TCS to start giving promotions within Two months

After the attrition started zooming Consultancy Services () is working on a plan to initiate the which are on hold for almost two years now. Some of the are advising the who are resigning to wait for 2 more months to see improvements within TCS, indirectly meaning that management and corporate are ready to give back the benefits and promotions once again.

This has been confirmed by more than one source and employees can expect relief within next month, though all eligible candidates might not get their promotions, atleast those who are waiting according to their seniority are expected to be given their due. And is expected the situation will gradually improve.

You can read about the current attrition crisis in TCS here

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  1. Hi,

    Interesting. All the information looks to be true which is published about TCS in the recent past. How can a outsider get these news before even an employee get to here. Can you provide as to how this information is arrived at. Anyways thanks to the information provided true as always.

  2. Hi,

    I hope the below line should be an eye-opener to those who are expecting promotions:

    ‘Though all eligible candidates might not get their promotions, atleast those who are waiting according to their seniority are expected to be given their due’

    No need to guess who will get promotions and who will not…..well for the ignorant souls – promotions are reserved for HR or senior managers not for the ranks of ASE/ITA etc…ASE/ITA are work-horses and will remain so. But expect some lip-service and some applauding speeches from your managers and HR on how excellently you are contributing to company’s booty – so that seniors mgrs are keep getting crores in increment. Excellente !!

    There are crores available for increments to CEO, would-be CEOs but guess what all hell will break loose if likes of ASE/ITAs get promoted. Company will start bleeding red if crore goes to them instead of CXOs. In these economic times we can’t waste crores on sillies like giving promotions to ASE/ITAs.

    This company talked all non-sense – of incorporating best business ethics, practices, excellence in this and that…when shit hit the fence – in just one year of recession – it was totally caught on wrong foot.

    To prove – it resorted to the same cheap tactics of firing employees, cutting benefits (any ways there wasn’t much), freezing promotions – on the same lines of an xyz organization who didn’t followed any such so called ‘excellent’ business model – and operated much like street side vendors or hawkers. What a piece of crap!!

    Its like boosting in front of your kid and wife every day that I have enough in bank balance and food in stock – but as soon as draught hit – very next day asking them to sit on the street corner with the begging bowl. Then what were those ‘excellent, resillient’ business model junk were talks for?? For fooling meek employees- isn’t it?

    I will recommend that all the CXO of all the company should be made to pass through lie-detector test after each quarterly result. Who knows – we may have few more Rajus hiding in closet – playing with lives of employees.

    Friends – worst part is it comes from house of Tatas. Whose reputation is known for contributing to society at various levels. No doubts each Tata employee takes pride in this feat. I will beg to differ and will say within the house of Tata TCS is a dark side – when it comes to employee treatment. Though it may have earned the degree of flag ship company within Tata group of company but it is certainly not a model for other to follow – when it comes to employee treatment. Just go to Jamshedpur or such places and we can find what I am talking about. – on the overall treatment of employees and family.

    Worst part is Maitree – it was created to give free pass to wives of CXOs to travels parts of world in name of connecting with employe’s wife and family. Maitree was result of TCS recognizing that the employee are over streed and it was high time that some illusion must be created that TCS is taking care of the family of the employees – atleast of those who work hard.

    Maitree is a total waste of every $ spent. But it takes good care of securing PCMM level 5 rating. I sincerely hope PCMM auditors take note of it and dig it deep – it will expose it all. But who can dare call Maitree – a waste of $, all CXO wives are part of it getting all the benefits from company’s coffer. It takes a lot of courage to speak out and say – emporer is naked and at the time of recession – well its a suicidal to upset your boss or their wives. TCS ain’t no exception.

