TCS finally gives promotions in Ultimatix (2009)


It appears some have already got their promotion letters and for most getting a ITA promotion the change in Basic is Rs 1500 – Rs 2000 based on current salary. This has changed their Food coupons.

For those who havent received promotion letters : (update 3)

Dont lose heart, after speaking with HR it is learnt that there are two more batches which are pending with corporate HR due to various reasons.

Case 1 : Say if you arent eligible as of July 2008, but still if your PL has recommended for Promotions then it is still pending with coporate HR.

case 2 : Many of my friends who had got D band in 2007/2008 havent receieved letters, I believe their cases is also under review.


Update 2:

For all those who were recomended but originally not eligible wil get their promotions or grade changes after corporate hr review by next week. And for those who got their promotions rejected will receive explanation letters.

A new promotion letter should be available by 31st and as others who commented in the forum this can also be viewed by searching under the people section and checking your designation.

This month salary wil reflect ur promotion/grade change.

Please let us know your experience, whether your VA got changed or any information about your promotion.

TCS announces promotions

TCS announced yesterday  full VA component for Q1 2010-11 and promotions will be processed for all employees who were recommended last year for the promotions.

As we had earlier predicted here the Promotions are back on track, thanks to the increasing attrition and sinking employee morale.

Here is the extract from CEO Ramadurai’s announcement

“Additionally, there is good news for all those amongst you, who were recommended for promotions last year. It has been decided to go ahead with the promotion process, in consultation with the Head of Global HR – Ajoy Mukherjee and his team, for all those who fall in this category”

And the best part is there is no restrictions like continous 4 ratings etc

TCS to start giving promotions within Two months

After the attrition started zooming TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) is working on a plan to initiate the promotions which are on hold for almost two years now. Some of the HR are advising the employees who are resigning to wait for 2 more months to see improvements within TCS, indirectly meaning that management and corporate office are ready to give back the benefits and promotions once again.

This has been confirmed by more than one source and employees can expect relief within next month, though all eligible candidates might not get their promotions, atleast those who are waiting according to their seniority are expected to be given their due. And it is expected the situation will gradually improve.

You can read about the current attrition crisis in TCS here