Donald Trump to Announce H1B, Immigration reforms on Wednesday Jan 24 2017

With keeping his promises with respect to other key issues like Trans Pacific partnership and Affordable Care Act, the focus is now on and .

The news from Trump's is  President Trump will announce key H1B and Immigration reforms. He is likely to add stringent conditions to H1B process and possible taxes on misuse.

Yesterday ( Immigration Services – Organisation dealing with VISA) increased filing fees across the board for various non immigrant and immigrant .

Possible bad news for DREAMERS and potentials immigrants from Middle Eastern Countries are also expected.

USCIS - US Citizenship and Immigration Service

Some Good News

There is a possibility of good news for immigrants who are on waiting list for Green Card, as Trump had promised a delegation Indian Emissaries on increasing removing cap for Immigrant applications for and China. If this cap is lifted will pave way for several H1B holders to become Green Card holders and eventually citizens.

Currently waiting list is very high and Indian immigrants who applied for Green Card on or before 2005 are receiving their Green Card in 2017. This will also reduce H1B abuse by eliminating this VISA for these folks.

Business Impact

companies are expected to be worst affected due to H1B reform with the change in Fee or salary structure expected to affect margins directly. Indian and Chines companies will be watching Wednesday's developments closely.

In near term companies in will also be impacted by sudden shortage of skilled or experience resources if the rule changes cause mass exodus of in Non Immigrant VISAs.

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