Windows 7 – Fresh install – Clean,Simple and Slick

After I upgraded to  7  from ultimate , I was definitely having some gripe and wanted to go back to VISTA. As I had mentioned in my previous post on Windows 7, both Shockwave player and kept crashing on me and occasionally even started crashing.

But before I completely ditch , I wanted to try the clean install option, afterall in the past I always used to go for clean installs of Windows, only this time I was little lazy about reinstalling all the softwares and backing up data etc.

With the clean install the entire process took only 20-25 minutes and only required me to select the partition and later for entering the product key (as with VISTA).  After the clean install almost 80% of my drivers were already isntalled and required only minimal driver installtion.

This time around I installed Windows 7 versions of , Talk, reader etc. And it solved all the problems I had with the previous upgraded version of Windows 7. I was able to install almost all softwares I had in my previous system and everything works just fine. Even there is Windows 7 version of Google Pack which gets you all essential softwares.

Now let me get back to some key functionalities like Mode in my next post.

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