    Well to hard working friends who are confused, illusioned, hallucinated by turn of event and feel like unwanted puppets (after the show is over) – I would recommend them watching a movie – Bill Murry starer – GroundHog day – where in he lives the same day again and again – seems winter is never ending – and turns into a lunatics. In these troubled times – hold on – once situation changes/improves be brave and take charge of your life. Don’t let CXO turning ITA/ASE into slaves and they themselves live like pharos. Did I miss HR – a serious need to evaluate if we need HR at all? Till other day day I too was of the view that unions are not good for IT, well I feel to counter balance CXO tool for harassing employee – the HR dept – employee too need some kind tool – unions may be one option. We can fight such force with bare hands.


  3. TCS will see a lot of exodus of experience candidates rather I would say the cream of skills. They have taken undue advantage of recession. The obnoxious 1cr hike by top management is the perfect example of how low one can stoop. The money came from cutting VA from employee’s salaries.
    They hiked transport charges by almost 900% during last year. They stopped giving professional membership charges which is the part of ctc for an employee. Guys who are willing to join TCS and reading this forum, my advise to you is “DON’T JOIN TCS”. You will come under depression for sure. They are doing things which reputed TATA family would never do. The management of TCS is very greedy. Sometimes I do wonder, what is the benefit that I’m getting by working with TCS? No subsidized transport, no subsidized food, no hike, no promotions and on top of that top management enjoying 1Cr hike while rest of the organization is going under cost cutting.

  4. I always wonder how such inside info ends up here when we, the employees dont have a clue. It can’t be just speculation because most of what has been published here in the past was true.

    TCS, at present, is the worst company to work for in India in terms of employee satisfaction.

    There are 2 types of people who are happy in TCS. One, people like my manager who have been in the US/UK for 10-12 years and earned a lot of money and now have settled down with wife & kids in his hometown, still drawing a decent pay-package which naturally comes after 15 years of service in any Private company.
    Two, people like my teammate XXXYYYZZZ, who have become so much used to the comfort zone TCS offers in terms of laziness and job-security that they can’t even clear the interview even if they want to join other companies….forget surviving there.
    And, these 2 types consist about 20-25% of TCS’s total workforce.

    The remaining 75-80% is unhappy, frustrated, demotivated and utterly disgusted.

    No hikes, no promotions, pay-cut (yes I got a pay cut this year as my performance band was reduced to D from C and there was no annual hike in the basic salary to compensate for this reduction).
    It has hit me hard. My promotion is overdue for 1.5 years. No one even bothers to respond if asked about it. There is disgust and anger inside everyone , esp those who fall in the 4-7 years of experience categoty.
    And, this category constitutes more than 40% of TCS’s workforce.

    I’m just waiting for the right time. Recession didn’t let me leave TCS in the past 1 year or so. If I quit TCS and join another company now, financially I won’t gain much because my salary is not high enough for my experience level. I’m waiting for the next pay hike in TCS (hopefully with promotion). Once I get it, I’ll not even think once before quitting TCS.

  5. Big thumbs up to all the guys who have written the above comments. Its such a pity when a company behaves like a chameleon. Having double standards is the order of the day in TCS. Managers take pride in fooling people and talking nonsense. For that matter I won’t really call them managers as they are not in their position because of quality of skillset, but either because they joined prior to 2004 or were inducted laterally.
    I feel one should quit TCS and try again in next 2 months and negotiate for better salary. Might just work. For TCS, the experience gained in their own company is not of value than one gained in a shady company in Timbaktu.
    The way you handle difficulty shows the true character of a company and TCS has been caught with their pants down. They have no logic whatsoever to defend their HR policies (if they exist). I genuinely feel the HR head should be sacked with immediate affect as under him the employee morale has hit an all time low.
    I have been in TCS for 5 yrs and was really proud to be a part of it for 3 yrs. Not anymore.
    I know many more people who are ready to put in their papers at the first opportunity. I feel TCS deserves this for being so employee unfriendly. I wonder how they got all the Pulse ratings at all time high.
    Guess everything in TCS is rigged as well.
    Its the last opportunity for TCS. If they really want to invest in long term, they should give its people their due. Else it will be TATA for ever to them!

  6. this could be another tactic by TCS to fool their employees!!! they have been fooling this could be master hit.

