iPhone OS 4.0 Beta version

Many information and images on latest upcoming Apple’s devices and OS are getting leaked and now about iPhone OS which is actually trying to include many features of iPad and iPod.It seems in the next generation devices of iPhone and even iPad and iPod Camera may be an additional feature for sure.
But it looks like iPhone may not have the flash support.If its going to have camera and not the flash support then it will be a sad news for many of the features.But its really not confirmed about whether iPhone is going to have the flash support removed or its just updating its error messages.However it could be but there is some leaked error messages which is actually shown in Engadget and here it is

But most of the leaked applications of Apple are now available for download from iModZone.It is actually a very generous one to share the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta Firmware for iPhone 3GS & 3G and iPod Touch 2G & 3G.

Other leaked features of about iPhone 4.0

BoyGenius has collected all the information on leaked features of iPhone.

    Multiple applications can be made available to run in the background of the application and hence it will be able to compete with Android’s multi-tasking abilities

    Many UI and Graphic changes which is sure to attract many customers

    3G and 3GS can be updated with the new version

    Many Calender applications

    Experience of real computers can be had with this new version of Apple OS

Apple iPhone 4G release date is getting postponed since January and its now expected to be released this July.

Apple launches iPhone 3GS in India very soon

All over the world the latest desired mobile communication device is only Apple iPad or atleast Apple iPhone.But there is a delay in all these latest devices getting launched in India.But the good news for now is iPhone 3GS fastest and most powerful iPhone is reaching India through Airtel.And with this we can also come to a conclusion that 3G network support will be available in Airtel services very soon.

There are many delighting features in iPhone 3GS when compared to the normal iPhone and that’s why it is the much awaited device in India.Its the fastest iPhone quick in launching applications,renders web pages in a fraction of time,and most important one is the faster email attachment. Good gaming features with latest 3D technologies.

Other exciting features are 3MP camera,video recording,Compass App,Comfortable keyboard,You tube support etc.

Finally the price.yes it seems to be costly but people who are in real need and affordable to buy this can very well goahead
iPhone 3GS 16GB – around RS 33000
iPhone 3GS 32GB – around RS 42000

Apple brings multitasking with Iphone OS 4.0

Apple now supports the powerful multitasking in its iPhone OS version 4.0.Main feature is it allows user to switch back to the background application if they are done with the foreground one.Thus it provides some control and flexibility to the user on the applications running at the background.Game softwares would perform much better and user can even experience a great difference because of multi tasking as most of the gaming software will have some threads running in the background.

Apart from gaming simple and real benefit would be the notifications that will be passed to the foreground once the background process gets completed.Internet radio,downloads,sms,mail message etc can be preferrably be running in the background and all these requirements will be well satisfied in Apple iPhone OS 4.0

Resource allocation mechanism is powerfully developed and there will be proper management of resources between foreground and background.

Now its the turn of real time users to feel the advantages and effects of Apple iPhone 0S and comment on the same.