Laptops for Children education – One laptop per child

Gone are the days when kids used to carry slates(not the slate !),slates got replaced with and pen and now kids may carry a computer with them to their education center.Marvell Technologies is struggling hard to fullfill the vision of Children using and they are even trying to sell therir products at a cheap rate which could be around $75 to $100.Marvell is in partnership with foundation to create hardwares for the laptop.

Apart from the low cost feature, Marvell and OLPC are aspiring for many great features which will not even be available in the recent laptops.Following are their tentatively proposed features

low power rating of 1 watt per hour
multilingual, multitouch-screen with haptic feedback

high-quality (1080p full-HD encode and decode)
integrated video and still cameras
high- 3D graphics
two-way teleconferencing
Andriod OS
Thickness around 10.8 millimeters which is similar to

So now when is this tablet getting released?
Its been scheduled for next year that is during January 2011

But this laptop will be available only in the developed countries and based on the priority company would look on to other decisions.

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