TCS announces promotions

announced yesterday  full VA component for Q1 2010-11 and will be processed for all who were recommended last year for the promotions.

As we had earlier predicted here the Promotions are back on track, thanks to the increasing attrition and sinking employee morale.

Here is the extract from 's announcement

“Additionally, there is good news for all those amongst you, who were recommended for promotions last year. has been decided to go ahead with the process, in consultation with the Head of Global – Ajoy Mukherjee and his team, for all those who fall in this category”

And the best part is there is no restrictions like continous 4 ratings etc

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  1. I guess I trust information on this website more than internal TCS site. Can anyone on this forum tell what to expect with the promotions? Whether to expect a decent hike or no hike?
    Also, by when can we expect the letter?

  2. I heard from my internal resources that though the process has been start but results will be declared in next 2-3 months.
    I also heard that something which is hidden is going on. Corporate HR is collecting data from all projects about the performance, rating etc of the associates, whose names were initiated last year.
    Any comments or updates are welcome.

  3. Yet another unfair act in the name of promotion. To the media, TCS announces promotions. But actually what is happening is the indian company is thinking why to give promotions to all those people who got it approved. There will be some subset who will have a rating of 2. Dont give promotions to them, it will save some money…. this mantra is in the final stages of getting coined…There will not be any further announcements, but people with rating of 2 will not get unfair and autocratic this is…by hook or crook, cut cost.. this is the message all managers have in common….this is the loyalty bonus we employees get after serving 6+ years as ASE working 12+ hours on a continuous basis….

  4. TCS is now resorting to unethical and totally unfair means. If someone has got rating of 2(same as D) this year, they aren’t giving the promotion. Imagine to cut back the promotion they are going in future.. they are also not giving promotion to someone who has rating of 2 even if that’s approved from any ISU(vertical) and pending with them. I think TCS end is very near as only lure of onsite pulled talented people to TCS which is not the case now. Now TCS will only get junk and their knowledge pool willl decrease. All this unethical things of corporate HR is creating ……

  5. I’m hearing something fishy is going on. There is a very very sceret process of layoffs going to happen. From the promotion list they are pulling people who has got 2 ratings in the past. At ISU level they have been asked to present business cases for these people. I guess they are gona sack even if people have got 2 rating 2/3 years back. How unfortunate! Why are these people playing with our lives? :((

  6. Promotions in TCS are pending since 2007-2008.
    Finally, they plan to release them in the 2nd half of 2009.
    But again, they plan to apply some additional filtering criteria on those ‘already approved’ promotions.
    They are collecting data from all projects about how the employees whose promotions are pending with Corporate HR have performed post-promotion initiation. If someone gets a job band ‘D’ during this period, he won’t be promoted.
    How ridiculous is that?
    Promotions were initiated based on the pre-initiation performance data or employees. How can future data be taken into account for already approved promotions?
    Can things get any more unfair or unethical than this?
    If such a weird criterion os applied then most of the people in the promotion queue will be denied their promotions because their performance had dipped because of frustration and demotivation in the last 6-12 months.

    This is just another dirty ploy by TCS’s dirty top management qand corporate HR to reduce costs.

  7. I’m further more worried about their secretive layoff plans…can’t we just sue them? For layoffs leagally the person should have undergone PIP and then proven not improved. They must have given atleast warnings before layoff right?

  8. Which IT company is following rules, but never thought a profit making organization will also do like this, their profits are going up and morals are decreasing, end employee is sufferring.

    1. Totally chor services , tujhse cum salary , totally confusing solutions is the only company in the world where when revenues go up , salaries go down this is just a slave factory…

  9. Sometimes I do wonder, why TCS has stooped so low? Where are all TATA values gone? TCS sucks for sure. Many of the TCSers are just waiting for the promotions to happen so that they can hop to new job. I’m one of them.

  10. working with TCS has been probably the worst period of my life. I too want to get a promotion tag and say goodbye to this

    sick organisation. The top management is too busy in playing the political game of race to hold the top job. In turn they

    forget the people who really mattered in taking the organisation to the highest level.

    For the one past year, they have treated us like SLAVES. Once in a while they show up their photo in ultimatix with neat coat

    and tie, give some information on promotion in a manner which was confusing and irritating. They did this whole thing to keep

    the eligible employees in a state of utter despair so that neither they go out of this organisation nor they do anything

    staying here. They took advantage of the whole recession saga at the same time did not forget to fill their pockets.

    Even now they are not transparent with us. One person tells that all who were recommended last year will get promoted and

    another guy gives interview to someone and tells above 9000 will be promoted. I am sure more than 20k were recommended last

    year. There are rumors floating around that some additional filters have come in to picture. Why these guys on top management

    who project themselves as role models (infact one question in internal survey PULSE has this. I guess response would be

    negative from most employees) share with the employees, whatever or however way its being done.

    The way we have been treated is no different form plight of slaves. what TCS has in mind is that,they can manage with

    freshers even if the experienced ones leave the organisation. No offense on freshers.

    World economy is picking up slowly. Employees of TCS have learnt a big lesson. Soon the management will also learn the

    toughest lesson after the current promotions are out.

  11. Breaking news!!!
    TCS is giving promotion but with almost no increament in salary…only basic is increasing for Rs 500. No other increament..Other like the main pasrt will remain same…like if you are getting VA 10000,it will remain same…so it is a useless promotion

  12. NOTE:

    1. No Promotion if this year performance band is ‘D’ or on PIP.
    2. No change in VA Component.
    3. Basic will change in case it is less than the promoted grade.

  13. This serves as an eye opener for guys who dream big and do not know what’s going on. There are many guys in TCS who don’t know it is worthless out there but sadly many think it is a GREAT company to be in – I certainly don’t think any company which relies on the principle of numbers, it can really compete with the best companies of the world. Let me explain in detail. Ramadorai and his heir apparent Chandra believe on the marwari management policy of relying on big numbers. Big projects, large number of employees, biggest software services company employing largest number of resources (result of mass recruitments over past years) and big numbers. Now the sad part is when start dealing with big numbers you end up compromising on quality. Projects which are filled up with number of resources who don’t have experience or skill – relying on a few critical resources who have to take up most of the responsibilities. Large number of useless resources overshadow the high performing guys who ultimately feel lost and directionless. The mass recruitment aimed at increasing the resource count means you have majority of the people who are mediocre.

    Then when you create employee benefit policies and packages, you have to keep in mind not the top performers but the majority who are mediocre. Again you compromise on quality and end up creating mediocre policies.

    When you have so many mediocre people and only few brilliant guys then who actually rises up above the rest? Undoubtedly the brilliant guys cannot rise up above the vast majority of useless guys and pop up their head everytime. The really good guys and the not so good end up in the same group. In this type of setup it helps all the more for senior management to create an impression that none of the guys are actually good. So finally when it is time to decide about promotions, only known faces and relations or acquaintances get projected properly. This gives rise to nepotism and favouritism which is the worst fear of any professionally managed company.

    What can you say about a company that claims to be professionally managed when the top management does not have the openness or accessibility to be heard by the vast majority of the employees?

    What can you say about a company which prides itself in having nothing but large numbers? What do you say about a company whose top management can get away with favouritism openly in front of thousands of other senior employees?

    What do you think of a company which prides itself in promoting regional and communal sentiments? Why are the top management always show their holier-than-thou attitude? Why do they take all the credit and behave as it is only they who have vision and ideas and everything else????

  14. We are having a catch here. If TCS is giving no hike after promotions, then why the hell they are omitting people with D band or those under PIP? What are they trying to prove here? Do they mean that they are promoting “good” employees? And they are under impression that promoted employees will stay with the company even after getting no hike? This is ridiculous. I bet here for 1 million dollars. If TCS doesn’t loose its top performing employees in next quarters, then we will see Osama Bin Laden marrying Monica Lewinsky. There have been several posts regarding ISU HRs having a list of “to be promoted” employees. But when I asked about the same to my ISU HR, he says “no communication”. Promotions has become a big joke in TCS. Nobody knows nothing about it except the fools sitting at top. This is what we call as Experience Uncertainty. I seriously feel that at least one of the top management monkeys should read the posts here.They will get the gist of what all the employees feel about them. I wish TCS ill luck in meeting its goal. If TCS achieves its goal of being global top 10, then I will loose my trust in global rating system.

  15. I spoke to someone from HR today. I must admit here that my query was handled very gently and nicely by the HR lady. But the fact is that she herself was hand cuffed with limited information she had. She told me that corporate is still to finalise the promotion guidelines as the previous ones published are no more valid (you guys will notice that currently there is no approved policy on ultimatix)
    She said that once the guidelines are declared (which she did not know by when), some more action will take place.
    Of course I had no idea of this no increment policy being adapted now. Its a real shame and gives me immense pain. I have worked so hard for this company in my prime years and have sacrificed a lot of my personal well being. But what I get in return is utter sadness. It is not the bad news which I have a problem with, its the way it is delivered and the fact that it is not consistent across the ranks.
    How will a newly promoted ITA be motivated to work when he sees his other ITA colleagues having 50% more salary than him/her? TCS is killing the motivation. I don’t buy the idea that ‘atleast we have increase in rank’. For me there is no point if there is no salary hike. May be TCS also fears of a growing attrition if they award big scale promotions and this can be another cheap tactic to hold on people.
    To all my fellow colleagues, I can only say that we have done our best and we must believe in our abilities. Life comes full circle and TCS will definitely realise this the hard way. If you guys are getting the opportunity to work for a better cultured organisation, don’t waste anytime here. I don’t see myself a part of the massive crowd in TCS which has no direction in the future.
    I promise to make public what I get with this promotion cycle. I am fairly certain I will be considered this cycle. I hope the same from the others. Till then relax and try to focus on brighter (read non TCS) side of life.

  16. This site has been providing accurate information till now about TCS. I request them to provide the information about the hike we will be getting after promotion. As some of the posts say that there will be no hike. Is that true?
    This site is the only source of information for TCSers. We trust this site more than we trust our disgusting Ultimatix communications.
    Please put this info asap, so that we can start looking for jobs.
    Test cases are as follows:
    No hike—- Upload cv immediately on job portals
    Some hike—- upload cv after promotions.

  17. I am sorry to say that the information shared in the earlier post was 100% correct because it came out through the meeting which took place between the ISU HR and BRM’s.Main points were

    1. No Promotion for the associates if this year their performance band is ‘D’ or on PIP.
    2) If promoted to next grade
    a) No change in VA Component.
    b) Basic will change in case the current basic is less than the promoted grade minimum basic i.e. for next grade if basic is 15000 and at current grade one is withdrawing 14500 then only 500 RS per month will be increased.
    As VA is not going to change so there will be minimal monetary benefit if gets promoted to next grade.
    3) The next grade emoluments and benefits will be applicable to all the promoted people.

    Don’t feel bad about it, its corporate world-“we have to be world best company” but how ?????????????.
    Answer:—-The salary of the top management people has been increased by 1 to 1.5 Crore….and for us nothing……It’s a Joke on a name of promotion….

  18. After reading through all the comments and based on news and things TCS is doing all I can say it’s better if you become TCS shareholder then working in TCS…

    Go Work somewhere else and Buy TCS shares as much as you can, you will earn a lot of money from shares but you might not be able to earn your daily bread if YOu are working with TCS

  19. Official communication from my group:
    1. Promotion only for people who were eligible as on 31 July 2008 as per new (2009) promotion policy and was recommended before 31 July 2008 and not having a current band D will be promoted.
    2. Employees not eligible/meeting these conditions and have had band Ds will face involuntary resignation.

  20. All- please wait till you get confirmation on this topic, there are many roumours spreading around, One thing is for sure most of the people want to leave the firm if not all atleast 30 percent so TCS will pay for its mistake in big way..for now we have very less options infront of us. Wait till outside situation get better kick TCS Ass and leave out.

  21. Does this mean that if an employee was recommended one month early in last cycle and his/her promotion was HR approved, still he will not get it?

  22. I take back my words where I said I am fairly confident I will get promotion. TCS can give you anything. I have all approvals except corporate for my promotion initiated in July 2008. But I complete 4 yrs only in Nov!
    So it means I am out of the race. Its completely sarkari here. you finish years no matter wat kind of work you do.

  23. Hi “Totally Confused slave”,
    Is that the authentic news (of course not published on Ultimatix but hidden as always)? Because many employees like me and “ASE for 5 years” were recommended 1-2 months earlier.

