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Intel Core i5
Intel Core i5 Processors are considered to be workhorse processors falling between basic Intel Core i3 and Powerhouse Intel Core i7 processors. Price of Intel Core i5 processors have been low enough to be very competitive with Intel Core i3 processors. We are comparing three i5 processors using the same […]

Intel Core i5-5200U vs i5-6200U vs i5-7200U – Performance Review

With the advent of Apple’s iPad the tablet market was wide open, and addition of Android has brought several worthy alternatives to Apple’s iPad. Most of the devices provide a good set of features and a capable hardware. Though most of the devices wont match the leading tablets in every […]

Android Tablets – Coby Kyros ,HeroTab , ASUS Eeepad ...

Amazon is expected to announce the Color version of its Kindle in November with some new features like Video player and Music Player. The device is the much touted Amazon Tablet and is expected to be released in 7 inch variant before possibly other versions. One of TechCrunch columnist’s had […]

Amazon Kindle in Color in November – The elusive Amazon ...