Employees leaving in flocks from TCS, this time on their own

We have heard a quite a lot about just before its 2008-09 Q4 ,  the number of fired from 's Biggest company during that period is still not known. But after the results the trend came to a halt, it was quite evident that the management had a number in mind in terms of  . Once the number was achieved projects became more stable in terms of firing.Even some of the managers and started assuring employees that the involuntary separation has been stopped.

But even before the IT job could start looking up, many have started leaving TCS on their own, many due to freeze in and others due to totally autocratic management and HR. The management  has started treating employees in a very tough manner over the last few months, and use of words like “Resign if you dont like”,  liberally in case of any arguments. This had done a lots of damage to the employee morale, and combine it with frozen for past 2 years. Many employees dont even believe the promotions to the 4 -6 year experienced will start in near future. On the other hand the managers have been getting  promotions and other benefits due to their “Excellent !!” .

Companies like TCS have a totally scandalous way of rewarding the long serving employees. Their compensation policies are ridiculous at best and demoralising  at worst.

TCS pay structure for freshers go like this once a fresher completes 2 years they get a package of 4.5 Lakhs and are tagged as ASE (assistant systems engineer). To get any further hikes he needs to complete 2 more years ie total of 4 years of experience before he/she can get a new pay package of Rs 6 Lakhs and a role of ITA (IT Analyst).

But for many in the experience range of 4-6 years there has been no promotion for last 2 years and add 2 more years before TCS opens up promotion. So a 6-8 year expereinced IT professional will get Rs 4.5 Lakhs per annum , and it is same as that of a 2 year experienced. If he jumps to other company or even if someone joins TCS with 8 years experienced even now they will get 10 Lakhs easily.

And now consider this  last year when a 3.5 years experienced guy from a little known xyz  company joined TCS the recruitment team and HR offered him a whopping 7.5 Lakhs Package for an ordinary skillset.

So you can make your calculations, and with this kind of incentive add job fears and management attitude, best  for attrition.

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  1. Few corrections:

    1. A fresher will get a package of 4.5 lakhs just after completing his first year.
    2. No one is getting promoted to ITA before 6 years experience.
    3. Since last 2 years promotions are on hold.

    So you will find people with 7 years of experience just 1 year of experience drawing the same salary.

    Also, if we keep aside the monetory benefits and talk about work then firstly the work mostly is crappy and wont help in employees to elarn anything. If the work is right in few projects you will find stupid PLs to ruin the mojo of the team(actual workers) and will lead the project to a failure.

    1. upon confirmation after completeion of 1 year the hike given is Rs 5 annually…
      the package from a long time for freshers is 3.15 .
      4.5 is a distant dream both for tcs and freshers…
      after 2 year , based on extremely good perforance and rating=5 you will get 4.5 at max.. or may a little lesser

  2. Few corrections:

    1. A fresher will get a package of 4.5 lakhs just after completing his first year.
    2. No one is getting promoted to ITA before 6 years experience.
    3. Since last 2 years promotions are on hold.

    So you will find people with 7 years of experience just 1 year of experience drawing the same salary.

    Also, if we keep aside the monetory benefits and talk about work then firstly the work mostly is crappy and wont help in employees to learn anything.
    If the work is good in few projects, you will find stupid incompetent PLs there, killing the mojo of the team(actual workers) and will lead the project to a failure and teammembers moral in the abyss.

  3. Hi,

    This is 100% true. Well I am not working in TCS but my wife and 2 3 friends are working in TCS. My wife is working in TCS from last 5 years.
    She is still ASE. Before 3 years company told her that she will be promoted to ITA next year. But from last 2 year admin guys as well as manager are giving the excuses that management had decided for no promotion policy . She is loyal to the company but see what company is doing with her. May be question will comes in ur mind that she will not perform good so this is not the case she is getting the good ratiings also. U can also ask then why she is not leaving, the only reason she want to be loyal to the company . As she join TCS as fresher. She is attached with the company but now what company is doing with the employees who are loyal to the company. Some one has to send this link to Mr. Ramdoroi and the legend Ratan ji atleast they will come to know the reality what happens in TCS

  4. At about 6.5 years of work experience with 5.5 year in TCS,I am still a developer with designation of Asst System Engg who has a team lead of 4.5 years of experience ,lateral joinee in TCS with a designation of ITA.
    So you can appreciate what kind of frustration it is to go to office each day.
    And also it not like I am a bad performer.
    TCS management will kill the morale of a person..forget about salary hike.I was always proud of being a TCSer but now it has changed my mindset.
    Not only its your salary ,bcoz you have a designation of ASE(Asst System Engg),people don’t respect your experience.
    And there are people like me who are awaiting promotion from DEC’2007.
    Shame on TCS upper management giving themselve a hike of 1 crore.
    I guess its the captain of the ship who goes the last,things seem to be the reverse with TCS.
    Now people will lose faith on the great tradition or phenomenon which was started by TATA’s founding father i.e..Employees first.
    I am getting an inhand salary of 30000 per month whereas my friends are drawing around a hoping 55000 to 65000 per month.