  24. when u say earlier, does it mean May- June or August – Sept?..I guess if its May-June, its not a problem…

  25. silent layoff,,, no promotion for BAND D people, even if promoted, no hike in VA. What the hell on all these things… are we all working for a civilised company? Autocratic nature at its peak…i humbly request the moderator to change the title as “TCS announced promotions” instead of “TCS Announces promotions”. Also, please post some AUTHENTIC news abt promotion changes expcted in the near future..its completely unethical and absolutely devastating after reading al the commenst. I wish these 2 be rumours…we need to quit this company, tahts what the management wants sop that the 24000 campus recruits can be managed by soem tom, dick and harry…attrition will increase, but doesnt matter, there are budding ASEs to do the job…

  26. No…I mean to say is my 4 years were completing in August and I was recommended in July. Is that ok?

  27. Hmmm…Same for me dude..My 4 yrs were being completed in November. Talk to HR and hope for good news. I have been told its not happening in the normal scenario!

  28. My HR knows nothing. It’s a piece of shit who rests her ass on the seat and keeps chatting with her boyfriends. We have to rely on this site.

  29. @ Admin, as many TCSers have aready expressed above, we have more faith and reliance on your information than on TCS HR’s information.
    Whoever your source(s) is/are, please get us the exact criteria of promotions. I can’t live in fear/tension/anxiety any more. I have already wasted 1.5 years waiting for it and now when they announced they would release it, there are further tensions.
    Are they really considering performance band of 2008-09 (whether it’s ‘D’ or not) while ‘reviewing’ the already approved 2007-08 promotions? Is this obnoxious display of stupidity a truth?

  30. Are they really going to fire people with D band ratings? would that not be a huge portion of the employees as every year the bottome 20 precentile is supposed to receive D band. if atleast 1 fourth of the people who got D rating this year did not have a D rating last year, then that means atleast 25 percent of the TCSers will be having a D rating sometime in the past. Are all these people in danger of being fired?

  31. The HR says they do not have any clear information. WHo .. How .. when …
    They themselves do not have any furhter instructions. But yes .. some creepy Excel sheets are again doing the rounds as usual…
    Very clever words of the CEO..We have decided to go ahead with the “Promotion Process” instead of “Promotions “. Guess the thing that was completed last year was not Promotion process but something else….
    Now even GOD doesnt know what all be there in the process.
    Perhaps Mr CEO can shed some light on this.

  32. TCS has already saved to the order of billions of rupees . Even if 20,000 ppl were expecting theis promotions , NOt giving it for 1 year saves atleast 100,000 Rs per person.
    That makes it 2,000,000,000 at the minimum. Now thats a HUGE amount. So nobody minds being called names by employees if they are getting kudos from their seniors for saving so much.. n definitely the amount which was given to the 3 top shots as increments was nothing compared to this amount ….
    And now having tasted blood, the company is not able to bring itself to giving back to the ppl what is rightfully theirs !!
    They are calculating the amount and its interest on a day by day basis so that they can suck maximum out of it

  33. My news is absolutely authentic, as I know my name is on the firing list. I’m 6+ years experienced and still an ASE. I literally know what feedback my a/c has given about me. I have a 5* rating with the customer as the customer said to TCS Management “If this person is not going be in this project, I’d not mind switching to a different vendor (Infosys).” My a/c has written ‘without me they’d sink’. They are fighting hard but then they are also hopeless of any change in the verdict from the corporate. All because I had band Ds twice, the latest being 3 years back. And Both band Ds were simply because I had been onsite and got released from the project. Trust TCS for moral values.

  34. Totally Confused Slave, Very to sorry that your name is on the list. But why do they still have a firing list? I heard that they are not firing anymore people as now they are getting a lot of projects and they do not want to lose any more people. I heard that is why they are now giving promotions as they do not want further attrition….

    Is the post titled “tcs employees leaving in flocks, this time on their own” not true? if not how many more employeed will be fired?

    this is very horryfying to hear that even when results are good and utilization is very high they still want to fire people. They have not had a utilization this high at 79+ percent even during the boom times.

  35. This is really a horrendous news adn wish it should not materialize. They cannot fire people because they had 2 band “D”s. There is a PIP policy in my HR which removed this band D confusion and specified if the IPF (Individual Performance Factor) is less than 2.5 sequentially in 2 Half yearly appraisal, then PIP would be initiated. When you dont do properly during PIP period, you need to take the way out..So when this is in place, company cannot force the employee to resign when the market is trying to recover. May be, an associate who has got approved promotion, if he is in Band “D” currently, the company will leave them not promoted so that they all will definitely quit. Company will get good name in media saying they had given promotion, but they will try to manage adn manipulate attrition if its increasing. Definitely, in these times, even if promoted, comapny will not give hefty pay scale change…Lots of resignations anticipated in August-Sep 2009. iam the one getting prepared to leave now…..Afterall, we ASE-ITA horses cant do anything…..we have talent and we will prove that elsewhere,….

  36. @Current Employee, Absolutely I’m as baffled as you are. The announcement of promotion is not to stop attrition, but it is to lure TCS’s clients into giving them projects showing that they are giving promotions and keeping the employee morale high even during recession times. The are not only cheating employees but also clients. I’m not sure of the numbers in the firing list. I’m damn sure I’m not alone. My intensions are truly not to cause panic. Just beware of what’s in store. Last but not least, they can manipulate attrition figure by recruiting freshers as how they have manipulated pulse results for employee satisfaction!

  37. @Everyone, please don’t stick to any rumors. Today I spoke to my HR and he said that there was absolutely no communication from corporate regarding filtering or hike. HRs are not involved in the current promotion process. The process is entirely being handled by corporate as it is pending with them. So don’t worry about TCS firing employees with D band.
    They are anyway going to loose all bands people after market recovers.

  38. Its highly annoying day by day..I had visited this site today atleast 20 times intermittently to not only look for any new information, but also to read the comments highlighted. Frustrated to the core that I literally visited this site adn ultimatix JustASk to see if there are any updates. Why the bloody hell that they are not communicating anything. Atleast if they say,, some communication will be published from 2nd week of aug or so, we can continue to do our job. GUys, please post all authentic information as quick as you can. Atleast we need to prepare ourselves mentally to leave this blood-sucking company.

  39. @Repenting TCSer, indeed there is no spoke without fire here, I spoke to my HR last week to chek if he has any list to find out my name. That idiot is dubm struck and couldnt answer my questions, but he agreed corporate is discussing on the filter criteria and the master list released ISU wise now contains to-be-promoted people who do not fall in Band D. Hence its clearly visible that management dont want to promote 2 rated fellows..

  40. Denying the already approved promotion is like this: You are hungry, you want to eat, but you were given some stones to break, you did that and finished successfully. NOw in order to eat, you need to climb 10 floors to go the dining room.There, you find many people waiting to dine. Your hunger si increasing and finally you were told that you need to wait for 2 hours to get your food. You indeed waited, and food also came as our CEO announced. But when you sat on the bench to eat the first portion, the food was taken back saying, you didnt climb the 10 floors continuously and you had taken extra time/rest while reaching the dining place, which is no way related to the original task…this is how TCS is playing games now…

  41. now out of the box thinking: Why should I promote 2 rated fellows. They had promotion approvals last year, but since promotions were delayed, they were annoyed to the core and didnt do well the whole year and got 2 rating. Now if I promote those fellows, certainly, they are gonna jump to other companies with the increased lettrs and payslips. If I dont promote, they will automatically quit and we can save some money. How is this wait and watch phenomena by our mgmnt..

  42. Well I don’t agree with you except one thing..HR is dumb entity especially in TCS. Even I do visit JA every now and then to see any updates. Don’t get disheartened if you have band D. TCS is certainly not in a position to loose any more employees. Even top management knows that many were forcefully given D band last year due to their ugly cost cutting policy even though an employee was performing good. About the salary hike, today I read one witty answer. Post said that “If they would to give promotions w/o hike then they could have given them last year. Promotions were on hold due to dip in profit. So they are giving away promotions means there is reason for giving promotions based on profit they made.”

  43. thats indeed good to hear some soothing statements from keeping my fingers crossed again. Pls post some news now and then atleast to be in touch and to keep our senses cool….it makes sense, company forced many GLs to increase the number of band Ds and now that cannot be used as a reason, but anyway, they can use the IPF. Ajoy needs to silence all these and good or bad, hike or no hike, we need to know at the earliest. Keep posting news buddies…thanks//

  44. I think we all should find a job asap and quit TCS. benefits are twofolds

    1. We will get out of this stupid company and also from this “confused & Frustated” state of mind.
    2. greater the attrition rate bigger is the slap on the face of TCS management.

  45. Does anybody have any idea how much of the 11.4 percent attrition from the q1 is voluntary and how much is involuntary?

  46. Dear All,

    Under the promotion status report, under the corporate approved column, it is still showing ‘No Action’ so it means that the time has yet not arrived. Secondly, if they will give promotions and there is no introduction of a new grade then the hike will be good. Without doing so, the cost budget tracking will be highly complicated. Imagine, you are a project manager and tat too at onsite so you will be having a limited cost budget for your onsite team. Let suppose an ASE cost Rs X per day and an ITA cost Rs X+1500 per day. If you were an ASE then it means your cost at onsite is 33 K less than an ITA. Simply, because an ITA salary is almost 20-22 K more than ASE (Onsite + Offshore). If an ASE will be promoted to an ITA and the CB for that associate became high but not salary then there is no benifit to an employee and infact it will be a loss as he might be asked to go back to offshore. So, if top management will plan giving a promotion with less hike then it simply means that they wil change the policy and introduce a new grade. This will help everyone except the guy who got promoted.

  47. @Current Employee: I dont know the exact figure, but I know 7 people who were asked to give resignations in the month of mar-apr 09.

    Now i only knew a few people in tcs, perhaps 250 and out of which 7 guys were made to leave. i think u can do the math.

    POINT TO BE NOTED: Who will voluntarily resign in such bad time and that dure in the month of march when the hiring is not at its best

  48. Hey Guys,

    I have just calculated (If they will not change the VA) then all associates who will be promoted from ASE to ITA will get a hike of 4000-4500 per month…

  49. My friend’s wife was made to resign by end feb. No time was given. Either resignation or termination. It was a spot decision for the associate and no time to think anything. That was because she was on long leave adn on bench for more than 3 months.

  50. @frustration personified: That is too bad what happened to your wife. What was her ratings? did she ever have a band D? How long are people allowed to be on the bench before they are fired?

    Also can anybody tell me what is this JA forum I have heard about in some of the comments here. Is it part of ultimatix or something?

  51. Promotions will not be effective July 2009, the process has started itseems and will be news before end of August 2009 and may reflect in August payroll.
    Salary processing is already complete for July and it doesn’t account any promotion changes.Letters may reflect in August and may impact from August Pay.
    Avoid expectations for immediate reflections and we need to withstand for another 30 days more.
    One of the impacted associate.

  52. Confirmed News, Have talked to HR, who atlast rolledout this fact.
    All news that Coporate is reviewing the recommended cases of last year is true.
    Those who were recommended and approved in system till July 2008 will be through with the promotion and it reflect in August payroll.

    No filterations on rating based as per this HR, only re-confirming IOUs on the list of cases.

    Well wisher

  53. 1. But still, from when is the promotion effective?
    2. What happens to our last one year which we have lost ?
    3. How will that be compensated ?
    4. What level of hike we can think off?

    There is no transperency in TCS.

  54. Why the f*** all HR’s talk differently!!! My HR told me that since I did not qualify for promotion in July 2008 (i was qualifying in Nov) I will not be promoted even though my promotion was initiated and approved at all levels.
    I have given up all hope on this lousy s#it company!!! pfffffffffff

  55. Hey Guys,

    I particpated in HR monthly meeting yesterday and they have confirmed that the promotions will be effective from 01/07/2009 and the news/letters will broadcast in a week or two. There were many questions leading to all kind of rumours about compensation and hike which were not answered with any authroity and they have asked to wait till the letters will come. They have also confirmed that promotions will only be given/consider at corporate level for those whose promotion was approved by ISU/IOU HR by 31/07/2008. Moreover, the process at corporate HR has been completed for all those associates are also completed who were interviewed by a panel (Consultant or higher grades).

  56. @ some figures: I wish your comments should come out true 100%… We are desperately waiting..and desperately waiting,,,,,,if it comes out before aug 15, then its the real independence day….for us, who have been waiting for almost 1.5 years…

  57. Guys, after waiting for 1.5 years, today my ISU HR confirmed that I’m not getting promoted in near future because even though my promotion for 2007-08 got approved at all levels, it was rejected after review based on my performance band of 2008-09.
    My worst fear has come true.
    I feel terrible and I don’t know what to do.
    I don’t think I’ll come back to this site for further updates because there’s no point. Nice talking to all you guys. Wish all of you all the best. May no one suffer like I did.

  58. @Phoenix rising from the ashes: Request you to wiat till letters/communication will come. There were many questions from asoociates who had been rated as ‘D’ (not because of performance and surely because of cost-cutting measures) and HR head ask them to wait till policy or communication will be broadcast through ultimatix.

