Windows 8 Metro IE10 Browser with HTML 5

Metro IE 10 Browser of Windows 8 is going to use HTML 5 instead of Flash which leads the consumer experience browsing in Metro Style UI ie., plug-in free experience. Metro is named for its custom interface and touch layer built with Windows 8 for tablet devices. They also still support Flash and plugins through regular desktop version of IE 10 where users can still experience ActiveX controls, pen and touch input, etc.,

But 97,00o sites ie., 62 % of sites using Adobe Flash have already started changing to HTML 5. Adobe also started to support for HTML 5 video in its upcoming version, it has demonstrated its EDGE HTML 5 app an alternative to existing technology


Adobe launches Flash 10.2 with enhanced performance

Adobe releases Flash 10.2 with Stage Video technology where it allows websites to take full advantage over hardware acceleration for the entire video pipeline, and also uses less processing power there by increasing the performance ie., it can play high quality video with low power. It is found to be 34 times more efficient. The player can play video with 1080p HD while the CPU usage only being 1 – 15 % on any Mac and Windows computers. Though these benefits of the player might not be visible now it would be only experienced as soon as the websites upgrade their video players.

The other features of Flash 10.2 are that we can switch to full-screen video with one click with dual-monitors setup so the user can watch video on one screen and do other tasks on another, text-readability is enhanced using sub-pixel text and support for GPU is made available through IE9. The download for the player is available at Adobe website for Windows, Linux and Mac computers and will be soon available for mobile phones and tablets.

Dell Aero to be launched for AT&T in June

As per the recent update, Aero the Android phone specially designed by Dell for AT&T will be launched in June. Aero will have the features of Dell’s first smartphone running Google’s Android OS, however added advantage is the new mobile Aero, will run Android that includes alternate user interface.

This smartphone is expected to have the features of 3.5″ touchscreen(360*640), 3.2 MP Camera, GPS and microSD memory card slot. It also has a front facing camera which allows for video conferencing. In addition to Wi-Fi and 3G, it will have Bluetooth.

Dell is about to offer this gadget with Adobe Flash which a iPad will never have!!
The pricing and other specifications has not yet come into light.