  7. Hello:

    Please check with someone from TCS on the recent 2009 PULSE results published in the intranet. If you are working / worked with TCS , you know what i am talking about. It seems Employee satisfaction ratings are higheest ever this year!!!


      1. One of my Friends in TCS JUst got a hike and can u believe it, i couldn’t, he got a hike of 800 Rupees!!!! HAHAHAHHAHHA!!!!

  8. People who were recommended for promotions last year will get promotions. I think this is to keep the associates cool and not to resign.

  9. Hats off to this website. Whatever news they have been publishing has come true. Today, TCS declared promotions ! I think TCS should learn some kind of transparency here.

  10. This website has given right plateform to express feelings towards TCS.

    TCS has declared the promotion, who were recommended last year, but what of those who were eligible last year but their supervisors did not initiated the Promotion by saying the promotion link is not opened! There is no logic or any transperency in promotions!! Even if any one have required rating and eligibility, supervisor can only decide whether he/she wants to initiate the promotion or not. For these you have to be best bureaucrat not best performer!!

  11. I agree will you all, TCS has very well planned to keep employees mouth shut for atleast 6months. They are reducing pay of all its onsite employees as well, this is a shameful act and should be punished for this

  12. Guys, one should really give a thumbs-up to the HR head. While everybody knows its the big 3 who call the shots in this company and all others including the HR head dance to their tunes. It’s really appreciable that the HR head stuck his head out to take all the eggs & tomatos while delivering the bad news ( variable cuts, promotion delays etc). The others are only to be seen when the good decisions are announced even though they are the ones who take all the decisions.

  13. I don’t agree that HR head did any good. All he did was read out the speech given to him. What he could have ensured was to keep the communication levels high and by trusting his employees than going for media speeches to gain cheap publicity.
    the communication between management and employees is at all time low. There are no events, no interaction whatsoever!
    The promotions have been declared, which is positive, but lot of damage has been done. Till the time employees get their promotion letters in hand, no one is going to believe the sweet sound of the CEO. We all know what the company is capable of. It might as well end up as ‘all smoke and no fire’. So till we have our letters and promotions along with the hike, no thank you speeches or excitement!

  14. Well if one carefully reads the statement in Utimatix by CEO, it simply states HR to go ahead with promotion process which has been stuck till now – however in the true TCS sprit of transparency – it doesn’t give any timelines, deadlines, effective dates, whether it will be in phases or together – like HR first, then top shots then at last in next quarter or may be in another year’s time for ASE/ITAs depending obviously on ‘economic outlook’, or with an effective date of April 2011 – nothing?? Friends I am not pessimist but cautious. Knowing TCS all these years just makes you little wise!! It’s as simple as guessing next moves of old magician’s stale tricks. Old chieftains of TCS keep reusing the same bunny from the hat trick – only to be caught on the wrong foot in the age of blogs and where information travels and gets shared at the speed of light. Remember how some excel sheet starts to float around mysteriously before any hike/pay-cuts each year!! Guess what they have been accurate till now in showing your deduction iin salary for coming fiscal year – its done by all mighty HR dept voluntarily to make sure that the bad news is out slowly and that the employees are aware of it in advance – so shock won’t be fatal at the time of announcement for those few who are weak at hearts or have newly joined TCS.

    Promotion announcement is another clever illusion by CXOs – of course in total hand in glove act from HR dept – to keep employees waiting and guessing aimed at avoiding bad press – and not to retain employees any means. TCS has till now hardly cared to retain its employee especially in the experience range of 4-12 years. It’s a vanilla scheme this time of – carrot and stick policy. Only this time rabbit is smart – will wait for the carrot and will take the carrot and will head straight outside of TCS. One noticeable difference will be this time that HR won’t have to threat employee in his/her chamber to resign – but employees will voluntarily quit. For sure – none of TCS CXO will care for them– for them next batch is getting ready in Trivandrum training facility – so some old employees have to get out and make way for new drones. For them number matters not some Mr. X or Y or Z toiling late hours in remotest places of earth to earn his/her meager living for his/her family.

