Windows 7 and the crashing Google Talk

The first problem I have discovered after  upgrading to (32 bit Ultimate ) is with the simplest of 's – Talk. has crashed 4-5 times in last few days and I have reinstalled three times, finally dumping the stable version of Google Talk and installing the Google Talk Labs Edition.Ever since I upgraded to 7, I found the typing in Google Talk was very slow, ie the program was not responding as slick as it should.

When I tried to Google for any possible solutions, I found more complaints than answers many users have mentioned Google Talk either slowing down or crashing. Some users have tried running the program in compatibility mode of SP3 or SP2, I tried both options but unsuccessful in both attempts.

One more problem I noticed is whenever the Google Talk was opened in window, it would crash the Shockwave player ( I believe Google is responsible for both these problems.

So expect a newer version of Google Talk for Windows 7 and for time being try the Google Talk Labs Edition.

Read the initial on Windows 7 here

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  1. I use GoogleTalk exclusively as VoIP phone, not only for private phone conversations with family and friends abroad, but also for work, since I am an online conversation trainer. A programme like Google Talk Labs Edition that is lacking aVoIP functionality would be of no use for people who want to talk, so this recommendation is really ridiculous. Are there really people who still stick to TEXTING when with the same programme they could TALK??? My recommendation: don’t upgrade to Windows 7 then, but stay to XP or Vista. Or, if you have to upgrade, then leave Google and use Brosix or Skype instead!

    1. @Nini
      I think if I were using a software for VOIP my first choice would be Skype. Google Talk is more of connecting with Friends and Co workers. So it definitely makes sense to use Labs Edition of Google Talk (till Google acknowledges and fixes Stable version issue).

      Most users of Google Talk use it through Gmail interface

  2. I have been facing similar issues with flash player and gtalk. I upgraded from Windows Vista 64 bit to Windows & home premium 64 bit and the problems have been this way ever since. Even the Windows Explorer keeps crashing. If you are a Windows User you shouldnt be surprised to see these problems as we have come a long way with Microsoft and its problems with its OS. Without any of these problems it wouldnt be a Windows OS. Anyways , I would suggest to do a fresh install of this software, i,e take a back up of your data on an external drive and then format and reinstall Windows 7. I think that should fix your problem because when you upgrade an OS it never really happens smooth and you cant expect the new software to work just normal especially in the cases where you have tons of applications installed on your computer. Rollback to Windows Vista or do a fresh installation of Windows 7.

    PS : Windows 7 is really good on other systems with a fresh install. Although I did see few problems with the drivers on a friends PC, i’m sure they can be fixed with updates and patches.

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