Apple iphone X sees heavy order cancellations despite perceived shortage

Apple and all major carriers are seem to be facing heavy order cancellations and possibly returns (before the 14/30 day return window closes). Several carriers who reported 7-8 of delay in shipping ended Sunday (11/05/2017) with 3-4 weeks delay in shipping. And by end of this week iphone X are expected to ship within a week of ordering.

In a exchange with a reseller, who picked up around 15 phones from a Milwaukee Apple Store, there were no limits enforced by the store and healthy stock till evening. Most of the stores had separate inventory for walk-in customers and not displayed in the store.

Scanning around local Verizon, ATT and Target, we found the same story with most stores having iphone X in stock over the weekend.

Meanwhile online reselling markets saw a huge drop in price from Preorder Date (Oct 27 201&) to Launch day (Nov 03 2017). And at the time of writing this article many phones being sold with almost no or little profit. iphone X 256 GB had a average sale price of $1700 on Oct 27 and now trending at $1375 with few takers.

If you consider 10-15% on selling fees and shipping on top of $1220 for a 256GB (with Sales Tax), the pricing shows lack of demand for resellers.

My local reseller contacted me again to see if I will be interested for $50 on top of the store price and he had to return the phone if it doesn’t sell.

While this is good news for customers, may not be good news for Apple or its stockholders.


With Iphone losing its Momentum, will iphone 6 be exciting ?

Based on the sales numbers from previous Quarter it appears that iPhone is losing its momentum.  Over the last few years, there hasn’t been a new innovation in terms of phones. When iPhone burst into fame, it was the multi touch UI and Appstore. But over the last few years almost every phone has all these features and competition is only on the Speed and Megapixels etc.

Android market has  also matured well and several low end Android offering does what iphone does reasonably well.  And In high end space Samsung is churning out several exciting offerings which have for past year bettered iPhone in all departments.

iPhone 6

Going by Apple’s release cycle for iPhones, we should expect an iPhone 5S shortly,  and with a 5S Apple will try to match the same form and look and feel. But considering that iphone 5 didnt evoke excitement in the Smartphone market, will 5S make any ?

If Apple wants to catch Samsung in this game, they need to think different and come up with something innovative or more exciting,  guess would be a totally refreshed iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 5S.

But if Apple still believes in maintaining a tight schedule, most likely in 2 years time, Samsung will overtake Apple even in its home turf in US.

Iphone 5 facing problems staying connected with ATT LTE

I was one of the early adopters of iPhone 5, got it through pre-order on day 1. I badly wanted to get back to ios after some difficult time with Galaxy S2 on ATT (Part of it was battery drain in the Samsung ATT custom build of Android).

It has been a smooth ride with iPhone 5,  some new after features and a better camera etc.  But once in a while my mails would stop arriving, I have 2 exchange and Gmail configured. When I’m out with my family, I will suddenly realize that  I’m not receiving mails anymore. On closer look iPhone would have lost the data connection, and it wouldn’t pick up LTE, till I restart the phone.(Restart  & Apple no way right 🙂 ).


Iphone 5 LTE

On the other hand none with Galaxy S3 had the same issues,  and once few other of my colleagues got the new iPhone 5 did we find that it common to all iPhones,  Local ATT suggested switching off LTE. The phone is now doing fine on 4G, but  with LTE the device couldnt stay  connected.

So anyone else from other cities facing the same problem??