  5. TCS always had a policy of favouring people based on a factor that cannot be elaborated here. Many high performers i know who joined TCS have either lost their visibility by now or have left. All in all, tcs as a company isn’t that good anymore. There are a lot of experienced, good for nothing people who act as middlemen to upper management and manipulate everything as it reaches the upper management. Worst of all, even the upper management knows this and are okay with it.

  6. Hope TCS will stand as an example of total mismanagement . Clearly indicating How Not to manage a Software Company ?.

    And the words mentioned by dexter , ” YOu can resign if you want ” . Exactly said by HR for asking transfer after 2 years !!
    Such a shame to name of TATA.

  7. i swear tat everythin stated above is indeed true and its quite a employee exploiter….. ive quit TCS 2 monts ago…..

  8. I think TATA Sons should pull out all it’s remaining stake in TCS. Though this is the cash cow of the group, it is the worst company in the group in terms of morals & ethics.. I only hope Mr. TATA is given the facts about what’s happenning inside the organization. I am sure its not the case. There definitely has to be more control by the TATA group. I wonder how this company manages to get good assessments in TBEM audits. Either the facts stated are incorrect or the TBEM evaluation process has lost its quality & rigour. I think atleast in AGMs, the shareholders should speak out against the current CXO team & get it replaced.

  9. If I don’t get promotion this time, I will commit suicide and leave a suicide note mentioning the name and employee number of my appraiser, reviewer, ISU HR, Brach HR, Corporate HR Head, Global HR Head, and all CXO’s – all of them responsible for my death.

  10. This is a real fact. The GL’s and PL’s dont know anything about project management. There is no standard operating procedure in many projects. The rating is not based on the merit.

  11. Dear all:

    I left TCS last year and i am very happy with where i am now. I worked in TCS for 12 years and it is my first company like many of the folks out there. TCS definitely help me reach where i am today ( i left TCS when i was a BRM) and i am grateful for that. But looking back, i know that it was never a employee-friendly environment out there. The whole pack of cards came crashing down when the ISU re-org happened. It was the most poorly implemented change across the company and in hind-sight, it turned out to be a defining moment for many like me (gave an opportunity for many experienced folks to explore options outside TCS). While market conditions have forced TCS to be more focussed, i am sure its not far away for Infosys to catch up with TCS. (CTS to follow in 5 years). Mark my word.

    1. Your prophecy is far from reality. Infosys is not in the position that TCS can envy. TCS is definitely running way ahead of others including HCL and CTS.

  12. Hey guys, I am a recent college grad from Purdue University with a BA in Computer science and I have an offer from TCS for software engineer at 51k. I’m not sure if I should take it after hearing about all of these bad things about the company… also the location is pretty bad(nothing to do in Milford, OH and Cincinnati isn’t that great) and 51k is pretty low (some of my friends that just graduated got offers for 61k). I am also worried that if I don’t accept the offer I will not find another job… I’ve been job searching since May and this is all I can come up with(I have a 3.0 gpa, which isn’t that great). Is there anyone in a similar situation? Can anyone please give me advice on what to do?

  13. @incident42 ..
    Dude you r certainly not a chooser here…when after 3 months this is the best you have got..why to crib to get it….so be happy..and accept it..you can always quit whenever you find something better…don’t believe much about what you read from some pls comments here..ask from the ppl who doesn’t have any job in this slowdown…they are happy to get any job they can…..
    Some ppl are talking here to form a union..the day any such strong unions will come into existance indian IT industry will seriously be in danger….it’s just matter of demand and supply…when there were good times employees negotiated…slow down has given chance for employers to negotiate ..and employees will have to face it…no1 talks about young milliaonaires these it companies have created doing very simple work….
    so be happy take the offer…improve your skills on job…and keep looking for better opportunities…and switch whenever you get one..

  14. TCS management is hell.I have joined TCS as a fresher in Oct 2008.Worked my ass off in the training.Stood out as best performer in training.Then got two more trainings in technology A.Perforemd well too.I always loved coding.So wanted development.

    But then the things changed.The management who handles employee allocation RMG(Resource Management Group) have managed to place me in a support project where all I do is install applications and restart servers and work in som eother technology B.

    Whereas people who enjoyed in trainings,never did anything have been given development projects.And when u say anything they ask you to resign.

