Donald Trump to Announce H1B, Immigration reforms on Wednesday Jan 24 2017

With Trump keeping his promises with respect to other key issues like Trans Pacific partnership and Affordable Care Act, the focus is now on Immigration and H1B.

The news from Trump’s office is  President Trump will announce key H1B and Immigration reforms. He is likely to add stringent conditions to H1B process and possible taxes on misuse.

Yesterday USCIS (US Immigration Services – Organisation dealing with VISA) increased filing fees across the board for various non immigrant and immigrant applications.

Possible bad news for DREAMERS and potentials immigrants from Middle Eastern Countries are also expected.

USCIS - US Citizenship and Immigration Service

Some Good News

There is a possibility of good news for immigrants who are on waiting list for Green Card, as Trump had promised a delegation Indian Emissaries on increasing removing cap for Immigrant applications for India and China. If this cap is lifted it will pave way for several H1B holders to become Green Card holders and eventually citizens.

Currently waiting list is very high and Indian immigrants who applied for Green Card on or before 2005 are receiving their Green Card in 2017. This will also reduce H1B abuse by eliminating this VISA for these folks.

Business Impact

Outsourcing companies are expected to be worst affected due to H1B reform with the change in Fee or salary structure expected to affect margins directly. Indian and Chines companies will be watching Wednesday’s developments closely.

In near term companies in USA will also be impacted by sudden shortage of skilled or experience resources if the rule changes cause mass exodus of employees in Non Immigrant VISAs.

USCIS increases H1B Filing Fees for I129 I140 I485 – Jan 2017

Trump administration has shown what is to come in next few months for companies using H1B, the filing fee was increased by 35% on the second day and first full day of the administration. While these fees are not going to dent margins , they will eventually add up. The increase also signals the expected trend.

As soon as the Trump administration has sworn in , new fees and forms went effective immediately. The filing fee increases have been a sharp 30-50% increases across the board for H1B, Green card processing etc.

New H1B filing fee is $460 effective immediately, before Jan 23 2017, this fees was at $340. This is 35% increase.

Additionally the I-140  Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker filing fee increase by $120 to $700.

Below tables list Fee increases

VISA / Form Type



New Fee

% increase

I-129 – H1B Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker




I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker




I-765 Application for Employment Authorization – EAD




Form I-914: Application for T Nonimmigrant Status




How is H1B Salary determined


I-485 filing fees increased from $1070  moderately and is applicable as per below table.

I am…

Form Fee

Services Fee


Under 14 and filing with the I-485
application of at least one parent




Under 14 and not filing with the I-485
application of at least one parent




Age 14 – 78




Age 79 or older




Filing Form I-485 based on having been
admitted to the United States as a refugee




Filing as a refugee under section 209(a)
of the INA