  59. This is increasingly frustrating everyone. If someone attempts suicide because of not getting promoted due to band “d”, then only the matter will become very serious. @Some figures is pretty confident, but we get different versions from different HR personnel. No one bloody knows or reveals correct thing. To end all speculation, there should be an ultimatix communication mentioning how the approved promotions are goin to be effective. GUys, if anybody have any authentic and updated news, pls share………

  60. @Frustration Personified- My friend, everyone has authentic information and they say what their HR tells them. Problem is that HR’s are not in sync and are making fool of employees.
    Some say promotion for everyone approved till July 31, someone says only for those who were eligible and approved.
    My case is – Mine was initiated and approved at all levels. But I was not qualifying as I completed 4 yrs in Nov. Now my HR says am nt eligible for this promotion whereas some ppl here would say that as per their HR am eligible. Its the worse situation to be in. Uncertainity!

  61. @ASE for 5 Yrs– HRs are absolutely idiotic, utterly insensitive to these issues. This is not just yet another grade change, which was happening once in 3 years without being asked some 5 to 10 years back. They are playing with our sentiments They cannot just like that throw few of the associate’s approved promotions, be it band “d” or month date specific. If at all someting happens like that, we will approach media and tarnish TCS…these guys are playing with our emotions, they dont really understand the heat of waiting, waiting and waiting for more than a year and now making us desperate. We have been pushed to the corner and there is no other thing that we expect now…..all approved promotiosn should be through, why the blody hell you approved it previously, wher was your process????? its employee friendly nahin, absolutely employee harassing company….Couldnt sleep b’cos of this…

  62. @Frustration Personified- Chill Bro. I totally agree and understand. I am going through the same. I can still say I am little better because I am at onsite. But that does not mean TCS can play with my career. Onsite is just once a lifetime. What they r doing will push me 2 yrs bck in my career. Normally people say that your package shud be 1.5 times your experience. I am 5 yrs exp and still rotting at the 4.7 pkg. Even my juniors who are 2 yrs exp hv same package.
    Don’t lose your sleep over this company bro. They are not wrth it really. If you can, try to look somewhere else. If I was in India, I would have quit long time back. Develop skills and move out. Even if you do get promoted, still I recommend to move out and not waste time here. This company deserves only freshers or 10+ exp f***s…

  63. This place is fast becoming a S*(& POT.
    I have been pushed back by 3 years dear friend. Its better we leave the company before we are driven insane
    Yeah … this company deserves ONLY freshers….

  64. in Q4 of last year, they say the results are not good so they cut variable pay.

    Then in Q1 this year when according to CEO, we have “Stellar results”, why can’t they share some of the stellar profits that we generated by giving 150 to 200 percent variable pay. That will make up for the cut we suffered in q4 last year and the year before.

    So what we see is that when results are bad, our salaries are good. But when results far surpass targets, they go only in to the share holders pockets.

    Well we can be sure that as the economy picks up, people will leave tcs en masse.

  65. Lets teach TCS a lesson. Those who had good opportunity at hand shd leave the company and others shd start preparing for it. With ONSITE greatly reduced even good freshers will not join this S*** company so that after 5 yrs thing company will be run by bunch of jokers with BA type people as freshers. TCS is in self destruct mode and will be TERMINATED soon…
    I feel like puking when I see faces of TCS Management including HR

  66. Guys, Cool down!
    Every one of you was once a fresher and will become a senior resource in the future, unless you quit. If you don’t like anything in life, don’t accept it. If you didn’t like the way TCS operates, Please quit and look for another job or another industry. No one is forcing you to work and continue your job for meager pay. Last i heard India is a free country.

    Capitalism is a balance of supply and demand. You are part of the supply and TCS has abundance of employee supply. In USA there are many who want to join TCS but are unable to get into TCS.

    Life will throw lot of googlys at you. Be patient and stick to your philosophy. Only action speaks louder than words & Blogs.

    I follow this blog regularly, I am in the same boat as most of you and can understand the frustration of the commenter’s. but some of you should show some decency while commenting.

  67. @TCSemp: I agree with you about decency as in not using bad words when commenting. Other than that what they say out of frustration is fine.

    Most of the employees of TCS including people like me, Have had very good job offers from better companies with much higher salaries up till even a few months back. But we decided not to take these because we didn’t see TCSs true colors till now. ofcourse now other companies are not making job offers and we are stuck here because we beleived TCS had values, and now we see we are wrong.

    So basically it is very wrong to see:”if you don’t like TCS then just quit”. because we believed in TCSs false image that they promoted and got trapped. If we knew TCS would behave like this, we would have quit long time back and would be getting atleast 70% more salary from another company.

    You can be sure once the economy is better we WILL quit TCS!

  68. @TCSemp… We dont need sound bytes from you. It’s just that all of us has given our blood to this company and when it comes paying back, they dont pay back in the same coin… Gotcha
    And we dont need preaching from you.. please keep it with you and give it to ur juniors in TCS.

  69. @Current Employee.. Well said. In the testing time, TCS has let down in big way. TCS mgmt Success all mine and failures all yours attitute s****
    TCS is at the bottom of Pyramid when it comes to paying. Most of the people, who are having good experience in TCS, are staying in TCS because of ETHICS and the way TCS has handled the situation is very pathetic. Morale of employees are at ALL TIME LOW. It’s not about quitting(if u dont like QUIT). Hon JRD TATA was epitome of ETHICS, but this bunch of senior mgmt jokers are bringing bad name to it by the way they are responding and acting. Have you saw their interview.. they are SO ARROGANT, HAVE NO EMPATHY.

  70. I believe the problem occured becaues of the number game in respect to no. of employees. Within 2 years they have recruited nearly 50K people….Now in recession period, when the business in slowing down the higher management is big trouble…They should have thought and anticipated (at least) when recruting those big number earlier (They are VP and getting big salaries to anticipate these…)…and for their mistake now, all the TCSers are getting victimized…when they realized the mistake, I think they removed S. Padyanavan (Used to draw more than 1 crore per annum when he was HR head) and gave Ajoyendra Mukherjee the responsibility of HR…But then its too late in the game…Ajoy cannot do much in this situation…The measure he has taken is to freeze the recruitment…and to freeze the hike and promotion (which is the worst scenario for employees us)

  71. @TCSemp….are you being paid by senior management for posting such comments? This is not TCS internal forum. This blog is a by-product of TCS’s harassing policies.This is the place for frustrated employees to express their anger. Dear, frustration is never soft spoken especially when it is regarding career, growth. You are asking to show decency to others, what decency are you showing by writing sentences like “If you didn’t like the way TCS operates, Please quit and look for another job”.
    This is like, our parents work hard for us in a hope that their son will become a successful man in future. And when son grows up, he tells them to leave the house or stay as servants. Is this decency?
    Employees who are writing in this blogs have worked hard for TCS amidst VA cut and all other measures in a hope that they will get their dues when company performance improves. Some were forcibly given D band on account of cost cutting. Looking at TCS’s reply to all their hard work is surely agonizing.
    So, lets keep the decency to the internal postings like just Ask, and give them freedom here. After all “Last i heard India is a free country. “

  72. Freeze on recruitment??? whrs the freeze??? they r still hiring in bunches but the only difference is that they go scurrying for ‘kids’ in far flung colleges and pick them even before their results r out. Even @ interviews they ask only for candidates with MAX 1 yr exp. Wat a fall for such a reputed n respected company. And its true that we did had many offers in hand and we still stayed due to the ‘carrots’ shows. When i once applied for a transfer i was told i will be given a onsite opportunity + my name has been ‘finalised’ in promotion list which is ‘surely’ coming out ‘soon’.
    Many of my friends left but i with some others stayed…why? becuase i trusted my manager i trusted this brand!!
    i may sound a fool to you but thats wat i am..i had trust in this company and i remember this one thing which this very company thought us in induction programme. “promise less and deliver more”.
    i thought it will live up to these values. But i was sooo wrong!!! now i think i was a fool.

  73. And one more thing…is it really true that promotions list will be out in 15 days..i dont believe it..i thought this was just another gimmik to stop the outburst and they will roll out the list “aaraamse” in october. Pls dear fellow TCS’ers give more latest info on when exactly the rollout will be and the effective date of promotions.

  74. I agree with all on the point that this forum is not to maintain decorum, but to say what employees really feel. No point in hiding what you fee. After all ‘We have freedom of expression’ as well in free India.

    The whole gimmick of the CEO to announce stellar results and garnish it with promotions shows TCS and him in poor light. It was easy to grab media attention.

    Now when the finer details are getting out slowly the true colors of the chameleon company show up. I have no idea what will happen to my promotion, whether I will be a little satisfied man in next 15 days or will be more angry. This is not a suspense movie. This is about our freaking future.

    I would request my fellow colleagues who indeed get promoted to publish the details of the same here.

  75. CEO announced promotion but no body knows clarity on it. this is really very sad. A person on topmost position should not publish a news like this w/o any transparency.
    TCS HR’s are worst and they are bullshit… Corporate HR is reviewing promotion from past 1.5 years and still they are reviwing… its a big joke.

  76. Is anyone has anymore updates. It’s still ‘No Action’ in Corporate approval. In the HR call, they have said that the letters will come in a week or two. Don’t know what exactly is going to happen.

  77. Does any one have any idea what is the plan for people who became eligible for promotion as of this July? The HR are absolutely mum on this topic.

  78. roller coaster ride, some one says band “d”s will not be promoted,, some other says, all prior approved cases will be through……The former is true with some exception. BY general thumb rule, corporates is reviewing the approved list. Band “d”s are removed from the list adn are grouped separately. HRs are also aware that Band “D”s are not necessarily bad performers adn hence case by case basis, if they are better performers all through their prebvious years, then they MIGHT get promotion. This is purely will be decided by thecorporate and the promotion lettes will be out in batches and will start getting released from late 2nd week or early 3rd week of aug. If any one has any disagreements in these points, please come forward…so that we can collate the truths..

  79. negative signs keep coming out of shell but corporate doing little. people are claiming that there wont be any change in VA. little change in basic which would be effective from APR10. what a horrible news.. Why there bastards delayed the promotion if it were to be done this way. they are making a mess of our career. no organisation can play with life of its associates this way. its really a shocking news about hikes.. can’t think about it

  80. @Frustration Personified – This is the kind of update that many out of us are looking for. It seems that you have got this information from HR and we should wait for response from some other associates from some other location. If the info is same then only we will belive that it is true. Do you have any updates that ‘In batches’ means location/region wise or it will come designation wise?

  81. @ Some figures: not sure buddy if that is region wise or desig wise or what wise, but certainly this is not wise on the employee…

  82. Rude shock!!! You call us ASE or NSE or BSE or ITA or XYZ, what indeed really is expected out of a promotion is increase in one’s gross/net pay and salary structure change for good. Even in a government company, when there is a promotion, they get good hikes. This is atrocious and highly demoralising. These senr mgmnt says “Something is better than nothing”, but we feel “Nothing is better than nonsense”. can some of you from differnt places/regions re-confirm this news please?

  83. This news is more or less confirmed. I have heard multiple people talking about it from Delhi as well as Mumbai.

  84. Today I read some flash news on Just Ask. One of the employees was so confident in telling that there would be no hike given in promotions. He quoted to get this news from “floor walk” of senior management. I don’t know what kind of walk is this but if this is true then I give no value to promotions. This is just f*****g frustrating.Why didn’t they do that previous year? Seriously, need to start job hunting now. Only hike in responsibilities but not in salary.

  85. No Hikes!!! My goddd!!! Cant even think of this…but i doubt if this piece of news is true?? If they didnt want to give hikes there was no need to freeze promotions from last 1.5 Yrs. Ofcourse they will give hikes..else wat sense will it make. One more thing..this april they gave increments to all associates whose bands have incresased from last year. and they have got decent increments of 10%. So if TCS can give increments in Apr when times were really troubled why not now when there are green off-shoots on trees again. (Well i am trying to stay positive! Sigh!)

  86. I agree with @Anand…If they will give promotions without hike then it means that it’s a loss rather than a gain..atleast for those who are working at onsite in a fixed price project…

  87. Here is the news, Out fo 5 % of promotions intiated last year only 1 % is getting approved . The following is the critiriea.

    No band D in last 2 cycles if so rejected , so people who got D in last apprisal as well , they are asking current pl and gl approval again.

    THis is liked chain going on and on , I bet there is huge Q is going to put the papers .

    THere is no more value , eithics, moral in this org. Its been 10 yrs , I am leaving soon. Good BYe.

  88. instead of waiting for promotion letter, i think its better to wait for the current months salary. there are lot of rumors about promotion.
    I f all elligible (last year recommended irrespective of band’s) will get higher salary then cheers!!! otherwise leave company.
    I have an offer letter from different company and waiting for this month end and will resign after seeing hike or no hike ….
    best wishes

  89. @TCSer 5.5 years still ASE,That is the spirit! Hope you will get a good promotion, but otherwise, give the company a good kick and have a better life!