    I am confident had CEO/HR announced the promotion date then many employees would have put in their papers by now to start the 3 month so called ‘notice period’. Funny part is TCS will not release those so called underperformers without completing 3 months notice period – anyways they are underperformers why not release them will 2-3 weeks after they put in their papers? Had they been a true underperformer then what ‘productive’ transition he/she will provide in next 3 months? But guess what – irony is that only TCS can throw away such underperformers in 24 hrs – no notice period needed there but employees can’t. Double standards – if any standard exists within TCS.

    I sometimes wonder how such company acquires and retains PCMM level 5. TCS must be fooling these auditors by showing pictures of green and lush campus when flowers are blooming in season, birds chirping – at few selected TCS locations, making them interact with a few selected rating 5 employees, presenting them some underused/unwanted facilities which may exists only on papers, or how TCS is helping American Cancer Society by participating in walks or showing them how employee can register/update their most recent home address online at Ultimatix under HR management – wow how incredible!! Compare them with any govt company it will seem out of the world place to be working at, but compare it with any other MNC or global company – how cheap it looks. These PCMM level 5 auditors should dig into these blogs and should cross examine these facts in their next audit to judge it for themselves.

    Well friends till carrot is out keep waiting. Hope some excel starts floating around soon in which you can enter your employee id and will show you in which year/circa your promotion will get approved and it will be effective from – based on your department (like super-special HR or general junta category) etc etc.

    I sometimes wonder TCS had forex loss of 780+ crore last year – to compensate for the loss it removed some ‘underperformers’ of the grades of ASE/ ITA/AST who had nothing to do with this loss. Had CFO and his team not caused this loss today surely these employee won’t have been removed – I guess. Why then these so called ‘underperformers’ had to suffer to compensate for the mistakes done by CFO and his team? No head must have rolled in CFO office – they even got their increments. Some will argue well a year before they made 500 crore profit – but wasn’t it their job to make profit. Do we hire MBA from finance to make loss or for making profit?? What about these finance MBA – no underperformers there??

    I will vote for Union – as stated by Fake TCS player – appears to be true TCS player.

  15. True TCSer, thanks for your time for writing a detailed comment that is informative, but Please note that notice period in TCS in 1 month not 3 months.

  16. Ok…nobody has any information when promotions letters will be distributed. This is the transparency TCS has. If any non-TCSer is reading this post, I suggest him to join any company but TCS.

  17. Ok here’s the latest.Promotions are not happening for all initiated.
    HR is doing some number crunching with Finance.

  18. I have info from trusted source. In the next two days all ISU HR’s will get final guidelines from Corporate. A list will be made in the next 15 days which will then be considered.
    Also, associates who were given clearance till reviewer level in July cycle will only be considered.

  19. Well, all the rumors are floating around. If what “ASE for 5 years” says is true then it contradicts with the message posted by CEO on Ultimatix. It clearly states that “all those whose promotion was initiated last year”. Are you sure that the news is confirmed? Who is trusted source anyway? I’m not asking name of the person but is your source from corporate?

  20. If you read the CEO message carefully, it only says good news all those who had promotion initiated last year. Does not guarantee, they will be promoted. This is definitely debatable. Also, when he said last year, it necessarily meant those in July cycle.

    Regarding the trusted source, It is not from corporate HR but someone at a good position in HR and directly involved in the process.

  21. This TCS is an absolute autocratic, sub-standard company, eating employee’s flesh and drinking their blood and getting profits..What ASE for 5 Yrs says may turn out 100% correct. We all have to wait and watch. Do you think we will get some clear picture on friday? Never!!! Bloody, you have to keep guessing all the time till one such day when you will come to know that for 2 rated employees,, promotions are rejected. ( hey, they are not associates henceforth). They said we are going ahead with the promotion process and not all approved promotions are guaranteed for further process….Approved promotions cannot be denied…Can we sue the company for this????? Pls advise….If not TCS, we always have ABC, XYZ…Bullshit,

  22. Hi, I am frm TCS mumbai. It may be true that spiralling promotions have made TCS sprung up this promotions carrot now. But with indications i am getting from my ops manager they r not going to happen till October. Though my manager has pacified me that my name is in the list. It means the final list in mostly ready and its with all the managers and ofcourse the line HR’s.

