TCS finally gives promotions in Ultimatix (2009)


appears some have already got their letters and for most getting a ITA promotion the change in Basic is Rs 1500 – Rs 2000 based on current salary. This has changed their Food coupons.

For those who havent received promotion letters : (update 3)

Dont lose heart, after speaking with it is learnt that there are two more batches which are pending with corporate HR due to various reasons.

Case 1 : Say if you arent eligible as of July 2008, but still if your PL has recommended for then it is still pending with coporate HR.

case 2 : Many of my friends who had got D band in 2007/2008 havent receieved letters, I believe their cases is also under .


Update 2:

For all those who were recomended but originally not eligible wil get their promotions or grade changes after corporate hr review by next week. And for those who got their promotions rejected will receive explanation letters.

A new promotion letter should be available by 31st and as others who commented in the forum this can also be viewed by searching under the people section and checking your designation.

This month salary wil reflect ur promotion/grade change.

Please let know your experience, whether your VA got changed or any information about your promotion.

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  1. Only designation is changed… no letter available. Till we check our Letter, we cannot come to any conclusion.. but honestly, don’t feel anything.

  2. Thats right … NO CLEAR COMMUNICATION. Also, the masterfind is also down , so u cant even search for anyones name there. Plus no letters.
    PLUS .. the HR says that this is the first list that is out.. which had cases that had everything CLEAR.
    There are still cases under consideration say which were falling short by a couple of months … Or maybe rating .. BUt were cleared from all levels … They have not been cleared in this list.. They MIGHT get some news in the coming days of this week.
    Also.. Not letter.. no communication on VA or anything …
    Someone congratulated me … But honestly … there’s hardly anything to cheer

  3. My designation changed also…But it is reflecting only in Ultimatix people search but not in Master Find…

  4. Hi,

    I have also got the designation changed. But why did they do this without even the letters being issued…

  5. Everyone who got their designation changed will get promotion letters only on 31st august. But wil get new salary package this month itself. So congrats.

  6. Hi,
    what is the status of new promotions?weather they will trigger promotion link for the eligble guys this year?any news

  7. Letters are out in Ultimatix.. No VA hike at all… Just the basic has been pulled to the lowest level of the next rung.. So in effect .. a real minimal hike .. which means even 100 rs for some ppl…….
    Very very disgusting… This was a real cheap trick on the part of the management…

  8. Thank you Mr CEO … for the “Good news” and the “speedy and effective” execution of your plans ….
    I am still at a lower salary than a lot of ppl in the desig lower than me …..
    I am just wondering how much hike you gave to the brain behind this cheap trick

  9. The hike was just about 10% in my gross salary(shown in the letter) even though I had a performance band of ‘A’. And i am not even sure if the meagre 10% hike will reflect in the net salary(could be much less). Even after 5+ years, my letter shows just about 5.5L package. So whats the use of waiting for this promotion? I feel disgusted about myself that i waited so long to switch to some other firm. Just to let you know i have always got A/B perf bands, but even if such employees start getting meagre raises like these, then whats the use of waiting? Shame on your part HR managers. You just did more harm than good!!! Adios !

  10. Leave the TItanic.Did a big mistake slogging my butt for last 5 years…just to see CEO & his brother in laws salary increase by crore….
    Consistent B one D three years back due to poject change no promotion

  11. 1 year as ASET, 5 years as ASE. All As and Bs and here is the promotion with NO CHANGE in BASIC,HRA or VA. There is Rs2000 change in the BOB!!! Wonderful. Either TCS is just too brilliant or I am a lunatic and the former is definitely not true :<(

  12. Change in designation with effectively no rise in pay, absolutely cheap work from TCS. What more i am drawing less salary from this designation that i was in previous designation thanks to the performance band.

  13. Right… appears like eye wash… getting an A also was not enough to get a gud hike even after almost 2 yr delay… 3000+ peanuts is all the increment compared avg 10 lakhs hike that top mgt took..guess CEO alone took 1cr ‘hike’ …? unfortunate that such websites are blocked in TCS and no more Just Ask sections in Ultimatix…..

  14. As already predicted there were no VA hikes…!!!
    And promotions are out and many came congratulating for getting promoted. But wats the use…they all come asking for a treat and we joke them back saying i will give you a treat of peanuts.
    I immediately called my friend in aother company and sent him my CV so he can try for me there.

  15. No wonder CEO and his merry men deserve a hike of 1 crore (or even more). U need to be an absolute genius to come up with such brilliant ideas. I don’t know what kept them waiting for 1 year. If they had to give promotions with no salary increment, they could have done it earlier. Whats the point in delaying promotions.

  16. Very Cheap trick by the company(TCS), which always talks about the moral values and other fancy words.

    This is cheap trick by the company. It is very bad and it will defenitely have impact on the resources and the company will pay for this bad trick.

  17. Even i think so…if company is going to treat us like a cow tied in the backyard..i really think if any day will come when they will repent wat they have done to us. How can they take us for granted. Do they think we are still going to continue with watever they give us(or not give us).
    Or is it that company no longer cares abt the employees who have already been for a while with they think we shud go on our own so we make seats vacant for new freshers who are cheaper resourses and make less noise.
    Will these freshers ever match the same potential?

  18. Conspiracy points: (Here I refers to the company), Am posting this again…

    A) I did well in Q1, showed stellar results and profit surged. In this situation, me being a public limited company, how can I leave the employees in the same state. They are waiting for more than a year for promotions. It will affect my market value and EPS.

    B)To satisfy employees’ concerns to a little extent and for media purpose, let me announce promotions with carefully chosen words. I did it. Now, am I a fool to promote all these dogs and lose all money? Though I did well in Q1, who knows what will happen in Q2 and how the industry would be. Let me be cautious again.

    C) In order to maintain operating margins in Q2 and subsequently, its necessary that few (Here few means in thousands) experienced people should move out of the company and freshers should replace them. When the market is good, I cannot do any sort of layoff be it mass layoff or selective layoff. Me being a public limited company, it will affect by market value and EPS. So what shall I do?

    D) Keep everyone guessing for some time and devise some strategies to reduce the promotion expense.Here comes the filter criteria. Why should I promote Band Ds? Take off Band Ds from the list and it saves some money.

    E) ISU wise split and set a count or threshold for promotions: If GLs can figure out who is planning to get resigned or going on for maternity leave and has approved promotion, take those names from the list and deny them the promotion. Thats what has happened now.

    F) Here is the best part. All the above said is not enough. The above cost control measures are only to reduce the promotion expenses. We also have to look at future. We need to reduce the salary expense as well. How to do that? Dozen chanakyas are available.

    G)Obviously if you deny approved promotions saying band d or should have been approved before july 2008, then those set of people will certainly not continue to work and look for greener pastures outside. Let them go, its good for them: win-win situation…Company saves money and those empls will get better pay outside.

    H) Hey, I am still not satisfied. I have to promote 20000 (for ex) people on the whole. After using filter, still the number is large, its 15000. If I give the next grade’s VA for all these dogs, then I need to shell out huge money. Also, many people might quit after gettng the hike. so Let me announce that the next grade VA would only be effective from april 2010. Obviously, again, many dogs will try to move out. Let them go yaar, thats what I want.

    I) Monitor the attrition rate till end of Q3 and when I have done enough cost control and save some money due to this volunatary attrition and if results for Q3 are good, then I can go ahead to give the VA from april 2010.

    J) And also, I am going to bring in role based compensation to tighten the screws of promotion.

    Are these not enough to drive out the most important segment of people away from the company?

  19. Well guys please have a broader look at the present global meltdown. To keep our TCS floating during the period of turmoil we have to take some strict decisions. I know this time we have not offered salary hikes of more than 5-20% but we should always remember that we have a family of approx 1.5L to feed. Presently we have 25% of our workforce on bench rather than firing them like other cos we have retained these employees so that we keep the trust of our employees intact. Secondly instead of tweaking with the balancesheets to keep faith of our investors we have relied heavily on our valueable employees. We expect at times when TCS stood by you, This time you all have to stand by us. Even such decisions are not taken over a cup of tea in a meeting rather several months discussion and cost benefit analaysis of such decision is taken into consideration. We have blocked this website only because of negatives vibes and false lanugage used. Such behaviour is not what we expect from TCS employees. I humbly request you guys to keep hold of you senses and emotions. Incase even after reading my message your hard feelings persist then you are always welcome to give your exit interviews.

    1. Thats a nice comment Mr.Ramadorai, (Please dont mis-use our CEO’s name)

      I do agree some angry comments are here, but many more have been deleted or not approved, and many of commenters have purely expressed their frustration. I strongly believe many of the commenters have immense pride in being a TCSer, but again whats wrong pointing out the mistakes and correcting them.

      And also you need to take into account that many of the comments do reflect majority view, and other comments are well researched.

  20. Gosh!! i m wondering whether i shud join tcs or not.. !! i hv been waitin 4 joining 4 last 2 mnths… if dis is d case..i dnt think i shud expect joining in near future. . 🙁

  21. Is there any update when the people having D in any of the previous yr will get the promotion? Is it going to be reviewed and they will get promotion next week as mentioned by admin?

  22. @admin: What do you mean by “For all those who were recommended but originally not eligible wil get their promotions or grade changes after corporate hr review by next week.”

  23. This is all bull shit…In TCS you only degress not progress…this is not a new story …past 5-6 years ppl are experiencing this….I suggest pls leave TCS in numbers….make them realize…they think client are ok with freshers….fools

  24. @busybee :

    Say last year in July 2008 one of my friend had only 3 year 8 months experience, but still his PL recommended for a promotion. So these cases need special process, so they are still under review.

    It seems for these people HR has asked for opinion of current GL/PM plus some necessary proof and finally corporate HR will approve.

  25. @busybee

    Yes hopefully your case will be reviewed and you will get good response.

    You can directly contact your Account HR, and he/she can see the status of your Promotion process, some of my friends were able get information from HR.

    The promotion cycle for your case will come to end only after you get a promotion letter / Explanation Letter.

    Lets Hope for the best and meanwhile keep your fingers crossed.

    All the best.

  26. Promotion letter is out … hikes are like peanuts … no increase in basic or VA.. where as my other friends who got “accidentally” promoted during April of last year (2008) are earning 7.5 lkhs as an ITA… Mine is grossing to 5.5 lkhs after the promotion … CrAP…
    Cheap trick by the company .. Really …. Why so much publicity in press about the promotions when this is wat they intended to give….
    Shame on the company….
    A promotion in designation with no Hike in salary … funny… that they held this for me for 2 years…. They could have given me this designation change 2 years back itself…. I am wondering why Wall street Journel listed TCS has most respected no.2 ….. WSJ should be ashmaed ….

  27. @Ramdorai :

    Its precisely because of the fact that 25% of our workforce is on bench which makes today’s situation worse. No second thoughts, its difficult to pay salary to 35,000 people on bench. But at what cost ? You cannot gain the trust of your employees by starving the performers in the organization. All the people who have waited for the promotion for more than 1 year have indeed stood by the company when it needed. And now is the time for TCS to show its appreciation for that. And the strategy TCS has taken for promotions is in no way close to appreciation.