  90. @Current Employee- Log on to Ultimatix->knwmax and Just Ask is there on the left as another link.
    Its a discussion forum in TCS and had interesting discussions about promotions.

  91. these people are taking som much time to release the promotion letters. makes thinks in a negative way about the top management. did they really decide to go ahead with the promotion on the day of first quarter result declaration? Is it a last minute decision? why they did not take up some time before the quarter result declaration to analyase the oending promotions in whatever criteria they planned and release the promotion letters within a week? When it comes to taking back from employees they do it so fast and show their efficiency. But to release compensation/promotion letters they take hell amount of time. INstead of “Experience Certainty” they can keep it as “Experience the delay and in course of time you may die” . I feel when they changed their own salary it would have been a decision made in 60 seconds. For the people who really matter for the organisation the top management takes its own sweet time.
    Like last time they might be waiting for one more bank to go bankrupt so that they can come up with one more message in ultimatix that global conditions are not good. so we will put hold on promotions for this quarter. last year once they published an announcement that promotion will be done from oct-08. when lehman brothers collapsed they backtracked. May be this time too they are waiting for samething to happen so that they can cancel promotions now also. APART FROM THIS I CAN NOT THINK OF ANY OTHER REASON WHY IT IS TAKING SO MUCH TIME TO RELEASE THE LETTERS.
    shame on you the so called corporate body of TCS….

  92. Any further updates guys? Is it true that hikes would be effective only from April 2010? What abt VA then?

  93. From all the rumours in this blog and JA it seems that the promotion hike will be as follows:
    Basic and other emoluments increase effective July 09
    VA increase effective April 10. When ITA promotion was in 3 years VA increase eas effective from 4th Year.

  94. I wish that all these are just rumours and we all will get good hike with promotions. We all were recommended during promotion cycle in 2008 and if you will search the HR policy in Ultimatix (new ultimatix – top right corner and mention promotions and select content) then you will find that we all are eligible for promotions. Guys, keep ur fingers cross and just wait for the next communiction.

  95. @ some figures. DOnt give false hope adn dont be over-optimistic. Policy only says eligibility criteria and doesnt guarantee anything. What ever we are discussing were true. Psl dont blindly belive policies…

  96. @frustation personified is totally right. What facts do we have to base any optimism of which you feel we are enititled to?

    the facts that we have are these: Freshers who got confirmed in the last few months had NO confirmation hikes.

    those who completed to years after joining as freshers and whose grade changed from C1 to CY usually get a hike in variable pay. This year after april no one got this hike.

    So we have every reason to suspect that the ‘promotions’ will carry very negative and unreasonable terms and conditions……

  97. These F****** B******* would even steal from a beggars plate. How different are they from those factory owners that employ under age children and abuse them, paying them pennies?

  98. Dear All,

    I again spoke to a very senior HR at onsite and she confirmed me that the letters will be out by 15/08/2009. This is the best HR pro I spoke with in TCS. In reply to a question about letters will come in batches, she replied that all letters will be issued in a period of 2-3 days (i.e. by 17-18th august max). She also confirmed that promotions will be effective from July,2009.

  99. Now I am concerned about the Variable Pay bit. If that will remain same then no point in announcing the promotions in such a grand style!!!!! This is day light robbery. Looks like they cannot even acknowledge good work done. Shucks!!!!

  100. @ some figures, you are correct. its almost certain and likely that all approved promotions (except band d’s) would be through during the period mentioned. BUt the best part is the change will only be in the basic and related. There will not even a single penny added to your variable pay. You are going to get the same variable pay what you are getting now even after changing to the next grade. This is confirmed and communicated to all GLs. The upgraded Variable pay will only be effected from april 2010. BUt who knows, wat changes would be brought up then….

  101. We are wasting our time by posting message for this stupid company. Just wait couple of more days we come to know all the details. Please post message once you receive the letters.

  102. The news about no hike was posted on JA by one employee. The thread was later marked as abuse. But he mentioned in the post that this announcement was made by account manager in the floor meeting in front of everyone. So we can more or less assume that there will be no hike in VA. Only hike in basic salary. So it could be just by around 500Rs for those getting promoted to ITA. And letters will be out by 15th.

  103. How depressing things are getting!!!
    No hikes, VA hike only in 2010, no promotions for ‘D’ band ppl…!
    Really there is no use in talking over this. Only we will end up getting more and more depressed and frustrated. It will ofcourse make no change to management.

  104. by the way in TCS-Mumbai BPO today all Grade 2,3,4 Grade ppl got a mail that there are interviews been conducted so many can be sent onsite to TCS-USA office for 1 yr Deputation. So coolll!!!
    And i cant apply as i am on Grade 1. but if promotions were released last year then i wud easily have applied. One more opportunity lost due to this F***ing recession.
    But still feel happy for many of my friends who are getting ready for the US-interviews…Mera number kab aayegaa?

  105. Conspiracy Theory – Unravel the mystery:

    1) July 2008: As per the promotion process,all eligible associates’ promotion was approved till IOU HR level and pending with corporate

    2)September 2008: Lehman Brothers collapse and turmoil in financial services industry. TCS decided to hold the promotions and it made news:

    3)After this, company’s revenues were not encouraging and tCS resorted to layoffs by weeding out poor performers (in the name of).

    4) During Jan, feb and mar 2009, there were lots of involuntary attrition. The company managed to gain employees by way of e-serve acquisition. Laid off many peoplewho were in becnh fr more than 60 days.

    5) Then comes April 2009 and company announces yearly results and updated media that layoffs are possible if situation does not improve. Luckily, the financial services industry was slowly recovering by then and TCS did well in Q1 recently.

    6) TCS , now being a public limited company has to address employee concerns. Media knows promotions are long due for deserving candidates.

    7) Then comes July 17 2009 and our beautiful CEO announced, carefully and chose correct words and updated media that TCS would move ahead with the PROMOTION PROCESS, meaning it would continue from where it was left in July 2008. NOt necessarily all approved ones would get.

    8) Now: All bloody dogs like us are waiting for their biscuits.

    Go through the following points where management’s chanakya tactics come into picture: Conspiracy points: (Here I refers to the company)

    A) I did well in Q1, showed stellar results and profit surged. In this situation, me being a public limited company, how can I leave the employees in the same state. They are waiting for more than a year for promotions. It will affect my market value and EPS.

    B)To satisfy employees’ concerns to a little extent and for media purpose, let me announce promotions with carefully chosen words. I did it. Now, am I a fool to promote all these dogs and lose all money? Though I did well in Q1, who knows what will happen in Q2 and how the industry would be. Let me be cautious again.

    C) In order to maintain operating margins in Q2 and subsequently, its necessary that few (Here few means in thousands) experienced people should move out of the company. When the market is good, I cannot do any sort of layoff be it mass layoff or selective layoff. Me being a public limited company, it will affect by market value and EPS. So what shall I do?

    D) Keep everyone guessing for some time and devise some strategies to reduce the promotion expense.Here comes the filter criteria. Why should I promote Band Ds?
    Take off Band Ds from the list and it saves.

    E) ISU wise split and set a count or threshold for promotions: If GLs can figure out who is planning to get resigned or going on for maternity leave and has approved promotion, take those names from the master list and deny them the promotion. This ensures anyone who is getting the promotion letter in another 2 weeks will not have any reason to be denied. If someone has even any one silly reason, take them off the list. This again saves some money.

    F) Here is the best part. All the above said is not enough. The above cost control measures are only to reduce the promotion expenses. We also have to look at future. We need to reduce the salary expense as well. How to do that? Dozen chanakyas are available.

    G)Obviously if you deny approved promotions saying band d or should have been approved before july 2008, then those set of people will certainly not continue to work and look for greener pastures outside. Let them go, its good for them: win-win situation…Company saves money and those empls will get good pay outside.

    H) Hey, I am not satisfied. I have to promote 20000 people on the whole. After using filter, still the number is large, its 15000. If I give the next grade’s VA for all these dogs, then I need to shell out huge money. Let me announce that the next grade VA would only be effective from april 2010. Obviously, again, many dogs will try to move out. Let them go yaar, thats what I want.

    I) Monitor the attrition rate till end of Q3 and when I have done enough cost control and save some money due to this volunatary attrition and if results for Q3 are good, then I can go ahead to give the VA from april 2010. If the attrition is too high, then I can prepone the VA payout soon and get credits from the media.

    J) And also, I am going to bring in role based compensation to tighten the screws of promotion.

    Are these not enough to drive out the most important segment of people away from the company?

    How is the article guys?????

  106. I came to know first set of promotions were released, please let me know any one of you receive the letters? I also came to know that hike is very minimum about 3 to 5k.

  107. Its a total suspense scenario. Since the ISU is deciding on promotion from what I understand, you can’t say if band D will get promoted or not. Can’t rule out but can’t assume as well.
    I have been told that my case is under consideration as I completed 4 yrs in Nov 2008 and not in Jul 2008. Apart from that I have all things ok. All approvals, all good ratings. But I have actually given up hope. If my promotion does happen, I will be kind of surprised.

  108. Please dont pass on rumours..Promotion letters will be generated only during 15 to 20 aug. Lost all the mental strength to look for anything. Please post authentic news…..

  109. has anyone got authentic information that D band people will be left out. are they considering ratings of all previous years or any particular year? I have d band in 2006-07 but have very good ratings in recent two years. pls confirm

  110. pls can any one give authentic info on D band people not getting promoted. are they considering D band in any previous year or any particular one year. i had D band in 2006-07. my recent two ratings are best ratings.

  111. My Update from HR
    No promotion as u get D in 07-08
    because my boss told me u r going onsite and some one needs to accept 2 .. as it will not affect u in onsite..
    but now ..i am not eligible for promotion..
    last 2 yr C rating still .. what to say ?

  112. Today i got a call from Corporate HR, he asked me the details like when was my promotion initiated, approved and what is the total work experience.

    He concluded that he will update me…

    FYI.. i got Band D in last appraisal.

    don’t what is happening, did any one received a call like this..

  113. This news is confirmed and reliable, Promotions letters will be out by 15th August 2009.Also said just wait for letters on real take on criteria on promotions.
    Not to belive any rumours on VA,D rating,hike etc.

    Still top management is finalizing the call on what to apply on hikes not out yet, expected this week from them to HRs and next to employees officially on ultimatix.
    Just keep fingers crossed instead worrying.

  114. Sorry Friends, please ignore my earlier statement that is false information passed by one of my friend..As per HR promotion letters will be out in 2nd week of August.

  115. I am really surprised that corporate HR called someone. Are you sure if was really them and not some sad person in life playing a prank?

    I hope that we have all these as rumours. Otherwise anyone with band D is out and cases like me who were completing 4 yrs after July will be ignored.

  116. Very surprising that someone got call from Corporate HR. Guys, if we would want to wait for announcement on Ultimatix then this portal’s existence is not justified. This blog was started by someone (and run by all) who has unauthorized but authentic information. So let’s not quote the reliability on Ultimatix here and post some authentic information.

  117. Is there any hike for the people who finishes 2 years with TCS.. I complete by NOV will I get any Hike for NOV as my salary is too low 🙁

  118. one of the HR is quite confident in claiming that anyone with Band D in any previous year will not be considered for promotion straight way. that will have to be taken through one more cycle of approval and business cases. so not sure whether people with band D in any year will get promoted. guys if you have any updates pls post

  119. Is there any hike for the people who finishes 2 years with TCS.. I complete by NOV will I get any Hike for NOV as my salary is too low

  120. @sri hari.. this post os for promotion. pls dont post queries on confirmation and completion of n number of years. we all discussing our views and updates on promotion. pls dont try to deviate the discussion

  121. I checked with HR and HR informed me that only people with rating ‘D’ in last one year are omitted from the promotion list. The list is now with Corporate and expected the promiton letters to be out by end of this week. Also HR told that only basic salary will be hiked, if it is less than the next promotion band.The variable allowances will not be given now. It will be later.

  122. Can some one tell me :
    in year 2007 i got “B”
    2008 i got “C” and promotion initiated in july 2008
    2009 I got “D” ?
    Is it confirmed that I ‘ll not get the promotion ?….

  123. sorry to say this friend, your promotion will not be processed..same is the case for me as well adn i explained myc ase to HR and got it clarified. Lots of Ifs and buts with HRs itself…Some special cases for band ds available if they are good performers previously…but again, the call would be taken by corporate…

  124. So this means by Monday letter will out ….. But i came to know that still it is under consideration , not before 20th August

  125. Post #141- Please don’t use same name as mine. Since I have been contributing to this forum under this name for a long time now please change to avoid confusion

    @All- Post number 141 is not my information.

    I don’t understand why everyone’s HR says a different thing. My HR did not talk of a D band at all but told me that since i was not qualified as per them in July 2008, I will not be promoted!!

