T-Mobile and Nokia Siemens working on 650 Mbps 3G Standard

T-Mobile and Nokia Siemens have joined for working on this 650 Mbps 3g standard which is likely to be completed  by 2013, this project is based on LT-HSPA evolution basically for offering more high speed downloads at the rate of 650 Mbps and above which is now 42 Mbps. HSPA is the High Speed Packet Access which is the standard for wireless broadband defined in 3GPP  and  is a consolidation of two telephony protocols used for the improvements in WCDMA.

This increase in the downloading speed is got / achieved by combining eight channels into a single data link this increases the cell edge data rate along with dual antenna basically HSPA+ (which gives a HSPA data rates 56Mbps down link and 22 Mbps up link through MIMO -Multiple Input and Multiple Output) ie., dual channel sending data to and fro at the same time. The technology also enhances the 4g broadband from what it has been planned now. The specifications workings are to take place using radio access network, which is already working on Nokia Siemens single RAN platform which is compatible with its present WCDMA (Wide band Code Division Multiple Access – is a interface standard found in 3g mobiles) and HSPA mobiles.

RIM finally with Amazon MP3 for Blackberry

Amazon MP3 is finally launched for blackberry smartphones with data service plan accompanying either blackberry OS version 5.0 or the latest versions, and with 3g,wi-fi,etc. Amazon mp3 is a digital music store of amazon.com it is the first to sell music without DRM during 2008,  previously it was with 256 kbps variable bit rate MP3 format.

The app is available in beta it allows you to buy and download music over a fourteen million songs available on its catalog, you can search songs using artists, albums and other search criteria. It also lets you to share songs and send comments to your friends through your blackberry, bookmarks are available which let you to download later or there is preview option which lets you to preview the song/ album before you choose to purchase and download. Other options are redeeming amazon gift card points from the apps store, daily music deals which offers a free music.