Eee pad a competent tablet computer for iPad

Many tablet computers are getting released in the market after iPad is released and each country is having their own affordable tablet computers.But all these tablets have similar look and feel of iPad though they have many additional features and sometimes even with less price when compared to iPad.Now its the turn of Asus to release its own tablet computer Eee Pad however it was only competent with e-readers like Nook and the kindle.

Asus is going to give a tough competition to iPad as it has many different features than iPad.Asus is a Windows 7 based device.Asus is also releasing two versions of Eee Pad.One is termed as EP101TC and other as EP121.

Features of ASUS
Screen Width
EP101TC – 10-inch screen
EP121 – 12-inch screen
Processor – Intel CULV Core 2 Duo processor
Battery life – 10 hours

Inspite of all these features Engadget has had some hands on with the device and it has termed as the device is “barely working”.They have seen that EP121 was not all booting.Though the functionality and performance is under question,the UI of the models looks attractive and the touch screen also worked great.But as per their comments Eee pad still need to go long way in terms of functionality

A caution for BitTorrent Users

Generally its very easy to get all kind of applications,sofwares,ebooks etc from BitTorrent and its also sometimes easy to download things at free of cost.The concept behind BitTorrent is just sharing that is people who have the original version will share and many seeds may start and many users can do the download parallely.But now there happened some exception due to Hurt Locker.It sued around 5000 Bit torrent users due to copy right violation.

Hurt locker has sent them letters to settle the amount of around $1,500 failing which they need to settle around ten times of the initial penalty.Hurt Locker don’t even know about the unauthorised users but identified them using just the ip address.

Hurt locker was seemed to be leaked some 6 months back before its official release in the US.Though it has got around 6 academy awards it still faced some loss due to the copyright piracy and hence they started to identify people using ip address and are also trying to sue them.

So, bit torrent users should have to be careful in downloading contents and need to check whether it has got some copyrights so that you cannot get trapped into similar kind of troubles later

Apple iPad in Europe and Japan – Review and Price

Apple iPad is ready for preorder as well as sales in 9 European countries.They are U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Germany, which will be followed in July in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.Earlier the date was getting postponed but now there are many APPle shops selling iPad.Many plans for iPad are introduced in UK.Following are the plans in UK
pay £7.50 a month for 1GB of data a month on Hutchison Whampoa’s 3 network
pay £25 for 10GB a month on Orange
Pay-as-you-go and daily price plans will also be available.

Price of iPad seems to be very similar to that was in US but only difference is in US it is dollars and in UK it is in Euro but the numbers are same
The tariffs are similar around Europe.
£429 for the 16GB
Wi-Fi-only model £599 for 64GB,
between £529 for the 16GB Wi-Fi/3G rising to £699.

Much awaited device in Japan is iPad and there also it got released and there were many people standing in front of Apple store in Queue.There were around 1200 peoplr standing in front of the store.Japanese people have craze over iPad mainly to read magazines and to play games.

Apple Japan is selling both the Wi-Fi only and 3G versions, starting at 48,800 yen and 61,800 yen, respectively.