Airtel launches 4Mbps Unlimited plans at Rs 899

has launched 4Mbps unlimited plans all over (subject to availability) as low as Rs 899 ($20) but there is a catch ie after the initial 6GB /upload limit the line speed reduces to 256 Kbps but still is unlimited. The plans are available in various price band with the 4Mbps speed limit increasing the 4Mbps cutoff.

For Rs 1099 the 4 Mbps limit is till 12 GB, and for Rs 1399 it is 25 GB and at Rs 1799 it is 50 GB. After the initial limit ie after 4 Mbps download limit is exceeded, the connection changes to 256 Kbps unlimited.

With this plan Airtel has become the fastest broadband provider in India in the sub Rs 1000 range.This plan is expected to raise the speed bar in India, as other operators also will be expected to increase the speed.

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6 Replies to “Airtel launches 4Mbps Unlimited plans at Rs 899”

  1. its all rubbish apart 4rm terms and conditions they should write one more thing ie subjected to technical feasiblity……………… i m living in gurgaon and its not available in my area becoz no feasiblity there i dont understand 4 mbps needs technical feasiblity really a shame on airtel as my friend is using 8 mbps bsnl in same area……………. a suggestion 4 airtel mark every plan with subjected to technical feasiblity……….. becoz their half of the plans are not available hell

    1. Hey makkar,

      You may be right on March 31st but not now. Airtel is offering 4Mbps plans in Gurgaon also. Please check with them again.


  2. makkar hai to obviously jhoot bolega

    8mbps wtf!!!!!!!!!!
    theres no such plan by bsnl for commercial users you idiot lier crappy makKar

    1. just fuck off bsnl 4500 plan offers 8 mbps for both business and home…………….
      if u dont know anything then better dont say…………….
      pata nahi kahan kahan se gavar aa jate hain

  3. First Airtel sucks then second whatever Broadband plans they are selling are not unlimited in any way the reason because of fair usage policy what the fu*k how can you say unlimited plans when u apply terms like fair usage policy or contention ratio which is bullshi*t. I got Mtnl 1 mbps unlimited but it got contention ratio means shared bandwidth atleast its better than any private company selling broadband plans. I urge all indians not to go with airtel plans in anyway boycott it and complaint to TRAI using email or by post letter. These kind of companies need to be shut down immediately they are robbers which like to rob innocent customers by their fu*king cheap marketing strategy. The Airtel team who is bringing these type of sh*t plans must be hanged ASAP.

    They are copying MTNL policies with their own cheap tactics what an assho*e airtel is by the way i got mtnl mobile connection and broadband too.. its rocks.

    MTNL cheers…. forever


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