  23. Hi, I am frm TCS mumbai. It may be true that spiralling promotions have made TCS sprung up this promotions carrot now. But with indications i am getting from my ops manager they r not going to happen till October. Though my manager has pacified me that my name is in the list. It means the final list in mostly ready and its with all the managers and ofcourse the line HR’s. Awaiting latest news on this.

  24. what abt the promotions due this year July-2009, will they have to again wait for 1-2 years more like the previous victims?

  25. Well, I don’t see the news by Anand is credible. They can’t delay promotion till October because they have posted the news in July. Hence latest it should happen by August. According to the JA forum, all ISU HRs are told to gather the final list and to send it to corporate. We can consider this as another speculation but TCS works on speculations. I have never seen a company as selfish and as brutal like TCS.

  26. i will say the most of what said is I found true and causing unhappiness from within.
    just to add a few facts,
    as for i know, TCS did increments in only 2 cycles a year Jan & July, and these 2 cycles were frozen in “SYSTEM”
    so check it again
    apart from that , to cut costs
    i also heard certifications, trainings, BAs, deputation allowances, overseas travel, etc required higher approvals than usual.
    but some of my friends, who knew how to, were getting it while some were refused these on the face.
    the differences in policy enforcement are really confusing.
    one of my friend got a default rating D, while i got a default of C.
    u will better understand the word “system decided” as there is no such thing.
    my earlier senior colleague rightly said always barter in present using corporate indirect words , but never believe future assurances.
    i wont side anyone but facts, but from what i read, i dont see a single justification, or ‘the other side of the story’
    hello managers, are you saving your words only for ur subordinates.
    or u accept the same from within but have to survive&flourish , getting down to dirty business urself.
    c’mon i expect atleast 1 good defensive reply maybe corrective or ur “puuting into place perspective remarks”, dont worry i wont get better prepared to answer ur great strategic questions next time.
    pl speak up & dont doubt ur art of playing with the words , which is the only thing u have achieved apart from milking or bleeding $$$ in these years.
    survival of the ruthless manager it is, and the one to survive is who is always fooling his superior colleagues & subordinates convincingly all the time.
    as far as the Q1 result went, TCS boasts of a 175 BASIS points savings in expenditure despite all the cost saving measures in the world you could do in the world @ the cost of ur repute.
    after all the 1000s of list every ISU had prepared to hand out some shocks & 1 month basic.

    hmm u can see what the managers actually do when it comes to figures v/s boasting it to their bosses.
    and u couldnt have missed ramadorai’s shifty look, his scornful glance on ramalingam on not ‘handling’ a question well.
    chandra’s high handed attitude and answering questions in typical TCS tyranical boss way. enjoyig his own sarcastic remarks the most.
    what a sight.
    & ajoy’s dont care a damn really, this is what it is.
    its so easy to read the typical tcs way they impart to every TCSer.

    they talk & look concerned ALL the time , but clearly no one is bothered abt the company.
    my HR friend in another company said they consider a non TCSer EP
    over a TCSer if other things are almost equal.
    and how long will they keep fooling new recruits until they realise , the new batches come in.
    surely not forever.

    do u see ambani brothers taking up TCS once shares value plummet after the obvious breaking news in yrs to come. pessimist ? or see the silver lining in the dark cloud.
    ok so if i ask , do u have a share holding in TCS ?

    we all know ‘it’ happens in IT, but how many of u feel healthy performance: unhealthy politics has hit an all time industry low in TCS.

  27. i quit TCS out of frustation from TCS’s anti employee policies and took up a govt job…… sarkari babudom is much better that TCS life…….