    I guess corporate needs to answer a few questions. Why is TCS hiring even though 25% workforce is on bench ? The shareholders are being paid bonuses, while the employees get a meager 5 % increase in basic salary. TCS is not open about its strategies to its employees, so I dont understand how one expects its employees to stay loyal.

  28. Congratulations to everyone who has moved on to the next level. I believe it must be satisfying at one level but highly demotivating at another.
    I have missed the bus friends. I had ratings- 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 – All B.
    Having joined TCS in November 2004 made me ineligible. If I believe the information from admin, I should expect some news in next few weeks, But I am not very hopeful. This is after my conversation with the HR and my supervisor. I have the candy of being at onsite and having good salary, but in my head I feel F***ed…
    But I will not take the moment of glory away from anyone and will wish you all my best wishes for future. I believe many of you must be looking at moving out. I guess the time is ripe now.

  29. @Anonymous

    5% in crease in basic salary!!!!!

    Man thats not even true .. My basica salary, VA, sundry medical, gratuity everything remains the same… i dont understand why…

    I totally agree with your other points… Why are the shareholders getting bonuses and the Top management getting 40% salary hike while ASEs are screwed up with pennies…

    I got two continuous As during 2006to2008 and I guess its not realy worth it now…

  30. Hi

    Well I am not promoted this year but got to know how well
    you can be treated nxt year.Beware guys all whose aspirations to grow
    from GET to CEO are gone are the days . Only few dogs can manage to
    1 crore/lakhs hike.

    Sincerely start looking for jobs markets are really good.
    Onsite guys you can’t stick here for long clients doesn’t want but tcs wantmore. Offshore leaverage but our greedy top end managers want so act now and jump off titanic.

  31. Didnt want to publicize, but atleast hope you guys can understand where i run into

    marriage plan in November. House loan going as like to 12K. investment is going as 9K. Now the responsibility is to get settled in Mumbai. I dont know, where i am heading. Cant say how much down i am in. Dont deny the fact there was economic downturn. But the target is we the billable resources. Who asked you to recruit so many people and keep them marginally unallocated. You are not giving any justice, not to the existing employees nor the new joinees.

    More to it, why we? If the salary was a concern, there could be a grade change last year itsleft. atleast by now we should be in one year of the upgraded scale. But no, we have to be screwed twice – with grade, with hike..

    Dont understand the simple fact, why so much of ignorance to the people who are getting you the revenue. you will keep 100’s of TEG , PEG heads who are ASOCs and above in SWON, but wont mind, but keeping an ITA in a project is a news.

    I had expected from my first day of getting into this company — TATA means a lot, to me , to my family, to everybody who is aware.

    Dont see that even growing somewhere. Moron like feeling, but cant help we literally had been crawling for justice, but even could not pound one sight of it..

    Understand, the company can run , and can even run faster without any exp resources. but is it all that matters. then why the bullshit TBEM , ethics, company goal. there should not be any kind of discussion forums.

    I cant even tell you guys are doing Cost Cutting. How can a company reach 6 Billion plus and not even challenged once in public

    Just misutilizing the faith of public and shredding out the money within the common forum – tata companies

    There should be a real hardcore audit on this firm to get all the books to public. No transparency, no ethics, no committment to your employees — we are suffering now, but at the long run you wont come close to the top 50 in the world.

    What we are hiding about.. why so ignorant and careless abt your own employees

    guys dont take me wrong , you might be all from different locations within TCS. but to tell my story in Mumbai — we are like boiling our ass for nothing . 11k in rent just for a mere 1BHK which is like 12 kms away from office. my counterpart in lucknow or hyderabad or even ahmedabad enjoying the same benefit at the cost of 6 K.

    where the delta coming from. its we the employees paying off, not you management. so when we are telling our concern, please have an eye on this. you are just at the verge of declaring it a nonsense and laughed at organization..

    there will be thousands of us who had bigger plans, most of them might be getting married, start a new life, how we all to cope up . Is it the end of everything. and you go on like this time to time and the people will listen to all your bullshit.

    Literally broken with all these nasty management decissions, and sorry to say i fee like being just used and thrown at the mgmt Mantra

    Quitting TCS is not a solution here. i am suffering here, tomorrow somebody else. but how long it will go on. Either fire out half your resources(if thats the best you can do) or stick to your basics, you had already manipulated employee dedications into company’s interest

    You just hurt every expectation, emotion and the attachment with the organization. I rather congratulate you our management – you did superb.

  32. @ admin , Please ask higher management who has written such a good article of feeding 1.5 lakh people…. What about his hike? Why 1 Cr?

  33. @Ramadorai, So what do you expect from TCS employee.. Bear all the attrocities quietly. So you are sitting on top and have a broader vision but why dont you share that at then.. Employees have their own vision their own difficulties.. now you are making life of these employees more difficult and it is easy to say you can move away.. But why should a employee move away when he has worked hard for years and when its time for him to expect some fruit.. your vision is placed infornt of employee.. Already employees have given their share of hardwork and money for last year.
    What is happening is totally unfair.. Its a discrimination.. It looks unethical
    So you might be having a vision set for 2010 why dont you share it with employees now ? or that is another shocker at the end of 2010.
    So you have set the goal that you want experienced guys to voluntarily move out of this organization.. dont worry that will happen in coming months.. But freshers hope you are listerning to these forums.

  34. Way to go TCS Mgmt.
    finally most awaited Promotion has happened.

    Hike to TOP TCS Mgmt … 40% (lets talk crores baby)
    hike to ITA, Asst. C, ASOC level .. 2% … (No money Baby)

    No Change in Basic (whcih happen to derieve most of the Gross components) ,, very smart
    Only hike Rs 2000/ month in BOB
    Rs +500 – food coupons
    Rs 1500 – Vehicle maint allownace

    end of the day …… No Money…. be happy with Designations

  35. My colleagues designation shows changed, my promotion was recommended by my PM and BRM, had D couple of years back. in my PM lists my promotion shows apporved, not sure if approved means approved by corporate HR?

  36. TCS says all these times TCS stood by employees now its time to stood by the company …….
    hhmmm….. let me think…. when do i see or remember TCS standing by its employees ….. huh ?

    hmmm ….
    huh ha !! … no ….

    Nop ! None !! Nada !! ZERO .!! NEVER !!! NEVER EVER !!

    I would like to see the Top Mgmt’s appraisals and promotion initiations… 🙂
    wonder how did they perform to get such 40% hike in crores….

  37. @Ramadorai…we will quit come April – 2010.

    Hope you will be there till last to conduct our exit interviews, switch-off the light and shut down the TCS shop finally. Then you may realise what an increment meant to an average employee – who stuggles at the ground level to have his ends meet with TCS salary.

    Such a rude challenge thrown to unhappy employees – to go ahead and quit the company if we condemn its unfriendly attitude – just shows how much you care for the employees and are eager to listen to other side of story.

    Surely such decisions are definately not arrived over coffee – but at bars and wine houses by few drunk CXO..with their merry men (HR).. of course at company’s expenses

    Jai TCS ….Jai TCS slaves..

  38. I had band D in 2007 for the stupid reason that I left the account and joined some other account. I was totally shattered yesterday as I did not get promotion. after reading this post I am hopeful that I might get promotion. @admin thanks a lot for giving us information which otherwise no one gives us in TCS. you have been helping us a lot. do you have any idea when they might release next batch of list of approved promotion

  39. My name also not in the list… 🙁 my ratings are 2005-C,2006-B,2007-B
    2008-C & 2009-D (due to curve fit but final IPF was 3.9). What will happen to me….will this be consodered in phase 2 ? HR is not given any ans to my question…really frustrating….

  40. I also got band D in 2007 for leaving the account.But my promotion was done in speed V3 & not in global speed .Will they consider Speed V3 also? My HR is not giving any information.Will the next batch be released in few days for my case? @admin can you please give some information for my case?

  41. @those who are “eagerly” awaiting promotions and @those who are in the next list/batch

    Am not sure what you are waiting for and why are you so eager about the promotion… listen to me… I got the promotion today and its nothing … its just a 2k increase in BOB which has no value at all… same basic and same VA….

    So the so called “batch 1” is just a virtual release

  42. @Ramadorai: Well we are still standing by the company for its so called broader vision. We have shared our plates with the supposedly 1.5L workforce of which you say are paying 25% to sit idle. What about you? When you have all your basic expenses, travel, housing etc covered by the company what are you doing with the big fat 4.5Cr salary? Cushioning your seat with dollars and pounds? Or have you been eating currency notes for your meals?

    It has always been about your F*** balance sheets and F*** score cards. Alright, you gave 1:1 shares to you shareholders after q4. Did you give it to all? It was only for your privileged investors. How many of us have invested in your such value less company? What are you doing with all our money? Making toilet rolls?

    Had you given your exit interview long back we would have been better off now.

  43. Promotion in TCS is a farce now…..
    Haaah…you get a 28000 to 32000 hike a year for being promoted to ITA…
    This top management says so much about financial meltdown etc,how come they get themselves hikes of crores..
    There must be some sense in this guys right…why dont you guys take a lesser salary..
    Why dont people with designation Associate Consultant and above cut their salaries by 10 %,those fat belly guys who does nothing rather than sending emails…(I meant most of them…Its TCS cultue they call themselves manager but hardly do anything like that atelast in Kolkata)
    Friend of mine unfortunately didnt get through TCS in 2004 and I got ,he got through CTS the next week,now awaiting his third promotion.,drawing a salary of 8 lakhs..and see me literally begged for a promotion even after 5.5 years and gets a hike to 28k a year..I think I was the unfortunate there
    You guys are spoiling the industry….
    If the TCS top mangement have anyhing but morals and ethics,rather than playing with emotions of people who spend 10 to 14 hrs a days working for TCS,can ask for reduced pay package for themselves
    Can they do that ,if not then stop giving lectures to other who are at the last rung of the ladders.
    If you guys crush others under your feet….somedays its gonna hit back …and it would be really bad…
    Trust and faith really matters….
    You are playing foul game under the banner of TATA,JRD Tata had brought a culture through the brand TATA and that is no more…
    Freshers rather go to Infy,CTS,IBM but never to TCS….
    There is no transperency and its all foul play..
    Beware of TCS,black list this company

  44. @Totally confused slave.. There is one more thing. 4.5Cr is his salary and one of his close family member is also HEAD of Maithree. I dont know how much to add to 4.5 cr…………….

  45. Guys I think we are bashing TCS top managements too much, the top management was same from 2000, the change is we went public.

    Then last year TATA group dug a big hole by buying Corus and Jaguar ,Landrover… thats why there is Huge pressure on TCS.

    So jus dont blame our company, Blame the TATA Group.

  46. If we (TCS Employees) don’t get share of profit in case TATA group companies do good, why should be share losses?????

  47. Folks – No point in blaming so much. No one is listening here. Straightaway “Halla Bol”. They are playing with everyone’s life here. So “Halla Bol” and lets be united ti raise ONE VOICE everywhere.