    Crazy HR, Crazy Company making employees go Crazy!!

  126. wish me luck .. as my HR told me same .. 07-06 D band u r not eligible..
    but my PL and BRM so supportive they r helping me .. for getting all sort of approval (isu head ) as i get good .. rating.. last 2 yrs.. and doing well..
    till last time i ll fight for it ,,and all the best for all ,, for getting promotion..

  127. @ tcs tcs, when did you get band D in 2007, and HR told because you got band D in that year you will not get promotion? When was your recommendation sent?

  128. Dear All,

    I am an ASE and my Basic salary is 14000. What is the minimum Basic salary for an ITA. I have been told that either it is 15000 or 15700. Can somebody tell me the exact figure.

  129. Hey Guys,

    The minimum basic is 14500. It means, the total increment for promoted employees (ASE to ITA whose basic salary is 14000) will be around Rs 2750 only (If increased VA will not be effective from this year). It means you package will be current package + 33 K. 30% tax on 33K i.e net gain of 1925 per month in your current take home salary.

  130. Hey Guys,

    I have checked the promotion letter for one of my friend who got promoted in 2007. His basic salary was 14500.

  131. I also heard it is 15000,not 100% confirm???
    But I heard that in any case basic will be increased by 500,if your current basic is >=15000,otherwise the people whose basic is 15000 will not get any increment as VA is not going to change..Only grade change without any hike is not feasible…

  132. Hi my ratings

    2007 – D
    2008 – B
    2009 – C..whether i am eligible for promotion? till now i was thing only we need worry if the last year rating is D but some of our friends posted message saying even if you get rating ‘D’ 2 years back we are not eligible for promotion is it so? Please let me know whether i am eligible or not.

  133. @Sri hari, don’t post any queries/information which is not pertaining to promotions. And rest of the guys, please don’t cater to such queries in future. As we are discussing, basic salaries have deep variation. One of my friends who is an ITA has 17000 as basic salary while my another friend who is also an ITA has 14500 as basic. Now many people like me have basic in the above range. So I guess there would be some increment in basic salary otherwise as per TCS_info, there will be zero increment for many people.

  134. @Saritha: Unfortunately, thiugh your case is approved last year, it would not be considered. Login to Ultimatix home page and in the top right side, there is a search button. TYpe “Promotion” and choose “content” in the drop-down adn click on he seearch button. You will get the guidelibes document as the first result. go thru that. There it is clearly written that Any Ds in the previous years. If you go by this, certainly promotion would not come…

  135. Hey Frustration thanks, please read the document carefully it says if you got rating of E or D you are not eligble for promotion only in that appraisal cycle but i got D two years I think i am eligible..

  136. D in any of the previous years is what is mentioned in the POLICY..that means how they apply filter criteria is not known and they can use this policy to neglect band d’s in the previious 3 or 4 years….hope for better luck…

  137. to phrase it clearly, what the PDF indicates is that if you get a Band D, then you have eligibility only after 5 years instead of the usual 4

  138. friends pls post if u have any updates. i agree with saritha. corporate can not just rule out band D people. not all band D people are bad performers. i pray they take curve fitting and other things which result in forceful change of bands. having said this we can not trust our top management. they are best in business when taking some illogical and idiotic, employee unfriendly decisions come into picture.

  139. Just to add to Saritha case as we are not discussing the eligibility because who where eligible only were recommended for promotion but now lot of if and but came into picture, otherwise it was very straight fwd that who have been recommended till july2008 should be promoted….but as of Recession/Cost cutting so many new things are coming up….Band D /PIP bala bala will not get promoted…

    Note: You can be eligible but it doesn’t mean you will always be promoted…Appraise/Reviewer/ISUHR/Corporate HR/Top Mangement at any level it can be rejected/disagreed…

  140. better form a union and start going on strike. Look at the bank employees. They go on strike and threaten the entire country. Unless we strike, nothin will happen in TCS like companies.

    Only after going on strike, TCS will realise the importance of keeping employees happy. Imagine the business loss when lakhs of ASEs and ITAs go on strike and there is no one to look after the SLAs. Humongous loss to TCS. Atleast must threaten the management.

  141. Dear All,

    TCS (Our) rival companies are setting very wrong examples for TCS management. Wipro is paying 50% salary 9for the first six months and then 40% in next two) to its employees who are on bench. They will fire ppl on bench if they are idle for 8 months. We all know that Infy had given a considerable pay cut to all the staff (top-to-bottom).

  142. I always wonder what other big I.T comps are doing to tackle the recession. If u have any info on it pls try posting it in new topic as this is ‘only for promotions’.

  143. Is it really true that only basic salary is goin to increase?? thats meagre and cheap! I cant imagine the frustrated look on my face when i will see the letter.
    Any indication that this bit of filler news may be false??

  144. Can any one tell me ..Are they going to promote ppl recomended in July 2009 ( Apprvoed till reviewer ..HR still pending) in this cycle or they have to watil till july 2010 ..

    Please let me know if ny of you were also recomended in this year like me

  145. its true that there will not be any increase in VA during this promotion..
    I had seen a mail from HR to GLs that there won’t b any rise in VA component.. bt it waz 2 wks back.. hope for u all tht it has changed for gud.. keep fingers crossed!

  146. Dear frusted employees…

    Few ground rules – seems lot of you are new and shooting arrow in dark. 1. HR won’t ever reveal that letters will be out in next 2-3 weeks. 2. They won’t communicate to GL in email i.e. in writing that VA won’t increase etc. HR, in TCS, is like SS army of Hilter – secretive and they take a great pleasure in being so. It gives them immense pleasure that they knew all along what is happening behind the scenes and not sharing it with employee. Well no one wants to know everday details but communicating that promotion letter will be out in last week of Nov, 2009 will just relieve many souls – won’t it?? Rather than living in agony every day. But won’t such communicatin kill all the fun that HR and other so called ‘higher’ management enjoy by seeing the pain in the employee’s face?? Who knows when will next recession strike and when they will again be able to enjoy these scenes again?? So these saddist are enjoying every minute of it this time – till they can.

    Band D – anything can happen. Depends on CEO’s mood. If his coffee was upto the mark – then you will be lucky else we all know – it was due to economic recession/outlook and uncertain business environment…not due to constipated CEO/HR (whose morning coffee didn’t help them in getting relieved). Sometimes I wonder where those crores went to – which was shown as profit in last quater’s steller performance. I bet if TCS would have deducted few more rupees’ out of emloyee’s pay cheque (or pick-pocketed it) then they could have shown even more profits. Its all an eye-wash to attract new college recruits and to pay crores in dividends.

    I may just know where those crores were wasted – on conduting meaningless surveys – like in which city kids like internet more. Who has which make of laptop/PC, which screen saver are hit – of cricket players or movie actors – in rural and in urban kids? (After all our life depends of knowing these meaningless figures – doesn it??) Then paying the media houses to publish it. Just to grab some cheap media attention. What an innovative idea to waste hard earned money – in recession – to create brand awareness. Actually after getting smacked in face by all the negetive publicity received in media for the delays in executing passport project – TCS had to come up with some such all India level gimmick to neutralize the negetive effect. The ‘higher’ ups are a worried lot as such negetive publicity will erase even the little chances which TCS may have in getting an even small bite in UID (Unique Identification) project pie – as Nilekani is heading it and he will surely favour Infosys than likes of TCS.

    Well friends those who have connections to AITU or such industrial outfits for CPI or CPM should come forward and start talking with them for forming unions. Last I heard was in W.Bengal the union was getting some shape. If some CPI/CPM workers are reading this blog then please start approcahing TCSers for unions – we are ready this time.

    Because as per curve fitting 20% employees has to get band ‘D’ (in recession this % is more) every year. If all these 20% employees go on strike then surely it will hurt this employee unfriendly company – at the place where it hurts most.

    As per my guess and known this chameleon for so long:
    1. Promotion letter – may be Aug end
    2. Effective from Oct 1st, 2009 (if not in 2010)
    3. Hikes – are you joking…
    4. In the promotion letter, highlighting that TCS has done a tremendous favour of giving promotion even in such scenario (uncertain economic time) – its a rare of rarest event, totally unthinkable to offer promotions. So stop cribbing – be happy and as company management expects us to toil even more.

    Friends, be smart – take the promotion letter and just get out. There is a big world outside of TCS.

  147. @ Expect uncertainity

    I agree than TCS is not doing the things in right way, but my friend it will not matter much to TCS if 20% (band ‘D’) of the employee creates union and stops working…they can just slaughter them (they will face few difficulties, but they can overcome)…Within the next cycle, they will hire another bunch of trainees…and again 20% will get band ‘D’ in next fiscal…And the game continues….Anyway the utilization of employees in TCS will be not more than 80% at any point of time (in maximum cases), so by slaughtering 20% is a perfect match…and if required they will hire again …..And the regarding CPI/ CPM , I have heard that they have just spoiled West bengal totally by their trade union politics…bandh…hartal…just spoiling the work culture…Many industries are totally shut down due to trade union in W.B. …Its doing no one’s good…In any private industry I think this kind of problem is there…job security & guarantee can only in govt firm…

  148. @Another, the motif here to go on strike is to bring TCS atrocities in public. It may or may not affect the work but it will definitely bring TCS’s real face in public. Bringing any political party to form a union is not a good idea at all. Keep dirty politics out of this. Let the strike be for our problems and lead us. These political leaders are good for nothing. TCS top management will easily bribe and will turn them on their side.

  149. Can we create a Yahoo group and let interested people who want be part of union can join in that once the count goes beyond 1000, we can decide future course of action.

  150. Guys,

    Any updates on when the letters would eb released? Is it by end of the month or end of this week? And what abt VA? Pls keep post on this…

  151. Basically management now deciding how they distribute the money kept for promotion (a small amount). If they have Rs 100 to be spent for promotion and they are ready to give increment Rs .01 then they will give promotion to 10000 person. Filter criteria will be decided accordingly and if they want to give increment 0.1 then promotion will be for 1000 and create the new promotional guidelines. They are optimizing those figures. So anything can happen. But talking with my local HR, it seems that number of promotion will be less as well as the hike, because the amount is very less. They are trying to create news that TCS is giving promotion and obviously some will remain in TCS now expecting to get a good hike outside TCS on and above promotional hike and loose 1 year more as we lost 1 year thinking on the same line.

  152. What I cannot understand is that why is there no similar follow up on promotions in Infy or Wipro!!!
    Am sure they would also have held up promotions etc. Must be something unique about TCS that attracts such a
    negative review.

  153. very difficult yaar!!!! suddenly we iwll get everything on one friday eveinig after 6 pm, it may be month end or his weekend,, but the pace of thinsg goin on, it will be only in the month end i believe…….
    @admin, pls write another topic-II on promotion as the comments count is nearing 200 and difficult to walk thru…

  154. This news is now confirmed that letters will be released by this weekend. All ITA aspirants will get the news (+ or -) by this weekend. Promotion letters for above ITA grades will be released next week. There will be no hike in VA but marginal hike in basic salary. That’s it. Now, wait till Friday !

  155. NO hike in VA???????????? If this news becomes a reality then i wont believ my hard luck…becuase this was the day i was so earnesly waiting for and worked by A** for…and now what i am getting is this…!!!!

  156. @Repenting TCSer, your news is almost certain. This is what is goin to ahppen. There will be only marginal hike. Those who have been receiving less basic in their grade might get benefitted when the grade change happens, but VA absolutely no change. This is a discrimination…We have to represent as a group and convey this to top management…

  157. Just to summarize all of the above comments:

    1.All who were eligible/recommended /approved (at ISU HR Level) with no “D” band in any of appraisal cycle will be 100% promoted to next grade: Band “D” few cases will be considered based on past performance and current Appraiser/Reviewer/BRM approval.

    2.There will be no hike in VA as of now only in April 2010 chances are there it will be considered.

    3.Basic will change in any case if getting promoted

    (a)If it is less than the minimal basic for next grade then it will be increased by that difference e.g. if current basic is 13500 and next grade minimum basic is 15000 then net increase will be 1500
    (b)If current basic is >=15000 then it will be changed by 500.
    4.Letters will be released by this Friday for grade change from C1–>C2

    Friend if anything needs to be added plz feel free to add

  158. @TCS_Info: My Basic is 14000. What is the minimum basic of an ITA? Will there be any change in Personal Allowance. If not then then the total increment will be around 3000. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  159. As per my knowledge it’s 15000 and there will be no change in PA.
    whatsoever I shared it’s as per the comments given here ,got I spoke to some people,and read some comments in Just ask….

    So wait for the letters to get the final outcome… @@@

  160. Some figures if there is change of 500 in basic how much will be the total increase and can you plz explain how u calculate that????