    This company actually thrives on employee silence and gives the prfit to share holders and top executives……

    this is wat happens in the absense of a employee union to fight for our rights…..

    read carl marx and corellate between wat is happening in tcs now and the plight of industrial labour in those times…..

    form a association atleast and make a point to management……

  28. Hi I am from TCS delhi and the latest news is that yes TCS is giving promotion but there wont be any increase in VA. So you will be promoted from ASE to ITA but without any hike. This is a confifirmed news.

  29. I think this is the way it is with the private companies. They’ll do whatever they feel is best for them. If they think employee satisfaction is the key to success , they’ll do some good for them , else , if they think they have a factory which can create such employees for a dime a dozen, why would they care ? As for employees, it is either take it or leave it. You can not expect the company to Think or feel for employees. If you think , you are being exploited , leave them. They dont deserve you …or good people. And if they really think you are good , they’ll offer u something after you have resigned .. to stop you from going …..

    I agree some companies are better than the others, n TCS is definitely not amongst the better lot. But then, what option do we have? Can we have a Union ? NO … Can we give a Dharna ? NO… Can we sue them .. NO …Can we give some insider news to Press .. MAYBE YES …But I m not sure if that would help much. Can we leave ? YES..

    So in case you are good , you are doing injustice to yourself by being in such a situation which you dont deserve…… Underpaid , underpriveleged, unappreciated, frustrated…
    More than that…You are doing another injustice.. By giving a company , its bosses something that it DOESNT deserve.. Good profits, goodwill in market n good payhikes for them …

    Choice is yours

  30. Further more some project teams work for 6 days a week and sometimes 7 times a week, 12-15 hours a day. For all the overtime they do , there are not given any compensation and are rewarded with a rating of 2 0r 3.
    They also ask the employees to come even on national holidays like independence day, republic day, gandhi jayanti and may day.

  31. Further more, some project teams work for 6 days a week and sometimes 7 times a week, 12-15 hours a day. For all the overtime they do , there are not given any compensation and are rewarded with a rating of 2 0r 3.
    They also ask the employees to come even on national holidays like independence day, republic day, gandhi jayanti and may day.

  32. If they dont give VA then NO use of promotions as that will give LITLLE raise to the pay. If that happens, then it is confirmed this organisation does not merit the TATA tag.

  33. Days pass, months pass, years pass and looks like decades will also pass with no clue or even a proper communication on the promotion front.
    I believe the Top 10 tag is just a mirage. I do not see the employee value being taken seriously. Any organization especially IT must remember that the investment is a mere “brain” of the employee. If it is allowed to drain or rust due to frustration, its best left to individuals imagination what the repercussions could be.
    All said, the company simply believes in “Quantity” of work being done for its client as against the “Quality” work. This might sound harsh, but i were to put it categorically only 10% folks i would presume might be doing real quality work. Again this is perspective based and many might differ in this.
    The very fact of the Quantitative based work being done is highlighted by the amount of freshers and from varied cadres being recruited. No harm in doing so, as long as they atleast have the analytical capabilities to justify the recruitment.
    Gone are the days when there were 4 rounds of interviews followed by management interview to enter a esteemed organization.
    Not sure where we are heading to !

  34. TCS believes in quantity rather than quality. Most of them are maintenance projects that go on for years. There is no standards operation procedures in TCS. No Project Management guidelines/standards followed either.

    GL’s and PL’s are useless people who spent 5-6 years onsite, earned lot of money and cant go anywhere now, hence try to dictate terms on team members.

  35. I would like to know( if some of you have info) are they really going to promote people who are eligible ( from ASE to ITA in July 09) or not. Where so ever I talk people are only saying that corporate is firstly taking a stand on promotions recommended last year.
    What about their stand for this year. Is this delay going to be the fate of every TCS because we were not able to handle it ( recession ) once.

    Now its enough and mgmt should answer

  36. Management still doesnt think enuff…. 🙂 Neway, what if the news is as bad as it is neing thought…. just basic hike.. no VA hike… then what r we goin to do.. nothin …..