  48. Let our actions speak louder than words now, rather than just cursing management. They want us to quit by taking this step of no hike in promotions. So folks mantra should be to teach lesson and not to quit. Submitting resignations is easier and that can be done little later.

  49. Change in top management Paddy went ajay arrived…..
    Top management still gets 1 crore as hikes.
    I suggest following:
    Let us all mail across (post & e-mail Ratan Tata).
    Imagine atleast 20000 mail to TATA would have some effect.
    Next spread word to 10 associates each Target to rate all surveys like pulse as negative.this is the least we can do till we resign.Lets leave the TITANIC with a bang!!!

  50. Robin, Most of the people given bad feedback in Pulse but funny part is ASI is increased by 2%, so i doub’t whether they are sharing correct pulse results with top management and us.

  51. @Swamped – While reading your message, honestly I was full of emotions, what a pathetic situation TCS has put all of us into. Lets ensure this doesnt continue any longer. Raising a common VOICE of “Enough is Enough” is a must now as many of you have told here

  52. @ admin, can you provide an update 4 please on band Ds who are waiting for their promotion?

  53. @admin: Any idea when the list of pending 2 batches is coming out? I heard that corporate HR has already sent the explanation to account head for whose who are not promoted.

  54. Lets us meet to HR heads / Management in our respective cities with hoardings / banners as “GET WELL SOON TCS MANAGEMENT. Thanks for Unfair and Unjustified Promotions”

    Like in Mumbai, lets meet Ritu Anand in Air India Building with these banners OR due to commute reasons we all can meet at GATEWAY Park office in Mumbai and raise our concerns there by displaying these banners.


  55. Is it true that corporate has sent out explanation letter to account heads for those who have not promoted? Some HR’s are indicating that further bathces are expected. again lot of confusion and no proper and consistent message. Is it another trick to shut the mouth of band D people?
    I wonder why there is no official communication in ultimatix on release of promotions. Never seen before such a style of functionality by a top management.

  56. I have a suggestion….why not join our Clients or TCS competitors at Client Location..lets screw TCS projects!!!

  57. Let us meet HR heads / Management in our respective cities with hoardings / banners as “GET WELL SOON TCS MANAGEMENT. Thanks for Unfair and Unjustified Promotions. Thanks for fabulous HR policies and Ethics.”

    In Mumbai, lets meet Dr. Ritu Anand (Vice President, HR) in Air India Building with these banners
    due to commute reasons we all can meet at main gate of Akruti GATEWAY Park office in Mumbai and raise one voice by displaying these banners.

    Let me know if you are inn with me ?
    I cannot continue being mum and silent for such an injustice. So all of us lets thank our management and leadership together. This is a proud moment for all of them by saving tons of money to show in quarterly results and make shareholders happy. This is truely a proud moment for TCS management as they have been successful in broadcasting message to all of us indirectly that
    “We can run our organisation with freshers and no expertise is needed to write a piece of software, so you may please QUIT. Its our way or Highway”

    I felt this message by management when I saw my promotion letter. So let us all thank them.

  58. Guys ,

    I spoke to HR regarding my promotion , though its recomended all the way till GL and ISU HR, its pending with Corp HR with “no action ” which means they are still reviewing it seems..AS Per HR we should have updates by this friday, And they (ISU HR’s ) already spoke to GL ‘s and PL ‘s about OK to head with promotion, Now again back to square with “CORP HR ” .

    I dont have any More words to express my feeling, i have 2 kids and spent almost 8 yrs with TCS , quitting the job is a easy task but wanted to teach them a lesson , how about wearing a BLACK dress one friday to express our concern and send a mail to TATA GROUP chairmen about the same.

    good luck guys…

  59. @ admin, waiting for some updates from you for the pending approved promotions. ANy chnaces that second bacth might come out his friday?

  60. I too had no Change in Salary except 2000 Rs in BOB.
    BUt I am Happy I still have Job in this recession.
    ANd I am able to pay my bills !
    Thanks TCS !

  61. Are we working for nuts. WTF! Hike of 2K per month? Are you kidding me? Am I a dumb a**?
    No change in VA, WTBF (B is for Big).
    Inflation has higher rate than the salary hike in TCS Mr Ramadorai? We also see the profit figures rising then why not our salaries in the same proportion?

  62. Just calculated, I received a “whooping” 3.8 % hike in salary!
    Thank you TCS for the hike. I couldn’t have asked for more!
    It seems the CXOs have given their personal salaries towards the employees promotions to avoid TCS going bankrupt. But I would like to return you the generous and overwhelming hike provided to me towards the CXO relief fund.

    Take it back “the hike”, I am not begging at your door you shameless people!

  63. I was an ASE with performance band B, after promotion I am still getting a salary lesser by 1.5 Lac from a ITA who is working in same team as me. Its really bad to have these double standards. In my 3 years in TCS i have only received overall hike of 1.5 Lac, which it seems will last upto March 2010.

  64. Well friends I am not able to imagine the life when next CEO Mr. N.Chandra steps in…to complete the leftover works of Mr. Ramadorai….

    Heard of proverb chacha chor…bhatija paji…(uncle a thief, nephew a bigger one)…

    For certain…life will be full of experience uncertainity… quit TCS…or form unions. Its thier way or highway…

    Imagine the scene when mil baithenge 3 amigos … (imagine the scene when 3 close friends will sit down for a drink)…Ram, Chandra and Ajoy..
    to party (of course all expenses paid by company)…for coming out with such an brilliant idea of giving promotions without pay hike….that is the reason the top mgmt got all the hikes and rest of the slaves amigos – peanuts !!!

  65. Well friends I am not able to imagine the life when next CEO Mr. N.Chandra steps in…to complete the leftover works of Mr. Ramadorai….

    Heard of proverb chacha chor…bhatija paji…(uncle a thief, nephew a bigger one)…

    For certain…life will be full of experience uncertainity… quit TCS…or form unions. Its their way or highway…

    Imagine the scene when mil baithenge 3 amigos … (imagine the scene when 3 close friends will sit down for a drink)…Ram, Chandra and Ajoy..
    to party (of course all expenses paid by company)…for coming out with such an brilliant idea of giving promotions without pay hike….that is the reason the top mgmt got all the hikes and rest of the slaves amigos – peanuts !!!

  66. Here I’m. Waiting with a ray hope that my promotion will also happen, but ended up in knowing that CORP HR has not approved and it still shows NO ACTION. As someone said already in the forum, the inflation rate is more than that of increment. The increase in salary will be adjusted for conveyance charges in Chennai (it is 2500/- now, was 800 before).

    It is all about goal sheet. Here are some freaking goals for corp:

    1) Ration of 5+ yrs exp to below 5 yrs exp should be 20
    2) Net profits and revenue should grow QoQ and YoY @ 15%
    3) please shareholders by paying dividends and bonus
    4) The cost to company (emp salaries) should not cross 10% of revenue.
    5) at least one innovative idea per month should bring down the operating costs

    The greedy management comes up with promotions with no hikes (so-called innovation). Why didnt they give this last year itself. At least, people would have gained exp in new grades and when the management realizes that the employeed are paid peanuts, they would get more.

    I seriously want to interview CEO, HR head, and forthcoming CEO on a national channel about this. Hopefully some crap news channel would look into this forum..

  67. This company is a SCRAP. B*ll sh*t. nothing else. I want to utter infinite bad words for this company. They have not done good to anybody. They fool Mr Tata, they fool Indi*n govt, their clients, and biggest fools are there naukars- 1.5 lakh employees.

    This company is nothing more then a bed bug. I thought I ll get promotion, I ll get salary hike and I ll leave this shit, but I did not got promotion because till 31st july I was not 4 years exp.

    Now I am in a project where Client is my supervisor and he is a fuc*ing desi. Bas*tered. 1.5 lakh employess of this company have nothing else but frustration, and those who feel happy are actually useless and know that no other company can feed them.

    Everybody should leave this company for good.

  68. Arey chhodd do yaar agar itne hi frustrated ho…. it was your choice to be with this company, now stop blaming anyone.
    It will not solve any purpose.

  69. CRAP…… cruel…… back stabbing…….. Appraisals were never genuine and were never justified.. now they make it count for promotions…….. They talk a lot about ethics……just talk….

  70. @Ramadorai :

    Open your eyes and see the posts submitted by most of the people in this forum. The posts submitted are not only by the TCSers but also by the outsiders. Can’t you realise a bit that whatever you have done was unethical. Try to instropect and understand the plight of your own employees.

    The global meltdown affected other sectors, companies and even big countries too. The CEOs and top management of many companies stood up and took the jolt for the sake of their employees. They have even decided to leave the organisation/decided to work extra time without salaries. There will be a day when you realise Wall street, CNN, Hewitt ratings/awards (whatever published in the home page of Ultimatix) doesn’t matter, its the regard that each and employee develops for you counts. I hope you are smart enough not to wait for that day.


  71. I’ve lost the trust on TCS now, What abt publishing this problem in the media ? Any suggestions? If yes , How to do that ?

  72. TCS has become a disgusting company. The top management eats the cake and shamelessly throw the crumbs at the hard working employees. Dogmatic bloodsucking and exploiting SOB’s, thats what Ramu and his pimps have become. Actually the entire TATA grp has detoriated since the big RAT-an has taken over.
    Good companies have a vision. they are flexible. they care for their workers. They stand by their ppl. TCS has ‘broad vision’ , they are always certain (read no flexibility) and they want their employees to care for the corporate.

    the dogs dont realize that if 1L is such a big amount for the company .. than what it means for an average employee… All dissatisfied ppl shld start quitting this dog company…


  73. Hi All,

    All of you are not realizing some of the ground level facts before posting such a nasty comments .I do realize the not in hike of VA is not fair.but should we have right to post company internal issues in such a public forum .You do have lot of internal forums to express your opinions .I am sure all of us might have missed some project deadlines in one day or other .Is TCS publishing all those info in such a public forums ..Come on give a break..just look at some of the comments posted here ..most are very person oriented and none of us have any rights to attack about this kind of things in public.

  74. Each one of you who post here (abusing comments) ,if offered the job at the top management would have done the same thing..

    All of you talking about 1Cr Hike to TOP management without even having your facts right .Just reading the news in some website without even checking the facts.

    do any of you know the the so called hike given was for the year 2007 .It was published in public thru the TCS financial Yearly Report.check before blow your horns ..

    No matter which company you work in the World ,No Company will not be able to satisfy all of it’s associates ..Show me one company(big enough to compare to TCS) in which every one of the associates are satisfied with company.

    I mean if you don’t like the company policy or if you think you deserve more than what you are offered you always have the right to express within the Policy standard (do any of even know discussing Company Pay structure and Band itself is a breach of code of conduct ).

    The admin on this site itself breaching a lot of rules and just exploding others to earn his money thru the Adsense..

  75. I still dont under why there is no proper communication in ultimatix ? TCS is taking its employees for a deal ..I dont think so , TCS has thought abt their employees .. They only cared abt their share holders.
    Realistic – Dont try to be too smart.

