Apple launches iPhone 3GS in India very soon

All over the world the latest desired communication device is only or atleast .But there is a delay in all these latest devices getting launched in .But the good news for now is fastest and most powerful iPhone is reaching India through .And with this we can also come to a conclusion that network support will be available in Airtel services very soon.

There are many delighting features in iPhone 3GS when compared to the normal iPhone and that's why is the much awaited device in India.Its the fastest iPhone quick in launching applications,renders web pages in a fraction of time,and most important one is the faster attachment. Good gaming features with latest 3D technologies.

Other exciting features are 3MP ,,Compass App,Comfortable ,You tube support etc.

Finally the price.yes it seems to be costly but people who are in real need and affordable to buy this can very well goahead
iPhone 3GS 16GB – around RS 33000
iPhone 3GS 32GB – around RS 42000

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