    So any fresher who wants to make a good career in Software development never ever join TCSL .You will never be judged on your performance and havae to be either vey lucky or an ass licker to rise in TCS.

  15. The fact is employees dont leave organization but they leave managers . In my view i see growth not only by promotions but also through different opportunities . The branch in which i am working i have seen and experienced discrimination on the basis of language or place of origin . I feel that nobody in this world comes with all knowledge from his mothers womb but the person learns when he is given a opportunity . I will give an example when for my Q2 only 2 certifications were needed . I did 3 still i got a rating of 3 and my team member who did not do a single certification got 4 . The only difference was he has the habit of scratching and licking the B*LLs of manager and i do my work sincerely and speak with the manager only regarding the case or professionally . So the bottom line is even if u are hardworking or have talent or knowledge but if u dont lick, you will not move forward .The company is good but the middle management is bad . It is really frustruating when i see that such guys move ahead and mock at you

  16. well.. finally what is the advice which you give to us, freshers, as we do not know any of such things, as i am awaiting a call letter from tcs.

  17. I am working in TCS for the past 4 years with total experience around 7 years.In Aug-2009 i got the much waited promotion.To my surprize i did n’t get any salary hike..Not only me nobody got hike.Only designation was changed.I worked like an ass.But still my sal is 5.8 la/an.I personally feel that working in TCS is waste of time.I am waiting to jump into another company.
    Moral of the story ::


  18. The most annoying part in TCS is the Resource Management Group who think themselves as founders of TCS.

    They lack technical knowledge and just dont know how to place a person depending upon his skills and expertise.
    That is the main cause for most of the employees who are resigning.

  19. TCS is all chaos and full of randomness.
    Freshers be aware if you have an option for another job just go fo it but not the TCS. Most of the things people have said above are very true.

  20. Hi all,
    I am afresher in Tcs.started working around sep 2008.I feel very depressed with the way the company functions.I am demotivated and feel like suiciding day in and day out.If as a fresher this company makes me feel like quitting life itself then i can surely feel what ppl with higher work ex in this hell hole might be feeling

    1. Ice princess -> com’mon why you are feeling like this , take positive from your current work , this is not end of world. look for other projects inside TCS or outside

      1. Hey ICE,

        The TCS functioning cannot be changed in a day.But see the positives and start learning. Dont care abt hte Rating and managers..Just go for excellency..Being a TCS;s let me tel you .. youll get lot of opportunitiees, grab it and build a strong foundation for the future building to be risen on it..

        regarding Suicide..TCS and the project is not the end of woreld..there is life beyond tcs ..so cheer up

  21. I have worked with TCS for last six and half years. I had joined TCS as lateral hire as a Hard Core Oracle DBA . During my saty with TCS, I hardly worked for two customers on Onshore and Offshore Model( 3 years Offhore/3 year Onshore). I really enjoyed my stay and work there in TCS. I never bothered about my yearly ratings. I alway enjoyed my life there as a true professional . Believe me that TCS experience really helped me to get a very good job outside TCS which I never thought of in my life. I give this all credits to TCS. Mind it TCS is a process oriented Asia’s largest IT company.

    I see after year 2000 the things have been started changing in TCS. I see in TCS two types of people–One with mind set of retiring from TCS and One with mind set of learning and gaining the experience and leaving for better prospectus. People who have been mind set of retiring from TCS creating a a lot of problem. They are very crazy and do not listen other and don’t take good decision. In long run TCS is going to suffer becaz of this.

    1. Yeah i agree..same with me..6 years in TCS..4 at onsite. Never worried abt yearly ratings…At Onsite had the opportunity to work with senior S/W architectects of leading global companies. Can’t ask for more…Learnt a lot..gained a lot. Credits to TCS for that..I guess in this industry, it’s all abt taking the right decisions at the right time..There is no shortage of projects or IT companies in India…2 of my close friends quit TCS recently..1 was lucky..new comp sent him to onsite within a month..my other friend was not so lucky…working like hell in a project ..he now regrets quitting TCS..so i guess luck as well as taking the right decision at the right time is the trick to survival in this industry..

  22. these are false and grossly misacredited info.
    the promotion policy : dudes check your knowledge before writing. Promotion is never year based. its performance based. if a person has spent 6.5 years in the same grade, there is basically non-performance as a general cause. i am not saying there is no nepotism or so. but all companies have this. and who is this dexter company. guys you better be careful before putting info. i have changed quite a few company and have not seem radically different policies anywhere including tcs, infosys, cts and satyam.

    fact: yes promotions are in status quo. but i know people who got promotion even this year as they were exceptional performer. infact i know people in 3-5 years band who got promoted.

    yes lateral hire draws more salary than a loyal employee. but my feeling is that after 3-4 years it gets normalized.