  76. I still dont understand why there is no proper communication in ultimatix ? TCS is considering its employees very cheap ..I dont think so , TCS has thought abt their employees .. They only cared abt their share holders.
    Realistic – Dont try to be too smart.

  77. Raj..
    Come on I am not trying to be “SMART” .What’s there to be smart about? .I am just realistic ..What right we have to discuss a company’s inside information in a public forum that too such low class personal attacks .
    Just read some of the posts here ..we have no rights to blast a person in public ..

    TCS Never published the Promotions are open as a message in internal portal.Promotions are purely msg between the associate and the company .

    You can always check your status thru proper links in internal sites as work flow is there..

  78. @Be Realistic, If posting our grievances in the internal portals halped, we all would have got things sorted out by now. TCS Top mgmt, Corporate HR and HR are driving us crazy with their autocratic attitude and utter indifference up to the point of getting frustrated and venting our frustrations out in the open.
    For your information, there is no ‘workflow’ as such where an associate can view the status of his/her promotion. Only top level guys and HR have access to it (even they deny having so at times but then most of them are liars and are paid to lie and mislead). Promotion is a very vague and transparent system in TCS, somewhat like a covert operation.

    If you don’t think good about us posting grievances and comments here, with due respect to all your observations and kind advices, please FU** off.

  79. Any news when are the promotions for band D people going to happen? Other question is are they really going to happen?

  80. I have read most of the comments and came to a conclusion that no one is really happy with the promotion process in T.C.S. whether u got it or not. What I feel due to non-transparent system /so many if & but create lot of confusion and frustration…..and loose the charm of anything what we get in the end…

    Simple Mantra–If you really feel that Organization is ignoring you. Look for better opportunity outside. Update your skill set and knowledge and try to achieve what you deserve instead of getting frustrated and begging for our rights…You are the master of your life ,why you allowing other to make u happy or annoyed….

    Infosys-(former CEO) Wrote-Stop loving your company because You never know when will it stop loving you??

    All the companies(Corporate world) are same go in any company same story….but here is a catch when u are joining a new company and they really feel you are a good candidate-they will offer you max because at that time you are the only person which is getting benefited, but when you become the part of that company then policy/process will be applicable to you and you become that part of that big crowd and company never pass the benefit to crowd…So lesson learnt in IT-Update skill/Knowledge sit round the table negotiate and get what u deserve instead of be apart of a crowd and asking for something which will take years to fulfil.

  81. who ever is talking about company internals not be disclosed in public…yes I do agree..But do they really follow the rules.. I was asked by top management to steal the client (higher level people) information from the client internal websites (as I work at client place) so that they will use those information to contact them for begging projects in back door..So who is having ethics here… ?? I have every proof including mails..

  82. @Be Realistic, you think you are very smart han? Have you been one of those who got fired for getting a 2 rating while @ maternity leave? Have you been one who lost the job with wife and a kid, taking help from father and in-laws for getting a band D because he switched a/c? Are you one of us who have lost our previous experience because of TCS’s stupid policy and still an ASE after 8 years experience? Have you ever been given Band C/D after being the only person responsible for winning best project awards from customers 2 times? Have you ever been awarded meager rating after bringing in new project/positions to the a/c even during this recession because there is pressure from top management to award A for a BDM’s wife who worked only 3 months in the project? Have you been rated @ Band D for refusing to work for a project which involved viewing Adult content day in and day out? Have you lived with fear of loosing job for having got Band Ds 3 years back? Have you been bullied and beaten while returning late from office and TCS didn’t understand his emotional turmoil and rated him low? Have you been asked to work 3 days after suffering a late miscarriage because the project is loosing billing and she is @ onsite? Have you been tortured for escalating to the HR about your a/c manager misbehaving with your wife? Do you think all these have not been raised internally? What do you think happens when these are raised? Talking about breaching code of conduct? Even if what you say about the Top Mgmt’s hike is correct, in 2007 they had a raise of 40% and we had about 8% a year at which inflation rate touched 11.8%. From Dec 2007 promotions were stopped. April 2008 a few were cleared for those with Band A and B. Now again only Bands A, B and C are getting promotion. Every year 10% of the employees are forced to get Band D and this year it was 20%. Until 2007 4 years to get promoted if you had ‘ALL’ band Ds. Promotion policy dated 8th July 2008 said 5 years to get promoted for ‘ANY’ previous Band D and no promotion on a current Band D. This year its 6 years to get promoted. What is this a Joke? Do you think we are all fools? Be realistic, you say no company can satisfy all employees. Agreed. Show us one company in which employees are treated like piece of s***. Show us one company where policies are such cheap? Show us one company where employees are so badly affected. If you can’t see facts both sides then shut the f*** up and keep liking their shoes and wagging your tail.

  83. @Raj – Lets open this to public media whatever proof you have. Lets do it man. Time for action man and no more postings here about our frustration.

  84. Lets us meet to HR heads / Management in our respective cities with hoardings / banners as

    “GET WELL SOON TCS MANAGEMENT. Thanks for Unfair and Unjustified Promotions. Thanks for such a nice HR policies and Ethics.”

    Like in Mumbai, lets meet Dr. Ritu Anand (President) in Air India Building with these banners OR due to commute reasons we all can meet at main gate of GATEWAY Park office in Mumbai and raise our concerns there by displaying these banners.

    Time for action folks and no more posting and frustrations on JA or here.

  85. Looks like @Be Realistic is trying to divert the topic, guys please ignore him and try to discuss correct topic and think how to teach lesson to top management.

  86. @Totally Confused Slave
    #90 was a good response.
    your post tells me that you are not confused at all 🙂

  87. looks like there are no more promotion batches. we were optimistic that some band D cases might get through. No hopes. very bad..

  88. @Admin, can you please get it confirmed from any of your sources if there is any chance of getting promoted for people who never had a ‘D’ till the promotion initiation in July 2008 and had their first ‘D’ this year i.e 2009?

    I mean, on what basis this ‘future’ performance band is being considered for clearing promotions raised in July 2008?

  89. I talked to My HR about my Promotion Still showing Pending with Corp HR .NO Rejection Yet in workflow My case D in 2006 but promotion was approved by BRM Local HR.
    But HR is also not sure what is going on at Mgmt level. Admin pls update if you have any update on this ?

  90. @admin, we are all much eager to know if band ds will get promoted or not and whether any further batches will run or not. Your inputs on this is much valued and we are very much eager to hear from you than the dumb HRs. Pleas

  91. There are no promotions for anyone with D / E band since last promotion / confimation date to this year (2009). Explanation is, associates are getting D in the current band due to the average or below average output provided in the current Grade.. When they can not meet the expectations how can they go to next grade, where expectations are higher than the current grade

  92. Sorry guys.. even today I spoke with HR today, but they are saying the final results will be officially out only by end of the month.

    Meanwhile only other option to see the workflow status, many of my friends did find out that their status is already rejected. So if you are not one of them , then you still have hope.

    But I think if you have got a D band in last two years, the chances are very slim.

  93. @TCS insider : It is not that getting band D during one financial year makes an associate worthless. He would have got band D due to various reasons not pertaining to his performance. Mr. TCS insider, FYI… Untill 2003 there was a policy which said an asssociate is promoted to ITA after three full years. Then in 2004, the policy changed which said 4 full years to get promotod to ITA. If there were 2 Ds in his current grade during 4 years then it will take 5 full years to get promoted to ITA. Now……How can be this ridiculous act will be explained by the world’s 2nd most admired orgainisation. How will you explain to a person who got band D five years back and waiting for his first promotion till now!!!!!

  94. @admin : I have never had a band D even once in the last five years but still haven’t been promoted. Do I still stand a chance of getting a promotion in the next few weeks?

  95. Thanks for publishing all this and making this available to people who are sitting at top and sleeping.

    Got D in 05-06 due to change in account.

    After that rating is C B B. Last year got recommended ans case is pending with Corportate HR.

    If you know, please suggest possiblity on this case.

  96. I have completed the 3.8 year in TCS and got Band A last financial year, shud i ask my supervisor to recomend me for the promotion, Is there any chances of promotion.

  97. Fully Frust@ same case mine.. pending with Corp HR .. chk with your local HR for update .. i am waiting for the same

  98. Being part of it, I can feel that most of the associates in TCS are disappointed and morale is all time low. This is ridiculous that company who claims to be the numro uno in Asia is having pathetic policies in place (which are never published and are meant to be merely tool for manipulating and playing with the future and emotions of Employees who inspite of booming market stayed and helped them to grow.). Here are few things I observed being part of this company.

    1) Management and HR people are dumb and non responsive and they do not care for Employees and do not give damn to their genuine request. You send them 10 mails and you will get reply of none.
    2) How company looks from outside is not from inside. Being part of it, you will smell something odd. People have respect for TATA group so they join this company blindly and their family supports them happily (thinking of TATA buzzword) without knowing that they are going to be part of mess.Really I feel that some other TATA group companies will not behave to their employees as TCS is doing. I heard they are treated as part of family.
    3) If you join here from another company, I bet you will loose all your skill set due to lack of proper training and poor politics played inside.
    4) Regionalism is spread all across TCS. Top and middle management uses appraisal system (Worst I have seen in my life) to repent against people trying to raise injustice being done.
    5) All career path and dreams associated with it are only on papers. Whatever skill set or good performer you are, you can move up on the ladders only by playing poor politics and belonging to particular regions.
    6) If you are abroad and are in trouble due to health condition of yours or somebody in family, nobody will hear and support you. You have to oblige as per rules of company and their is no Human ground to it.
    7) If you are at middle management and are close to top management guru’s (just kidding), you may get 2 promotions in 2 years but if you are an associate who is 99% of time billable (with whom client is very happy, CSI index is 95% and client himself is increasing rate without TCS asking for it), will have to pay got poor performance rating (due to poor system, due to change in account, due to raising voice against regionalism) judged poorly 4 years back.
    8)All Standards and processes are only implemented at the time of audit for show purpose, till that time all things are poorly organised and nobody cares about what is being followed and what has been followed.
    9) Except few, all internal applications on the name of processes are crap.
    10) Policy makers have all the right to make and fake policy, if it impacts 50K associates, who cares.

    Even though there are a lot to write, I am still part of this company so I will keep some dignity and stop at only 10 points. If you are willing to join here think at least 10 times before making any decisions.

    This is suffering and should be stopped by all means.

  99. @admin and all band Ds, Pls get back: iam band d, didnt get the grade change till now and i checked with my appraiser speed status. There is no change as like rejected and all,its still in the same status as corp approved as no action. Can anybody in band d check if their status in their appraiser’s speed reflect as rejected. I dont think so..Pls respond…

  100. Today i got reply from HR, that i am not getting promotion as i have got band D in last appraisal.

  101. @admin : Did you have any updates for band D pupil who still have hopes that TCS wont let them down.

  102. TCS is not a place for the straight forward people. Most of the people play the inside politics. Even I’ve seen it many times by my own eyes. This promotion was like a carrot for all those who waited for a long one year for it. Everyone who waited had been perfectly SCRE..D by TCS.