  161. @TCS_Info: Basic: 500 + HRA : 250 + Medical: 500 + Food Coupans: 1500 + LTA: 50. Total = 2800. I am sure that they will also increase personal allowance by 1000. So the total increment might go upto 3800 and the guranteed figure is 2800 i.e around 34000 per annum.

  162. Is medical and food coupons are linked to basic???….I don’t think so

    HRA(50%),LTA(10%),PF(12%) are linked to basic might be PA also.

  163. @TCS_Info and @Current Employee: Medical and Food coupans does not link to basic salary but for an ITA, as per the current structure, TCS is giving food coupans for 2000 and sundry medical 1250. There are rumours that VA will not be changed but all other emoluments will be changed.

  164. I got to read an article why Variable pay will not be given immediately by companies: Its interesting, the topic is “Interpreting increment”:

    You are holding your revised pay cheque; your feelings alternate elation and dilemma. Your performance has been appreciated but the rewards promised do not seem to reflect in the new salary slip. The basic salary has gone up marginally and so have the house rent and conveyance allowances. The hefty bonus, quartely incentives, special rewards all seem to be missing. Or, are they? Maybe you have not understood the changed structure of the annual increment. The days of one time, once a year hike are fast disappearing.

    Salary raise in instalments is becoming the order of the day. It is not that the companies do not want to compensate, it is just that they don’t want to lose you—at least not immediately after giving you the raise. Staggered disbursement of pay hike is being adopted by companies that want to hold on to their talented staff. Thus a major chunk of the performance bonus may come your way six months after the increment letter reaches you As the war for retaining talent intensifies rewarding individual effort based on performance is the most potent business tool available with companies today. And each is using a novel way to hold on to the talented employees while keeping a check on their total outgo too. Some heads under which salary hikes are now given to employees are:

    Read the full article here:

  165. any idea about basic salary for the following grades
    2.AST -??
    3.ASSOC -???
    Kindly those from these grades in the forum, please post.

  166. #198. Dont come to this forum and ask idiotic questions like the salary for various grades etc. Being in the company, first learn about it before coming to public forums.. First of all, its not the same across all employees just based on grade. There are many other factors contributing to your basic salary – degree ,college, experience level etc are some. Second, what will you do knowing that even if someone responds? Will you leave the company if someone in the same grade gets a few thousand bucks more than you?

    Lets talk some real burning issues about the company which is exploiting lakhs of young freshmen from colleges turning them to bonded slaves..

  167. frens… if any of you get promotion letters pls post here.. i am one of unlucky gals who had band D three years back for changing the account. so i am not sure whether my case will be considered. pls post any updates here

  168. Let me throw another googly. Ure PA may actually come down as this is a variable component which has no basis. HR randomly increases/adjusts this every year w/o clarifying as to why/what is this for.

  169. Patt: The question is posted to just to know, whether its going to be worth staying with company in long run, the pay scable at higher grades are low as well. Btw am long waiting ITA aspirant as well.

    Hope we will all questions answered in less than two days from now.

  170. Hey Guys,

    Just saw some posts in Just Ask regarding promotions and few guys have put questions which gives a hint that promotions letters were/are going to be released geography-wise.

  171. No updates !!! This is what i came to know from HR.
    “as soon as we do hear something all eligible associates will definitely be notified” There is no validity of dates when promotion letter will come.

    No VA hike is surely projected!!

  172. Just talked to the ISU HR.

    Promotion letters are getting released batch wise from Friday onwards.

    From the last 3 months or so, had been into thousands of iterations on what is going to happen really. Worst part being the responsibilities keep on increasing, not the pay.

    Still hoping and keeping fingers crossed .

    Btw, anybody checked the Knowmax portal. – they are planning to phase out promotions based on the roles. Pilot is in Telecom ISU. Seriously they should not boil out our promotions in the same way .

  173. Dear Guys,

    The Corporate HR proving again & again that ISU HR are dummies. Why they don’t give an authentic news to their sub-ordinates. We ppl don’t have access to corporate HR and when we put are queries to the dummies they just answered whatever comes in their mind just like we do to our kids. Our CEO has announced ateast a month back that there is a good news among you who were recommended for promotions last year. It has been decided to go ahead with the promotion process —— which will complete in 1 year. This is a high order stupidity. Before coming out promotions letters, rumours came up and that directly hurt the confidence of an associate and it has a direct impact on our day-to-day life.

  174. Just now there was a HR presentation and they confirmed the news that Promotion letters will be issued within 5 days. Also the news was confirmed that there will be no VA hikes….and the increment which all were expecting are expecting will be in form of:
    When a Associate has its grade increased he gets eligible for all the ‘basic’ emoluments which the upper grade thats wat he will receive henceforth…but there will be no ‘increments’ as such.
    So all the news which was posted here is pretty much accurate and now confirmed…ITS OFFICIAL NOW….!!!! NO VA HIKES!!!!

  175. @Anand: It means that all the associates who are promoted to ‘C4’ grade will be benifited most. They will start getting 11000 per month for Car Maintenance. We, an ASE for 6 years will be least benifited as our basic will only be increase by Rs. 500 and the total increment will be in the range of Rs 2800. Apphauling job done by the TCS Top Management.

  176. @Anand: Till today morning we are expecting the promotion news within this Friday. Now you are claiming that it will be within 5 days. So it seems that it becomes a never ending process. TCS management is trying to delay it as much as they can.

  177. @tcser..See you may get letters earlier beucase as per the HR presentation the despatch of letters in ultimatix have started, and its been done Geographically. 5 days time is given becuase in that majority will be having the letters.
    @Some Figures See i understand ur concerns but the exact nature of this statement (change in basic emoluments from current grade to promoted grade) is still not known…and u are well aware of the suspence and confusing talk of our HR which we are now accustomed to.
    Quote”Any questions we asked on this topic was met with the same answer…We dont have any more info on this…we deliverd all we got from Corporate TCS HR…as and when we receive anything as always will be cascaded down…”Unquote
    Ohhh one more thing i left out….
    1 – All the increase in salary will be effective from 1 JULY 2009.
    2 – There is no news as of now for next promotion cycle…there may or may not be….
    3 – Next promotion cycle will take in consideration the period where this current one ended…i.e OCT 2008.
    I am trying to dig out more news….till then see ya….keep posting as soon u get ur letters which shud be anytime….i heard that 1 batch of letters already posted in ultimatix.
    Now what …me and my group have decided …

  178. And u know….for the first time publically the HR guy accepted on floor in front of all the employees…Quote
    ” Yes!! This promotion Delay has resulted in waste of 1.5 Yrs of deserving employees”
    1.5 YRS !!!! can u imagine

  179. @Anand: Thanks for the updates. Kindly let us know that in which centre they have organized this HR presentation. I have not received my letter till now so assuming that they have not issued letters for Northern region.

  180. @Anand: Thanks for answering the queston.

    Hey guys…post an update once you will receive promotion’s coming in batches..but increments will be same throughout..not sure that when they will issue letters for Delhi NCR…

  181. I hope we have people reading this forum who will eventually get promotions. I won’t be a part of the promoted bunch but am very happy for all those who will be able to get it.
    TCS has made sure that everyone who gets it feels that it is hard earned!

  182. How does one gets notfied if the letters are coming in Ultimatix? Do we need to keep checking for some place in HR management??

    I am not sure of my fate – as I got D – as they were promoting me…didn’t see this coming and at that time couldn’t fight against the high and mighty seniors. Anyways any one who gets their promotion letter please post it here. As this platform is better to get an update than incommunicado TCS HR. And BTW congrats to those who get it after this long and painful wait !! It will be sweet I feel – for sure.

  183. Guys,

    its going to be 8 yrs for me , This is one of the pathetic HR execution i have ever seen in my carrier, those who are not happy wait for he right time and leave TCS, there is no point in wasting your time and carrier here, and it will be worst under our new CEO from october, believe me …so think and make ur decition . i have submitted my papers already . Good luck to all of you.

  184. People are waiting for this day from long long time, there is no VA hike even then we all are happy.. atleast to some extent. Hope our company will not elongate it any more :-). Our Anxiety is same as of a bride waiting for her baraat or parents waiting for arrival of baby in the world. I hope good news will come soon for all of us. All the best

  185. The date for promotion letter release is changed to 31st Aug now. Lets see how many twist and turns we see going forward

  186. Guys,

    Any news on the 1st release of letters. Again @Anand — which ISU you belong, dont hear of any HR presentation held in any ISU atleast from Seepz, Bvli, Yantra or Gateway.

  187. Dear All,

    Any updates? If assume that the updates posts by Anand are true then Who are the lucky associates who has received letters so far?

  188. Hey Guys,

    I think it’s an official holiday in India. I am not sure that any updates will come from corporate HR on the same.

  189. God will also know after its notified in ultimatix. he also needs to wait 😉 Such is the sececy here. Non-transparent selfish beggars.

  190. I am From TCS-Mumbai Vikhroli (Wellspring campus). I wish i can post more details with names but i fear if anyvody from HR reads this and i may be in trouble.

  191. Even i am waiting for the letters but HR has told that first batch was despatched. Anyway it may be very less so we are not getting any news yet. And HR presentation news is very authentic as there was a official presentation right on the floor.

  192. This is really getting too stretched. had like 20 hits in Ultmx in the last one hour. Still nothing.

    Or is it kinda weekend run after that it will reflect.

  193. Still Nothing.

    Guys, its getting on nerves now.
    No news, no link.

    Compare to what, apple on apple . Dont care if the Infy/wipro/HCL gives or not. we are in the pseudo grim.

  194. Compare to INFY/ WIPRO/ HCL ??? TCS follows all the bad things …. Never follows the good things .. n is a trensetter in some absolutely rubbish things .. Such as increasing working hours .. in the name of following INDUSTRY STANDARDS.. Honestly, I am now ashamed of telling ppl that I am working with TCS … fearing that they migt ask me my salary….
    will start looking for options soon …

    HR is a set of jerks and jokers here. Who dont know anything.. All of them seem to be “Sifarishi” ppl …. who dont even fit the bill for HR ppl .. HR are atleast expected to be SMART ppl .. A lot of HR here can’t even speak 2 sentences in english at one go…

  195. Impatience reaching intolerable stage…….Take a right decision on independence day..We shud also get independence from this highly selfish and saddist company. We will look for greener pastures, not necessarily greener, atleast we can see pastures outside….

  196. I urge everyone to quit TCS. There is no future in this sick company. Imagine their underlying ethics when management plays a brutal game of patience. Today, movie called “Kaminey” got released. This movie should star all the TCS top management.
    All of their asses should be whipped infront of all the employees.

  197. Dear Friends,

    I know that this discussion thread/blog is only meant for promotions but still as nothing is bigger than our nation so I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Independance Day.

  198. ultimatix showing some maintaince on 16th AUG-so might be some batch process will run at that time today due to 15 aug might be it didn’t hope for the best tomorrow might be letters willl be out…..

    if not tomorrow than big ?????????????????????????????when god(corporate people) only can tell????

  199. xyz don’t spread anything without any proof….Admin plz ignore this comment without any proof…if anything will be decided as mention by xyz it will be official and will be shared in ultimatix….

  200. i believe out of frustration and annoyance, xyz would have commented like that…@xyz, pls confirm this soonest. Dont play with emotions of 1000s of people…

  201. @All, no need to pay heed @xyz. Once the news is published in Ultimatix, promotions will be there. He is trying to spice up the forum just like there are unwanted songs in David Dhavan’s movies.

  202. Guys,

    now the module is under maintenance and will be coming up at 6:30 AM IST.
    Hope this breaks the ICE.

    Still over excited to see my first promotion letter. Dont know why , n even you acknowledge or not, totally enthusiastic in seeing something good .

    N again, all of you happy independence day..

    Just that , cant’ think anything else other than promotion at this moment. Feel stupid , but cant help hitting ultimatix 50 times a day…

    Hey high mgmt, are you atleast listening to this forum. Dont let us bege. we had already done everything to moisturize your skin. Expect a pay back..

    Had been it a situation after 1 yr in TCS, where you live with the same highs like in college, would it have been something so scrabbled. Now we are in deep shit, all of our batch either hv some bigger plans this year, or merged to the responsible lot. Do something. It means a lot , a lot. Cant think of my earlier chances, which i screwed up just coz of TCS was great to me . Even now i feel loyal, but i got to be honest with myself, day by day its jerking my spirit.

    Care for us, we care for our company.

  203. Happy Independence Day to you all….

    Feel like bonded laboureres though in all the real sense….in a free country.

    Had we did such a poor communication in our project delivery then our rating would have been pushed to D and so on….I wonder how CEO of the company keeps repeating the same mistake (poor communications – whether it impacts share market or employees career) again and again and again…and SS army (HR) shamelessly keep accepting it all the time after the damage has been done.

    New mantra for TCS…
    For customers – Expect certainity
    For employees – Expect uncertainity..

