Modified Curve Fitting in TCS for H2 appraisal (2010)

The post title has been modified after many have raised issues that % is not increased this time around.

Here is the new breakup as suggested by commenters :

A 10%, B 32%, C 43% , D&E – 15%

Old post —

will be announcing its annual hikes next month, but not everyone will rejoice the news, generally tries to keep its overall employee costs same and predictable irrespective of the of the company. TCS has been under tremendous pressure due to increasing attrition rate over the past 3-4 months, unlike anytime TCS senior management have spoken about proposed hikes from last quarter just to hold on to the planning to quit.

Typically TCS fixes the share of each bands every year typically following is the Division (very sure abt B and C)

A – 5% B – 30% C – 40% D -20% E -5%
A – 10% B – 30% C – 40% D -19% E -1%

The above are normal scenarios but these values are kept as confidential and never shown outside, but this year the management seems to focused on making sure the band D is increased, several project GL's have been conducting sessions explaining how Band D is not that bad.

And the hike is expected to be in range of 7-15% (highest in higher levels of management). Most employees will see a hike of around 10% max.

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    1. @ASE 2 ITA Promotion

      Nothing is sure till we get it. But if attrition stays high then TCS doesnt have any other options. If the hike is not at expected levels many might quit.

    2. Dear all,

      i am working in TCS since 5 years. but i am everytime harassed by my team leader and group leader by not giving me good ratings. the only reason behind my poor appraisal is per their band system they have to give some 15% people D band even though i will work hard and do my all outputs.
      I dont like to wonder here and rike to oiling her, butter polish. Thats the only reason i am getting only 4% increament per year in this 12% inflation rate. kindly help me i am very frustated but i am in need of job. They are harrasing me by not giving me good appraisel. Every time they have fixed D grade. Mantally torturing the me. Please help me from this TCS culture.

  1. @Admin, Where did you get this info? The above news cannot be true.
    I am a senior PM in TCS and have close contacts with various levels of HRs. In fact I just completed the curve fitting for my 180 member team…

    This year the Band D has been slashed indeed. Band D used to be 19% every year, but this year they started with 17% and finally they made it to 15%. This will only decrease the number of Band D in a team.

    But Yes, We are advising the associates that Band D is not such a bad thing. We know Band Ds usually trigger an attrition and we’ve been asked to control it.

  2. Also the usual band proportion is as follows:
    A-10%, B=30%, C=40%, D=19%, E=1%. Band E is optional and has never been above 1% as stated in the article.

    1. @E=MC2

      I got the increasing Band E from HR, TCS increases the percentage in tough times. And how come the Band D % was reduced this year suddenly?

      Everyone knows Band D affects promotions and salary, how come GL’s are trying to convince team members?

    2. Common man. You are at a wrong place. How are u trying to explain that band D is not that bad. How many time have you got Band D in TCS. How many times a band D person has been given promotion in teh normal cycle. Plz. dont come here to advertise Band D is good. shut up ur mouth.

      1. band concept very bad idea in TCS , How can TCS predecide 15-20 % associates are poor performer(who are at band D or E).15% of 1.5 lakh means 22500 Assosites are force fully pushed to Band D or E. TCS simply spoling their career ,demotivating the associates,in TCS Harwordking , ur motimation to work doesnt matter , only matters your relation ship with higher managemnt, oiling ……. too much biasing hapens here due to curve fitting, IF TCS do not change Apprisal process ,definitly attrition rate will increase , Out side of TCS people will think 100 times to join here.IF TCS talk about profitibily they should blame who are directly involved in making profitibily , they should not blame to techies/operational people,

  3. I might sound like a dumb nerd (and I prolly am) but can someone please explain the band thing in TCS in some detail? I have never heard of any bands or the salaries being related to them. Does it have something to do with the ratings?
    Another question, what band does an ASE, Y grade trainee belong in?

    1. i don’t know who the hell are you..are u from tcs if yes then shame on you ,if not from tcs then please keep distance from tcs….it really sucks the blood of it employess….FYI Band is band bajana….@@@@

      1. dexter why did u change the %,only because of few comments given here…everytime you have given very authentic information…thanks a lot for each really helped lot of tcsers…I know one person who did curve fitting for 200 ppl and he maintain
        A – 10% B – 30% C – 40% D -19% E -1%…. as IPF rating is out and people has already start putting their papers(resignations)….so let’s see what will be the final outcome…

        Band@D-please beware no promotion on band D,no hike so please don’t fall in love with ‘D’,if ur innocent manager(mamu) is saying anything,please ask his rating(@A) …ppl here just make fool of others and keep the best rating for themselves….

          1. Dexter. Yes. As I had mentioned in my post earlier, Corporate has decided to cut down on D% this year. Bust you still got a margin of the band B wrong.

            This is the right one – A 10%, B 31%, C 43% , D 15%, E 1%.

            And I think the hike will be 10%, but the overall increase may be more than that. Reason being, there had been 2 promotion cycles in July 09 and Jan 10, but people are yet to get their VA increase. So the VA increase + 8 to 10% hike should trigger a fat pay increase. Let’s see…

          2. Is it confirm there will be any VA increase for the ppl who got promoted …my gut feel says they will not implement it in this quarter…they have to maintain quarter profit. so normal 8 to 10 % hike for all and VA for promoted ppl will be applicable exactly after one year i.e. ppl promoted in July 2009 will get from July 2010..and so on…

          3. @TCSer, I am at least 90% confident that we will get our pending VA hikes (for those who were promoted in Jul 09 and Jan 10) in April 2010 effective April. We had a HR townhall in Mumbai Seepz last week where they answered queries and confirmed this.

  4. Dont fall in trap – if your mamu (manager) try to convince you for ‘D’ dont agree. D has lot of bads for your career in TCS it will delay your promotions and other things. And if you have D twice then better put paper and search better job outside.

    Mamus will tell you all good stories and NO manager will accept less than B for themselves and how come they ask you for D. Rating is nothing but the distribution of money from a fixed pool of money(VA) . Manager will take ether A or B for themselves and cut rating of their subordinates. HRs in tcs are dummys so dont expect any help from them if you dont agree with your ratings. 🙂

  5. Hike of 10% !!! sucks man… Even the DA increment of the govt employees would be more than this…2 yrs and this is what we get.. That explains why people are starting to quit post the IVF itself.. Cant understand why it is panically doing lateral hiring.. just to show good numbers in the quaterly reports ?

  6. Dexter
    I heard for the first time ever that there is going to be some salary hike for the people on deputation to US, can you please confirm if this is true. I bet the hike would be minimal that it would have no impact even on your taxes (I remember once they gave us $2 each for some celebration – well we used it to pay the tips partially and the rest we paid).

    1. I couldn’t stop laughing at the $2 thing but I know TCS very well to say they are the only one’s who can do this.
      About increment I have no high hopes and would suggest the same for fellow tcsers..

  7. This is really stupid. They treat employees with D band very badly …currently if you get a D means they are asking you to leave the company . How can they convince employees saying that D is not bad. This is the height of exploitation.

    1. Typically a 3.0 in 90% cases will be fitted into a D. But if in your account everyone else has a poor IPF you might get a C band. Anyway if your PL wants you to get Band C he should have given atleast 3.5.

    1. Do you work in TCS. I so, please check Global Speed. On the home page of Global Speed, you would see the details.

    1. There are maximum chances of ‘C’. If the rating given to the whole team is conservative then you might get a Band ‘B’ as well. All the best.

      1. It was 25-75 couple of years back, it is 50-50 of H1 and H2 now. I have been managing it for ab0ut 100 people for 4 years.

  8. Hi Dexter/FrustASTed,

    My current package is 5.3. I will receive Band B and have been promoted as ITA in Jan’10. Any ideas how much my package could go ?

    Also I have also received info from my GL and local HR people promoted would receive their VA from April 2010 onwards.


    1. Hopefully Dexter will keep up his promise and come up with a new thread on the VA matrix for all grades and bands. We all can compute our hikes after that. This is what I’ve from the other thread…

      ASE Band A =?
      ASE Band B = 12600
      ASE Band C = 10800
      ASE Band D = ?

      ITA Band A = 26600
      ITA Band B = 24000
      ITA Band C = 18000
      ITA Band D = 12700

      AST Band A = ?
      AST Band B = ?
      AST Band C = ?
      AST Band D = ?

  9. Hi All,
    I have 3.5 years exp , and been offered ASE in TCS . iam negotiating with the HR to give me ITA designation , will they give me that designation?

    pls help..

    1. I have seen 3 year experienced people getting ITA, fight little harder and get ITA.
      Better still is to join some other company and not coming to this sh*thole. You will sucked inside out.

  10. TCS is considering its employees as slaves. It gives importance to only HRs and Managers. Please don’t join this company if you want a decent life.

  11. There is no final IPF ………..It depends on the Accout owers ..If ur account owner decide to go with just H2 for ease of ranking ..only your H2 IPF counts ..

    Last year also there was no sharing of Final IPF (for h1 and h2)..It’s only the BAND that will get published on Apr 1st .

    1. This is absolutely correct. Infact the last year when I had rejected by band and had a discussion with the GL , she told me that IPF cannot be a direct indicator of the band, we can’t compare apples to oranges !!! Why the hell do we have this whole process of band setting and appraisals then. TCS processes sucks. They are just tailor made for the convenience of higher management and HR’s. TCS only encourages people who specialize in cheap, selfish and derogatory tactics all behind the scenes. If you think you are a genuine person leave TCS and use you talent and hard work in organizations where it is valued not like TCS where only a bunch of idiots rule.

  12. The IPF really doesn’t matter .It’s your Ranking in the account which matters for the BAND .Project A may score 10 associates from 4.9 to 4.2 but Project B may do from 3.9 to 2.1 . Project A’s 4.9(Rank 1) and Project B’s 3.9 will get A and vice versa..

    1. It matters, If yu get IPF of 3.2 and Band of ‘D’ means –
      Band ‘D’ will affect your VA component but
      IPF ‘3.2’ will help when HR is searching for IPF of ‘2’ rating guys.

  13. Hi All,
    I have a performance pay of 10,000 per month in my offer , is it possible that it will be decreased , though my performance is good?

    can anyone please ehlp me..

  14. Dexter,

    My H1 rating is 4.47 and H2 rating is 4.6. All members in my team (6 members) got similar sort of rating. Moreover, we all have been promoted to next grade during 2009-10. I have a strong feeling that they will give an inferior rating so that there won’t be steep hike. Request you to put some light on this issue i.e. inferior rating to promoted associates so that salary won’t hike much.

    1. Guys,

      Let us not complicate anything more on this… Will like to clarify certain stuff:-

      1. Your PM or GL has no reason to worry that you’ve got a promotion and giving you a higher rating will result in a steep hike. Like everyone else, your PMs and GLs are also waiting for hike letters and they don’t really care about the increase in CTC of their fellow subordinates.

      2. Having said that they just cannot give higher ratings to everyone. They have to fit the band and there’s only a certain amount of A’s and B’s and they must give certain amount of D’s. Rest of them fit as C.

      3. Your H1 and H2 ratings will form the final IPF for the year. The system will generate the band based on the final IPF (where you stand when compared with the whole team). But your GL or PM can always override the system generated bands. So IT IS POSSIBLE for an associate-1 who got lesser final IPF than associate-2 to get a higher band than associate-2.

      I am a Senior PM / GL kind of a role based in Bangalore and want to mention this. I have seen associates with 4.5+ getting a C band and 3.0+ getting a A band during the curve fitting process.


      1. @ E=MC2

        I wanted to ask, If some one gets a Band D, is the process good enough to handle rejections and getting the Band resolved by a dialogue.

        1. @Band D Syndrome

          Once given a band it is highly impossible to change it through disagreement. HRs simply try to convince you to accept it. But if you know someone at Account Head level you may get lucky.

      2. dude,

        your 1st and 3rd points contradict, if there is no reason then why do the managers manipulate the system generated bands which are based on the actual IPF, making things unpredictable for the associate.

        I dont understand why do you re-iterate that you are a senior PM/GL, no one cares actually atleast OOO.

      3. @E=MC2

        PM and GL do have a reason to worry about the hikes of subordinates primarily because it has a direct impact on PROFITABILITY of the account – That’s why people maitain senior-junior ratio in the team.

        The more expensive resourses you have , the profitability of the account goes down – if it goes down , it has an obvious impact on GL’s/AM’s Goal sheet -as simple as that

        I am not a senior GL but i do understand the simple fact here – Please don’t misguide people

  15. Hi…I’m a TCSer who got promoted to ITA in Jan 2010. Also my H1 IPF is 4.60 and H2 IPF is 4.61. What is the chance of getting Band A in my case ?