  103. Had I known that an ASE after getting promoted to an ITA that too after waiting for one long year, I would have definitely not stood by TCS for such a long time. Is TCS not aware of the worst inflation?

    I’m continously showing my dedication towards the work. Working for 11-12 hrs daily. At the time of H1, I always get a rating of 4 and at the time of H2 always being given the ‘C’ band and getting some stupid reasons for that from my supervisors. Sometimes we face a tough time on our family front but still we had stood by TCS. But is this what TCS supposed to do with it’s associates. I really had a good impression about TCS, but now I’ll tell everyone in my friend circle not to join TCS. All we can do is, not to tell any of our familiar people for not even thinking about TCS in dream also. Once upon a time it was my Dream Company. But now it’s my nightmare….
    Shame on TCS …… And Shame on your selfish decisions…

  104. @TCS Insider:
    I always got 4 & above in all my appraisals.
    I got 4 in 2006 & this was changed to D when i left the project.

    My manager had a fight with his Boss for 3 years. My Managers Boss who was relocating to a new project provided me a great opportunity and asked my Manager to release me.

    My Manager said if you are getting Released i will see to it that you will suffer .You will get D & i will see that you will suffer.

    He Released me with D Rating in 2006.He also went one step ahead & rejected my promotion in 2007 Jan.My new manager went out of his way & approved my promotion in Jul 2007….

    Now with the new guidelines i am stuck.
    I have been getting A&B consistently but due to politics i recieved a D in 2006.

    Now TCS Insider what performance measure are you talking about?
    What ethics are you talking about….Last 1 week i am not able to sleep.
    We feel cheated

  105. Hi @admin.

    My promotion is recomended in july 09 and its pending with ISU HR. Do you have any idea can when they execute these ?

    Many Thanks

    1. @ Agarwal

      As per HR , corporate will come up with new promotion criteria for 2009, only after that eligible candidates will be promoted.

  106. @Be Realistic: Stop propagating the wrongs being meted out to the associates by the selfish managment of the company. Nothing can justify this below the waist hit by Corp and HR. Of course u can bring a logic for everything.. stop touting those logics feels as if rubbing salt on a burn.

    I can kick u in your nuts and prove myself to be just and fair and a hero and your saviour 1000 times.. But is it right ?

    Guys I say, we send emails – 1 email from each one everyday as a mark of protest. Say yes to Gandhigiri and no to Ramugiri.

  107. @admin : I have never had a band D even once in the last five years but still haven’t been promoted. Do I still stand a chance of getting a promotion?

  108. @Anxious TCSer. There must be something wrong then. If you never got D and completed 3 years in your grade as of July 2008, you should be promoted. Chek with your HR.

  109. well guyz,

    its like gr8 dream robbery with many who got promotions recently.
    Ask them, they are nt even in a position to tell you how they feel.

    People wait for 3-5 yr for promtions and what the they got here…..
    A hike of 25 k per annum. till last time, it was 15-25 k per month, now it is 2 k permonth.
    TCS have almost 40 k + associates in mumbai, and living index in mumbai is highest in country. Trnasfer in this company from mumbai to any where in country is virtually IMPOSSIBLE>
    people are told many times to keep their volume low, threatung their career [ath by managers…….. and after so long wait for promotions , if they get hike of 2 k per month, it is absolutely ‘A GR* DREAM ROBBERY’

    The time is not far when people will not wishto continue their career with this company.. ASE who joined after Apr 2007 are working on 3.4 LPA( average rating) and freshers r joining at 3.15 LPA. how will those ASE be motivated.

    i am not sure if many people will agree with me, becoz they might be loyal to compa y, but the renumertaions are not ecouraging.

    this will definetely play an important role in coming years for TCS. Company may drive on shoulerds of Freshers but experienced guyz cant be ignored.

    Hoping to better fututre till the time comes.


  110. Each ones experience in TCS is as good or as bad , as are his or her bosses. If your bosses are good or u have good relationship with them – in any manner possible, even by getting them women .. you have a good experience of TCS. Else u r screwed up. This only means that there is no standadrs, morals or ethics of this shitty company…. All those talks about doing good is out of the winodow… this company does not deserve hard working hoonest ppl… it only needs screwed up ppl who can’meet the targets’

  111. Guys….as already mentioned by few people… use just writing here in one post……untill it is open in media….nothing gonna change…..

    Only way is to get this issue highlighted in news sites or media tv channels…and then lets force TCS management answer for this…..

    We all know…its done…and now nothing gonna change…most of us will be leaving TCS…but atleast bring it out to the world that how angry TCS employees are (the firm rated as #2 most admired in asia)

    Please all of you try from your side to bring this issue in open media…

  112. Most of the GLs and PLs must be sacked. These Bas*********** are the one who play with the careers of many bright people.

  113. I heard TCS is now again acquiring some BPO…last year they screwed up with CITI ( they stopped promotion) now another BPO ( Now promotion without Hike) ….

  114. Next Promotion batch will run on Monday night 24th Aug exactly one week after the first batch. I guess promotion will be given to second list associates after confirmation from their present account.

  115. @info: Is the info posted by you really true? Are the band D people included in this batch?

  116. I was waiting for my promotion from ITA to AST from last 2 yrs. Thank god i left TCS last month. Otherwise I would have been shattered as well.
    HR was trying to convince me at the time of exit interview to wait for couple of months to hear good news. Its good that i did not listen to them an went ahead with my resignation.

  117. @info: Is that true?.Will there be any hopes for pupil whose promotions not yet thru?

  118. @info: Pls get back on this as early as possible. Is it true that band d ppl will also be included in the second batch? Is this news authentic or is just a speculation? Please revert..

  119. Thats correct and thats the only reason why we still dont see any notice on Ultimatix for promotions. Once promotion will be over for all , promotion guidlines will also change and notification will come on Ultimatix.

  120. Uchila, same here. I got rating D in 2007 no promotion for me. Nothing much we can do at this stage till our time comes.

  121. Info, I find it hard to believe your information. What’s the reaosn for promotions given in batches ? These days it’s decision of ISU. They could have easily released entire list in one go.

  122. We are not promoted or any grade change happened as we are like ‘trichanku’ if you know hindu methodology.

    I feel like cheated and more than that worry about my future in this insensitive organization.

  123. All, Can we expect something by tomorrow morning for all those who are waiting…??

  124. do this…I hope you will be having at least 30-40 sick leaves which will be elapsed if you leave tcs so better take medical leave with doctor certificate and enjoy some days and prepare your self for an interview and leave this shit company..There is no point waiting for promotion…

  125. Admin has never told anything abt 2nd adn 3rd batch. Its speculated that the next batch might run tonight and hopefully the list of pending ppl may see a grade change tomorrow morning…Not sure. Its a may ba case , not an authentic one…

    @admin, can you please provide some updates on this please….and also whether band ds will be considered or not???

  126. Any idea what will be applicable date for the promotions that will be done in second batch??

  127. I heard from PM saying that second batch is there and it may get reflected in two or three days.
    All band Ds are considered by getting the discretion from account GL casewise.

  128. Hi

    Have talked to HR, there is second batch, am wating as well, I never had D too.They are reviewing ISUwise all eligible cases which is missed for some reason.They will release that soon by 31st Aug 2009. I have mail from Performance Management Group on this shared by our HR.


  129. @TCSer …. Can you please paste that mail you have got from Performance Management Group.

  130. Corporate is reviewing the pending promotion cases, & we are awaiting for further updates.

    Compensation changes as follows:

    i. The grade based emoluments and benefits will change on promotion.
    ii. The basic salary will change only in those instances where the base is less than the next grade rationalized minimum salary
    iii. Variable Pay will not change and will remain the same across grades

  131. Fellow TCSers,

    Well I am among the unfortunate people who have been recommended but haven’t got the promotion yet . I fail to undertand the reason behind this .

    If D was the ctriteria my only D was in 2005(march). That too beacuse project was lost to kanbay .If that is the crtieria then staying long in an organization is a big risk.

    Can someone (admin I request ) please tell me why is the promotion still pending ? I asked hr who said they have no communication

  132. guys, Lets not speculate it any further. It is evident that whatever promotions were supposed to happen have happened before the payroll cycle (before 20th Aug). I do not think that there are any further batches.

  133. Just to communicate that I got a mail from H.R. saying u have been promoted to next grade in First Batch…it mean promotion is happening in batches…First batch-ConsiderdNO “D” ,second batch-“D” cases will be considered based on ISU-HR,G.L. approvals….

  134. I dont think so. Because HR is not responding for promotions. They are saying that they dont have any control. Promotion is being granted after revalidating with the unit heads.

  135. You are right @TCSer. This is what I have also seen. Also one of my team member got promoted but he has not received any mails from HR. His details are,however, updated in Ultimatix.

  136. Instead of speculating here, Contact a good Astrologer nearby to know about our promotions. We can’t rely on HR .

  137. Frenz,

    After knowing about the hikes for grade change , do we still want this promotion ????

    Itz a shame to have ur grade being changed but ur pay scale remains the same ……

  138. Hi…I was recommended for my promotion in last July 2008 cycle, but missed the promotion in first batch as I had a shortfall of only 1 month 15 days from July 31, 2008 eligibility cut-off date. Now, as people are saying about the second and third batches, so will there be any chance of getting promotion in these subsequent batches ? Please respond with proper reliable information.

  139. Did any one received promotion letter for D band, its been more than 2 days , still there is no update so far. any body has update so far ?

  140. @Wasting my time – Wait till 31st August and check your ultimatix, if your grade doesnot changes by then treat no promotion for you that is what i have been told. Alternative way is to check your workflow if status is no action by corporate still you are on the race..if status is rejected gone. your supervisor can help you to check the status.




  142. @Wasting my time: I confirmed with my HR, my promotion is held as i got band D this year… so it is waste of time staying here.

  143. Friends my advise is not to resign, if you do that you are in company trap. Company want high cost resource to move out and BCA, BSC graduates to stay. Don’t resign till you get offer. Stay and start create trouble that way you can take revange. there are many ways to give them trouble there is no need to mention here. Once you leave that will end of your TCS career so you cannot teach any lesson to them.

  144. @Rahul Singh- That’s a good decision, this is my third day after putting my paper, still i have 27 days to go happy…

  145. Its becoming close to 100% true that band Ds will not be considered for promotion this year. What I heard from HR is that the second batch promotion is expected anytime before the weekend and band Ds are left out and this is the last batch as well. So guys irrespective of what IPF you have, if your band is D, your approved promotion will be rejected.

    @admin, Do you have any other opinion on the above stated thing? Pls respond.

  146. This is too much… just think of the case where someone was eligible as of july 2008 and was recommended last year…. now after one year thay guy is being told by the HR that since he has got D in 2005, he is not eligible.,….. means even after passing one more year in the same grade an eligible guy becomes uneligible…. isnt it too much?