    1. What is the use of such a appraisal system which makes 90% of the employees demotivated and 10% loyal employees happy? Mr Loyal TCS er? After all you are not taking 30 – 40thousand people every year on board to create a feel of demotivation and terror in the name of performance?
      At last, I should say that these people while going to campuses should first create awareness to the future employees so that they can take their own decisions (whether they should sit for the campus or not). Even after the proper awareness if any student sits for the selection process, then only we can say that if something happens to his career in TCS, he is also equally responsible.


    2. Its me once again…
      Sir, if you speak to your colleagues you will learn very fast that there are thousands of cases where promotion policy has been deviated(i.e. the guy is eligible but not promoted or promoted very late , may be after 1 year or 1.5 years after his date of eligibility). So where does the ethics of your company stand in this matter? Also there is another point – most of the eligible promotions are taking place with very less increments or no increments at all.
      For whose interest it is happening? It is not only to protect the salaries of top management people but also many inefficient middle management seniors who have lost their productivity or market value , but cannot leave the company for better opportunities.

    3. Dear tapan ,
      all is not well in TCS … all looks well as long as everything is fine with you. I have personally seen ups and downs in TCS .. got good rating in times when there was dependency on me in the project rather than the effort i keep and have also seen the times when i got less rating even though i did good work only because i have not participated in irrelevant internal activities and soaping my superiors. (and many more reasons…)
      Its more of smart work with a cunning attitude all the way to be successful. politics are played like anything .. if you don’t want to accept it’s up to you …..
      all we wanted while being in tcs was a good atmosphere to work, straight forward rating and assessment process for all people across all projects … and do take PEEP sessions seriously not for the sake of doing it …. all those are big farse
      i dont tihnk i have got them .. so i moved on.. not that the company i have joined in excellent or a safe heaven ……. we are not asking easy money dude ..we’l work hard to earn it …. but with fair treatment …..

  23. I’m TCS employee joined with 4+years of experience. Even after three years I dont find much change in salary structure. My promotion is stopped. Very often poclicies get chagned. So taken decision to quit.

    1. You should not sit idle after resigning.. You should create awareness among all people not to support the TATA Brand. They have done endless damage to the careers of thousands. You should boycott using any TATA Brand products thorughout your life. If one and all of us become strict in our conviction these multimillonaire a**holes will get a lesson.

  24. i joined TCS, my dream company, as a fresher and stayed till 5.7yrs …believe me i was a stupid to stay that long …… after many sleepless nights and frustrations unlimited, i took the apt decision of moving on to another company ….. i suggest to every soul in tcs that if they are not getting on-sites its futile staying in a crap company like it …. am happy now .. now a nightmare to me ….
    mind you I was an above average employee….. trying to be close to valued resources ……

    struck in bad project for 4.5 yrs without release .. GE . never join GE projects in TCS …. When i was attending a management round in another company, the manager doing the interview told me, “dont tell me anything abt GE, I heard a lot about it …. i can understand ur frustration”, ….. thats the fame of GE projects in TCS or for that sake SATYAM.

    highlights of tcs -:
    1. projects are real crap …. hardly few exceptions to it
    2. managers are real curse to tcs … they are real virus …. fit for nothing managers…believe me i hardly found any manager in my 5.5 yrs of tcs exp whom i admire. (there are many whom i curse till date)
    3. no increments and no promotions …
    4. why do they need a strict dress code to do crap work ….?
    5. no appreciations , no outings, no spending of any project money on some events like team lunch,b’day events etc
    6. employee feedback not taken, no sessions wth employees t know whats happening with him in the company ….
    7. no respect to an individual apart for the work they want……..

    i got promoted in 2 weeks 🙂 the moment they came to know that am planning to leave.. how should i curse them, advise me?

    I would have killed myself if i didn’t get a chance to get out of that trash….

    out of hell finally,

  25. Did you know about curve fitting.

    I know now , now that i am outta there, its total bullshit …………..They give a paper to the lead/PM and tell them to fill A B C D and may be E……..lol…ON AN EXCEL SHEET!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahahahaha…after all that bullshit of SPEED , it all comes to the mighty excel..lol

    The total number of A and B and C and D and E, across the whole relationship is fitted into a curve, which basically means , lets say 10 people are there. Its pre-decided that 2 will get A, 3 will get B, 3 will get C and rest D. Now those who lick their bosses and if their bosses have good relationship with their bosses and those super bosses don’t have a foster son/daughter working their, then perhaps your hard work combined with chamchagiri, will fetch you an A……….LOL
    Else if you just do hard work, you will get C —– reasons given will be client has some complains about you, No team work, Worse, you have communication issues, Damn that hurts!!!!
    If you hard work + get some true client appreciations – You will get B —- reasons will be , you didn’t do any certifications, No trainings at ODC level, You need to get some new business. LOL

  26. Did you know about curve fitting.

    I know now , now that i am outta there, its total bul***it …………..They give a paper to the lead/PM and tell them to fill A B C D and may be E……..lol….IN and EXCEL SHEET……..

