Windows Azure Boot Camp – Cloud computing

First it was component driven model later came the Client Server model and after which SOA model took over and played a great role in the IT field.Now slowly it will be relaced with Cloud Computing as it has lot of benefits and its also cost effective.So Windows Azure of Mocrosoft brings cloud computing with microsoft technologies

Windows Azure is all about building processes on the cloud.In the fluctuating business environment Azure makes easy in adapting to the changing business environment and also to implement those changes in an effective way.

They are planning to have a two day training program and the great news on it is the traning program is absolutely free of cost.
Training schedule is available only in selected countries and it can be found from the following link

  • Windows Azure materials can be downloaded from the link

  • First Commercial implementation of cloud computing for Internet users happens with Games

    In this internet world which field can be more commercial with huge response other than gaming? May be watching videos,listening to music in cloud computing.But that cannot bring much response and people cannot even have the record on success and failure of cloud computing.Intelligent option is only games and many have started and also released their launch dates. One of such major launch is going to happen on June but only in US as their first target.Yes I am talking only about the “Onlive Cloud Gaming”

    Like as you subscribe and pay monthly for the internet connection you need to pay for one more connection which online live gaming.So in future even high end games will be streamed well in Televisions,PCs and even with set top boxes via cloud computing. Simplicity and the ease of utilizing the services are the main advantage of cloud computing as there will be minimal hardware cost and very low maintainance cost.It is said that even with low end configuration,  games content will be streamed well to the end user.

    Next main area for cloud computing can definitely be healthcare as it will be very useful for the patients to have communication and other details from the doctor.If games can better streamed via cloud computing then watching videos files via cloud computing will definitely perform better.If cloud computing is capable of addressing major areas of internet with high performance then it is surely going to make a revolution in the software industry.

    Google supports cloud computing by introducing Virtual online shop

    Almost all the IT companies today are driven by the word “Cloud computing”. Main reason is to have some serious cost cutting and low maintainance problem. Centralised repository servers will be used instead of many onsite servers and now google is trying to act like a central repository server for many business software services. Integrated software business applications are hosted on the internet cloud.

    So Google’ Virtual online shop is now open for both IT business organisations to host their services and for the end users to consume the services without any seperate installation cost.