    TCS is not feeling the heat now…… they have already played with the employees by firing unallocated guys (even though having good ratings) and some guys having band D for 2 times in last 3-4 years (even though they were good guys and got D just because they were unallocated last year end) ………………just wait and watch….. I think recession has started to get over.. so very soon market wil be good for new opportunity…. people will just start leaving… and the one who will be left in TCS will be just scrap……

    Tell me one good reason to stay here in TCS….
    1. Job security —– no way… employees have already seen in jan-march quarter 2009… even the top management said that its not their social responsibility to retain eomployees if they dont have job….|Still u think there is a job security here? I think job security was the biggest asset for TCS for its employees…which they have lost now.
    Company says to become Global top-10 by 2010 and it could not sustain even one quarter of recession and started firing employees for any reason… this recession has exposed the foundation of India’s number 1 software company…
    2. salary—– TCS is the least pay master as comapared to its peer companies……and see this year.. even if someone got promotion there is no hike….
    3. Onsite —- with focus on cost cutting, they are keeping very less onsite now.. its like 10:90 ratio… so onsite is like a dream in TCS now…..
    4. Management — whatever u will say will be less for its management…. no hike, no benefits for employees but yes the senior management must get theit part of hike… salary hike by 1 crores……

  147. Hey Guys ,

    Thanks for the update, Well i checked my workflow , its still no action , no dought , If i leave i have around 10 people who are ready to put the papers, we do have a vision and ethics , if TCS dose’nt follow ethics i will , my next move will better and brightest one , i am looking forward to that . Well its really sad and heart breaking after putting endless efforts which is gone due to pathetic HR polices , They could have layed off all the people instead of breaking our hearts and Motivation.

  148. @admin,, having said all these, if you can voice out some relevant news on the band d cases, it will be beneficial.

    I think admin dont want to comment anything unless its authentic.By now, you should have got the trend or pattern in delaying the second batch.

    1) First set of promotion releases were clean go-ahead. That is people without any performance issues throughtout their career. They have released promotions for them, thats a known case.

    2) They dont want to quickly deny or give promotions for the rest. Thats why they are taking time. Number of cases are there like listed below

    a) Current year performance band D cases
    b) Perfiormance band D in any of the previous year cases
    c) Current year unallocated cases
    d) People whose approval was done after July 31 cases.
    e) People who were not eligible as of 1-july-2008, but was reommended by their PLs and GLs before July 31 2008 cases
    f) People who came after maternity break cases
    g) people who might go for a maternity break cases

    Out of all the above listed cases, which section will get and which section will not get in second batch is a BIG BIG BIG question mark.

    ADMIN, your view is much needed now, pls help.

  149. The cases which is being listed #177 are very correct.
    I myself belong to case number (D). And thats what my HR asked me when I asked about the status of my promotion. According to her wait for 2 more days i.e. till this friday and things would be clear.

    Not very sure how long it will take, may be a year time??

  150. It has been DECIDED that people with D band is not going to be promoted. I mean “full stop”.

    They are considering other cases based on the missing criterion and it is communicated by management to senior HR team but nobody firmly knows what is communicated. (My guess is that A & B will go through).

  151. here is the most updated info

    As listed under # 177 , People falling under D & E are not getting promotion this year but will automatically be given promotion next year ( depending on the business condition in 2010) .

    All rest will get the promotion on time and they will hear the news in the first wekk of SEP .

  152. e) People who were not eligible as of 1-july-2008, but was reommended by their PLs and GLs before July 31 2008 cases..

    Not getting Promotion.. this was communicated by MY HR to me as i was 3 m. less exp for ITA.

  153. Folks, Its high time that ppl realize that there is no slavery here. We are living in a capitalist economy – you are not forced to work for TCS. You always have the option to quit. Pls focus on managing your career – stay in TCS as long as you can find a better opportunity. The TCS business model is a volume game – which essentially means pleasing large numbers (read mediocrity). If you feel that you are a top performer then you will definitely find another job. Getting overly frustrated and blaming TCS as being unfair only shows that you are very gullible. Wake up in the real world life is unfair. I am not saying that you should do nothing about it. Accept it as a fact and then be smart in managing your career.

    Ex TCSer

  154. @TCS_info Says:August 25th, 2009 at 5:55 pm
    “Just to communicate that I got a mail from H.R. saying u have been promoted to next grade in First Batch…”

    Can you please share the part of the mail where First batch is mentioned? That means there would be batches

    I am also getting some indications that there may be a second batch in September .But you never know in tcs .

    What is the status of People with once D before 2009 ? They still are in the queue?

  155. 155 Anxious
    All band Ds are considered by getting the discretion from account GL casewise.

    Can you please elaborate on this ? I had talk with my GL .
    The Hr is not contacting them .Instead they are trying to track the cases with HR.

  156. Any update on the VA (variable allowance) applicable dates for ITA promotions happening now…Even after getting promoted to ITA a sal increase of 20k – 24k is not accepatable…that too waiting for more than an year with eligibility criteria. If some one has any info on this pls update….

  157. Hey guys, my opinion – its easy to put the blame on the day when we become the CEO, am sure we too will do the same under pressure to show profits…My question..if TCS doesnt treat you well – doesnt give you promotion, doesnt pay you well, doesnt give you recognition, if the work ambience gives you more stress than fun, then why the heck are you still with the company…there is no dearth of s/w companies in India..Having said these, i really believe our work culture and attitide deserves to change a lot…am sure whichever indian s/w company we join, we will still end up blaming mgmt for treating us like slaves, accusing our supervisors of regional politics etc etc..just like we blame our politicians for everything….I guess each one of us here need to come out of this blame game and do the best we can, keep our work ethics high, and do justice to our conscience…that means quit TCS if you feel hopeless….but as the proverb goes “Dont throw stones living in a glass house”…

  158. @Its the attitude: Mind your business and get the hell out of here. We dont need any more advises. Bloody idiot. get lost

  159. I got selected in TCS. I am reading this forum from so many days. I am horrified on knowing from the above messages that how pathetic it is in TCS.

  160. My colleague who had a D in one of the years asked the HR and was told a big NO for promotion in this cycle. I believe there are some people left out who satisfied all the criterea but were still not promoted. These are the people who are being considered for the so called second batch.
    May be someone can shed more light on this.
    I belong to the case where I was recommended for promotion even though I did not finish 4 yrs in July 2008. I am still waiting for my promotion letter.

  161. @admin, if you have any updates in “D” rating or lacking of no of days criteria, please shed some lights so that either we will keep hopes alive or put them in dark forever.


  162. I have just sent my resignation mail to my PL,GL and HR. Now I am waiting for the response. lets see how quick they respond.

    I will keep posting everything here too keep u guys updated. If u have some pointers and suggestions for me pls do tell me.

  163. Hi Rahul, They will not respond yaar. We are again going into their trap. They want people to move out that is the reason for taking all these worst decesions that hit employees. I hope you already considered available options with you other resigning, may be your personal matters we cannot discuss. My suggestion would be we have to stay here and teach a lesson.

  164. hi !!
    i am a fresher .. waiting for my joining..
    loooks like people inside TCS are as frustrated as those waiting for the joining !
    What would you all suggest to us freshers ? Should we join this company or not ?

    do you have any idea when tcs will call its freshers

  165. @slave of tcs:

    I have not resigned with a hope that they will try to negotiate and I can bag some goddies they are offering, cos frankly speaking these guys cant offer us anything. I have resigned cos I dont wanna stay in this fool’s driven company anymore. I dont have a job as of now but I dont care. even if I start software develo[pment on my own I can make more money than what these guys are giving me.

    @frustrated fresher

    If you have a job that is putting atleast 5000 rs in ur saving acccounts at the end of the month then I suggest dont join TCS and do some higher stidues(distance learning is also ok) dont fall in this bloody trap.


    Wake up, realize the gravity of this situation and take some constructive steps. dont get complacent in this stupid organization.

  166. no .. most of us don’t have a second option..
    we were placed almost a year and a half back, and hence did not see a need for a backup…

    but no it seems like we’ll have to wait for ever..

  167. @frustrated fresher:

    Then wait for ur joining,

    “u will get joining letter very soon”.

    as many people r leaving tcs and RMG has decided to call in he freshers in line to make up for all those who resigned. many of my frinds got thr joining in the month of september. U will probably get it by december. BUT A WORD FROM ALL TCSERs “dont settle for it after u get the joining, work for 1 year learn something make ur resume and leave TCS”

  168. Go thru his. This is really shocking…We shud not commit suicide.We shud kill those bloody rascals who play politics in company…

  169. Hey Rahul

    Did your friends actually get a joining ?? As far as we know, the process hasn’t started !!
    Which college are your friends from ?
    Have they joined or got a date ??
    Please tell us..

  170. TCS HR,

    I want to know what is TCS decision on promotions initiated in 2009.When can we expect those. These promotions should have been given first as people who are performed well in difficult days and should be given good hike with rank upgrade.

    I wish If TCS keeps updating their employees grade and salaries everything will go smooth, TCS will make double business current scenario. TCS should control management salaries and travels in control in such difficult situtaions instead of stopping employees hike.

    TCS when says part of families they should understand that these rise will give milions of smiles from their family members, their family memebrs can live a good life with rise of 5k+, but inplace management give hikes to crore to directors who realy don’t need much.

    I request to all those senior people from management, stop being selfish and spending money in page3 parties, lets use this for good reason by giving small hike to employees.

    I realy wish all the best to TCS and its current and ex employees, guys dont get frustrated but in this age you can’t change community, change your self is the only solution.

    All the best to all Indians, Jai Hind……..

  171. @frusttrated fresher:

    They did get joining and they have laready joined. I am talking about the BE and MCA batch that got selected in april 2008 in Bhopal M.P.

    These guys r already here and heating up the TCS bences with their fresh A**es.

  172. @TCS Obidient

    First of all BRAVO on the way u have written ur comment. Secondly We are not here discussing and hoping that TCS will change or any other company will change, we are here to let our fellow associates know how low tcs has sunk so that they can wake up and act.

    BTW. second day after putting my papers, no bocy talked to me so far. I am going to talk to my PM in few minutes.

  173. Can we put all the hopes of a second batch clearing up people with D grade or those who were recommended but not eligible in July 2008 to rest? From what my sources say, the second batch will only promote people who were missed out in batch 1 and had satisfied all the criteria for batch 1.
    The other can start planning their exit without promotion. I believe those who did get promotion are also quitting in dozens…
    Admin- Wake up and respond please! We need an update from you as your updates are the most credible. Even more than that of Joker Ajoy!

  174. @frustrated fresher:

    Thats what i m saying dude they started calling them in the order they recruited them so ur joining is not very far.

