Analysis of H1B cases filed on June 13 ,14 2018 – WAC182005*** Series

We analysed several thousand petition numbers to identify around 1285 petitions filed on work day 200 for Fiscal Year 2017-18. All the cases analysed start with WAC182005**** series.

Most of these cases have filed date of June 13 2018 or June 14 2018. Even though is less than 1 week from filing we have seen quite a bit of action in these cases. It also demonstrates the volume being handled by California Center. Also note that we have not included I-539 (H4), Green card, I-140 or any other petition type in the below numbers.

This data is accurate as of 06/20/2018 but I will keep updating the stats on a daily basis, to give an idea to prospective holders.


Total number of I-129 (H1B extension, amendments, consular) cases filed on 06/13/2018 or 06/14/2018 – 1285

As of 06/20/2018 (WAC182005)

174 cases are already approved.
1092 show the receipt is sent.
19 cases they have RFE issued.

Pending cases Split up

490 cases filed in premium.
602 cases in regular.

If you include the Approved and RFE cases as premium total of 683 cases were filed in premium.


  • More than 50% of cases are being filed in premium.
  • Also the Rate of RFE is much lower than what we have seen in the recent past. This might change as we near 15 day premium processing deadline.

Keep watching this space, I will post regular updates as I see them.

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