    I wonder if college graduates (new bakras) are aware of these ground realities happening in TCS. Please don’t tell us later we didn’t warn you…else few years down the line you too will find yourself writing the post here for the same/similar topic….

  204. This bloody loyalty is what screwed up our lives. Dont stay in any company for more than 5 years. When the company feels, the job you do can be replaced with a person with 0-2 years exp, you are out of the game. Even Vivek Paul, ex-ceo of wipro was with wipro for not more than 5 years. When he felt the job is done, he quit. Comapny doesnt have any emotional link with any employee. Whether you have served it 3 yrs or 5 yrs or 10 yrs or 15 or 20 yrs. As some one pointed out in earlier comments, be patient, wait for the letter, check for the increments if you get promotion, quit after a couple of months. You will get good role as well as pay moving forward. If there is no promotion, better leave the company earliest and earliest possible. There is no point in wasting time discussing abt these nasty management

  205. No.. nothing is out in ultimatix as yet ….Other than the fact that TCS has been ranked as number 2 company in the India’s Most Admired companies list :O I dont know how much bribe they gave for that .. Or how many ppl could have had their salary increments from that money !1

  206. Well, maybe what we need is an employee union.. A strong union is the only way to counter a apathetic management. Just imagine the impact if all the associates waiting for a promotion go on a one week strike.

  207. I already have told u 5 days was the time HR ppl gave out in the official briefing. Pls dont pay any heed to comments of Xyz…!!!

  208. Don’t make assumption,just by giving next week date will just increase frustration.
    Its better to be realistic rather than wait because of these stupid assumptions made by person here. These are comments are non-sense and doesn’t help anyone.

  209. @Radical – I agree with you.
    The only way out to this pathetic situation is either form a Union and do a “Halla Bol” or else just quit. Quitting is a very simple and easy solution which I dont want to opt for at this moment (I may sound like I want to keep my job safe but thats not the case) but teaching lesson to our leadership and management (so called followers of “TATA code of conduct and ethics”) is a must now and we need to find solution to this situation. Atleast we can set example for our coming generation. I dont agree with calling a strike here after forming union but instead lets bring a new wave of “Change”. We can all unite and do something like GANDHIGIRI or something else that can be a real “Change” and impactful. Call for one voice “Enough is Enough”

  210. hey you bloody xyz, what the hell you are here..who are you? dont try to get pleasure out of the agonies of 1000s of people here.
    @admin, can you please warn xyz?

  211. Why anand is not responding to this survey?? anand did you get any latest news or it was just crab…Nobody knows anything here…Just cross ur fingures guys and hope for the best and don’t get frustrated because of these idiotic comments made by persons who don’t have any knowledge of anything…

  212. Our HR has informed that the Sep’09 salary may reflect the promotion and it will be effective from July’09.

  213. Hi All i am not responding as there is no point in doing same thing each day…The plain truth is Promotions are going to happen….Letters will be sent in just some days…Promotions will be w.e.f 1 July 09.
    Pls dont believe any idiotic comments of promotions again getting scrapped.
    How can i prove to u guys that HR did held a presentation on the floor for all…u know why HR held a exclusive presentation only on our floor and not in any other ISU’s.
    Becuase ours is a unique Hybrid model(Exists only here) and our client is the biggest client of TCS with maximum revenue generator.
    And most important only in last 2 months there was a staggering artrition rate of 32 % in our process. This Shot up was from Q4 08-09 figure of 8 %.
    So HR will ofcourse held these confidence building measures to retain employee loyalty.
    mail me on

  214. TCS vision is getting blurt fast … For all who made TCS worth its name, TCS now stands for (Mis-) Trusted (Experience Un-) Certainty (Quit now-) Service … There is no certainty of promotion list or its schedule … No point wasting time any more … Thanks God job market has started improving … If you are really a deserving candidate, it is right time to join QTM (Quit TCS Movement).

  215. Regarding receiving promotion letters…i am in same boat as u all.
    We team mates keep discussing this and going on ultimatix each hour but only to logout with blank faces.
    My HR sources too dont tell me anything on the first batch which they told were already despatched.
    They now tell that pls wait..all will get their letters soon…How soon no one knows..but for sure before 31st Aug this whole process will get complete worldwide.
    I know this is frustrating but thats all we have in our hand but to wait. Guys we have already waited so long for this …we can wait 1 week more.
    And one more thing pls dont keep very high expectations on the salary increase part. They tell us that though the increase in salary will not be that good (Due to the stagnant VA), but if we wait till April2010 we all will get really good hikes as the annual increament will be on our new package + we will get our share of VA hike.
    Trust me even i am feeling very low as u all…and as u all know we have no other way but to wait ..with patience…!!

  216. Hi

    Got update from my GL – expect promotion leters within this month (nothing new, i know !)

    And regarding VA component he said that there are 2 views going on – as per our unit head there will be a change in the VA component now itself (feeling good na !) but one GL has heard from sm HR (of some other unit) saying VA will change from next Apr.

    Hoping for the best…

  217. Anand,thanks for the update but I bet there will be another round of disppointment by Apr 2010 -this is another carrot to hold us for next 6/8 months

  218. Fu** TCS, Fu** its Corporate HR and all big asses in the Top Mgmt.
    My head had given up hompes long back, now even my heart has given up.
    It’s only a matter of time before I kick and spit on TCS’s face and leave.

    If I get a job, it’s fine. If I don’t, I’ll quit TCS anyway.
    It’s become a prestige issue now. Also, in spite of being made to face all this, if I still continue to be this Fu**ing company’s slave, I would pity and hate myself.

  219. Fu** TCS, Fu** its Corporate HR and all big asses in the Top Mgmt.
    My head had given up hopes long back, now even my heart has given up.
    It’s only a matter of time before I kick and spit on TCS’s face and leave.

    If I get a job, it’s fine. If I don’t, I’ll quit TCS anyway.
    It’s become a prestige issue now. Also, in spite of being made to face all this, if I still continue to be this Fu**ing company’s slave, I would pity and hate myself.
    Recession is over or not, I get another job or not….I AM QUITTING IN THE NEXT 90 days. That’s the deadline I’ve set for myself to quit this company run by motherfu**ers..

  220. Yes, its all a prestige issue now..Without VA hike, ppl must wait for 6 to 8 months and after which there will be some new rules coming up based on RBO and we will not get the anticipated hike. Begging is better than waiting for smething from TCS..Bloody dogs!!! countdown started. Iam joining Quit TCS Movement.Let us start a community in orkut or yahoo groups so that we can voice together without anyone gettng exposed.

  221. Folks – As I posted earlier, “Hall Bol” in the form of Gandhigiri or some other means (which u all suggest) should be our only stance now.

    Just think about it – IF we follow QTM i.e. Quit TCS Movement, we are the biggest losers (not in the form of Job) as management and leadership wants many of us to quit (they have already over hired and 30K of them being unallocated). If no VA hike with not much change in the overall package is the management stance, then they want many of us to quit naturally.

    If no VA hike is the stance, then this cud have been done last year itself? There was no logic and point in holding promotions for more than a year. Is there any point in accepting these promotions with no hike at all and just a mere grade change with some changes in basic etc.? Sounds truely pathetic, I dont have words to describe this situation. Uncertainity continues…….

    So folks, “Halla Bol” and lets dont follow any unethical means here of forming union and strike and all. Lets be a good citizen and associate of our organisation but at the same time call for one voice “Enough is Enough”

  222. Hi All,

    One Bad News….

    Eligible criteria status changed today…(Eligible Criteria met changed to “No” even approved and pending in corp)

    C1 to C2

    Grade –> A Total Relevant should be 5 years
    Grade –> B Total Relevant should be 6 years
    Grade –> C Total Relevant should be 6 years

  223. Long waiting promotion has come finally. Reflected in Ultimatix.

    To check your promotion:

    Logon to ultimatix–> enter your empno. –> select people and hit the search button.
    It will list the employee details. Click the employee name. It will show the (new) designation.

    Congratulations !! to all you got promoted …

  224. Anand

    you sound from a TCS BPO setup, if that is the Case than the policies are different from the CC Dept (IT).. no HR has spoken at the highest level about it yet openly ..last I heard was list are getting consolidated
    at each ISU level.. Guys please dont believe everything said here ..

    and Just wait till you see the letters and policies yourself , I know it is annoying but this is least we can do..

  225. Folk…mantra for Quit TCS movement..

    For customers – Expect certainty
    For employees – Expect uncertainty..

    Chameleon TCS has come up with a new trick up its torn sleeve. This time instead of CEO again (mis)communicating the promotion news – its asking (better than him qualified) GLs to do so…i.e. if there is no VA or if this promotion gets delayed by another decade then slaves like us will blast GL instead of CEO for passing on the wrong info…nice and clean trick, isn’t it.

    GLs have also communicated that promotion letter will be personally hand delivered to each eligible slaves by HR head Ajoy at their individual work locations.

    HR head has also kindly agreed upon to travel across the far off lands (of course on company expense) to meet and greet each slave on getting promoted to the rank of senior slave and possibly apply little salt on wounds.

    Protocol for slaves for receiving the gallantry medal:
    Come to office on time and please wear nice dress…if you don’t have any then rent it or borrow it from Infy/WIPRO friends….else HR head will feel humiliated – he is very sensitive. He gets disturbed on seeing such shabbily attired slaves – around his work place everyone (SS armymen – HR) is so nicely dressed with hair cut and shaved daily from top to bottom…ouch.

    Friends if you find his guy (HR/ Hr head) roaming near your cube kndly dole out couple of thank-you kicks…right in the area where it hurts most and which is generally unreachable to most of HR. After all shouldn’t we thank them in return for such a perfect communication and giving us the peace of mind.

    As part of Gandhigiri…I would suggest that we voluntarily accumulate the paltry VA amount which trickles to us (all the promoted slaves) – from now on till April 2010 – and hand it over to CEO, would-be CEO, would be-would be- CEO, SS army (HR), CXOs – I feel more than us its they who are in need of this money. Pick-pocketers by all means…

    Jai TCS…jai TCS slaves…

  226. i think the job is not completely done…Only a set of people have been able to see their grade change in ultimatix search..For few of the eligible adn approved associates, its not reflecting, whether the batch process is running and update records in the next few hours is questionable…Guys, anyone can update if they are yet to see the grade change despite having a clean record in moving on to the next grade?///

  227. friends…. I had got band D(with IPF more than 4) in 2007 as I changed my account.and best possible rating next two years. inspite of that i missed promotion. anyone with band D made it? everyone in my ISU are able to see grade change in ultimatix and I am feeling bad for no mistake of mine. I think all updates have been done in ultimatix as 18th is the last day for payrol update. i am feeling very very bad.. congrats to those who made it

  228. 18th Doesnt matter .. as there is no expected Sal hike …
    Also.. HR has communicated that this is the first list that is out…..

  229. Latest update folks …….designation change is reflecting in Utx. Promotions letters are yet to be released.

  230. @anny.. promoted lucky ones have found change in their basic salary through salary advance link in ESS. so 18th does matter. all updates to payrol done before this date. may be promoition letters will take sometime to showup. but backend updates have already been done

  231. Guys many of my friends designation changed but not mine, I think my promotion is not through, let me know anyone of yours is not reflecting i can put some hopes at least.

  232. mine is updated as well as for others inmy location(onsite) but checked for a number of freinds whose promotion is not reflected. May be batches still running

  233. hey guys..My grade change is not showing there anyone whoes grade change was not showing up today morning but got updated now?

  234. abc, did you get D rating any time in your career? that is the reason many of my friends including me not got promotion only reason is we have ‘D’ in our career.

  235. Hurrayyy! I got a promotion!!!!!
    Hope u have checked ur changed designations…
    Heres a way:
    Just search on ur name in the search box on Ultimatix and select ur name from the list…
    in the screen u will see the changed deignation.
    Just wait for the letters. Some of my friends who were on the higher grade have already got their letters…But sadly the increments are not that heartning.

  236. F***** i work for 5 yrs.. and then not get promotion Why????????????
    D in 2007
    and other person join tcs in 2007 with 3 yrs exp he gets promotion in jul 2008 … whst the f@@@@ this is ..

  237. Got the promotion letter. No Use. No change in Basic and VA.
    Only 24000/= has increased in overall CTC.
    Two years back, people got almost 2L increment.

    useless promotion!!!!

  238. i join as 1 yrexp .. 1 yr 2006 confirmation .. 2007 D 2008 B ..
    promotion initiated by supervisor..
    and now HR says.. sorry ..
    other person join tcs with 3 yr exp in 2007
    2008 confirrmation and promotion initiated with c band ..
    ehat the f****g rule …………..what to say ? ??

  239. Cheap company .. Cheap Management.. Cheap Tricks … cheap hikes ….

    Already delayed the promotions by 2-3 years.. N now further delaying this by another year in salary perpective ……

    Thanks Mr CEO.. Mr Would-be -CEO… Mr TATA… I m simply floored by TBEM and Tata code of conduct …
    Way to go …by the second most admired company in India ….