  16. So if you guys get Band A or Band B how does it matter when the promotion policy gets updated through a batch process every month. The HR do not know when the next promotion cycle is. They say no information regarding next promotion cycle is available ( July shud be available they say but no communications from the CORPORATE yet). Why worry about the 5K (Rs not even $) extra that you might get this year. My point is as far as you are there enjoy the benefits (umm I should say if any benefits are available) till you are there and leave when you are ready to leave. TCS is not a company that you can build your career in. Chalo Chalo. Enough is enough. They treated us so bad when they knew people cannot move out due to recession. The mentality is to exploit dont get exploited.

    1. This is the policy of the TATA group. They themselves do not know what they should do.When TATA DoCoMo announced 1p/s plan last year they thought that they did a great thing. Shortly after that, when all the mobile service providers did the same thing, now they are telling that their plans change every day!!
      I hope the era of the TATA group autocracy will end soon.

      1. dear sir, before writing anything about TATA group, try to think about mom and dad.
        cursing tata means cuursing ur mom and dad.
        i know people are furst abt salary (even i am as an emp of tata group) but i blame management or some people not the whole group.
        india is standing where it is now is due to TATA only. they are GOD to india and being an indian its my duty to respect the TATA name, so blame anyone but atleat not to the name TATA.

        1. Hello brother ! Do you think Tata is not a part of the management…..I agree that the problems are due to the managers and junk appraisal and promotion process that have no transparency at all.But it is the Managing Director’s duty to look into that and try to fix something.I think that part is not being done for a long time.

          1. Yes, I fully agree to that. I think the Managing Director closes his eyes intentionally(I know that you know this better than me). He finishes his duty looking at the gross thing which is always promising. But the grass root thing is neglected always.

        2. The country is built by lot of people. It is impossible for a single industrialist to build a nation like India. I am not criticising TATA for the good work they have done and also whatever good work they are doing now. But that does not leave them innocent for ruining the career of so much professionals. They should be dragged to court for this….

        3. Dear TATA fan…
          I would again give two simple examples. I am from Kolkata….
          There are two major projects of TATA which are currently going on here and are at news..
          1. TATA Housing project – They proposed to sell economic flats in the suberbs of Kolkata.
          2. TATA cancer hospital..
          The first project is complete, I think as the advertisement of them goes. But their advertisements tell that they are selling very expensive flats in the suberbs of Kolkata. I do not know what benefits do they bring for the common man… Of course TATA’s business interest is well protected.
          There is no mention of the second project anywhere. It vanished into the thin air. Ratan TATA promised to build this when the Singur project ended in a mess. Where are his promises? Did he not want to do good for the mass as he acted like a film star standing at Singur? This would have been tremendous help to the innumerable cancer patients in the city…..
          Hence my conclusion is building society is acceptable for TATAs as long as their business interest remains protected. I can give you more and more examples from outside Kolkata…..

          1. Please read “creation of wealth” by RM LALA, you will get 100’s of exp contradicting you. and why u talking about proffesionals and all,…its happening not only in TCS everywhere the case is same. tell me people who moved from tCS and happy.
            many people in TCS are also happy.
            rating and banding are always frust thingseverywhere be it IT, manufacturing ..

        4. Wow Pravin it seems you and your whole family has been adopted by the TATA group, sorry to say this dude but I couldn’t understand the mom-dad role in TATA operations. To add to this a country is made by it’s people and not by some company, it’s an INDIA->TATA (SUPERSET->SUBSET) rule and not the reverse. Speaking specifically for TCS, it’s been made by the hard work talent of Indian IT professionals and not the TATA group policies. If the TATA group policy and operations were so pure, you wouldn’t have so many people taking things here. People who really understand the power of Indian brain know IT is made out of it.

          1. and definately pravin u must be one of the most known CHAMCHA for them and must be getting good things by your chamacha giri….DEFINATELY u must be less in education where u are fearing to go without TATA STYLE. which could be best possible way for u to earn success… good.. Hey guys even have u seen electronic goods in CROMA or WESTSIDE.TATA is eating up india as a under world DON. DRAINING GOOD INTELLIGENT BRAINS FOR THEIR OWN BENEFITS. Even if you want to know the FAMOUS AIR INDIA CASE. how they gave it to INDIAN will know the truth. They are doing something brainwashing treatment in their INDUCTION process to gain faith of GUYS LIKE YOU.better you read the real history.

        5. yes it was a founder of corrupted policies in INDIA. A big indian terririst. That has to confirmed from history and the comments.

      2. Sir…. I am also part of TCS. I understand it is always difficult to satisfy the entire junk of work force and so is the cause of all the stupid comments circulating. Infact if you consider the ratio of the total comments to the total employees , the ratio is completely negligible.
        Also pls you do not have any right to talk about the TATA Group. Learn to appreciate the people behind it. And also regarding the Tata Docomo, its just a marketing activity and if really don know to appreciate it please you can shut your f…..g mouth.

  17. Can some on provide these details..
    AST Band A = ?
    AST Band B = ?
    AST Band C = ?
    AST Band D = ?

  18. i am seeing a lot of conversation here relate to ipf.People are thinking that ipf is related to band.Actually guys the bitter part is ipf is not related to band.
    This year i was part of band deciding committee for my is all pure politics.It is all upto your manager to give band.Even people got 4.5 ipf.we have given only band c as his manager does not like some qualities of him.In front he gave good ipf to him to show he is good manager and same the guy told us to give only c to him.Lots rating are just managers wish and based on your performance or ipf.Everything they bring to account profit for the bullshit brm to get good commission on the account revenue.this we did not even release ipf for many people due to brm pressure not to release bloody f*** company.

  19. Are TCSers on deputation to UK getting more money now or soon?

    I heard the UK authorities have found some companies were underpaying their employees on deputation by claiming tax back for them and keeping it. I saw a post saying TCS was one and it was about £6k per person p.a. and TCS have been told that what they are doing is against the rules.

    1. no hike… from april 2010 indian salary(after converting it to £) will be transfered to uk A/C,just to align to new visa rule(6th april onward)….so no change as such…

  20. Hey Guys..look at the following post that I saw in Just Ask :

    Giving promotion with a hike of 2K is totally in favor TCS. The first thing that will change or rather impact by the change in grade is ‘COST BUDGET’. If the cost of an ASE per day is ‘X’ then it will become 1.5X. It simply result in more responsibilities on the promoted employee (in fact that is what promotions are meant for) as project manager is also helpless and have to maintain the Gross Margin. But, how many associates have been selected for a particular role based on the designations (forget BDM, BRM). We have assigned responsibilities and work based on experience. Those who got promoted this year were already owning the responsibilities of a promoted grade for past 1 year. It means that we have to carry more work to maintain the cost budget and as in order to do so we have to shrink our team size. Let we take a hypothetical example – There is a project in which we have 5 team members. We have been assigned a cost budget 5X. All the employees awarded promotions then the required CB will be 7.5X. To maintain the Gross Margin, PM will either release two resources or replace two promoted employees with lower grades and release one resource. The crux part is that though the cost budget has increased but the outgoing cost is increased by mere 2 K (which is equal to the increased budget for only 2 days). It means that the Gross Margin will increase by the actual Gross Margin + Increase in CB for 20 PD’s per resource.

    In addition to that, the on-site opportunity to the promoted employees will be very low. And, the promoted on-site resources, who are the part of fixed price projects, will be replaced by junior resources (and TCS will say that it is our rotation policy)

    Also, the morale of the promoted employees is very low which will have a very negative impact on his/her work.

  21. Hi All,

    I Feel TCS may give good hike this year(good hike does not mean 20% to 30%)

    may be 10% to 15% this also company still not announced(expections from experts, as tcs did not give hike last year

    Hopefully we all may get hike but not to the expected level,

  22. Dude, How much % hike can a “C” band associate expect this time around. And what about the VA increment of promoted employees? Is it happening……
    Somebody told me that VA will be increased after one year of promotion……

  23. I have completed 4 yrs in TCS this month Mar 2010
    My first year as ASET confirmed with 3 rating in March 2007 but in May/June 2007 I came to know I was awarded band D(bands were introduced for the first time since then) ,
    here is my generous confidential progress report give by TCS
    2006 – 07 – ASE T C1Y – band D , confirmation rating 3
    2007 – 08 – ASE C1 – band C,
    2008 – 09 – ASE C1 – band C and
    2009 – 10 – ASE C1 – current year, expecting band >= C.
    Under these situations will I able be eligible for promotion in July 2010 cycle.
    As per the one and only one promotions document found in Ultimatix that relates to 2007 says , I shall be eligible
    which says min of 4 yrs experienc in TCS and not all D’s in the current shall I rest in peace that I will be eligible for
    July 2010 promotion.

    1. I think your chances are low so to say. but since its ASE to ITA it could be. If u get a B rating this time, then it may boost ur chance little bit. If u ever had a D that will spoil all equation.

  24. Hi All,

    TCS has started to release performance band . I got a mail from ultimatix.gspeed regarding my performance band 15 minutes back. I belong to EIS-Parent 1.0.
    Best of luck to all of you.

    1. How come ? Are you making fool on April Fools Day ? TCS never shares it’s associate Bands in emails…I guess you work for a different company and posted in a wrong forum !!

  25. Funny Organization!!! I have not a mail still stating I am promoted. But things like band etc etc are released in email..

  26. Yes the band release news is correct….
    I got a email too…Got a C …… Average of H1 and H2 is 3.3

    Hope the increment is good enough and the promoted VA’s are in affect from April

  27. Band is released only via Mail .

    You can view your performance band through ‘View Performance Band’ link under appraisee tab in GSPEED, after 2 days of receiving this email.

  28. People here and the company is making us a fool on FOOL’s day. Band cannot be released by Mails. Unless these mails are SPAM.

  29. Finally news is out on Ultimatix and 92 Units declared today. Also associates will get an email, refer to Ultimatix right hand column for updates. Best of luck to all….and poeple who have got their bands share their exp

  30. The employees from the respective units whose performance bands are released will receive an email confirming their performance band. These employees can check their Performance Band on SPEED, after 2 days of receipt of this email, using the path below:

  31. Any Idea, when the increment letters will be coming..? also I see no post further….seems all are partying around or already left for the day 😉

  32. Hi All,

    Waited for such a long time, wait for 3 more days to get your final band ratings, Your incremental letters would be issued in 2/3 week of April after the annual results declaration. In that media communication only it also be declared how much they are going to increase the salary for the associates and other details

  33. What an unfair judgement. Inspite of my good performance, hard work and supporting appreciations from client and fufilling 90% of requirement in the so called SPEED I have been assesed D, which means below average. This is company is good only for fools and managers.Favoritism,vengence and politics plays the lead role in this company. I am going to quit. TCS is sure to lose some more of its loyal and hardworking employee. The managers here are no bad than an politicans.

    1. Now the real game starts… That day some sincere guy was giving me gaali(also my father and mother were not spared). Can he throw some light on these comments? I have seen and tolerated TCS for 10 years. Let us see how much that sincere guy can tolerate this company.

    2. You have to take blame on yourself dude. If you work according to goal sheet, you are making a fool of yourself. Any manager will assign you goals which no one can fulfill simultaneously in H1/H2. Goals are set so that they can be used to reduce your rating and not to increase your rating. Your performance and smart work decides your rating. Relationship with top management also has a say in your rating. Once rating is decided, all goal ratings are manipulated.

      Work for yourself and make yourself marketable.

      1. Guys, I did my best for me and most to it for TCS and Its natural that I expect good rating for my good performace and I am sure that if I move out the project, project is sure to close soon because client had mentioned explicitly that they need people like me. So these are proof about my performance and inspite the rating is bad is very very much hurting.

      2. I’d say, only link with top management works, or buttering of direct supervisor for whole year.

        Performance has no relation to IPF or Band per se.

  34. My average IPF is 3.7.But the band I got is C. I was expecting B.
    Why they are reluctant to give A or B band to associates? Is there any logic in this?
    They are not giving proper salary.If they give good ratings at least it will be a slight relief for us

  35. Got a IPF of 4.5+, got band B. Was expecting A, but then I would not complain.

    Being a apraisee and reviewer, the only thing i can say is that IPF hardly matters. Just were asked by GLs to provide the bands before giving IPF and arrange the IPF according to your team members band.

    All the best to the rest.

  36. Guys just look at this ..this is what admin release last appraisal cycle and it is the reality which we all suffer at times…..Manager are the only people who work and GL are inclined to give A to them. Team members are fool and if they don’t have close relationship with PL or GL they are dumb…. so here are the tools which PL throws on an associate and earn rewarding rating for himself……….

    1. If you want release I will give you lower rating and this is how TCS works.

    2. You haven’t done any certifications this half yearly, Next time try to improve.
    (Our hero would have worked 12 hours shifts everyday for no good)

    3. You haven’t contributed anything to the Centre level activities (like dancing or singing !!)

    4. We thought of giving you even lower rating, but I argued with top management for this rating for you.

    5. You haven’t contributed to Knowmax, PIPs blah blah blah

    6. Your rating got reduced in curve fitting which is out of my hand. (As if curve is some indeterminate shape and values in curve are random)

    7. You have been given better rating last time, so give chance to others.

    8. I made a mistake while giving the values as I was doing it in late night. Please don’t make it as an issue I will compensate next time.

    9. Our project doesn’t have money.

    10. We will send you to onsite soon.. so your rating doesn’t matter

    So take a chill pill and wait for your chance to lead… that’s the destiny

    1. It is a fact that all managers get 4 and 5 i.e. A and B. After this if there are vacancies for A and B, team members are considered. This is mostly because managers are the people who do all the work and also handle all the pressure. Expecting good rating just because you have have worked for long hours is not correct. There is hardly any connection. You have to work smart and not hard. You have to make yourself visible not only within your team but across other teams as well. These things count when rating and bands are decided. It is true that these are finalized by discussion by comparing each and every associate. When low bands are to be given, you get fundas from your manager that you didnt do certification, didnt contribute to know max and all that crap.

      Getting D band is criminal in TCS since it has very bad consequences. So fight hard if you are given D.

    2. Absolutely true friend…for my current rating I was given the same comment mentioned in your points 4 and 6 and I have come accross your mentioned points in my eralier projects with this company. All I feel is to quit coz this dialogues and silly behavior of these managers will be there always with this company.

  37. The ideal thing to do the appraisal is to have separate unit curves for associates based on their designations. Now the associates of all designations are tagged under one unit curve (from Consultant to ASE level), the bands are given favour of senior associates (higher designations) with the lower rating given to mostly TM’s who are either ASE or ITA. But, who will bell the HR cat who is the owner of this process?

    1. This system will never be implemented. Any system, which runs for a long time, makes people at the bottom of ladder suffer. Same is with curve fitting.

    2. This is so true. I have been working well and have been given A or B in all my ratings so far in the 7 years of my service in TCS. I have been asking my manager to leave me out of the loop when giving the band for my team members and they seem to never take that. they gave me an A and reduced it for some of my team members even though I requested them to reduce mine and give my team members a better rating (out of 13 of them many of them have not got what I gave them). I am now in the process of running post to pillar trying to increase the band for at least 3 of my team members but I don’t think it will happen. Very sad state but this is what happens every year. Tired of all this non-sense.

  38. TCS is a completely FRAUD AND CHEATER. This also misleading the media by saying that they have paid 150 % VA to employees. Here is the truth.
    Actually TCS pays 30 % of their salary as a VA. From this VA, they deduct 20 % (of total VA) and gives cumulatively at the end of quarter. Finally at the end they give 150 % of deducted 20 % VA. Here are some calculations how TCS fools media and investors
    If your salary is suppose Rs 100/month
    VA component is @ 30% = Rs. 30
    Deducted VA @ 20 % of total VA = 30 X 20% = 6 Rs/month
    Finally gives 150 % of VA means = 6 X 150% = Rs 9/month
    Extra amount paid =9-6= Rs 3
    Extra salary received (Rs 3) compared to original (Rs 100) = 3% only
    They are cheaters. Gives 3 % extra and says GIVEN 150% VA.

  39. —————————————————————-
    ASE Band A =13800
    ASE Band B = 12600
    ASE Band C = 10800
    ASE Band D = 8300

    ITA Band A = 26600
    ITA Band B = 24000
    ITA Band C = 18000
    ITA Band D = 12700
    AST Band A = 37500
    AST Band B = 33000
    AST Band C = ?
    AST Band D = ?

    1. from where you got these figures? These are old figures … i.e 2 years back .. I guess this time figures will lot less compared to the figures you have posted (but i hope this doesnt happen).

      1. did i say it’s fresh figure i just posted what ppl currently getting,what will be the figure for future only future will tell,so wait and watch….

      1. Well band disagreement is a process but nobody will hear about your disagreement..

        If they(read utter fools) agree to you then they are held responsible becoz they are changing there own judgement.

        Last year I was in the same loop as I asked for VERY HARD release from the VERY VERY VERY GREAT ACCOUNT(You know what I am talking abt in BFS1) so give Band D but 6 months back I got confirmed with a rating of 5..

        Just becoz I asked for release I got that.. I sent at least 15 different mails to at leaset 5-6 levels up then they called me and gave me non sense reason..My PM told me that delivery manager did the D Band..

        PM was saying release is always associated with D

        During my Band disagreement even account manager told me that becoz of me they lost an upcoming project requiring 100 people HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. the reality was I was the 4 of them selected out of the presented 20 people to the client…

        Anyway I got out of the worst account and now my Band is D

        One more thing HRs are not required in TCS as they are only there.. just there.. NO VALUE ADD except to ……you know

  40. m an ITA – IPF-4.38, Band C..
    At the moment,my VA is as per ITA’s band Afigure…

    Does that mean that my package will go down???

    Isn’t there anything called global hike in TCS???

    1. no it’s not necessary

      Scenario 1: if there is no change in basic then as per current band salary can go up/down
      e.g. current monthly salary of an ITA @ band A—-7.5
      Salary of an ITA with basic change but band C-7.1

      e.g. current monthly salary of an ITA @ band B—-7.5
      Salary of an ITA with basic change but band A-7.7

      Scenario 2: if there is a change in basic salary then overall change in salary but because of Band and corresponding change in VA total change will be -ve/+ve
      e.g. current monthly salary of an ITA @ band A—-7.5
      Salary of an ITA with basic change but band C-7.3
      e.g. current monthly salary of an ITA @ band C—-7.5
      Salary of an ITA with basic change but band A-7.8

  41. please ignore previous msg

    no it’s not necessary

    Scenario 1: if there is no change in basic then as per current band salary can go up/down
    e.g. current monthly salary of an ITA @ band A—-7.5
    Salary of an ITA with no basic change but band C-7.1

    e.g. current monthly salary of an ITA @ band B—-7.5
    Salary of an ITA with no basic change but band A-7.7

    Scenario 2: if there is a change in basic salary then overall change in salary but because of Band and corresponding change in VA total change will be -ve/+ve
    e.g. current monthly salary of an ITA @ band A—-7.5
    Salary of an ITA with basic change but band C-7.3
    e.g. current monthly salary of an ITA @ band C—-7.5
    Salary of an ITA with basic change but band A-7.8

  42. Hi All ,

    Got a Band B . InFact I was a bit surprised with this bcaz , though my performance was very good ( truth 🙂 ), i was asking fr a release . So thought i would a easy target fr fixing the low numbers .
    Lets hope that we get a good actual increment rather than the 150% VA which is announced always.

    But does anyone knw if the SBI is linked to EAP and are they going to give it along with increment ???

      1. very few ASSOC or above exist in tcs who gets band D. Band D is mainly for the junior resources. If u compare the statistic of band D across the designation, the percentage will be higher at the bottom. This is not fair.

  43. I joined TCS in feb 2008 at a expeirence of 1.8 years, now in ultimatix my experiance shows 3.95 years , would i be eligible of the June cycle promotions.

  44. There is a flat 16.67% hike in basic pay, we came to know after we calculated it from my old pf(available in old payslip) with that of new pf (availabel in investment declaration page). Calculate and find. It worked for a lot of people in my account. Confirm if it works for any of you folks.

    1. I checked after reading the above message…

      yes the same calculation holds true for me as well.. though there is very slight variance as in my case it is 17.06% so I would say a flat hike of 16% is definitely there..

      When our letters are expected…I am in US on long term onsite assignment so no effect for now but it will be interesting to see if they can keep my total compensation near to what I was getting in Mar 2009 hehehehehehe

      1. Well you might’ve got promoted in this year, which might’ve adjusted ur PF in your previous salary that is the reason for variance. Well I’m also in US on long term assignment so we can only get interest in c’ing the numbers. Well I’m waiting for some numbers (if at all there exists any) as I’m waiting for hike for the past 3yrs.

    2. I also checked my investment declaration it is around 28% basic increase, so overall it will be 35-40% hike in basic components so it comes around 1.5 months salary, I am ASE- I think for ITA AST and above it will be 50%, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’m an AST for the past 3yrs, Overall for everyone it is 16.67% flat hike in the basic salary, in my account I checked with few who are ASE, ITA, AST for all of them it is flat 16%. we don’t know How much would be the variable pay as it constitutes more than 40-50% of the entire salary, so keep ur fingers crossed or have an alternative (other offers) to talk to the deaf people in HR & mgmt.

        1. I am an ITA and my basic is 14000….I am not sure how you people come to cnclusion of 16% hike..AS per my basic it is 3.5% only..Here is the calculation:

          Total year PF- 20880

          Per month PF- 1740

          Monthly PF= 12% of monthly baic

          So basic will be 14500

          14500 * 12%= 1740

          So, increase in basic is only 500 i.e, 3.5%

          Plz clarify

          1. your yearly pf is 20880, ur new yearly pf is available in investment declaration page say it as “x” so %rise in pf is x-20880/20880 which will give 16%, that will be the same % of hike in ur basic, calculate ur new basic based on this %. I hope you got what I’m trying to say.

          2. At the time of promotion was there any change in your basic then might be ur basic won’t be increased by 16% as in my case there was no change in basic so as per investment declaration it has benn increased by 16%…..

          3. I think you have become ITA in Jan and not in July. I guess employees who have become ITA in July have their basic increased by 16-20%. Those who have become in Jan dont have this big increase.

        2. infact i can also see the same flat annual increase in basic, but what about the benefits of promotions, where they are…??? only in terms of increasing responsibilities but not in salary ?

          1. As per my new PF contribution in investment declaration it’s 3.5% inc in basic only not 16%..Yes I got promoted to ITA in Jan’10…….Does every ITA who were promoted long long back get same increament of 16% ?….If yes then why there is difference in ITA level basic increament?….I was supposed to be promoted 1 year back….TCS delayed the promotion. I think TCS didn’t change its attitude…..Anyway I lost couple of months for this below industry std increament…I promise I will leave TCS within 3 months max….

        3. Hi, I still cant understand where you guys are able to see the ‘new investment declaration’ page. Is it only visible for india associates? I am currently at onsite. Got promoted to AST in january with a hefty Rs100 increment in basic salary per month.
          In my payslip, i see only two amounts:
          March PF Contribution 24,372.00
          Jan PF Contribution 24,336.00.

          Basic got increased from 16,900 to 17,000.
          Can somebody show me some light where to see the ‘new investment declaration section is?
          I checked in the ESS investment declaration as well and could not find anything there either.

      2. I am not sure what are you talking about. How there can be any increase in PF only. I got promoted and got only 100 rs increase in basic .How this can increase pf so ridiculuously. Could anybody explain where are you looking for this informaiton and how you are calculating this .What months payslips you are comparing ?

        1. check your last months (feb-10) salary, and find the total PF components in the “PF Contribution” field. and after this find your new pf in the investment declation page ( it is the new one for this year), compare these two and find out the %increase in PF …the same %increase will be there in the basic and pf is directly proportional to your basic…..
          hope it may be helpful…

          1. check your last months (Mar-10) salary, and find the total PF components in the “PF Contribution” field. and after this find your new pf in the investment declation page ( it is the new one for this year), compare these two and find out the %increase in PF …the same %increase will be there in the basic and pf is directly proportional to your basic…..
            hope it may be helpful…

        2. Unfortunately I got 5.8 percent increment in basic as per calculation explained by others. despite promotion and good rating it is pathetic to see this number.

          Good luck to all you guys who got big hike.

      3. rise is 16.67 % basic, if all components considered min 28% rise in basic components. example if your basic is 14000 total increase excluding VA ( we never know this) is 14000*28%=3920 p.m. ais kro juniours i will suck your salary in bands hahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhah i am the managerhahahahhahahahhahahahah

  45. What happens to those who lost 1 year during promotions , those whose promotions was initiated in June 2008 and got promoted in july 2009. How will TCS compensate that?

