Infosys iRace makes employees say “I Quit”

has seen extremely high attrition over the last 3 months and most attribute to the new initiative (I think Finance had more say here).There were reports that Infosys lost 4000 employees in the month of February alone accounting for 3% of its total strength. It appears Infosys has frozen all the exit interviews of employees resigning till the end of the March 2010 (H2), this appears as a move to show more acceptable attrition rate to the media and markets ahead of the annual . Nandita Gurjar has been taking a lot of flak from infy employees in the media comments section.

During Infosys like , and many others increased the working hours from 8 hours to 9 hours and froze the hikes and for two years. Now after many employees have been demoted as they dont fit the expected criteria and their salary has gone down as well. Typically when a company starts reducing salaries even while showing profit growth it makes you wonder when will the normalcy return for these companies. Infosys while projecting a profit growth story to markets, it is doing exactly the opposite towards its employees.

By discouraging long serving employees, the likes of Infosys and TCS are encouraging a vicious cycle in the IT industry in terms of attrition and forced hikes by laterals, in spite of the fact that the cost for the companies will be much lower to retain employees rather hire at a higher price.

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  1. The information in this article is incorrect. of 100,000 people some are bound to be dissatified but iRACE is certainly a good initiative. like any other major change, benefit of iRACE can be seen only in next 6-7 quarters. salary reduction and holding exit interviews till march 31 is not at all true. I am working as Project Manger and have released many people in Feb and March itself. Please dont tarnish Infosys’ image but such misleading articles!

    1. Dear satisfied employee,

      I assume you must be one of the direct reports for Nandita. Even every news media is cribbing about the high attritions, it’s people like you and Nandita who say “Allz Well”.

      I work for Infy for the past 6 years and have never been so upset about the iRace and such policies like now. And a couple of my friends who tried to resign last week have been pleaded by HR. They tried to show the offers they have in hand and HR is trying to play the Hold_On_To_Infy_for_somemoretime game thru their PMs.

      Latest news: When everyone in India has been shouting on top of their voices about the fuel hikes and rising inflation, our FM Mr.Mukherjee is comparing India’s inflation with Infy’s atttrition just to say increase in Inflation not that alarming πŸ™‚

      Bye and Good bye!!!

  2. @ Satisfied Employee – Your statement appears as though nothing new/different is happeneing in infy which is not correct. Many like me who never had even the slightest chance to quit infy have started hunting for jobs while many already left. Iam one among those who already quit recently.
    Of course my resignation had all to do with my IRACE mapping. With 4.5 yrs of experience i dont like to be called as Senior system Engg while my friends with less than 4 yrs exp are called as technical Analyst!! To be frank i dont feel like i have quit infy..i just quit the recent changes and confusions…i will prefer to work for the infosys that was 5 years back under NRN. Infy is a great place , we cannot see that being exploited with meaningless policies and initiatives which are not called for!!

  3. Hi “Satisfied Employee”,
    I have worked in Infy for the last 4 years. All my promotions were kept back based on issues like ” shortage in average attendance” and other equally crappy reasons all the while getting comments like “exceptional performance” in my appraisals.
    With a total of 6 yrs of work-ex, I am pretty much at the level a beginner fresh MBA starts working.
    With my work-ex, I am sure of getting a 100% increment in salary if I look outside. Because of personal constraints, I have been forced to stick to a company where you work with idiots. Yes, there are people in my team who have no idea of systems/processes/common -sense management principles. Lots of stupid people have reached senior positions in the company leading to stupid and stupider policies in turn.

    1. Nandita and her Catbert Boss MD Pai have blinkers on their eyes! no wonder they have muddled through with iRace! imagine demoting long serving employees. who will ever accept it??? Mercer and its mercenary ways!

  4. Hi,

    Infy is no more good company.. They create hype to ouside world as it’s good company.. don’t join infy..

    I joined infy last year as lateral but affected by iRace, even after follow-up with DM & HR, there is no change..
    Moreover, infy has no good project in SAP, SAP practise is very boring and no good projects.. SAP professionals must no join infy at all..
    even i am looking opportunity outside infy.. hope i get good one..

    Mohan das pai & Nandita Guljar make infy down, if this continues, infy may shut down..

  5. I quit Infy bcoz of IRACE.The policy is just hopeless.Also the certifications suck everything out of you.You become just robots slogging the whole day just to get an average performance in the appraisal.

  6. I am a long serving employee with 8 years in Infy. I got impacted by the iRace mapping (in-fact everyone is) and aspirations have been curtailed by 2-3 years.

    Thanks to the recent attrition rate in Infy, the management came to the fire-fighting mode and “re-fitted” the employees to the earlier level who were earlier “fitted” to a lower level.

    The environment sucks and the HR comes up with one crappy policy to other. Currently, if you want even a pen and notebook, you need to raise a request, go to the other building between 10 and 12 and answer all the questions the facilities person has and if he is satisfied, you can get these. I know of people who were denied more than 1 pen and notebook in a month! You cannot take xerox, send fax, take more than 40 print-outs a day.. the list goes on and on..

    This is not the same company I had joined 8 years back and I am now looking outside for a more relieving environment to work where these hygine factors (from employee’s perspective) are present!!

  7. They say they have given very good hike this time… but taken away the dependents health coverage in India & increased the cost of health coverage in overseas… 50-100$ hike increase of 18-30$ in health insurance cost….

    what a nice way to fool the people! It feels bad to see those genious minds working on these kind of mean cost cutting strategies… rather than looking for growth!!

  8. Beware Chartered Accountants !!

    CAs please dont join Infosys, perticularly Infosys BPO. Because you will be given works which is not at all related to CA. And some managers even dont know what CA is !

    For SAP FI CO also the fate is same. No good training and you have to deliver. No Balance sheet no Finance …only mud work

  9. infy is like an chewing gum . They will use all our energy and then they will split it out without ant intention. the worst place to work. Fuck u infy.

  10. INFY SUCKS….It WAS the best company when I joined 9 years back…And Now I can say it is the WORST company…..WORST HR, WORST FACILITY, WORST SALARY AND WORST ENVIRONMENT TO WORK WITH….

  11. Infy is worst company ever I worked.. The policies in infy is simply bull shit and worst than govt. organization.. It rarely bother about employess, it only want get work done from employees at lower cost.. It puts people on project and get more work from them..

    MD Pai and his keep Nandita made infy worst.. I wonder even after thousands of people left because of iRACE nothing happended to these guys, they keep saying all is well.. To improve infy, they should be thrown out..
    Now they are saying they will recruit 40k people, but around 25k experience people would have left..
    ES is worst, no good projects in SAP & Oracle applications, even ,many good DMs like sai vissa etc left and many more on Q..
    Don’t ever make by joining such bull shit company..
    Nandan left, now NRN leaving, I can’t imagine how these donkeys lead the company, it will be in donkeyes hand with monkey’s play.. shame shame!!

  12. With Infy planning to go fr IRACE 2.0 its gonna suck even more badly….Infy is tryin to make a stand n trying to implement policies in such a way that existing policies are not affected…then wats d use of leveraging policies…

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