 XS17 XS18 XS19 XS2 XS20 XS21
XS22 XS23 XS24 XS25 XS26 XS27 XS28 XS29 XS3 XS30
XS31 XS32 XS33 XS34 XS35 XS36 XS37 XS38 XS4 XS41
XS42 XS43 XS44 XS45 XS46 XS47 XS48 XS49 XS5 XS50
XS51 XS52 XS53 XS54 XS55 XS56 XS57 XS58 XS59 XS6
XS60 XS61 XS62 XS63 XS64 XS65 XS66 XS67 XS68 XS69
XS7 XS70 XS71 XS75 XS8 XS80 XS81 XS82 XS83 XS84
XS85 XS86 XS87 XS88 XS89 XS9 XS90 XS91 XS92 XS93
XS94 XS95 XT151 XT151K XT553 XT70 XT70GS XT95G Z102 Z114
Z19B Z219 Z219A Z500B Z500C Z570 Z570A Z576 Z91