Pwn2Own contest 2010 – Many exciting hack on mobile devices and browsers

is over and we could see the data and the got hacked by many talented and they also won the device they hacked and many got the cash prizes.
First data got hacked in 20 seconds.This happened by just directing the user to a mallacious website and with that the was able to access entire database and he was able to retreive the sent, received and even deleted text messages and going further even photos and the details of personal contacts can easily be traced and hacked.
The formula was later submitted to for further
With the help of these contests all the browser and device organisation can get full details on hacking mechanism and can also deisgn the devices in such a way that becomes highly secured.
Next important hack was on browser.It is pretty interesting that Miller (hacker of Safari browser) was able to hack the same browser since the year 2008.So this is the third time he is hacking the Safari browser and winning cash prize.
Almost all the major browsers like , and Safari were hacked and the non-jailbroken iPhone was also hacked and that too its entire SMS database was hacked in a very short time of 20 seconds.

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