IT Job Vacancies in India from US Companies

You will naturally be aware that in India there is a good opportunity for many software and senior software engineers as many companies especially in the companies owned in US.So now it clearly means that US has picked up a lot from recession and there is a good growth with respect to projects.Nowadays India based US companies are having lots of new projects and Indian people are hired with respect to the upcoming new projects.

But there is some warning signal.People who shift their companies with good hike and if at all you are recruited for the new project make sure that if in case the new project is cancelled you are not thrown into bench.There should be some considerable amount of projects and if any one or two is cancelled company and you should not be affected much.This will happen in case of small organisations having main center in US.
Recently many companies run in US are trying to set up new branch in India especially in Chennai OMR road.
So there should be some caution before you join a new company.But on the whole there is considerably good amount of projects coming from US though other part of the world like Spain,and other European countries has entered into recession.If the new projects are long term projects like healthcare then there is not be a problem in terms of job security.

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) in bad shape in US Market


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) , India’s No 1 IT exporter is in deep trouble in the US market. Almost 80% of its clients have reduced or stopped business due to economic recession in US.


Some of its top clients like USAA,AC Nielson,Citibank,Boeing have drastically reduced the business and even stopped moving ahead with new projects. The impact was huge on the employees who are working onsite with the clients. Almost 60-80% of them from each project has been asked to go back to India.


AIG one of TCS’s biggest insurance clients is almost certain to go into oblivion over the next two years due to US Fed take over (loan). This will again impact TCS margins in near future. But Infosys could even be the worst affected in case of AIG.


Chrysler one of TCS’s big ticket business in recent years is already a company in loss and due to mismanagement TCS sent back 80% of its onsite employees past few months. Most of these employees came for the projects only few months back.


But one good news for TCS and other Indian IT companies has been raise in dollar compared to Indian rupee in the past few months. Dollar has appreciated more than 15% against Rupee in last 6 months.