    After all that notoriety in SPEED, it all comes down to mighty EXCEL.

    The total number of A and B and C and D and E, across the whole relationship is fitted into a curve, which basically means , lets say 10 people are there. Its pre-decided that 2 will get A, 3 will get B, 3 will get C and rest D. Now those who lick their bosses and if their bosses have good relationship with their bosses and those super bosses don’t have a foster son/daughter working their, then perhaps your hard work combined with chamchagiri, will fetch you an A……….LOL
    Else if you just do hard work, you will get C —– reasons given will be client has some complains about you, No team work, Worse, you have communication issues, Damn that hurts!!!!
    If you hard work + get some true client appreciations – You will get B —- reasons will be , you didn’t do any certifications, No trainings at ODC level, You need to get some new business. LOL

  27. TCS kills good hard working people who are 4-8 years experience specially. They think they are a liability at that experience. The reasoning is, if you are at that experience and technically good, you are a threat to senior management as you might rise up to their ranks if you get good ratings. And monetarily , its useless keeping you happy, as the work the senior guys can do , can also be done by a 2-3 experience guy. Yes, the work done will be shi**y and slow and probably stolen from somewhere but do the clients care???? NO……So end of day people in this set are harassed and always given bad ratings, and especially if you stand up to your right to respect and if you demand it. Yeah, if you do “Chamachagiri” , you will again get good ratings. But there is also the factor of regionalism, if you are delhite, UP bhiaya, Bihari, forget it that you will get good rating from your tamil or marathi amma………LOL…..unfortunately its true, and i have seen it happening umpteen times. Worst is , i know a case , there is this guy who has won a Tata level ( Not TCS level) and he has a rating of 2. I also know a guy who is an AST and he is being reviewed ( not appraised lol) by an AST!!!!! And his bad marks in goal-sheet are time sheet and communication. Funnily enough till he got this AST promotion, he had consistently 4 ratings. Now he is teetering on 2.

  28. Hey guys,
    It seems that this sort of problems happen anywhere where TCS is. In particular, here in Mexico, the attrition levels recently have gone sky high, people is leaving everyday and for the same reasons you describe here.
    People with 2-3 years (is a young center) haven’t had a salary rise in that time, while management should know here is like US job market when the norm is to give a salary rise every year , even for leveling the inflation levels so your money at least has the same value as previous year. But TCS looks like has not understood local way of doing business and many people is leaving, also cause many crappy support projects with 24/7 availability and other maintenance projects are squizing people out of their guts and they don’t get any incentives, just those crappy TCS Gems that are good for nothing.

    As I read your opinions, those are the exact same reasons happening here, as example they want you to do a lot of other stuff besides the work you signed for, and for nothing, no incentive of paying more for extra-work or if they promote you to another position, is only by name, so you end up with a lot of more work, more stress, less time in your day and same pay. That sucks. I though TCS Mexico management was the worst in all TCS centers but now I see is a common rule to be awful to be in TCS management positions. Sad really.

  29. Hi Guys,
    I got an offer letter form TCS, Gurgoan for the post of ASE grade C1, I have experinec of 3 years 10 month. They are giving me package of 5.5 .

    I recently joined a samll firm in Noida ,january 2010, here i am getting 5.30 per annumn. previous to that i have experince of 3 years 6 month in wipro, there i had worked as Sr. Software Engineer.

    TCS, Gurgoan is telling it is a govt project in C++ for which they have recruited me.

    Can any one suggest is it a appropiate grade C1 for 3 years 10 month exp guy?Is the salry offered being negotiable now?
    Beacuse of TCS name and onsite oppurunity (may be later) is charm for taking this offer other than that i dont have any interest to join it .

    please suggest will it be good to join the company or wait for some more time before switching to TCS.

    Thanks in Advance.

  30. I gurantee that all above is true. My experienc with TCS is pathetic. Onsite oppurtunities and ratings is full of favourtism in TCS especially brahmins. It is hard to find a good manager. I was a person recruited through campus from NIT. My Advice to people joining in TCS is forget about rating, Work yourself to excellence even it is recognized or not. Learn as much as possible.
    I am not sure how TCS able to manage this profits. I am sure TCS will have its end. Now I left TCS with very good hike and promotion.

