Google Chrome 4 (Beta) gets the much awaited Bookmark Sync

Today released the Beta version of Google 4, boasting 30% improvement over 3.0 the current stable version. Google earlier had a extension for , which was one of the main reason I stuck to Firefox in the first place. The browser Sync allowed storing and migrating all your browser data like Bookmarks,History and even passwords across your multiple computers. Google withdrew the Browser Sync for Firefox just before Google Chrome was launched and started promoting its own browser.

Now Google Chrome's Beta version gets a part of the browser sync, ie the Bookmark part of . So if you use multiple computers in Home or , you just needs to login to your account to Keep your Bookmarks in Sync.Google uses XMPP (The powering ) to Sync the data between multiple computers.

Also the current Beta version boasts of 400% performance improvement over the Google Chrome 1 (first stable release earlier this year).

Find more details here in Google Chrome Blog

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