  37. Its been years now TCS has not given promotion, proper pay hike to employees in ASE/ITA level. Guys get default rating of 2(band D) in so called curve fitting inspite of their good performance (Proof is their IPF ratings in the apprisal). If the project is not generating much revenue then pressure on manager to reduce the performance band.

    Salary cut based on performance band, transport charges hike, housing loan subsidy closed, relocation allowance closed, computer loan, personal loan facility removed. These are few of the examples how company is making more profit in the name of recession.

    Senior management gets bulk pay hike for providing these great ideas..
    I think this forum will not be sufficient to discuss the things… So guys final conclusion is don’t expect anything from TCS management, one should be lucky enough to get the promotion letter in hand before the year end ?
    Don’t waste the energy going behind TCS, start your search for other jobs. Already IT job market is picking up, so grab the right oportunity and say thanks & good bye to TCS.
    It is wise to leave now and join back after 1 or 2 years in a different grade rather than sitting and expecting. This is the fact i have seen in TCS.

    Jai TCS

  38. I came to know that some of the associates have got the promotion letter in ultimatix. Just wanted to let u all know.

    Also – does anyone know what the real criteria is.. as few folks in the same boat got promotion .. others didn’t.. .. It might be timing issues.. so just wait and watch !

    Let us know if anyone has more updates on this

  39. It doesn’t look like its a timing issue anymore.
    Many who didnt get promotion , had atleast got one 2 in their career.

  40. @HR

    When promotions will be declared which were initiated in June2009.

    will they get any rise after promotion?

    Mr. Ramadorai was heard as kind person who realy think employee as TCS family, I request him to think of those due to whom he could achieve this fame is only TCS employees who converted your dreams into reality. Sir its a humbal request to you to change reporting to grade base or else people will fool management and yes upper management will never come to know.

    Ex — A, B,C,D, E are 5 people . see below appriaser and reviewers

    A – ASC – Role -BRM (Appraiser – B & Reviwer – C)
    B – ASE – Role Team memeber (Appraiser – C & Reviwer – D)
    C – AST – Role Team Member (Appraiser – D & Reviwer – C)
    D – AST – Role Team Member (Appraiser – C & Reviwer – D)

    Don’t you think this fooling can this be wherein there are many levels up who should be appriser and reviewer, How can Team member is appaiser of of his own BRM.

    I will simply say in TCS all policies are name sake, this year the Pulse result is same as last year talks about canteen who is only taget and can change contractor…what else…..

  41. hi,

    is it correct tat there will be paycuts in onsite salary ?

    I have been an ASE for 6 yrs now and no promotion only cos i got a D rating since i moved to onsite during rating time. is it my fault that i was sent to onsite.

    i am totally disgusted wiht the promotion. even if we ask the managers, there is no response.

  42. I was promoted to ITA in Jan-2007, then got A in 2006-07 and 2007-08? As per policy, I was eligible for promotion in Jan-2009. But I did not get promotion during July-2009 cycle. Can anyone comment if such cases were processed in July-2009?

  43. TCS kills good hard working people who are 4-8 years experience specially. They think they are a liability at that experience. The reasoning is, if you are at that experience and technically good, you are a threat to senior management as you might rise up to their ranks if you get good ratings. And monetarily , its useless keeping you happy, as the work the senior guys can do , can also be done by a 2-3 experience guy. Yes, the work done will be shi**y and slow and probably stolen from somewhere but do the clients care???? NO……So end of day people in this set are harassed and always given bad ratings, and especially if you stand up to your right to respect and if you demand it. Yeah, if you do “Chamachagiri” , you will again get good ratings. But there is also the factor of regionalism, if you are delhite, UP bhiaya, Bihari, forget it that you will get good rating from your tamil or marathi amma………LOL…..unfortunately its true, and i have seen it happening umpteen times. Worst is , i know a case , there is this guy who has won a Tata level ( Not TCS level) and he has a rating of 2. I also know a guy who is an AST and he is being reviewed ( not appraised lol) by an AST!!!!! And his bad marks in goal-sheet are time sheet and communication. Funnily enough till he got this AST promotion, he had consistently 4 ratings. Now he is teetering on 2.