  31. Whoever is planning to join TCS, my advice is STAY AWAY. DONT JOIN. You will not see anything here. I won’t say that other companies are not like this. But atleast you will get pay hike and promotions there, you will get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Here.

    so RUN. Dont even think of joinig this unethical company

  32. I seriously think that most TCSer who are writing comments here are rendered useless by frequently changed platforms and projects in TCS. Please remember this, if you don’t quit early you will slowly be sucked into TCS and after a while you won’t be able to leave it. So wake up start studying, stop lazing around and go give some interviews…Most of you have no ambitions left and if it is it’s slowly dying because of TCS culture…So do it…!

  33. I am going to join TCS Pune in next month 🙂 . but after reading all the comments i am very much confused. Anybody who belongs to tcs pune, can suggest me something.. TIA.

    1. hi dude … am one who has left few months back ….
      its upto you … go and join and see if ur getting decent work and pay (if it fullfills all ur reqs) … else walk out at the earliest … dont wait for something to happen as we did and am sure nothing will happen if u wait and watch …

      all the best

  34. Haa haa haa haa… I saw the trends…. So i quit TCS 2 yrs ago…

    I guess Chandra isn’t quite the CEO as he was touted to be.

    Ramadorai did a good job, but the real downfall began when they removed Paddy (Padmanabhan) from the EVP HR position and put in this new guy Mukherjee…

    Well this just goes to show that a good Senior management team decides where the company goes.. and in this case it is going to the dumps.

  35. Paddy was the same. I remember a town hall meeting when senior managers who had submitted their resignations publicly abused him. He had to leave the town hall meeting in between with a red face.

    I don’t know about others, but in my experience HR is a complete failure in TCS. Appraisals are unfair, pay hikes are low and where you finally reach will depend on one of two things: you speak Tamil or not 🙂 and you wag your tail every time you see your boss.

    Lately I have seen extremely low quality workers entering TCS. They cannot even write a complete sentence. I wish the company all the best.

  36. OMG… I was happy before for getting a job in TCS. I thought it will be great to work here. But all these comments are making me crazy. I didn’t get joining date till now and I was thinking of enjoying my last vacation. Now i think i will have to get serious. Oh why did I open this site… Can anyone please tell me, Is it so bad for even freshers..

  37. This is tre and i just asked my manager for a promotion, worked 100 hrs this week. But TCS offers worldly experience that rewards, this guy has only got this offer bc TCS was on his resume. I have learned so much and done more then that this year. Always fight, as they say it’s business not personal.

  38. Today on 20-august-2010 TCS Bangalore at ITPL , Explorer Building 11 floor , One of TCS associate named Sudarshan Committed suicide by jumping from 11th floor. He died on the spot.I worked on the same placed and I know what was going on there.Luckily last month I got release from the project.

    I came to know from that project associates that Sudarshan was reprimanded and threatened by the project managers very badly just few minutes back when he did this gruesome act.

    So many times I have written to HR about this Threatening mechanism of TCS managers and continuous violation of Tata Code of Conduct (so called) but all in vein. That place have culture and process in which 3 to 5 managers/leads will surrounds one associate in separate room and threaten ,blackmail , and humiliate him like anything . Of course no need to mention that environment and management is highly biased and decremental and favor only on the basis of Region and Mother Tongue.

    One of the main reason for this suicide is that HR is highly Incapable and non-sense lady and she doesn’t have any morality.

    Autocratic , extortionist and highly biased conduct and work culture is becoming trade for TCS Bangalore.

  39. Today , TCS work culture have touched another low , when TCS one associate committed suicide by jumping from the Office building. This happened today at TCS, Bangalore ITPL at Explorer Building 11 floor .

    Associates working there must be well aware about the work environment > Hopefully this sad incident will open some eyes and some +ve steps will taken to stop harassing Associates by Threatening, blackmailing and insulting them .

    1. Hi guys no changes we can expect in future as the HR there in that account is worst and unfit for that job,she dont even listen and blindly says talk to your manager i cannot do any thing ,I resigned recently from that account TCS, there is no release in that project the only way out is out of company which i did , the managers there are even worse they always say wait for another year and this goes on as u get familiar u will get less performance ratings and they threaten in different ways they explore and play with u, this threatening goes on until you die this is what happenned this is ridiculous even to type this i hope TCS sack this HR and give training to managers to handle fresh employees atleast in true TCS way, I think this happens only in TCS bangalore as my friends in other locations are pretty happy in other locations and never complain. in bangalore firms think if one guy leaves plenty will come so the value for the employee is not taken into account. because of the managers in that account TCS lost many highly skilled employees in that account as i was there more than 3 years……………

  40. Hi,

    Most of the concerns are true.

    TCS has failed in huge margin to retain valuable resources ( i mean truly skilled employees who can very well present/showcase/deliver things to Clients ).

    You have to understand one thing, TCS’s presence in IT industry is since 1968 and there are many white elephants in TCS who are currently working as region head or ISU portfolio head or GL, BRMs etc… who are contributing to TCS’s overhead cost. If you have joined TCS as fresher during past 4- 6 yrs, your growth in TCS is so sluggish. Either you should have a Godfather who can push you through the ladder. This is so true in TCS. Talk to the manager in his mother tongue regularly and u can be assured of better role and client place of your expectation. It sucks.. True. It does. Recently, TCS got a new Client and the project is full of only those associates with common region ( or mother tongue ) starting from BRM, GL, manager till the fresher. 🙂

    All these do demotivate and its sad that we are working in TCS and forced to forget abt Ethics. ( Guess wat, hardly anyone can think of TATA code of conduct ). And, HR????? its employer’s human resource and not employees. This support group is totally nonfunctional and forced to listen to the GLs or Account heads and their only role is to see make sure backend adjustments of appraisals (H1, H2, Annual ) or Promotions are taken care as per the GLs wish.

    I feel this happens in almost all companies , might be less in non india based MNCs.

    Here are the highlights on TCS
    – Managers or leads have no Ethics concern as their supervisors are the same and have to please them.
    – Worst hit employees are freshers ( 0 – 3yrs exp ) and 4 – 6yrs exp TCSers joined as freshers who are deprived of package, promotions, roles.
    – HR is so nonfunctional and short staffed. They work primarily on some reporting and junk process stuffs with <3% interaction with Employees.
    – Main thing, there are many 10+ exp TCSers who are so noncompetitive, but in managorial posts with zero ethics and burden to TCS salary expense.
    – Its easy to build bondage with your supervisor if you talk him with his mother tongue(mainly Malyalam & Telugu ) and so u will get good Appraisals and opportunities.
    – Lists goes on…. cant express this in PULSE ( TCS feedback portal )

    Time is ticking for me to put on papers. Its just that i have some hope as i was able to work with few very good managers and BRMs who followed and tried their level best to encourage Professional ethics.

    Also, even if i quit, i think its like going from one pit to another pit with similar unethical issues.

  41. hai guys…………

    I got the offer letter from TCS this month.
    I am very much happy on that.
    But when i read these comments I became crazy.
    Anyon ecan help me in taking the wise decision.
    I would like to know the benefits & positive side in TCS.
    Also the negative side…….
    can anyone know about the rules and regulations of bond??
    and what will happen if i break the bond…………..
    help meeeeeeeeeee

  42. Hi,

    Don’t join in TCS. working hours are pathatic and managers will never give respect to you. employees who are having 6 to 10 years of exp they will never try to work and try to push things on new joinee.

    beware of TCS.. people work for Tea,Coffe and Salary(TCS).

  43. hi,
    can i get an advice…i have got offers from TCS (3.16 l.p.a. ) and Tech Mahindra (2.90 l.p.a.)….so please tell me which to join…i hope u’ll all help me…..

  44. Hi i m in 4th yr btech.as we know tcs announces to recruit 40000 ppl in 2010-2011 as they have got no. Of projects and also they r giving 4.0 lpa to 2011 passout batch so i want 2 know what r the real facts behind these anouncements. Is this realy true or just a crap..plzzz if anybdy wrkng in cmpny have any idea then tell us..plzzz help us.

  45. dont join TCS to ruin ur carrer as there is a lot of regional (Telgu ,Northy etc..)politics which will be played in the company for giving u with the bonus amount and onsite oppurtunitie.

    if u work hard also u wont be recognised in this organisation.

    People are made to work like coolies here.

    TCS is investing in more managers for the projects who doesnt know the basics.

    and in most of the project deliverymanager and the program managre will be picked based on the region origin(like telgu ,northy etc..).they play a lot of politics they give promotion for only here origin people not others who work hard in the project

    please dont join this company to ruin ur life.

  46. Hi all,

    I got an offer in TCS-Chennai for joining in the 1st week of Dec-2010, in the position of AST. Would you suggest this will be a good offer?
    I will need to relocate from Hyderabad for this offer.

    Please let me know your thoughts.



  47. Hi Gurus,

    I have 6yrs 2 months of experience . Would like to know Pay package and designation structure in TCS . Currently they are offering me IT Analyst with Grade C2 . Please help me on this .