  240. Promotion letter released … Only 24000/ Hike
    Hike in only food coupens !!!!!!!!enjoy good food and drink and sleep
    This is TCS

  241. It is bull shit.. I have got 100 rs increment in Basic and few hundreds in allowance.. This is pathetic.. NO VA hike.. then why the f*** they have not given this last year.. again we have to struggle with this for another year and next April i don’t know what will the new story be..

    There is lot of difference in pay structure with another one of my colleuge who is in same designation.

    Guys I strongly recommend those who have got promotion please Quit and those who are with 2, 3 years exp please look for job change now.. Fresher’s don’t join TCS, I would say go and join a small company.

    I myself will move within few days, if this is what this Mother f****** wanted then I would have done it long time back, I waited for things to improve and under impression that I will get hike at least this time.. I don’t know why the F*** I am working so hard since last 6 years.. to see this day.. Enough is enough

    In last few years lot of changes happening around me but my salary is same, My responsibilities increased professional and personal, have ailing parents at home, have a wife, expecting a kid.. and expenses are growing day by day but still my salary will remain same.. who I have to do with a change in designation,, I would request please demote me but give me hike in salary.. I am loosing my nerve.

    When I said this to my wife that I got promotion and increment of 100 rs she almost fainted with laughter.

    It will be a shame and embarrassing if I say to my friends that I got promotion because the hike what I got I cant even treat them with a Pizza..

    Guys my sincere request please quit this organization.. Let management guys do the work here.. tough economic conditions, what the bloody same story in every management letter.. these guys are taking crores under such condition and when a normal employee after working hard for 4 years when expects a hike.. there is crisis .. fuck yaar.. fuck this whole system..

  242. OHH man its unreal.. D band last 3 yrs no promotion. so resign..
    Who get promotion .. ASE to ITA 2000 🙁 .. Very bad after 2 yr waiting ..
    india 2 Admiral company give .. 2000 hike ..

    And no promotion for person who get d 2 yrs .. back..

    Any more bad news.. frds…… ?????

  243. approximatly 1.5 years of wait and 2000 hike!! we have wasted our energy and time to see the hike of rs. 2000 only!!….wow!! maza aa gaya…. still my salary is less than from year 2007.

  244. The country’s top IT firm, TCS, has enhanced total pay packages of its top management personnel and board members by over Rs 1 crore

  245. 2005:B,2006:B,2007:D,2008:B ,2009:B.
    No promotion…..
    Who cares this Total Chor doesnt deserve us .
    One advice to promoted guys leave the Titanic!!!
    Resigin Flu is on!!!

  246. My Personal .. opinion Infy is far batter than our company ..
    Mgmt no hike from last 2 yrs. because of ressesion.. and here..
    1st pref.. to MGMT.. 1 Cr = 2000 For ITA.. after 2yr long wait..
    and what abt this yr promotion .. ??????
    good mgmt.. TATA TATA bye bye

  247. Min hike 2000 – 3000 PM range..
    NEW AST pls uplode .. ur exp ???
    What is next …
    And what about last yr rejected promotion ..
    new Info now min 6 Yrs req ASE To ITA to AST .. .. and if D in beween yrs.. will increse…. so my case 7 yrs. for ITA next 6 to AST
    totall 13 yrss for AST ????????????????:-(

  248. Its been long time with TCS for me going to be 8 yrs guys!!! , i am still expecting AST from ITA , but no promotion due to D in 2008 , i have double A in between , I cant believe this company and HR policies , Really going Mad and i am not able to take this anymore… with all due self respect , this is not a Organizationi i should be any more, i am repending after spending 8 yrs…Good luck guys , i have made up my mind. These guys dont deserver me!! and i will make sure this guys will never get any new project in a specific isu…i cant revel the name , but i will and i can…

  249. Folks – As I posted earlier, “Halla Bol” in the form of Gandhigiri or some other means (which u all suggest) should be our only stance now. I suggest whatever peanut hike we got in this promotion (i.e. on an average all of us got around 20K to 25K with just Rs. 100/- increment in basic) just draft a cheque of that hike and lets get together to handover to our HR Head / Lead in respective cities.

    There was no logic and point in holding promotions for more than a year. Is there any point in accepting these promotions with no hike at all and just a mere grade change with some changes in basic etc.? Sounds truely pathetic, I dont have words to describe this situation.

    So folks, “Halla Bol” and lets dont follow any unethical means here of forming union and strike and all. Lets be a good citizen and associate of our organisation but at the same time call for one voice “Enough is Enough”

    “Halla Bol” “Halla Bol” “Halla Bol”

    Please dont quit without teaching lessons to leadership and higher management who took this deciion. Lets be united and “Halla Bol”
    They want all of to quit thats the reason just a peanut hike. So folks, lets be united and “Halla Bol”

    Post your thoughs please…..

  250. guys… why there is no official commnunication by HR head or someone on release of promotions? is it completed.?
    anyone has any idea on whether anyone with band D in last 4 year has got promotion? they have ignored all band D cases or some have been taken up secretely? If anyone with band D has made it pls reply.

    I understand there have been some communication from ISu to lower levels on preparing business cases for employees with band D. if they had no intention of considering band D people why the hell they asked for business case?

    anyone with more info pls post

  251. Frenz,

    April 2010, our next CEO Mr. N. Chandra and other top management guyz are bored of their current cars which they are using. So they will import some brand new ferrari’s and Rolls royce ( ofcourse yaar, itz from our money only). Due to this they will again go for a cost cutting. This time, inorder to show profits and stay as the no.1 software company. they will reduce the salary of their labourers ( itz u and me ). Even after all this some F**** person will award TCS as the ” Most prefered company to work”

    Guyz, the so called Top management as**** made Joker out us. I feel humiliated and dejected but motived to leave this place.



  252. I have concern with this promotion and thus I want to raise it. Just think about these calculations

    Assume we had 10,000 associates waiting for Promotion since last year. Lets assume all of them have received promotion letters today. So if we say Rs. 25,000 was an average hike each one of us received on per annum basis then 25K * 10K = 25,00,00,000 i.e. Rs. 25 crore per annum TCS will have to shell out for this recent promotion. That brings to a calculation of mere 2.08 cr per month which is 6.25 cr per quarter.

    Every quarter TCS is having PAT (profit after tax) close to Rs.1200 cr and mere 6.25 cr (0.5%) would be an overhead to TCS for this recent promotion. Wow what a reward TCS is paying to associates who are equally responsible for earning this PAT for TCS.

    Gandhigiri or some other means (which u all suggest) should be our only stance now. I suggest whatever peanuts we got in this promotion (i.e. on an average all of us recvd around 20K to 25K per annum with just Rs. 100/- increment in basic per month) just draft a cheque of that hike and lets get together to handover our respective cheques to our HR Head / Lead in respective cities.

    There was no logic and point in holding promotions for more than a year. Is there any point in accepting these promotions with no hike at all and just a mere grade change with some changes in basic etc.? Sounds truely pathetic, I dont have words to describe this situation.

    Lets not follow any unethical means here to form union and strike and all. Lets be responsible associates of our organisation but at the same time call for one voice “Enough is Enough” and show our disdain in a right way.

    Thoughts ?

  253. EndlessPatienceNotPossible u r 2 good at calculation pls put ur comment in JA so out gr8 mgmt will understand how to run .. company .. with . good ppl

  254. EndlessPatienceNotPossible – excellent analysis.. I completely agree with you.. we should show our importance to them.

  255. If people here are really interested, I will suggest all of us start wasting the money of the firm without following cost cutting measures, take leaves as many as you can that way corporate will start feeling pain by billing loss and not following cost cut measures. Stupids got 1500 crore profit still they are not rewarding employees. Dirty firm and dirty company

  256. after 5.5 long years as ASE, the **** had given promotion and the hike cannot even serve to get blade to *****

  257. Do we have any contacts in media? Can anyone approach the media and let them know about the pain we are suffering. Or can we draft a mail to Ratan Tata?

  258. @Endless, here Gandhigiri will not work. It’s a very slow methodology of getting the things done and we are already 1 year late. The best way we can respond to TCS is in the exit interview. Just start finding job elsewhere. Stick to any damn company and quit TCS.
    Bloody ass**les. Our new CEO is a bloody glorified pimp and rest assisting him are bastards.

  259. EndlessPatienceNotPossible : This is a very good analysis. Can anyone help in releasing this info in timesofindia website. Anybody has any contacts. TCS should get humiliated in front of media. Bloody bastards…

  260. @All, request you to post these comments under all the media articles related to TCS. It will bring our issues to light. I will start publishing them one by one.

  261. Guys, pls lets continue the discussion in the latest article posted by admin.iT becoming difficult scrolling more than 300 comments every timr.

  262. Does anybody know what will happen with the people who got recomended this year July 2009 when will be prmoted.

  263. When is the promotion link comes in Ultimatix, i have completed 3.8 year in TCS can my supervisor recommend me during the January promotion cycle.

  264. Hi guys,

    I had my last promotion in Oct 2005 and then my next promotion was intiated in july 2008 and was approved till branch HR.However,I have not been promoted this time as corporate is saying that I had not completed three years in the same role in july 2008 while my promotion was recomandated.

    Did anybody else also face the same issue????
    Please respond if anybody can advise me something.


  266. I have just sent my resignation mail to my PL,GL and HR. Now I am waiting for the response. lets see how quick they respond.

    I will keep posting everything here too keep u guys updated. If u have some pointers and suggestions for me pls do tell me.

  267. Hello,

    I am 6+ experience with 2.5 prior exp and 3.5 in tcs. My rating was C,D,B and my promotion was approved by reviewer in 2008 and it did not happen in first or second cycle in this year BUT it has come to Umatix in Nov 10 and effective from July 1.

    Just to update you all.

    thank you ,
    Raju (name changed)

  268. Guys I heard frm internal resources that some associates who didn’t complete 4 yrs of effective TCS experience by July 2010 also got promotion(also they never go a 5 or 4 rating). Its high time we all sufferers of this partial HR policy should give an ultimatum to the management to come out clean in its policies. Nybody else who has heard such news??

  269. Guys, Market is good and opportunities getting lined up. Promotion policies are never been transparent in TCS, if your supervisor is happy then u will get it in right time.. Guys who got promoted for the name sake in July 2009 after initial loss of 1 to 1.5 years still waiting for their VA.
    Just to save their prestige in the market, TCS releases false statements to the media hiding the truth that promotions are given without any hikes. However TCS compitetors like Infy and Wipro too given promotions with proper grade based hikes across the board level.
    Company shows profit in every quarter and announces 150 % VA in media (never discloses it is VA 2 component , which is a peanut. People think what a great company to work…. Low level employees concerns never reachs senior management so there is no point in wasting our time and dreaming.
    Today also there was a statement by CEO N.Chandra in Economics times that TCS will consider salary hikes in next financial year. Believe me guys all will their so called nominal salary hike letters by second half of next financial year..
    TCS top management always plays these cheap trics to reduce the sudden attrition rate and to get more time to train their freshers to replace experienced professionals.

    Finally conclusion is, don’t expect anything great from TCS management even in this year, better find your own path and quit TCS ASAP.

  270. i got promoted from ITA to assist.consultant on jan 2010. but my H2 rating went to 2.54 . Expecting ‘ D’ band. Am i in danger ? please advice

  271. Good night, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

    A rabbi, a priest and a minister are discussing when life begins.
    The priest says: “In our religion, life begins at conception.”
    The minister says: “We disagree. We believe that life begins when the foetus is viable away from the mother’s womb.”
    The rabbi responds: “You both are wrong. In our religion, life begins when the kids graduate college and the dog dies.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  272. hello
    could someone net me know that i joinded TCS on 20th august as a tranee
    on confirmation i get grade C1Y

    when i have been pramoted to C1

  273. Tcs started giving promotion for JUL’ 10 cycle (atleast in my account which is in Telecom ISU)

    1. Did you get the letters? When will we get the letters in Ultimatix for July 2010 promotion cyle?

  274. hi, i have joined tcs in Dec 2010, with 6+ exp, and ITA designation, when can i expect the hike ?

    in august 2011 i wil b completing 7 yrs, will i b eligible for promotion, for a promotion how much hike i can expect? when it will be impacted?

    plz suggest me how to initiate promotion process and when?

    1. Hi, if by Aug , u complete 7 yrs, then probably you will meet the guidelines for promotion during the Jan 2012 cycle. Good luck.. Also pls be aware that in TCS you have to ask n probably fight for promotion. It doesnt come to u !!!!

  275. There are 2 types of tcers
    X TCS ‘RS (EX )


    TCS is the most annoying company to work with… as it says tcs —> THIS COMPANY SUCKS

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