Adobe launches Flash 10.2 with enhanced performance

releases 10.2 with where it allows websites to take full advantage over acceleration for the entire pipeline, and also uses less processing power there by increasing the ie., it can play high quality video with low power. It is found to be 34 times more efficient. The player can play video with 1080p HD while the CPU usage only being 1 – 15 % on any Mac and Windows computers. Though these benefits of the player might not be visible now it would be only experienced as soon as the websites their video players.

The other features of are that we can switch to full-screen video with one click with dual- setup so the user can watch video on one screen and do other tasks on another, text-readability is enhanced using sub- text and support for GPU is made available through . The download for the player is available at Adobe website for Windows, Linux and Mac computers and will be soon available for and tablets.

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