  175. Pulse-09 results are out and TCS is sharing these results. just jotting down few points as told by the guys here

    1. The overall employee satisfaction index increased by 7%.
    2. The main point of dissatisfaction for the employees was “Canteen facilities”
    3. People less than 4 years experience and greater than 7 years experience are fully satisfied, only the guys in between these are not satisfied.
    4. ASE-T and Consultant+ are most satisfied.
    5. Bachelor’s are more satisfied than married guys.
    6. Females are far more satisfied than males.
    7. Everyone is fully satisfied with Payroll and Admin.
    8. Compensation is not the reason why people are not satisfied. it comes very low in the dis-satisfactory items list.

    now here is their action plan:

    Create Cross functional teams with guys from HR Admin and and some other relevant (read useless) teams and look into things like

    1. Canteen
    2. Transport
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Appraisals
    6. Learning and development

    and on asking about compensations the reply was

    Q: what is being done in relation to compensation related issues.
    A: “Since it was not the major reason for dissatisfaction it is not at all in the action plan so as of now no action on this front is planned, coorporate will look into it”

    Q: What happened to the action plan made last year.
    A: “It is in ultimatix, we dont remember the path of it u can find it out urself.” (they dont even know path leave aside the results)

  176. Inside_Informer is right, Very true my dear friend, I also attended the session today only and whatever u said here is very true.

    anyways my countdown has started, 29 days to go.

  177. Guys in D , do u have any news are update , i heared the second batch is still active and will be out in 2 weeks, any body has any concreate news guys ?


  178. @wasting my time: I also heard that batch 2 is still under review,but not sure if band Ds will be considered. This was supposed to get over last friday itself, but i got to know from my manager that corporate has asked a week’s time to discuss with HR heads for these cases and all likely it might come out this friday. Shall we still wait. Pls post as muc info as possible
    @admin: we badly need your inputs please…to take a decision whether to quit this company now or few months latyer..pls help

    1. Dear friends… All the information we are hearing is correct.

      1. The second batch result will be announced very soon, it might take a week or two. This is for sure.

      2. Band D candidates will NOT be considered for this year’s promotion.

      3. There is a change in Promotion eligibility from 2009-10, I will be posting a article on the same.

  179. @Admin,

    The D band u are saying is the only last year band OR any of D band siince last promotion ?

    I am having bands as C, D, A, B in last 4 years and I was recommended last year and this year also my name has been fwd by my ISU.

    HR has told me that my case is under review…Should I expect the promotion?

    please let me know.

    1. @rk

      If you have band D in last 2 years, you will not be eligible. You can check with HR whether your promotion status is under review or rejected. Most band associates with band D in last 2 years have been rejected. If your case still under review then it maynot be due to band D.

  180. @admin- what about cases which were recommended and not eligible? My ratings have been B, B, B and B again!

  181. @admin,

    My bands were like:

    2009 – B
    2008 – A
    2007 – D (this D was default raing as I could not fill speed due to long illness)
    2006 – C

    last pomotion was in 2005. S, I had one D since my last promotion.
    I was recommended last year and this year also my name was sent by my ISU HR.

    I did not get promotion in phase-1 and HR is saying its under review.

    I dont know why? can u please tell me what can be the reason ?

  182. @admin,

    My bands were like:

    2009 – B
    2008 – A
    2007 – D (this D was default raing as I could not fill speed due to long illness)
    2006 – C

    last pomotion was in 2005. So, I had one D since my last promotion.
    I was recommended last year and this year also my name was sent by my ISU HR.

    I did not get promotion in phase-1 and HR is saying its under review.

    I dont know why? can u please tell me what can be the reason ?

  183. @admin,

    why Corporate is still taking so much time to review and finalise.

    Is it really going to take 1 to 2 weeks, do you have a fixed timeframe.

  184. @Admin,

    Today also I asked HR, I was told that my case is still under review…..and I will come to lknow the outcome shortly….

    Dont know whats going to happen…

    Can u reply my previous query?

  185. @admin

    I was recommended for promotion last year but was missing by 3 months in eligible criteria, but in last 4 years I have got 3 Band Bs and 1 Band A. Is these kind of cases being considered?

  186. Hi…I was recommended for my promotion in last July 2008 cycle, but missed the promotion in first batch as I had a shortfall of only 1 month 15 days from July 31, 2008 eligibility cut-off date. Now, as people are saying about the second and third batches, so will there be any chance of getting promotion in these subsequent batches ? Please respond with proper reliable information.

  187. Local HR have sent list of second batch to BRMs.

    If anyone got an update from BRM please share….

  188. @ Latest, You are correct. Second batch is out and your supervisor may know the status not only BRM. Letters will be dispatched only after two weeks but status can be found now, check with your supervisor.

  189. @rk, HR will not give any information but try your luck, best person would be your supervisor and his supervisor.

  190. @SlaveOfTcs, I am trying to get the info.. but I doubt that they would tell the supervisior. But if it has been finalised then why cant they tell the associates and why will it take 2 more weeks?
    Any idea what all cases were coonsidered in this list?

  191. Dear guys,

    Have received confirmation from our IOU HR that that there is a second batch and my case is through and I will receive a letter next week.
    My case is different all together, am A&B band in all my last 4 yrs also approved by PL/GL before July 2008, but the workflow is not complete due some unknow issues thats why not included in 1st batch…!

    Cheers!! Wish others who were waiting like me , will also be through in the second batch!!

  192. @rk,tt, I don’t have much information, i have informed that my case is through, so please check with your supervisors

  193. @slave of tcs
    How did you get this information. I mean is this comunicated to you officially. Did you get any mail, letters or your status in Ultimatix has changed?? Does in Global speed in your supervisor’s worlist, is it showing ‘Y’ in place of ‘No Action’. Can you please provide more details on this

  194. Is there anybody who got rating as DCCB and got confirmation from their supervisor that they are being considered in the second batch?

    Please update with what ever information you have.

  195. @slave of tcs: Pls dont provide partial information. Its all anonymous here. Can we check in our appraisers global speed the change in the status if any? July 17th promotion news came out and august 18th first batch came out and i think it will be sep 2nd week, the second batch getting released…Pls provide more info

  196. HRs were informed, what all the cases were through in the second batch. Our HR informed me by a call, since I was in touch with her for the same.
    There is no update yet in ultimatix or am not aware if supervisor speed shows something.
    In anycase the gradechange and letter to come before september payroll which by 18th September 2009.
    Get in touch with your respective HR as supervisors/GL has very little to do with it. HR can tell you what is your case and what is the final status.

  197. can somebody think of us freshers sitting and waiting out here plzzz…
    please let us know when will the joinings start…

  198. @rk,tt, all, to provide what ever the information I have received, me and some of my colleagues were informed by my GL at thour promotion cases are through and we will be getting our letters in next couple of days(Not sure about number of days). This is also informed by my HR because every week i am asking him promotion updates. All who attended the meeting also received a mail communication from their GL stating few pending cases are through. Hope this will help. Note no grade change yet in ultimatix nor i have received letter, but communication is specific to projects and supervisors that is the reason i am saying just check with your superviosr and HR.

  199. @frustrated freshers, We are discussing here about promotions don’t ask stupid questions like joining dates of freshers etc. what will you do joining in TCS, can you feed your family with what ever the salary you get in TCS as fresher? be wise go for higher studies or search another company

  200. I mailed my HR and got the reply that my case is still under corporate review….. I had only one D in 2007 since my last promtion in 2005…. I was alreadt recommended last year and this year also….I dont know whats there to review now…

  201. By the way any news when next promotion cycle will be rolled out. This is not for me but to many of my collegues who couldnt made it in this cycle.

  202. Hi All,

    Can anyone clarify if the promotion process has clsoed finally?

    I was recomened for promotion but got a D Rating this year and have not received any letter granting me or refusing the promotion.

    Can someone please update on the present situation.

    Admin, Can you please update the latest info in this thread

  203. @TCSer
    @Slave of TCS
    Thanks a lot for the information. Please let us know whne ther is any change in the status for you guys in Ultimatix. It help help us to track our status.

  204. @admin,

    My bands were like:

    2009 – B
    2008 – A
    2007 – D (this D was default raing as I could not fill speed due to long illness)
    2006 – C

    last pomotion was in 2005. So, I had one D since my last promotion.
    I was recommended last year and this year also my name was sent by my ISU HR.

    I did not get promotion in phase-1 and HR is saying its under review.

    I dont know why? can u please tell me what can be the reason ?

  205. Guys,

    I do not understand why it is taking so much time to declare it openly. This is utter nonsense and joke on the name of TATA Company.

    If they are doing analysis, what they did in last one year? We know they wasted their time but now it is total waste of time for associates.

    Even they did not consider to inform about things happening to employees so we are here to look for the updates.

    Nothing bad than this from all aspects……..

  206. Next week for sure

    All pending cases will clear finally by next week. If you have D band after your promotion initiation those will get rejected means if you have D band in 2008-09 then no promotions.

    ……… I am too waiting for mine

  207. Hi All,
    I’ve been interviewed by the media(TV9) last week , also some people in Chennai is also interviewed by Media last week regarding the TCS promotion…

    …anyone else got the chance ? It looks it is going to be in Media very soon.TCS wakeup before it comes in media………

  208. If my ratings are

    Is ther a chance that I will get teh promotion. The promotion was initiated and was pending with corporate.

  209. @HR

    What abt promotions initiated in 2009, when those will be declared?

    What is the intention of management for delaying promotions.

    will there be any effect of Mr. Ramadorai getting retired in Oct.

  210. @Need Info yes your case will be considered only if your supervisor provided strong busin reason.
    @All i will let you people know when grade change reflected in Ultimatix that allows your guys to followup with your project

  211. Band C and D will find it difficult to get promotion henceforth in TCS. TCS is recruiting 25000 freshers this year. So there will not be any hikes.

  212. Thanks for the information. Will tehre be a comunication from HR with the BRM before any decision is taken.

  213. If you really think that you should forward in your career then look for “special” assignment. TCS already has 140K + 25K. What do you think that TCS will promotions to everybody?

    They will tighten up. Most of the people blogging here do not understand that this will be way of life hence forth.

    If you think that you are “special” then you will know what to do.

  214. @Old TCSer, good whole problem is with you old people, you people are sitting at higher levels and eating money of billable resources, finally nothing left for billable resources, first tcs should sack people like you to get more profit not sure when they will realize the fact.

  215. I believe Old TCSer has quit TCS for the better and is sharing his experience with us. We should not be crictical of this. I know its totally unjustified what TCS is doing to us all. But I agree here with Old TCSer that this is how life in TCS will be (FCKED) No surprises that there are talks of increasing minimum years in grade and all that crap.
    Message is clear, we either quit and look for a better job or continue here and keep complaining on this forum. Better be late than never guys.

    Now many of you might be thinking that why am I saying all this but still continuing in TCS. That is only because I am at onsite. I have earned this onsite after a lot of slogging at offshore and right now I am making good money. But I am very clear in my mind that I would have quit TCS if I was subjected to this trauma being at offshore. Infact I think I would have considered quitting without a job just to gain some peace of mind.

    So my friends, please do yourself justice.

  216. @ Old rotten TCSer,

    i wonder what special assignments u have been assigned in your career…and how good u were with ur performance,god only knows…we understand that u got ur promotions in timely manner, irrespective of ur performance. Now when its our turn, u talk about all the special skills and assignments. I am sure u think that u are special by sitting in the same company for many years with ur rotten ass and not doing a paisa worth work, other than so called managing ….shouting at ur team members.shut ur mouth and get lost from here..

  217. I spoke to my HR and was told that anyone who was not eligible in July 2008 and was recommended and approved will not be promoted now.
    These cases will be considered only when the promotions initiated in 2009 are taken up.

  218. Hey Guys,

    The current update is as per HR story they have another 2 batches , the second batch is band d and who are eligiable as of july 2009 as per new policy they will get through , and third batch, on band d who is not eligiable and still recomended by gl and HR if CORP HR hasMercy they will approve it seems or it will be under review this hole year ! every thing will be closed by end of this month .

    So i have started looking alredy hopefully should be getting an offer and putting my papers, these guys dont deserve me , they need only dump people and not hi performers , i am sure they will learn lesson shortly .

    Good Bye Guys ! i am signing off from this forum.
    BYE bye TCS.

  219. What about all the discussion, hype about the 2nd promotion list. If there is no promotion for guys recomonded and pending with corporate, then all the waiting will suffer. Because, all teh wait listed guys are some how other not elligible.

  220. @admin and All,

    I send my resignation before 15 days, still my managers are not giving me the release date, Please help me.

    They are draging my release date, how should i have to proceed, is there is any other way to get my release date confirmed

  221. Almost a month that the first Promotion list got out, and still no update in Ultimatix. In the time when the Indian Govt too have given people right to information, here is a company that is hiding stuff…!!
    Im among the one whose promotion was initiated last year but missing the 4 yr ASE to ITA criteria by a month or so.
    Had a discussion with my HR last week to know that new promotion guidelines will be coming in sometime; but whatever it would be, it wont happen until next year now.
    So, all of us who have not yet got promoted for one or the other reason, lets not waste time in putting our comments here daily and getting nothing but frustation. Rather lets make up our mind to revisit all we know and start preparing for interviews.
    TCS has degraded a lot since it stopped focussing on employees and moving there focus on some senseless numbers- top 10 here, top 10 there…
    So, lets bring out the +ve in us, study and leave TCS ASAP… Wat say 🙂

  222. Hi All,

    Many of the posts here are right .There is indeed a second batch . Also it seems some calculation is going on .Last two years d rating are doubtful.
    @info ,@TCSer and @Slave of TCs posts were good source of info.

    Well these posts are not only a valuable source of information but also a proof how rotten the system is.Well I am feeling like a football inside the org.Nobody tells why is my case pending ?I had no D rating in last four years .Also my recommendation is there.

    @admin or anyone please do tell what may be the case ?

    Well I am going for yet another slogging for a salary which is less than a credit card salesperson . also have to ask people about my promotion .
    I am quite humiliated by all these things.please carry on the posts till we all get our due .the company made so much profit due to our effort.

    Some questions :-
    —> When is the second batch expected?
    —> Why were the GLs again involved in the discussion .we were once recommended .Then the system which hr has for promotion is of no use.
    —> Will there be third batch ?
    —> What about the rest ?

  223. @ Mind has stopped working, all, Let’s share all your thoughts and updated information till end of this Month, we can stop after this monthend by treating no more promotions for this year atleast this is source of info i have got. Last week me and my colleagues received official communication from HR and GL saying our promotions are approved in second batch and will be receiving letters soon, as of now no grade change reflected for me in ultimatix, I am also loosing hopes. I will suggest you guy’s to wait till monthend if no updates treat that there will not be any more promotions this year. Only matter of 2000 INR even if you get promotion so be happy and start looking for better opportunities.

  224. THERE IS NO ONE TO PUT AN EMPLOYEES POINT ACROSS in our or any of the Indian IT bellwethers. 150000 and we don’t have a union…Wake up guys, That’s the way forward for all IT workers.. It is legal. This is the way adopted since industrial revolution as it was quite obvious that employees will be exploited, and it should be more so for educated workers like us.

    Otherwise most of like us would just be discussing our plight at Dexternights and no one who matters will give a damn.

    My advice in short term – Start at least looking for better opportunities, This will not be the last time you will suffer.

    All the Best.

  225. @ All, See what happened for Jet Airways. For sacking 2 pilots, all the pilots have joined together and creating an uproar now. Here, more than 10000 ppl are suffering and we are not able to highlight or expose anything to media…Shame…

  226. Its a good idea to send this link to media. If any one has any contact with any of teh newspaper or website, do send this link.

  227. Media will never report this. Media earns revenue when TCS gives advertisements to them. CNBC and NDTV have exclusive rights to cover TCS management on TV during the earning’s season. I doubt anyone would have the courage…Reminds me of the movie Page 3 and Corporate!!
    Watch out for next Quarter earnings when the new CEO will brag and bark about the promotions TCS gave and all the crap. And when the joker HR head will read the speech given to him by the CEO. Waste!

    Btw- Today was the first day when I did not check ultimatix for 24 hours almost.

  228. I am really frustrated with whats going on in TCS. This furstraton is growing day by day. The Banding has always been partial. If you are close to people, even if you performed best, banding will be lowered. TCS has lost its Tata value. they should take the Tata logo and Tata name out of their logo and company name.

    TCS thinks that the people who are rated D are under performers. The fact is that those who get D mostly are exposed to teh realty in project and are tested always. Those who take the simplest path never gets exposed and gets a good rating.

    For example, one guy developed 5 simple screen and there were no issues when teh pages were tested by client this guy got 4 rating. There was another guy who had develoed one screen (very complex in nature) got few errors reported by client. This guy got 3 rating.

    the fact is that teh guy who got B rating was scared to take the complex screen. Hence he played safe. Now you decide who is teh under performer.

  229. @Need Info: you are very right buddy. the TCS motto has become play it safe and find a scapegoat for complex things.

    Dont get so much frustated, make ur own plans. start stydying soemthing. come to office at 10 o clock and leave at 6 o clock and spent rest of the time in studies, that way u will prepare urself for the good time(when other companies start hiring)

    Dont crib about TCS. TCS sucks and everyone know it. so no point in dwelling upon that point. Do something sonctructive which will aid u in ling run.

    as for me, ONLY 20 MORE DAYS LEFT IN TCS

  230. Another Frustu TCSer on post 266,

    BRavo man. u said what i wnated to asy from long time. BTW i have already put my papers 20 more days for me. then I will work for myself no one else

  231. I have been reading the posts in this forum and see people coming out with a lot of ideas to teach TCS a lesson. But I do not see anything concrete. Mailing Ratan Tata or abusing your senior colleagues are not going to help. DO u think Ratan Tata is not aware of this situation? He knows exactly how much blunder he has committed in JLR, Corus or Nano(Singur) incidents. He needs TCS profit to cover them up. Only thing that may work is if we all file a joint petition and RTI case in High Court against this. But for that we need to be united first. But I highly doubt how much capable we are about uniting for a cause.

  232. @Tata crucified slave

    to tell u the truth. we are not capable of uniting. after all we are working in TCS. something we must have learnt from tcs in so many years and that that something is “only cribbing and ot doing anything” we all have developed a “chalta- hai” attitude.

  233. Dear Fellow associates

    If Pilots in Jet airways can do then why can’t we. I strongly request to all of you to go on a mass sick leave. We all can go for a sick leaves for 2 days. If you ppl like this idea then we start planning in this direction and let media also know abt our plans.

  234. I think in this world only IT peoploe do not have unions, shame. Just decide one day and go for mass sick leave but do it first one day. for that first we have meet some where based on the strenght of people we can decide how best we can put pressure.

  235. Today’s article I read in Shame on TCS…

    Wipro Technologies has gone ahead and given promotions to selected personnel this year. The company had earlier said that it will not give any promotions and salary hikes in financial year 2010 considering the present market environment.

    Employees at the Bangalore-based IT major said that the communication about promotions was made in August to people identified as best performers and those who met the criteria. While it is not known how many have been given the higher positions, employees said it should number in a few thousands.

    When contacted by FC, Saurabh Govil, senior vice-president — human resources, Wipro Technologies said, “We continue to reward and recognise best talent. We have a rigorous promotion criteria and employees who meet this criteria get progressed. This happens across all levels in the organization and those promoted get standard promotion-linked increases. We continue to invest in leadership talent and recognise them even if on a selective basis. However, there is no increase being contemplated on a broad-based basis.”

    Wipro is the first major Indian company to give promotions in financial year 2010, even if partially. Firms such as Accenture and Cognizant have also been giving selective promotions, even sometimes calling them as bonus incentives, in the last two months.

    In FY09, Infosys had introduced promotion for its employees twice a year. The new appraisal cycle is set to start in September at Infosys and it is not known if they will consider the initiative again thisyear.

  236. Hi All,

    This now confirmed that anyone who has got even a single D since last promotion will not get promotion. so, we will have to wait for one more year.. but we already waited for one year and dont know when the next year cycle will start…

    TCS is really sucking… These senior management has thought to exploit the associates and not to give prmotion for whatever reason….

    Dont stay here and leave this company…. they dont want expereiecned guys.. they want just freshers.. they dont understand the meaning of experience..

    @freshers…. my sincere suggestion to all of you… dont join TCS… u will get your first prmotion only after 5 years of joing….and that too if u dont get any D in these 5 years.. and TCS policy says to five D to atleast 20% guys… so its highly unlikely that u willl not get any D in these 5 years…. getting D is not only due to bad work or so.. there are many reason for it.. like getting released in year end, project getitng over in year end, not good terms with supervisor etc….PLEASE DONT COME TO TCS AND FIND SOME OTHER JOB.. LIFE WILL BE HELL HERE AND U WILL BE FRUSTRATED HERE AFTER 5-6 YEARS…..u guys have young blood and can look for something better in life at this stage…

  237. @Admin
    Can you put some conlcuding remark if there are any further batches or not? Lets not just make this link a place to flush out the anger. We need some firm update from you.

  238. I Love my Work but hate this company.. I am here sincel last 7 years and now I am sure I wasted my important part of my life in this org.. This is the worst organization I have seen and worked with.. Ex

    1)No Processes at all(Everything on Paper and Ultimatix)
    2)HR is like god father or SS army ,instead of helping employees with company policies they deal with them in negative way by threaten the employees and Harassing them.
    3)Employees are being treated worse then Slaves
    4)No Communication will be provided on any news with respect to Employee benefits from HR or top Management (everything should be assumedby the employees).. Only Employees get orders with deadlines when TCS expect something from them.
    5)HR dont know what the shit they are doing..
    6)Politics is everywhere but In TCS I think its to the max.
    7)Crap Middle level management and any asshole can be your boss.
    8)Too Much of Nepotism
    9)No Respect for employees and especially HR treat the employees as if they are dirt
    10) Non Ethical company and they are running this company using JRD TATAs name

    I am not cribbing because it was my decison to stay here as I thought I will see a better future.. But these FU***RS TCS management (Lungi Party) and Mr Ratan TATA has literally screwed thousands of its own employees..

    Mr TATA bought Corus, Dilligenta and JLR, all were the worst deal of the decade. I dont understantd why people are so greedy.. