Apple brings multitasking with Iphone OS 4.0

now supports the powerful in its  OS version 4.0.Main feature is allows user to switch back to the background application if they are done with the foreground one.Thus it provides some control and flexibility to the user on the running at the background. softwares would perform much better and user can even experience a great difference because of multi tasking as most of the gaming will have some running in the background.

Apart from gaming simple and real benefit would be the notifications that will be passed to the foreground once the background process gets completed. radio,downloads,, message etc can be preferrably be running in the background and all these requirements will be well satisfied in Apple

Resource allocation mechanism is powerfully developed and there will be proper management of resources between foreground and background.

Now its the turn of real time users to feel the advantages and effects of 0S and comment on the same.

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