    1. Hi Ritan,

      You should get AST (Asst Consultant) position for 6 yrs of exp with 10 above package. You have got ITA means TCS is not going to consider your 6 yrs of exp so becareful with internal politics after joining. you should be strong in politics to join in TCS.

  48. guys,
    have read all ur cmmnts…plz help as i am a fresher and hav 2 offers….1 from PATNI computers and the other 1 from TCS….so temme which 1 to join …..hav read the same kind of story abt both the companies on blogs…

    please reply asap…

  49. hi evry1, i m a b.sc.(h) comp. sci. student, doing same from delhi university
    i appeared for tcs’s interview n got selected
    few days back i recieved an offer letter for my employment

    should i join tcs
    plz help me asap…

  50. hi all,
    i have two offers with me TCS and accenture….i am a 2010 passout….pls help in deciding…..whichevr is the best from career point of view

  51. Hi,
    Recently I got an offer from TCS- kolkata. I have in total 2.6 yrs of experience as a software developer. Offer is 4.55 and designation is Asst. Systems Engineer in grade C1.
    So can anyone help me to take correct decision whether to join tcs or not ?

  52. Many folks who work there are bureaucratic bullcrap and incompetent… and… corrupt, immoral and unethical…And I also equate TCS to Tata’s Corruption Services… they bribe govt folks to get their multi-crore projects

    1. HA HA .. consult an astrologer …. who knows whats in there for anyone …. but one things for sure apart form luck … theres huge competition for onsite ……u need to communicate ur interests to them in the beginning only …

      1. Hi Srikanth,
        I got an offer from TCS-Kolkata recently 4.55 lpa and designation is Asst. Systems Engineer in grade C1. I havein total 2.8 yrs of experience.
        So Whats your suggestion?

      2. Hi Srikanth,
        I got an offer from TCS-Kolkata recently 4.55 lpa and designation is Asst. Systems Engineer in grade C1. I have in total 2.8 yrs of experience.
        So Whats your suggestion?

  53. Never join TCS. Even if you do join, never remain for more than a year. Corruption reigns everywhere inside the company – no salary hikes, no fair appraisals, managers have no technical knowhow, clear cut differentitation among employees based on position and power. It’s worse than a low-level govt organization. Crap!

  54. Hi,
    Anyone of you have any idea regarding TCS Kolkata..?
    I got offer from TCS Kolkata.. my joing date is on 2nd week of april,2011.
    pls suggest

    1. I have had all these experiences in the recent past and I left the company for a foreign multinationl. I said one year as there are freshers who have not much choice but to join the company they receive offer from. All the leads/managers in TCS are excellent politicians, they should have been in the parliament rather than in TCS! No promotions, problems with deputation, unfair noted clause, disgusting work culture, all create a very unfavourable situation. And fair appraisal is a distant dream! TCS is the worst company under the TATA banner. For experienced people, joining TCS is a sheer waste of time and energy. Foreign multinationals are always better if not perfect. Trust me, if you have any other offer, consider that. Time is precious!

  55. hi there i have got an offer letter from TCSL recently this year on campus. It’s a bond of 2 years. Lately job markey has been good. I have also secured a job at Wipro Infotech which has a bond of 1 yr. I really want 2 join TCS bt after reading a lot of this comments i am confused. As u guys r seniors of mine i really need ur valuable suggestion on this. If I dn’t get any onsite project within 2 yrs shd I stay further in TCSL ??? Plz reply. Looking forward 2 it.

  56. Hi,
    Yesterday I have got an offer from TCS- kolkata. I have total 3.5 years of exp in Java/J2EE. Offer is 5.4 and designation is Asst. Systems Engineer.
    Is this a good offer? Should I join ?

    1. Hi Spark,
      I got an offer from TCS – kolkata in 2nd week of april. I have around 2.8 yrs of experience in Java/J2ee. Can you provide me your contact no & mail id. I want to talk to you.

  57. Hi ,
    I have 2 offer of at around 5 lakh one from TCSL in mobility group & other from ICLP loyality marketting solution. I am bit confused about whether I go for brand or money ?

    apart from it in ICLP their might be chances of work at foreign countries for 1-2 month.

  58. Need advise on Inter-Company-Transfer.

    Currently I am working in TCS and I have processed my work visa by my own.
    So would it be better to take transfer from company or to quit and get job directly.
    And anyone here knows about ICT transfer policies?

  59. hey frndz i 2012 graduate bca pass out i was selected in tcs ignite tcs offered 1.80lpa +2 yrs bond+mca from sastara university chennai i am selected as Graduate Trainee in Grade YG. after completion of mca i will have 3yr exp.+mca degree in hand what will be the salary package for me then.after 3yrs is it good for my near future…

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