Kobo eReader – An Excellent device for Book Readers

Though is available as one of the application in almost all high end devices like ,, and many other devices but will always be interesting to read books in a dedicated device which gives you the real effect of a book.
Yes,Kobo more or less gives the feeling of original paper book with its powerful E ink reader and fine plastic material all over the device.
You can also choose from variety of covers simulating classic book pattern for the device.

eReader also has other exciting feaures.A dedicated and comfortable button is available to traverse through pages.Menu buttons are available in the left side which is also different from other eReader devices and device cost around 149$

You can store around 1000 eBooks and if it has to be extended then add 4GB card to store around 4000 eBooks.
Other are as follows

120mm x 184mm x 10mm thick.
only 200 grams.
Five selectable Font Sizes

Transfer eBooks wirelessly via Bluetooth
Navigation buttons

Home, Menu, Back, Display.

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