Google plans to exit china in April 2010

is already having plans to leave China and shut down its Chinese search engine operations may also pull out all its chinese operations or can just shut down only the customised search engine some of the Google Popular social sites like ,, and Google's are banned in China.

Why is Google planning to leave China?
Initially some dispute happened between the Chinese government and Google on violating the country's rules and regulations.But Google declares that it was already censoring the search by blocking the politically and socially sensitive issues during search.Likewise as Google started to get more and more restrictions on search results and continuous hack on Chinese human rights activists,Google decided to reconsider their approach to China.

who is going to lose?
As per the by other news websites it is stated that its going to be the “Lose-Lose” scenario.Google will definitely face some loss in terms of revenue when it leaves the most populated country in the world.But China will be losing more as most of the people today rely on the engine and it will really be hard for people to get used with their local search Engine “Baidu”.China's operations may also get affected as most of the Chinese today are dealing with the Andriod OS mobile .Apart from the normal users and the Goverment the of are sure to suffer and may even have tough time in terms of job.

As per the latest search on news websites we can get the confirmed news from Google tomorrow,Monday

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