Adobe launches Flash 10.2 with enhanced performance

Adobe releases Flash 10.2 with Stage Video technology where it allows websites to take full advantage over hardware acceleration for the entire video pipeline, and also uses less processing power there by increasing the performance ie., it can play high quality video with low power. It is found to be 34 times more efficient. The player can play video with 1080p HD while the CPU usage only being 1 – 15 % on any Mac and Windows computers. Though these benefits of the player might not be visible now it would be only experienced as soon as the websites upgrade their video players.

The other features of Flash 10.2 are that we can switch to full-screen video with one click with dual-monitors setup so the user can watch video on one screen and do other tasks on another, text-readability is enhanced using sub-pixel text and support for GPU is made available through IE9. The download for the player is available at Adobe website for Windows, Linux and Mac computers and will be soon available for mobile phones and tablets.

Zbot Trojan uses pdf in taking full control of computer

Zbot trojan is a information stealing Trojan which uses any pdf document and once this trojan is saved inside the computer then that’s it.Its enough for the trojan if the pdf is just opened by the user.Trojan starts executing some malicious code and also can send information to another remote server.It seems this kind of Trojan sends the information to the remote server located in China.

If any pdf is filled with this Trojan and if the user downloads this pdf then you will be prompted to save a file named “Royal_Mail_Delivery_Notice.pdf”.After saving this file original file will also be saved and if you open the pdf then this Trojan starts its execution.

The Zbot trojan creates a subdirectory under %SYSTEM32% with the name “lowsec” and drops the “local.ds” and “user.ds” files. It also drops an executable “sdra64.exe” and modifies the registry entry “%SOFTWARE%\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Userinit” to launch itself during system startup. When it runs, it injects malicious code into the Winlogon.exe instance in memory.

Thus Zbot acts as a back door for some remote computers to get full access of your machine and also it acts as frontgate for many spywares and adwares to get intruded into the machine.

Java hole exploited in lyrics site

Earlier security problems were disclosed on Microsoft Internet explorer and Adobe reader and now the hole is found in Java too.Attackers were able to enter into the server and gather the details using a very simple code on iFrame over the website using Java.So the visitors need not even click on ads to trigger the malicious code.The flaw Java webstart affects Windows system having firefox and internet explorer.Attack was initially found on Song lyrics publishing site but later the problem was rectified in the site.
When Google Engineer analysed the problem and contacted Sun but for them it is not very important to rush for a patch immediately.They say that its just a gapping hole for the websites having Java.

But with Microsoft releasing patches for security problems on Internet explorer and Adobe releasing patches on Adobe reader its also important for Java to release patches.But before SUN releasing patches its important for the ebsite owners to think on some work arounds as this kind of attack will be widespread soon.