    1. TCS middle management (PL to account head.).So many PL,PM and GL are in TCS appreciated by good and after loosing project due to their fault.Their will not even give u good rating.They r siting idle and will raise so many claims interms of customer intertenment and other struff.Example Mr. Maneesh Baheti,Mr. Rajendra pipari and his team TCS HYDERABAD. TTSL accoount.

  46. I got promoted in Dec 2009 as AST and I need information about my salary hike. How much percetange my basis salary will be increased if I get band c and whether my VA will be increased to AST slap after band release.

    1. I also got promoted with you in same grade.I got peanuts in my basic hike..not sure about you. Check as explained by others and you will know.

  47. What happens to those who lost 1 year during promotions , those whose promotions was initiated in June 2008 and got promoted in july 2009. How will TCS compensate that? yes seriously looking for answer , experiance uncertainity

    1. Nothing will happen. Brother/Sister, you are a looser. Try to find job outside and change your job. in fact, you have lost 2 years of VA.

  48. do anyone have any ideas if there is change of 16% in basic what will be the overall hike as corresponding special allowance%,HRA%….blah blah…

    1. New Pay SLIP:

      Basic sal = x
      HRA = 50% X
      PF = 12 % X
      LTA= 8.33% X
      Gratuity= 4.78%X

      Please update /correct if i missed anything…..

      1. As per my understanding PA is not linked as a percentage of Basic.My PA is 27.6% of Basic. Change if any in PA will be visible only in Compensation letter

  49. I heard that one of my friend who is still ASE got 25% hike in basic from 12000 to 15000 according to Investment declaration….But I got promoted to ITA in Jan’10 will get 14500 after 3.5% inc accroding to the Investement declaration….How ASE Basic can be greater than the ITA?

    1. True. Even I see that my PF and Basic have been hiked by 24%. But I just calculated my new annual CTC and found that it is hiked by 12% which aligns with what mgmt mentioned in the press.

      * I counted my 24% hike to Basic, HRA, PF and LTA.
      * My VA was not increased after my promotion this year. I counted the eligible VA as per the matrix.

  50. puhleeze.can we stop fantasizing about 16 or 20% hikes?. these numbers are outrageous even in good times,let alone -a hike for an year coming out of a recession . the super optimistic investment declaration could be totally random. there is no historical possibility of an across the board 16% hike.

    1. No, YOU’RE WRONG. The above calculation is only the hike in Basic and basic related components. Even if you see a 25% hike in Basic, the related components – HRA, PF and LTA will increase. But your gross will only increase by 8% – 5 to 10K per month.

      So, the chances are HIGH that the Investment declaration gives the updated Hike numbers. The hike in VA amount is still unknown.

      1. YOU need to do your math better.with a 25% hike in basic,the HRA,PF,LTA etc are increased in direct proportion. it is only the VA which is not linked to basic.even the mysterious ‘Personal allowance’ is somehow linked to basic.not sure what the magic formula for it is,however. even with a more-believable increase of 10% in VA, the increase would be not less than 15%.

        i think there is a good chance of atleast 10% hike in VA .there already have been signals about this in the last two quarters which TCS paid extra VA .i would not be surprised if there is some additional VA even for the just concluded final quarter.

  51. Guys,
    Your basic is also related to how many years you spend in TCS and your previous year Ratings (most won’t believe but it’s true ).I have been with TCS for the past 8 yrs and according to new investment declarations by Basic is 25,500 which is a cool 30% hike for me .Same thing happened last time they revamped the Basic..i got 30% hike in Basic .I am in A band for the past 6 yrs and the was in 4 before.(the first two yrs).

  52. Guys,

    I heard that TCS is also planning a hike for onsite employees in North America this year. Do any of you have similar info?

  53. I am eagerly waiting for hike letters ,to see how much hike we get this time.But I am not sure why our management will be so diplamatic and they never recognize hard working people though they know who are hard working.Its proved always smart working people will be given good bands.

  54. Hello,
    Can anyone decrypt this PF story? My PF contribution is being shown as 20880 while my colleague’s contribution is being shown as 22896. We both got promoted in January 2010. The difference between us is that she has joined TCS in July 2004 and I joined in November 2004.

  55. This will be an absolute rumour. Company cannot and will not give 25% increase in BASIC. It could be an error in the investment declaration form which will be auto-rectified few days later..who knows…dont jump to conclusions and increase your hope. prepare well for your interviews and get offers in hand..

    1. if we have offers in hand, is TCS going to increase our pay?I dont think so.the ultimate solution is to shift the company.

  56. Guys,

    Check your PF value in your investment declaration form. Its zero.. Ultimatix ESS is awake and to shut all speculations, they have removed…..

    never dream too much….wake up… there will be only a marginal increment for ASEs adn ITAs adn ASTs..

  57. can anyone tell me how much would be the hike of CTC/VA/Basic/Any_other if one gets a band A now?.

    Also for other bands too…

  58. PF calculation seems to be not true..

    Currently in Ultimatix it’s value is being shown as a Big Zero so please don’t get carried away with this innovative methods and let’s wait for the letters to come

    Any idea when they will give link to the compensation letter( can’t be termed as Hike letter becoz if you band got reduced especially ‘D’ then you will understand later what I mean).

    1. Hi,

      To be fair to the guys who have posted about PF increase I saw the actual value > It got big zero this morning itself. Also people in forums have received different hikes so it could be true.

      Also Ultimatix is a funny system, I got promoted to ITA for a couple of hours and then again I became ASE for three days and again ITA.

      Seems Ultimatix team does not have a staging server .All the testing is done on production :).

  59. Hi,

    Any idea when the VA slab will be revised for those who got promoted in Jan, 2010.

    Any idea when new compensation package for 2010 will be available in ultimatix.

        1. @Steve

          Wait for the increment letter, so that he can get a better offer letter.
          He is not as dumb as you 🙂

      1. if you are in TCS don’t expect surprises(like hike’s and promotions).
        u will never get it.

        but if you compare with your peers in other compy’s u will not be in TCS

  60. Today I had a talk with finance…They confirmed that there was fault in batch job which caused this unexpected PF contribution. Correct Batch will be run soon after increament letter disclosed. So, thosw who were happy seeing 30% hike, plz don;t expect too much..your salar hike might be only 3%… :)..Experience Uncertainty

    1. Don’t spread these rumors… Or if you did talk to the FInance guy, probably he may be wrong.

      Understand the facts:-
      1.The 16% to 25% (for some, it is as little as 3%) need not be assumed as Hike. This is a “Basic Slab normalization” exercise that TCS does every 4 to 5 years. You can check with people who have been in the company for quite some time.

      2. What it means? You might notice that few ITA are earning a basic salary of close to 19K where as few more ITAs are getting only 14 to 15K as Basic. Similarly, some ASTs get up to 24K and some only get 17K.

      3. TCS will do this slab revision exercise to increase the basic of the employees who are well below the slabs – hence you see 16 to 25% basic increase. If they already above or around the slab, they might not get such a huge increase like others (they’re getting more already) – hence the 3%.


      I got this confirmed with a HR associate also…

    2. What Frustrasted says is right… @Unknown – Your name well depicts your knowledge level.

      I have gone through this slab revision exercise twice in my TCS career already. Most likely it is happening again this year, as it last happened in 2006 (if I’m wrong, then it may be in 2005).

      And again, to reemphasise what he said, this is not a hike – it is a basic slab revision. Even if you get a hike of 25% in basic, your CTC will not increase by more than 6 to 8% which is not a massive hike as people think it is. Think about the inflation… TCS just wants to give 5K more for few ASEs, 9K more for few ITAs, 13K more for few ASTs through this revision…

      For others who got just 3%, don’t worry. Your basic is already up to the mark. Keep your fingers crossed for VA hike and Personal allowance changes.

      1. True, true, true. I will quote what the HR person told me… (Thankfully he is a good friend of mine and he was open enough to say this)

        “I’ve been asked about this for the whole day today. People just couldn’t believe the number 16%. 1.) What they don’t understand it is only a basic increase of 16% which will lead to 40K to 1L increase in the CTC. 2.) After 2 years of Stop-hike, people just feel amazed at this percentage. People are just carried away with the percentage not knowing that this is just peanuts compared with your CTC. 3.) TCS has somehow lowered everyone’s expectations. People are accepting whatever they get – or even if they don’t get. And they are surprised when someone says they get a basic hike of 16% not knowing or understanding the actual increase this will result to your takehome.”

        Grow up guys… Understand your value and don’t underestimate yourself. DO compare your payslips with other’s in the same grade and you’ll see some huge differences in Basics which will be addressed by this. Other than that – this will not fatten your wallet much, unless they also increase VAs.

        1. In tcs hr doesn’t know anything….anyway I am 200% sure that PF contribution was displayed wrongly….actual PF contribution will come very soon….then I want a reply from Mr FrustASTed and Mr E=MC2

          1. As if your Finance guy knows everything… Even if there is a batch job that populated the PF, be advised that it is not your finance friend who ran that. It happens at corporate and finance will not know a clue about it; all the local finance guys do is to verify and approve ESS claims. They don’t know a thing more than that…

            Having said all these, why do you still think that you got a massive hike and argue it is too good to be true? This is just an ordinary increase which is 100% right.

        2. I dont know exactly what that pf contribution in investment declaration.I though that PF is the amount which gets deducted from our basic pay(12%) my basic is 14000.I got promotred as ITA in jan 2010.But suddenly when i watch my investment declaration y’day ,PF contrbution on on 5/04/2010 is rs 29320.Any idea what does that mean?

          1. That means that your PF Contribution for the coming year is assessed at 29320 which is (29320/12=2443 per month). If 2443 is the contribution per month, it is also 12% of your basic. So if x is your basic, 12% of x should now come to 2443 as per the new PF contribution. This comes to Rs 20400 (12% of whic his 2443).
            Although all the discussions above seem to be correct, but in your case it looks like the basic is hiked by 45% or so.

      2. Yes, I calculated my basic is increasing by 3K, which will result in a max of 5K (considering HRA and LTA). This 5K-a-month hike is no good compared with the hiked inflation, hiked canteen prices, hiked company transport, etc.

        People can say whatever they want – 16.66% or 24.99% but how much more can I take home is what matters end of the day and it sure cannot beat the inflation of the past 2 years.

        1. true.but why blame TCS for that.your own elected govt has created the inflation with bogus stimulus packages to preferred exporters and fraudulent wastes like NREGA

      3. one more point I want to give you some facts which proved that pf data was wrong….

        One person who got promotion from ASE to ITA this jan’10 got PF= 72000
        So. basic will come around= 54000….where as I got PF=20880 only with same grade and promoted in same time jan’10…My Basci is 145000…
        So. is the data corret my friend???

        Another persion who got promoted in july,09….pf=18000..his basic is then =14000….
        is this data correct mmy friend???

        plz reply otherwise shut up ur mouth…..

        don’t spread speculation….first understand then make comment…

        1. Nonsense.your ‘friend’ imaginary or otherwise is definitely contributing towards VPF. the contribution is carried forward in the next year by default. this is pretty common.i know of many people who contribute 50% of their basic to VPF directly

        2. Dude Unknown,
          “don’t spread speculation….first understand then make comment…” applies more to you.. PF rules are enforced by Gove regulatory authority. not by TCS.. So better shut up if you dont know 🙂

          1. Now I can understand why TCS has started to loose its reputation..because they have recruited quite a few nuisence guys like you…..You didn’t get my point what I tried to convey..without trying to understand anything you are making comment……. Stupid

  61. Most of my colleagues are preparing for interviews..

    Unless TCS gives excellent hikes, there will be a hell lot of attrition..

    As it is, people are getting rock-bottom salaries in TCS..

    Hope TCS gives good salary hikes this year..

    1. Dear Friend, Its impossible to get a good hike in TCS. The hike is already announced (7-15%). No one will get 15% hike (if there is any, then it would be at teh executive level). At ASOC level and down, the hike would be 8% max. If you are expecting more than this, then good luck. TCS wont care about people leaving because of salary. Make sure that you raise this with senior HR in case you are leaving TCS.

  62. Guys, Lets not fight among ourselves. Remember that we are all TCSers and any change will affect all. So lets share the genuine information which will benefit everyone. This does not mean that I am not trusting what you guys are saying.

    1. I second you and at the end we as the employee will be the loser if people are not sharing information..

      Le’t share info whatever you got and not get carried away with our typical TCSer fights as usual.

    1. Why are u so proud of TCS. Have you been playing the dirty politics with your juniors and gaining those vital Band.

      1. only idiots can be proud of themselves without actually doing anything.