  44. Heyy forgot to tell you about curve fitting.

    I know now , now that i am outta there, its total bullshit …………..They give a paper to the lead/PM and tell them to fill A B C D and may be E……
    The total number of A and B and C and D and E, across the whole relationship is fitted into a curve, which basically means , lets say 10 people are there. Its pre-decided that 2 will get A, 3 will get B, 3 will get C and rest D. Now those who lick their bosses and if their bosses have good relationship with their bosses and those super bosses don’t have a foster son/daughter working their, then perhaps your hard work combined with chamchagiri, will fetch you an A……….LOL
    Else if you just do hard work, you will get C —– reasons given will be client has some complains about you, No team work, Worse, you have communication issues, Damn that hurts!!!!
    If you hard work + get some true client appreciations – You will get B —- reasons will be , you didn’t do any certifications, No trainings at ODC level, You need to get some new business. LOL

  45. Hey guys,
    It seems that this sort of problems happen anywhere where TCS is. In particular, here in Mexico, the attrition levels recently have gone sky high, people is leaving everyday and for the same reasons you describe here.
    People with 2-3 years (is a young center) haven’t had a salary rise in that time, while management should know here is like US job market when the norm is to give a salary rise every year , even for leveling the inflation levels so your money at least has the same value as previous year. But TCS looks like has not understood local way of doing business and many people is leaving, also cause many crappy support projects with 24/7 availability and other maintenance projects are squizing people out of their guts and they don’t get any incentives, just those crappy TCS Gems that are good for nothing.

    As I read your opinions, those are the exact same reasons happening here, as example they want you to do a lot of other stuff besides the work you signed for, and for nothing, no incentive of paying more for extra-work or if they promote you to another position, is only by name, so you end up with a lot of more work, more stress, less time in your day and same pay. That sucks. I though TCS Mexico management was the worst in all TCS centers but now I see is a common rule to be awful to be in TCS management positions. Sad really.

  46. Hi Guys,
    I got an offer letter form TCS, Gurgoan for the post of ASE grade C1, I have experinec of 3 years 10 month. They are giving me package of 5.5 .

    I recently joined a samll firm in Noida ,january 2010, here i am getting 5.30 per annumn. previous to that i have experince of 3 years 6 month in wipro, there i had worked as Sr. Software Engineer.

    TCS, Gurgoan is telling it is a govt project in C++ for which they have recruited me.

    Can any one suggest is it a appropiate grade C1 for 3 years 10 month exp guy?Is the salry offered being negotiable now?
    Beacuse of TCS name and onsite oppurunity (may be later) is charm for taking this offer other than that i dont have any interest to join it .

    please suggest will it be good to join the company or wait for some more time before switching to TCS.

    Thanks in Advance.

  47. Don’t join tcs ….try for companies like HP accenture capegemini…..they are not giving u any hike buddy …pls don;t join TCS

  48. I am in btech 4th yr.tcs has announce to recruit 40000 employee in 2010-2011 as they hv no. Of projects and also giving 4 lpa package to 2011 passout batch as never before so i want to know what’s the real fact behind it true or just a crap.if anybdy in cmpny hv some idea pls tell me.

  49. dont join TCS to ruin ur carrer as there is a lot of regional (Telgu ,Northy etc..)politics which will be played in the company for giving u with the bonus amount and onsite oppurtunitie.

    if u work hard also u wont be recognised in this organisation.

    People are made to work like coolies here.

    TCS is investing in more managers for the projects who doesnt know the basics of the project flow or technology.

    it is a govt company for the managers and Hr’s

    and in most of the project deliverymanager and the program managers will be picked based on the regional origin(like telgu ,northy etc..).they play a lot of politics they give promotion for only there origin people not for others who work hard in the project

    please dont join this company to ruin ur life.

  50. TCS have started to give the promotion letter for the year 2011 for Q1 cycle.Yesterday itself they have started the process

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