First Commercial implementation of cloud computing for Internet users happens with Games

In this world which field can be more commercial with huge response other than gaming? May be watching videos,listening to in .But that cannot bring much response and people cannot even have the record on success and failure of cloud computing.Intelligent option is only and many have started and also released their launch dates. One of such major launch is going to happen on June but only in as their first target.Yes I am talking only about the “

Like as you subscribe and pay monthly for the internet connection you need to pay for one more connection which online live gaming.So in future even high end games will be streamed well in Televisions,PCs and even with set top boxes via cloud computing. Simplicity and the ease of utilizing the services are the main advantage of cloud computing as there will be minimal cost and very low maintainance cost. is said that even with low end configuration,  games content will be streamed well to the end user.

Next main area for cloud computing can definitely be healthcare as it will be very useful for the patients to have communication and other details from the doctor.If games can better streamed via cloud computing then watching videos files via cloud computing will definitely perform better.If cloud computing is capable of addressing major areas of internet with high then it is surely going to make a revolution in the industry.

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