        There is one very particular classification of idiots -They say I am in TCS for last 10 year,15 years and 20 years and you will hear them saying a lot of this.

        My question is very simple to him/her -If you have been so long in the TCS then why you need to say those number of years shouldn’t it be visible from your actions for the project and people..Guys by action I mean right action and don’t always think what you are seeing… hehehe

    1. Letters will be out only after TCS Q4 results – so wait for the “D’ day when Mr.Ajoy’s smiling and equally irritating face can be seen on front page of Ultimatix with some “Good” ( Hike of peanuts after 2 years ) news

      Let us hope for the best …I hope for nothing as i am @ US Onsite and i heard that Onsite salaries never get revised no matter you get ‘A’ or ‘D’;

      Hope peace prevails and may god grant serenity to anxious souls of my fellow TCSers

      1. I find Mr Ajoy’s smiling face similar to that of a neta (politician) who eats up poor people’s money and give subsidies (peanuts) during the elections. I can feel that his comments are shrewd and cunning to the employees as if he is paying out of his pocket. All the profits are gained out of employees but they’re untouchables when it comes to sharing the good times.

  63. Our near and Dear Ajoy Mukharjee behaves like a head master. Who thinks TCS is his school and everyone has to say sir to pass the exam. He is HR head and how many of the associates in TCS have access to HR policies on Salary, Increment, Promotion, Banding, Salary Ratiolization. I think we should request the admin here to post a topic to discuss about Mr. Mukhaarjee and whether or not he deserve to be heading such a post. I think he should quit TCS or should be demoted and Ritu Anand should take up that post.

    1. Dude, if u think Ritu Anand is any better, u r in for a shock. Back in 2006, my batch had an issue with compensation. We wrote mail to Ritu and she didn’t even reply for 15 days. Then we shot a mail to Padmanabhan & the issue got resolved in 3 days.
      Also, in case u don’t know, Ritu is the head of Performance & Talent Management. She is the one who finallizes the hikes.

  64. Will TCS give new VA slab for newly promoted(July/Jan) resources? Any info guys. Or they will simply forget it:)

  65. Hi Admin/members,
    Any update on SBA (Skill based allowance) which is giving to Niche skills like(SAP, Oracle APPS, Data Warehousing…etc)
    We heard that they are going to stop this …. is it true.

  66. Dexter / Admin,

    I’m surprized that you’re tight-lipped about the happenings of the couple of days – band release, unofficial revealing of basic hike in ESS-PF, fixing the ESS-PF in 24 hours to make it zero, etc.

    I’m sure you’ll have some authentic news as well – would be beneficial for everyone if you share those scoop news.


    1. Admin/Dexter,

      I second on FrustASTed’s remarks.

      Please share some news… its been too long we have anything from you guys.

  67. 10 % hike after 2 years no ways i am staying in compy.
    TCS can give even 50% hike for later hire but cannot give 20% hike for its associates.

    so I will take decision after seeing the hike

  68. Guys,
    There is a new rumor going on in TCS ( i dont know if its been discussed already in the blog). For all those who got promoted this year or last year, there is going to be 10-16% hike in basic salary BUT the variable for the promoted grade will be effective from next year.
    ASE–>ITA will continue to get the ASE variable for the respective band for 1 year.
    ITA–>AST, will get the ITA variable for one more year.
    Which means just anticipate 4K-8K hike in take home (depending upon the grade) after a complete 2 years wait for those who got promoted. Do you guys think that you will be able to wait for one more year to reap the benefits of promotion? Market outside TCS is just OK OK, nothing so good. I am all confused.

    In the TCS management camp, situation is SNAFU, they have pressure to retain employees but at the same time, keeping the lock of their treasury chest tight.
    Situation is freaking bad.

    1. No, this is a false alarm. I’ve authentic info from HRs that the VAs for the recently promoted will be given effective Apr 2010. TCS has no reason to delay it any further, as they know that it will result in mass exits.

      1. If this is an authentic information, it relieves me. For the past 8 years I have not seen HR having the right information but in most of these cases, they are tight lipped as well. If they are telling this story this time, then AMEN.

  69. What happens to those who lost 1 year during promotions , those whose promotions was initiated in June 2008 and got promoted in july 2009. How will TCS compensate that?

  70. Hello,
    Can anyone tell me when is the next promotion cycle going to happen.
    I am asking this because I was elligible for the promotion in January but my PL in my last project did not initiate the promotion. Although he told me that it has been initiated but when the promotions happenend I was left out and when I confirmed the same with my current PL of a different project he said that it was never initiated. Now that it has been initiated from my current project and GL as well as HR has approved it, I would like to know how I can push them for carrying out the promotion. Or do I have to wait till the next cycle?
    Please let me know if anybody is having any such information.


    1. I am also in the same situation like you. No way, you cannot push it to happen right now. You need to wait till the next promotion cycle. I am expecting the July 2010 Promotion cycle; but if the cooporate decides not to execute the July cycle then I need to think about switching the company. BTW, how do you know that it is approved by HR?

      1. I am again relying on the words of HR!!! Also I had a word with my previous project BRM and he somehow found that it is in the same situation as conveyed by the HR. But, nothing for sure till I get some result. Honestly, I still don’t have complete faith in them.

      2. Your current Appraiser can see your status! If it is initiated, then it will show with whom it is pending. For Ex. if it is approved by Reviewer and HR, then it will be pending with Corporate….Once it is cleared, you will see your Designation in Ultimatix as usual!!!
        Best of Luck!! 🙂

    2. I had gone though same situation as SS, my promotion was initiated in July 2007 and even it was approved by HR, but was pending with Corporate action coz of recession time. I did not recieve it in next cycle also, I finally got the promotion in Jan 2010 with lot of frustration! by the time I lost interest in promotion!!! 🙁 and also I got f-hike…… 🙁
      What I suggest is fight for your Promo…and ask your reviewer and HR for updates continuously until u get it…!!

  71. Hi,
    I got a 4.2 in my H1 and 3.8095 in my H2. But I got a band C…
    Is this possible? I am really very demotivated..Moreover i just completed my One year in TCS in Sept 2009 🙁

  72. Just to clarify as you all know one can increase it’s PF contribution if he wish to do so…so in that case all the above calculation will not reflect the true hike…so plz keep that thing in mind if it’s not the case then only the final Annual increment letters will be the answer to all above queries….

  73. I thought being in TCS was going to give me long term stability, but it has only given me financial problems and disappointments. With an overall rating of 4.1 I got a ‘C’ (i m an ITA). Besides for 3 years there has been little to no hike at all as compared to all other companies.
    It is about time and if this hike is not worth having a big party, I m out of this sh*t-hole.
    P.S: No update on hike until the results for this quarter are out!

  74. I was just wondering if anyone who has n’t got his band(forget abt her)

    If no then I guess then it’s only matter of waiting for the results and a photo of a guy who pays from his pocket our salary and get 100s of AST salary only as a hike

  75. I am a TCSer and this time I have observed that they had not given A Band to any AST or ASSOC level associates and rather it is shared to ASE and ITA level associates. It seems TCS Mgt strategy was to keep the Development Team more pleased and calm and ignore the mid level management people. Now I have my doubts if same treatment will be followd in annual hike. Also it might happen next year we may see C band for AST or ASSOC and more A and B band to ASE & ITA level associates. Here stretegy looks like they want to only retain people for 3 to max 5 years. once you are in to AST or ASSOC band leave them aside as TCS mgt feel they can go ahead with ITA’s to fulfill the hole.

    1. This is completely biased comment.. I dont agree.. TCS Management has nothing in deciding the bands at the unit level. even HR has a limited role just to define the percentages in the curve. All is in the hands of f- managers..

      1. I have seen this happened in 4 accounts and based on that I have done my analysis. I might be wrong but there is a some truth behind the scene.

        Any AST or ASSOC on this blogs, did you observed this with any of the account.

        1. This is baseless speculation. In my account, only one ITA has been given a band A. Wheras 5 people all AST and above has got band A. In my ISU this is the picture everywhere at least in my branch.

    2. In my account, I do not know any AST or ASOC with a band less than B… Every one I know (AST and ASOC) have either A or B…. Since they are in the position of deciding bands, it is obvious that they will take the higher ratings and we all know that this is happening throughout the company. I am not sure about the motive behind you analysis report but I am sure that this is not a true analysis.

      1. I have heard the opposite.
        ALL AST and ASOC except the PM are given band C or less.This is best way to reduce cost.
        One of my friend who is a technical wizard was released from project last year with D and got VA reduced from 4.2 lacs to zero(ASSOC gets zero if Band D).

        His package reduced and he is just waiting to get out once the correction happens.
        He currently got Band B and is key resource but is desparately waiting to get the hike plus 4.2 lacs VA so that he can quit.

        1. What Analyst it saying is not completly wrong as it is seen that they have reduced the A’s to AST and ASSOC level people not 100% of AST and ASSOC got less then A but atleast 20-30% of A Grades are reduced to senior people to cut cost and to keep the junior associate happy by providing more A’s to them.

  76. After getting band C, I have disagreed it. Is there any possibility to get it upgrade after the discussion with my superior. Plz share your positive experience if any..

      1. mostly nothing will happen.. If at all someone see your disagreement in the system you might get a brain washing call from HR and finally your manager and HR will convince you that you deserve what you got… 🙂 .. So don’t think too much about it… I know what politics and bargaining happens at the top level.. Managers are not always the culprit behind bad rating.. they too get fixed number of A,B, C and D’s which they have to distribute amongst their team.. Whether they like it or not… they have to do it.. The curve fitting spoils the relationship….

    1. I agree, no use….my 2007 band disagreement workflow was open for 690 days and hard closed after 690 days…. No use…..

  77. I have H1 ipf of 4.6 and H2 ipf of 4.61, but finally for band C. What do you say ? I have disagreed. Even my supervisor also got shocked after looking my band. What is the chance of having it changed ?

    1. I dont think it will make a difference but your case does seem a little harsh. I too have got C band with overall IPF of 4.03 but I had quit my project in Jan and was on bench until recently.
      I guess you can disagree just as well, at least keep it in record that you had been incorrectly assesed. If you don’t ‘disagree’ then eventually 2-3 years later it will be like, okay he had 4.6 but he didn’t diagree so it must have been genuine and he also knew it !

    2. Hey, that was too harsh … but when you said “Even my supervisor also got shocked after looking my band.” that is BS.He would have pretended that way in front of u just to please u, he would have very well known what ur band is going to be.anyways … go ahead and disagree with the rating & if ur supervisor is really “shocked” he’ll ensure that it gets changed.
      Good luck
      one advice to you mate : don’t blindly believe your supervisors … not all are so transperant… cheers

      1. well, if the manager is shocked too. it is obvious that he will recommend a band change. if not, he doenst know to appraise you or fight your are screwed -if you saty,screwed if you dont

      1. Hi XYZ,

        Would you please elaborate a bit on your change case ? In which appraisal year did it happen ? The current one ? What was your IPFs and initial band and what did it get changed to after disagreement ? Please share.

        1. Hi Reply_Me,
          It was during last appraisal cycle. I got a band D, then my manager himself told that he has given me a C in the final spreadsheet, it might be done by mistake. Then he himself told me to diagree the band. I followed what he told, also following the case with HR and finally got a revised band of C three months later.

        2. Hi Reply_Me,
          It was during last appraisal cycle. I got a band D, then my manager himself told that he has given me a C in the final spreadsheet, it might be done by mistake. Then he himself told me to disagree the band. I followed what he told, also following the case with HR and finally got a revised band of C three months later.

        3. Hi Reply_Me,
          It was during last appraisal cycle. I got a band D, then my manager himself told that he has given me a C in the final spreadsheet, it might be done by mistake. Then he himself told me to diasgree the band. I followed what he told, also following the case with HR and finally got a revised band of C three months later.

  78. I do agree that your band is not totally in hand of ur manager…but a good manager will always fight for his team member but in TCS they only care for his/her Rating first ,then they think about others.Yha Management so called corporate in TCS says I have only 100 crore to distribute so plz give band accordingly and the gross hike of all the employees should not be more than that…so Make A-B ,B-C,C-D but don’t give E(Quit),because we need cheap labour so that we can quote less(1/4 of IBM/Accenture) for the Project and this cheap labour will generate profit(1600 CR in one quarter) for us….

    Simple advise:Please look for better opportunity in market because instead of waiting for promotio or hike for one year try to get ASAP because one year wait for promotion and then u will come to know this year its not happening,will be a major hit to your career but smart ppl will never wait they grab the things when they want that’s why they will be far head of others….so don’t react too much but act very smartly…..

    1. eh,so whats wrong with hiring cheap labor -its plentiful in this country.if you think ibm is running a charity shop,why not move there.
      i understand the anger with the rating and all that.but puhleese.lets not pretend that 99% of the tech jobs in india are only because they wages are cheap.dont delude yourself otherwise

  79. HI folks, am an ASE with 2+ experience i have really worked hard and met all the expectations of my appraiser to get B but all can hey do is convinced me for 3.55 to rate my seniors gud (since they wanna quit).Ihave contributed to Mighty, COE know max,Certification …etc No escalations and other project level activity.account level activities ..every other expectations mentioned in my H1 goal sheet…..BUt finally they fooled me with band D which indeed is a shocking news to me..i fought really hard with genuine points with my appraiser,she got convinced ,later had one-one with Manager and he too got convinced (though everyone planned to convince me sayin D is not a bad Band…) now the updates given to me by appraiser,reviewer and HR is that my issue is with Cor-porate level i.e ISU level….. friends i like to know how far it is possible to get D band changed in this situation…..

    1. If your next level agrees ( not your bullshit supervisor becoz he is the one who gave that rating) then it should be a piece of cake otherwise no..but the problem is in band disagreement work flow you can not see what comments have been entered by these VERY EFFICIENT managers

      I was fighting for band change from D as it happened due to account change though 6 months back my confirmation rating was 5 but these guys never changed that becoz I already changed the account but I know for other lady(as of course for ladies it is very well allowed 🙂 ) it got changed from D to C

      One more thing never ever believe that “Supervisor got shocked with your rating as he is the one who gave that in EXCEL SHEET FOR RATIONALIZATION ” and all these are nataks ONLY

  80. Thanks for the +ve hope provoking reply.They betrayed me in all the way and even after this they want me to support them and the project. Anyway thanks for ur reply friend and btw the supervisor u mentioned is none but the Appraiser right? Yes folks dont believe ur appraiser even if he/she says they r not aware of performance band, coz my supervisor revealed in a personal meet with me That she s the one gave bad comments on me and didnt defend me when the PM was ready to give D ensure your rating ASWELL PERFORMANCE band in one-one meeting itself.

    1. Hello Friend,
      One of my colleague got changed his Band from D to C by making BIG fight against his Superviser and HR. So what I suggest is if you speak and convince them with your past results (About good work), bit loudly and in a tricky way I am sure they will change it to C or even B. Good luck my friend, all the best.

  81. Hi Guys,
    I have finally decided to disagree to my ‘C’ band (despite of very less possibilities of actually getting it changed).
    Can anyone please tell me whether band disagreement workflow will delay my increment letter further, until its resolution.

  82. Infy already given a hike of 5-8 % in Nov’09 and on top of that they are giving again a hike of 13-17% truly they have thought of employee instead of paying hafty dividends to share holders. TCS should also adopt a good practice to rewarding employee first as every qtr they r rewarding shareholders (TATA SONS to bail out Jaguar and COrus) by giving 300% dividends.

    1. In a growth environment, IT major Infosys has decided to reward its employees. The company is increasing wages of senior people by around 10%, middle to lower by around 13-17%. On an average, offshore wages could go up by about 14%. Outside India, the company is increasing wages by 2-3%. The company is spending USD 134 million overall for the whole year as part of the wage hike

      The company’s Chief Financial Officer V Balakrishnan says, “We are increasing wages for two reasons. One, we can afford it and in growth environment, we need to retain the best talent and that’s what we have done. Two, we have seen some competitors acting irrationally in the market place. So they have to get the message that the cost base could go up. It will help us in the market.”

      The company’s CEO and MD S Gopalakrishnan says, “We have the best package for our employees. Given that the company has done well, it is fully reasonable that a part of that is shared with the employees. Variable compensation this quarter (Q4) is 100%, and we have given a compensation hike, which is very similar to what we would do in a normal year.”

  83. Its now with GL’sbin to change my Band,the updates given by the PL and PM the band is almost going to be changed but with arrears i.e my salary will be revised a month late.I believ it to be true but not sure. Do you have any idea whether its a trick followed in tcs to supress the employees who fight for band change .

    If TCS is going to give reasonable hike then y uneccesary D bands this time…the unofficial information given to me is THERES LACK OF BUDGET that forced them to give more D …so i already lost my dream abt gud hike in TCS this time…

  84. I have disagreed to my Band D. My Manager said he will try for Band upgrade with the reviewer.
    Now, in the Band Disagreement process flow, I see that the reviewer has approved the request and sent it to the Unit Owner about Band Change Request.
    Are my chances of Band Upgrade still maybe/maynotbe or can I be sure that it will get upgraded?
    In the process flow, is the Unit Owner last person or does it to to other levels also? If so, which?

  85. Buddy in your is highly possible since it is moved from reviewers bin to Unit head’s bin. Coz reviewer could approve and escalate to the next only if you account head agrees for band change..then the process is more positive in ur case.

    BUt in my case my reviewer is convinced and he s still in the process of convincing my account head.So my badn disagreement work flow is in Reviewers bin right now….Hoping for the best..

  86. I Have no much expectations, I am preparing to attend interviews. No matter what results would be TCS will never impress employees, their aim is to reward shareholders and keep their share price good in the market.

  87. TCS middle management (PL to account head.).So many PL,PM and GL are in TCS appreciated by good and after loosing project due to their fault.Their will not even give u good rating.They r siting idle and will raise so many claims interms of customer intertenment and other struff.Example Mr. Maneesh Baheti,Mr. Rajendra pipari and his team TCS HYDERABAD. TTSL accoount.

  88. TCS middle management (PL to account head.).So many PL,PM and GL are in TCS appreciated by good band and after loosing project due to their fault.Their will not even give u good rating.They r siting idle and will raise so many claims interms of customer intertenment and other struff.Example Mr. Maneesh Baheti,Mr. Rajendra pipari and his team TCS HYDERABAD. TTSL accoount.

  89. Hi all,
    Its almost 6.30 pm. When will the result be finally out??
    Also on ultimatix, the BoB link will be available tomorrow 20th April. Since one can usually guess the basic hike from that anyways…do you guys think this is an indication that the appraisals will also come tonight??

      1. Just now they announced Q4 results to media. Hike letters will be out next week with effective date as Apr 1st.

  90. Results are finally Out –
    QoQ – Q4 Profit after tax – Up 5.9% at Rs. 1931 Cr compared to Rs. 1823 Cr last quarter
    QoQ – Q4 Sales – Up 1.2% at Rs. 7737 Cr compared to Rs. 7649 Cr last quarter
    YoY – Q4 Profit after tax – Up 32.9% at Rs. 6873 Cr compared to Rs. 5170 Cr last year same quarter.
    YoY – Q4 Sales – Up 8% at Rs. 30030 Cr as compared to last year’s Q4 which was 27810.

    Other highlights:-
    – Added 16775 Employees in Q4 2009-2010
    – Wins $500 Mn contract from a European Govt Agency
    – Operating Margins improved 51 bps in Q4 2009-2010
    – Added 10 new clients in Q4 2009-2010

  91. TCS is always like this only. It’s all bullshit.. they know that they can manage the show with freshers..they don’t want experienced people and even if the experienced people are there they don’t want high performers , they want people who can manage it to an average and listen to their crap . This is how TCS works..

    People has to accept the reality …

  92. TCS projec ts are not all hi-fi projects and instead of 3 people working on a project.. they keep 10 people and run the project … in this 1 or 2 people will work hard.. remaining are all enjoyment freaks.. Else tcs dont need to recruit too much … They can easily manage the show for these number of clients with half of the work force and keep the employee happy by promotions and quick growth and good salary ..They run slow and they expect team to run slow..

  93. Dear TCSers,

    This has been an excellent year for us where we have delivered revenue growth with significant uptake in margins despite a challenging business environment. We managed the dynamic demand environment well by controlled recruitment, increased talent rotation and higher offshore leverage. I would like to thank you for your hard work, dedication and tremendous effort for this excellent overall performance.

    I am pleased to announce that the management has decided to pay 125% of the potential quarterly component of the variable pay (QVA) for the quarter ended March 31, 2010. This will apply to all eligible employees on India payroll. The bonus and sales incentives for other regions, where applicable, will also be paid out as per plan.

    The annual appraisal process for FY10 has been completed on time. This has been a significant achievement considering the scale and the geographic spread of our operations. I would like to thank you and all the units for completing this exercise on time.

    I am very pleased to inform you about the annual increment for FY11. The average increment at offshore i.e. for employees on India payroll would be 10%. In addition, those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade. Including promotions, the average annual increment would be 13%. For other regions, the increment would be country specific and range from 2 to 4% for the Major Markets and 2 to 10% for Emerging Markets. The individual increments would vary based on individual performance as per our annual appraisal process.

    If our business results are better than the base plan for FY11 then, we can expect to be rewarded through the quarterly variable (QVA) route as has been the practice in the past. Considering the growth in demand and the opportunities ahead of us, I am sure with the right focus, rigour and collaborative effort we can deliver results that are better than the base plan.

    I look forward to your continued support for TCS to deliver superior performance across all parameters and provide the “Experience of Certainty” to our clients globally.

  94. “Those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade.” ..So no VA change for newly

  95. Guys,

    10% hike ….it’s official on ultimatix – A smiling and irritating face of Mr Ajoy Mukharajee can be seen on ultimatix front page – No news about next cycle promotions 🙁 and hike of peanuts to live with !

  96. “Those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade. ” so no VA hike for next 1 yr for those promoting this yr..What the hell it is..

  97. All:

    Read it correctly. It is AVERAGE 10 % or 13% . So, the hike can throw surprises

    Let us hope 20-Apr is a better day

    Our VP – HR is smiling in Ultimatix

    Good luck

  98. Look at this crap guys

    “In addition, those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade. ” ….Ajoy on Ultimatix

    so those who are already promoted will have to wait for one more year to get variable pay of new grade …No hike in Basic for promoted employees as per new grade ……absolutely BULLSHIT

  99. When will the letters come? Certainly not tomorrow i.e. 20th !
    I think it will take the entire coming week to get individual letters.

  100. I guess after this statement
    ‘Those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade.’
    there will be a lot of unrest in the huge population who were anticipating for the VA to be effective this April.
    It will be interesting to see the attrition figures. But Management might have already planned for it and will already have a plan in place to counter this.

    1. What does it mean? IS it that, those promoted in Jan 2010 will not get VA increase now, but after one year!!! OR if anyone feel other meaning then please let me know.

      1. Well.. to be frank, this statement is intriguing…I am not able to understand what it means…

        ‘Those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay
        “Promoted when?”
        as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade.’
        Is that the ppl who got promoted in Jan 2010 will see hike in Jan 2011?

        also there is no info on their vision 2010.. did TCS achieve it or it was a vision for the heck of it?

        1. Well!! Can anyone please clarify Mr.Ajoy’s sentence “those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade” What he really wants to say here?

          1. If you were promoted recently(from july 2009 to Jan 10) then you have to wait for 1yr to see the VA hike as per your new grade. This rule is effective immediately for those who are waiting for promotions as well.

  101. those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade ..

    This is really foolish.. then why a person has to perform higher duties for free???Then what does a promotion mean.. is it just a name change in the designation.. Hats off to the idiotic chandra ..foolish maha and powerless ajoy…

    1. Yes very very disappointed, was eligible for promotion in 2008 got promoted after 1.5 years and now to wait another year for VA hike, they have gone mad.

  102. well, i dont know about any one else, but Mr Ajoy’s smiling face is really annoying. And the annoyance level does increase with the type of message he posts

  103. bakvaas..bullshit….disappointing…demotivating….frustrating…..irresoponsible..ignorant hike…after such a grt performance….did they comments anything abt attrition?….. even if they guts to reveal actual figures….
    compare to infy ..from Oct 2009 to till date they have given hike min 20 to 30%….cognizant is exception……and rest all r much better than tcs…..still they say tcs says they want 35-40k more spoil them after certain period….quit…quit…quit must be the calll now….i have spent around 8 yrs now…..promotion is theere but no hike…after that..alreay promotions r delayed…and 1 more yr wait after that…pathetic attitude…..they don’t know value of resources……just higher freshers….and deliver bullshit quality….that is wat they r doing now a days….hope they get some ice taste now…and think bfr making such tough decisions when market is so hot these days…30-40% hike is normal….and if u perform better ppl r getting 100% hike tooo….so quit quit quit…without wasting a single minute…that is wat i gonna do at last after this frustrating announcement by TCS…

  104. Shame on you Chandra, Ajoy and other blood sucking vampires…
    You first delayed my promotion from Jul 2008 to Sep 2008; Then announced in Sep 2008 that promotions are frozen for one year. Then announced promotions in Jul 2009 effective immediately but did not mention anything about VAs. Then unofficially announced that our VA will be effective Apr 2010, and now you’ve said Jul 2010. Don’t know what will happen in July2010…

    Enough of your management bullshit. You can definitely expect me in front of one of your pathetic mouthpieces aka HRs tomorrow with my resignation. May your Souls NOT rest in peace.

  105. WTF… TCS giving special dividend for Rs. 14 to its share holders… and all Senior Mgmt ppl holding good amoutn of shares… So They are securing their amount of remuneration via share dividend or Share market price… and they are giving shit to promoted employes… TCS lost all TATA’s ethics… Let’s start
    “Leave TCS” motion….

  106. Guys who got promoted, pls shoot mass grievance mails to Chandra, Ramadorai & Tata. Pls do it & don’t treat this as joke. Infy guys mass revolted against Nandita Gurjar & escalated it to Moorthy & got iRace rolled back & a decent pay hike. Lets do the same ourselves. Pls don’t let Mukherjee ruin ur lives.
    WTF ? u wait for 2 yrs 2 get promoted, & then again 1 year to get the salary? means u will get ITA’s salary only when u r eligible to become AST.
    I am shooting a mail. But my 1 mail will be trashed unless they get more similar mails. Pls do it guys

  107. Hey dude, can you please share the email ids of these three gentlemens, I would like to escalate today heinious crime that was done to all dedicated brothers in TCS. I am staying as normal as I can but I feel like yelling loud. Why did it happen with me, what was my fault?

  108. I join this movement even though i’m not promoted. Why the hell i have to wait for another 1 yr to get the new VA .. I’m waiting for the emailid…

    All- Please fire your emails to the same email id..These guys will go to hell for sure..

  109. This is really a bull shit, if this was the policy then why they don’t have cleared last year in Jul’09 or Jan’10 while giving the promition itself that your VA will be matched after one year in that post.

    Why they were waiting for Year end result .. This is bull shit and we were all trapped eating that shit for past jul09 or Jan’10 .

    This is not done Chadra .. you will have to bare price of this.. I request all those who are going though this pain, please raise your concern everywhere in TCS HR office or by whatever mean you can showcase our case of injustice.

  110. This is really not done .. If they wanted to comeup with this policy why dont they declared at the time of giving promotion in Jul’09 or Jan’10 that your VA will be matched after one year in that role..

    This is total injustice to all who got promoted they cheated all promoted employee and crashed there dreams of reaching to some good package ..

    Request ro all those friends please make a mass movement

    1. Chadra and Ajoy wanted to eat there Bullshits till they declare the annual results today. BullsShit (Chandra & Ajoy) notthing morethen that

  111. This is as expected..TCS will never care us they want cheap labour..The only way I see to keep them under pressure by making use of your leaves..use all your sick and casual leaves that is huge loss to TCS..I will do the same.

  112. Here are the email ids: and but from their confident faces (per their pictures) i can very well make out that they have plans for mass attrition as well. I dont think attrition rate will matter to this thick skin management “hogs.” What do ya’ll say?
    but still for self respect and self satisfaction we have liberty to move whever we want to, nothing can stop us now, that too in TCS. Let them run their company by freshers.

    1. There are too many such comments in JustAsk and even IdeaMax, nobody cares man.

  113. WTF!!! This is just too much. We should get together and do something like a mass movement against these pathetic policies. These ppl are giving such good packages to laterals and just paying peanuts to their own employees.

  114. @ VP , Get rid of senior resources and recruit lots of freshers and get the work done cheaper. More profits and beter for shareholders . Else Let the Shareholders work instead employees…..Why do you need employees…by this way Shareholders will get the salaries also…..

  115. Guys, I got a hike of Rs. 1700 …not per month…per annum !!!

    So much for working hard and putting project ahead of personal aspirations..huh!

    This is the worst company and I will quit it very soon.

  116. 14 rs dividend is atleast a payout of 3500 – 4000 cr from TCS kitty to TAta Sons.. and bull shits is only left for promoted people.

  117. Dear TCS collegues,

    I really agree to all your comments and is a victim of this unjustice..but there is no point of mass movement or sending emails..i think its total crap as it looks like begging for more….TCS management is clear that they are ready to pay only x amount more, if you want to continue u can…or u can quit..TCS is not ready to pay more..itz a clear message and even the dumbest understand this….please don’t sell your selfrespect and beg for more….

    Victimised TCSer

    1. Couldn’t Agree More.

      Management is not fool. They precalculate how much turbulence a particular movement is going to make, and they not only are prepared for it, rather want it to happen. If seniors don’t quit, then aggressive recruitment drive can not be kept with, which is essential for maintaining media image.

  118. In my band disagreement process, Reviewer has approved Band Change request.
    Now it is with Unit Owner. He hast is neither rejected nor approved. Still in active status with him.
    But I got letter as per Band D. What should I interpret it as? Do I still have any chances of Band Change?

  119. Hi “Passion” am in the same situation.I got compensation letter for D band when still my band disagreement process is with Unit owners bin.Earlier my HR said i wouldnt be getting letter since my band change is in process.But now when enquired she s saying ill be getting another letter after band change.Dont know whether still we should hope for band change or its all just an eye wash.

  120. There is no defined END to the Band disagreement process. The sooner it ENDS the better it is, because it means it is going through some levels of approval/denials. Usually it just sits there for 690 days (by default) and then gets automatically terminated.

    1. I want a release from my current account. As there is no defined END to the Band disagreement process, what should I do.
      1. Can HR help fasten the Band disagreement process closure?
      2. If I ask for a release right away, does it jeopardise my possibility of Band Upgrade? Or since it is out of Appraiser/Reviewer’s hand (right now, with Unit Owner), it wont?

      1. I am not a 100% sure on this, but if you change the project, the band diasgreement decision would still remain with the current project manager. Unit owner will eventually ask the same manager to take the call who would be more than happy to continue your ‘bad’ band as you are quitting the project anyways (Unit Owner migt have the same wise thoughts of course). If you were to stay, then they might have considered it for employee morale etc (assuming your disagreement was valid). Bottom line, if you quit the project, the band would most likely stay the same.
        Why not wait for the disagreement to end and then decide on quitting the project?
        And NO HR cannot fasten the process or even approve anything.

    2. fyi. just came to know from my HR..
      Ques. Could you please share when is the Band disagreement process likely to be completed and when can I expect the changed band.
      Ans. It closes within 12 days of disagreement initiation. changed bands are released by month end.

  121. Hi,
    I got salary hike of -34000.
    previous package before appraisal 450000
    After appraisal 416000

    Difference -34000

    This is how TCS gives salary hike enjoy.

  122. I don´t how is in India, but in Uruguay Delivery Center the bands are unfair. You can work one year as a mule, do extra hours, extra work, help in everything and be a good colleague and you will get a D or a C. Last year I was a B, but I did normal work, I am a 100% average guy, but I use to play football with my PM, so he is biased towards me. There are guys that work much more and much better than me and they are not getting good grades. Everything in Uruguay GDC is made through friends, from getting good IS service to have a nice desktop to be considered for better job positions.

  123. Hi, passion, i enquired with HR she said ,we would come to know our band change by May 2nd…so fingers crossed. Till then my graph of Hope deviates Up n down. Dont know what would happen.

  124. My band disagreement was finally rejected because the GL said “Although your work deserves a higher band, but since you were not allocated to a project for 2 months it hit the budget as you were not billable” . I tried to convince him that I had been working very hard for maintaining this kind of performance for so many years and the BAND hit will cost me not only money but it stays with you in TCS…but he had already made up his mind I think.
    (I had taken a release from my project and they promised onsite from some other project which didn’t happen for 2 months due to no projects !!!)
    Eventually I got out of a project in which I was a top performer for 2 years and from a group for which I worked for 5 years. End result is, I am still at offshore, in a different project starting from scratch, and now I don’t even have a yearly hike.
    Will put down my papers soon and get into some other company who gives its employees their due!

    1. By staying on bench for onsite, you were giving negative revenue to company. Your variable component should be low as you were not adding revenue to comapny. Onsite is a businees need, not a right of an employee.

  125. Hi Guys,

    I got D band and then I initiated the disagreement process. It has been approved by the Reviewer and it is with Unit Owner now as per the workflow. what are the chances that I will get it moved to C band? Please let me know if anybody has an idea?

    1. They do for the whole unit together..

      If anyone in your unit has already got the band change but you didn’t then it is only a work flow which will be auto hard closed after X number of days .. and you will not get a change of band otherwise you have a chance ..

      1. Is there anyone whose Band Disagreement process got rejected/approved by Unit Owner. If so which Unit/ Parent IOU do you belong to?

        1. Naah, my band desaggreement is still pending with unit Owner..
          HR says this week it should be complete.
          Unit Owner arranges one discussion with GL’s to decides final ratings so it will happen for all D band guys togather,
          Keeping finger crossed and ready to resign, if it doesnt works
          i m frm EIS isu.

  126. HI, even am waiting for Unit owners approval. Its stil in his bin dont know whats the actual flow,is this just an eye wash or could we wait for their process to happen.

    1. I tried calling the HR and he told me its with Corporate and they take the final call. I dont understand what is happening? Is it not the Unit which decides?
      Any updates from any other guys waiting for the band change?

      1. I’ve been told, the band change, if any, will be out by month-end and we are well near it.
        I would wait till coming Monday 3rd May. If still nothing in Ultimatix, then its high time for us to not wait as we would not know till when will they keep us on our toes with this Band Disagreement exercise. After this date, take our own path.

  127. Even today i enquired my HR,as per information May 3rd is the last date for the process to end from Unit level and it s supposed to reach cor porate or HR bin.But dont know why the process is still pending in Unit Owners bin…I lost my hope.

    1. Per my HR, Unit Owner is the last person in the process. And now what, today the HR tells the process EXPECTED to end by 10 May.

  128. Any one got there performance band request approved …pls revert as soon as anyone’s request gets approved

  129. According to my PM there were people last year who got their band changed after 2 months in June. So I think there is no deadlines as such. Any more updates from others?

  130. Is there any ray of hope once it is approved by the reviewer?
    Mine is pending with Unit Owner for the last 4 weeks.Is is the unit owner who fianlly does it or is it the Corporate who takes the final call?
    Pls post your comments as I am very much frustrated now.

  131. yaar …we all are waiting to get things move
    this fucking HRs are good for nothing…atleast they should give clear indication as when the process should end…heard will be clear by this weekend…..well will update as soon as it get approved …waiting all to reply as they get any positive….

  132. Is there anyone(in any unit/ISU)whose band disagreement has been rejected by the Unit Owner(UO)and if so,after how many days lying in his queue?
    As earlier in this forum,someone has commented that the reviewer 1st discuss with the UO and then moves it further for processing at Corp level.
    Pls post ur comments over this.

  133. hi any update ..has anyone performance band disagreement process being closed or approved. pls guys…do revert when you get it done

  134. latest update from HR

    The data is under review by corporate , will take month end to complete the process

  135. I belong to Retail ISU… my band disagreement is pending with Unit Owner since the last 35 days.. there is no further update from HR…. Informal communication is … it is pending with Corporate

  136. Hi,
    Can anyone pls let us know one IMP thing
    For ones whose still pending with Unit Owner can have some hope,as for the few it has been rejected by the Unit Owner after lying in his queue for a certain amount of period.
    Also,it has already been 13th of this month and the salary must have started processing for May’10.So,I am least hopeful now for band revision.

  137. No buddy don’t be hopeless……last year band got approved by june and all the money you get back as arrears. here all members of my team whose band was rejected was not moved to unit owner by by GL .only few were moved up. So cahnces are there that things will be positive. Just hope let june 15th be the last date. Do revert immediately if some people band gets approved

  138. Is the Unit Owner last approver in the process or it moves to Corporate also for final approval?
    What if anyone’s approved by Unit Owner and rejected by Corporate?
    Is this possible?

  139. unit owner is the last approver . The data gets verified by corporate and then unit owner approves. Boss it all depends as what your GL wrote when he forwarded band disagreement process to unit owner that no one can see.

  140. Doraemon

    As you have mentioned is any one from your ISU band change has been rejected. Kindly confirm . If some people band change has been rejected by unit owner and yours still not then chances are your will be approved by june end kindly confirm

  141. Rohan,
    Thanx for ur reply.
    I am not aware of all cases pending with my Unit Owner and not come across any such case of rejection till date.
    Can this be possible that GL is telling +ve to me but has mentioned -ve comments in the comments box to Unit Owner?
    Moreover,what data does the Corp verify?

  142. Hi Doraemon

    Ya its possible that your GL is saying positive to you and wrote if not negative but not so much positivity in comment box. The corporate don’t know what they check but they do verify the data. Well lets hope for the best . Keep updating.

  143. Hi Johny

    Could you pls give sure shot confirmation that has band change for any one has been really done. Try confirming the ISU

  144. Hi All

    As per the latest update from HR, Band movement process is over – Band has already been changed for very “few” case – whoever is left now, will not get it changed – They will be kept waiting in the name of “Corporate HR” and on one fine day, Band disagreement workflow will be closed….So Don’t Hope now that your band will change if it is NOT already changed

  145. Does any one have any further updates regarding this. Did the band change for anyone. I came to know that it is still changing for some people and not ended. I dont know how far is this true.

  146. Guys

    My band disagreement process finally got approved . My Band got changed . Hope for you people also it gets approve , Johny , Doraemon ,Fighting hard to Change ‘D’ all pls update yaar . Best of luck to you all.

  147. Rohan… did your band change on 17th ie., today or before… if the process is still continuting, then there is a hope… if whatever is mentioned by ‘Its Over’ is true… then there is no hope…. so want to know when it happenned for you.

  148. Johny

    Yaar today morning i.e 17th when i saw global speed —>track my workflow there “band disagreement process ” link was not there then i tried “view performance band” there i saw a new message with approved band .

  149. congrats rohan. But there may be a chance that it could happen account wise.(thats the assumption and hope i have ). Dont know whats gonna happen.But HRs r good for nothing they r simply bluffing.

  150. Hope its still in progress. Along with me theres another guy waiting for Band change in my account.Is band change possible for more than one associate from same account.Please someone clarify it.

  151. Guys wait till this weekend max and then follow with your HR. I thing Max by this month end it should get over.

  152. Guys

    1) Band change doesn’t happen account wise – it is driven by corporate
    2) Band movement process for this year is completed – Those who got their band changed will get revised salary + Arrears of one month along with May Salary ( Payroll is processed after 15th every month)
    3) Those who are still waiting for band change, You have a reason to get disappointed – process is over for sure – No point in talking to HR / Supervisor now – Your workflow will be “hard-closed” very soon

    1. Some time these authentic info are also wrong…
      Yesterday 3 of my team mates got their band upgraded, and it is not over yet.. management is still considering lot of cases because they are worried with attrition and want to control attrition…

      According to me — “Anything Can Happen in TCS.” – I learnt this within 1 year I joined TCS and that was 7 years Back.

  153. Is this news authentic? Did the HR give this update? I am not getting any reply from my HR when asked thru email about the status of my band change.

  154. is this info true “HR Updates” where did u get this info. And if its rejected or closed for anyone, please let us know

  155. @ Johny,Fighting hard to change “D”

    You guys need to understand that band will not be changed for everyone – Further, HR is not responsible to get it changed , it is your PL/GL/BRM who should create a “strong” case around it and push things hard to unit head

    I will reiterate that process for this year is over – If your supervisor and HR are asking for you to WAIT , they are doing nothing but killing your time , perheps finding your replacement if you have asked for release or planning to resign

  156. Apart from salary issues…Does band D have anything to do with lay offs also ? I hve heard of a friend.. who got laid off because she got a D for 3 simultaneous years. Is it true that getting continuous D’s will lead to a lay off?

  157. I am an ASE .. and working in TCS for 5.5 years.. Asking my manager to initiate my promotion process for last 5-6 months.. and he’s just ignoring… I dont have a D in last 3 ratings… can my promotion be initiated? what’s the criteria for promotion initiation…?

  158. During recession associate with continuous rating 2 or D band for two consequtive years were asked to leave.Heard that if you have a D rating then promotion get delayed , this is new tactics employed by HR to delay promotion

    1. rohan, what you heard is exactly right!!!! after getting D band you should wait for 2 years to initiate your promotion, provided your previous band should be more than or equal to C.

  159. @ johny ahve u got any update from ur HR or Reviewer? is band change would be done region wise?

  160. Hi Fighting hard for change D

    yaar band change is not done region wise. This is done by unit wise. Ask your HR for timeline by which the process will get complete. Ask for timeline.Its hould have been closed by now.

  161. Guys,
    I would like to share with you and celebrate a nice occasion. I know, you know, that these bloody f***ing companies will not change ever. Hence the comments about promotions, increments, firing, rating etc etc will go on for years…But one thing, which I say today morning news gave me a great pleasure. I would like to share you that.
    Visit the following link :

    I would like to mention that I hail from Kolkata and the significance of Singur agitation is very much to me . I would like to say that we need more such high officials from these corrupt companies to resign soon. They have done endless damage to our careers. We should celebrate their resignations and create appropriate social conditions which trigger more such resignations. Be it ethical or not ethical.

    1. Hi Extcser

      I dont completely agree with you in all aspect . Just See how TATA STEEl and TATA Motors work. In tata steel starting package for fresher is 6.5 lakhs and loads of facility. Nothing like TCS …….

      Just check where TATAS have developed there industry (not TCS) the whole city get revamp. Just check jamshedpur was rated 5th most beautiful city in india. Even a labour class worker get a minimum bonus of 40000rs there . @4 hrs power water supply. For Singur it would have been the same but thanks for CPI M , mamta banerjee who doesnt want growth but cheap politices.
      That why KOLKATTA condition is like this . Check for TCS CTS IBM kol …and Chennai TCS CTS IBM ……better projects are all with south and not with EAST.
      Kolkata software industry should have moved faster but…worse now no growth …no good project …all saturated…..
      Singur would have developed and have better economic condition

      Thanks to Kolkatta Cheap politics….Tata Moved to gujrat….

  162. any Band changes or rejection. any confirmation of band disagreement process closure…please let us know

  163. I think for all Band disagreement process got approved……no one posting anything ……Any body got new updated compensation letter…..

  164. You guys may get letter before June 15th.In my case its still with Unit owner none of them in my account got through the Process till date.

  165. I worked in TCS for 4 years , every time I got a 3 , but this time I got a rating of 2 i.e Band D, it has not been changed so for…I am planning to quit TCS soon,
    Now I dont want any discussion with my PL/PM/GL all are cheats and fraud#1. Currently I am in the process of moving out to a good company in Bangalore etc/.God will really punish these devilish guys…..

  166. Yes ,

    Keede padenge inko , sab sad sad-ke marenge ………
    All corrupt PL’s/DM’s/GL’s will be born as worms in in their next birth……….

  167. I came to know from my HR that the band change process is over for this year and there is not going to be any further changes. The Band Disgreement link would be auto closed. This is confirmed by HR belonging to another ISU also. So, it is over for this year.

  168. Yes…
    Guys leave TCS and join Infosys, it is a much better company……….U cna easily get a hike of 30-45% from your current ctc..cheers
    Infosys zindabad!!!

  169. Seems here are a lot of tcs people.Am a fresher,just got recruited this year.Does anyone know , when will we be given offer letters?

  170. Well madhu you will get it after 6months . Don’t worry ….try for other companies in mean time . Don’t join TCS ………

  171. Yaar Bahar bhi itni asaani se job nahin mil raha, TCS ne aisa bana diya hai ki kahin ke laayak nahin bacha. Ab to TCS ke tukdon pe hi palna padega…………..

  172. Hi,

    Any News of Jan 2011 AST to Assoc Promotion?

    I will put papers soonif TCS don’t open promotion cycle for C3A and above in Jan 2011.

  173. Hi All,
    I have been offered a post of an ASE grade C1 in TCS Kolkata.
    My variable allowance is 14000/month[V1 being 11400 and V2 being 2600].
    All that I want to know is to what band I have been hooked to ? Is this variable for a 5 rater or is it for a 4 rater as I am sure that its not for a 3 rater ?

  174. Hi All,
    I have been offered a post of an ASE grade C1 in TCS Kolkata.
    My variable allowance is 14000/month[V1 being 11400 and V2 being 2600].
    All that I want to know is to what band I have been tagged to ? Is this variable for a 5 rater or is it for a 4 rater as I am sure that its not for a 3 rater ?
    I really want some urgent replies to help me deciding whether should I join TCS or not ?

  175. dont really bother abt band at the time of joining TCS.Although band is important when you get confirmation. My advice to you is just join TCS (if you don’t have any other high paying offers)take 1 or 2 yrs experience in TCS and simultaneously start looking for other job elsewhere. only when your skills have demand you will get a better band and pay package in TCS. That is my personal experience.

  176. Hi All,

    I have been offered by TCS 6.3 and ASE C1. Is it worth to join TCS and also i heard that after each appraisal (every 6 months in a year) if your rating is less than the rating you got at the time of interview salary get reduced by some %. If yes then by what % its get reduced.. please need urgent reply for this…

    1. you are right… the salary gets reduced if you get a lower banding like D and E..if you know how to survive in TCS ….you can..else please dont try your luck here…

      you have all the benefits like coming late to office if needed….applying leave over call…going for team lunch and dinner during work time( without having the restriction to maintain 9 hours a day like in Wipro and infy ..etc…( i heard so)

      but u need to have a good name with your appraiser… though u do mistakes u will be forgiven.. but if its the other’ll get fucked up… the highlight is that these guys the PM’s wil have contacts in other projects and they will fuck u up whereever u go….i m not a person who got low rating in TCS…i had got a B, B ,C ..but this is true…..

      eg..if all the 10 members in a team work the same… they are forced to give a bad A for 2 people and band E for 2 people……where in the world could this happen :(…except TCS

  177. not sure if after each appraisal (every 6 months in a year) if your rating is less than the rating you got at the time of interview salary get reduced by some %. I have left TCS… but usually the final rating that happens during H2 used to have significance in the rating and band process.I advise that take 6 months experience in TCS and then switch to some other is not advisable to stay for longer duration in TCS as growth prospect are very few…

  178. What the F**K is running in tcs….i am getting released from my project in March 2011…& they have given me Rating 3+..but when i asked abt band….PM is saying it would be D. somehow i got my promotion from ITA to AST in Jan 2011.
    Any suggestion, for me …guys….1 thing i will do that leave this company soon.
    Till that time would you suggest me to survive in tcs now.

    I ahve not got my increment salary also..they are saying next yr u will get 🙁

    1. This thing seems to be the best tactics in TCS…you are given a promotion and you will get the salary hike the next year :)….u are an AST in TCS…u should be knowing this by this time :)..pity u

  179. The above % mentioned % on different band are correct in fact. We at TCS do not have same % for all the ISUs. The band differs from ISU to ISU and from account to account. If an account has exceeded its target and profitability is high the A’s and B’s would be higher compared to less profitable accounts. So dont argue with the % it always differs from account to account, ISU to ISU. I was in the band / curve fitting process last year luckily this year i am not doing it. Waiting for the band to be released to put my papers 🙂

    1. Guys,

      I gave you best possible hike in IT industry. We have paid 100% VA.
      Average hike is 15% this year.

      For ITA Band A VA is 32000
      Band B VA is 26000.

      Last year Band A was 26000 and B was 24000…se the rise in VA this year.

      Please continue to support us.

  180. AST BAND C Performance pay=25,100+5,900(performance pay 2 paid quarterly) per month.
    what is the other Performance pay at other bands?

  181. What is the current VA (monthly+quaterly) for an ASE for all the bands ? Can anyone come out with the figures ?

  182. Hey Ajoy,
    It is very easy to make a statement that you have made “I gave you best possible hike in IT industry. We have paid 100% VA.
    Average hike is 15% this year. ”
    But are u sure that deserving people get paid justly in is all about nepotism when it comes to alloting performance band in the appraisal cycle. TCS is like a government office -“the more you polish your PL ,the better performance band you get”.

  183. Here is a classic example….

    This year I did a PE and my IPF was “4.1”.

    I had to change the ISU this Feb’11 and went to another ISU.

    Previous ISU did the band fitment for me and the result was a BIG “D” for me! (with IPF 4.1 ???? :O)

    And we all know TCS HRs! 😀

    This is unethical.

  184. I joined TCS last year as a ASE-Trainee .
    My ILP rating was 2 though I was not in LAP.
    Now for my final aniversay the ipf is 2.16 and final confirmation rating is 3.
    Will this have impact on my career growth ???
    Please suggest i am really confused!! 🙁

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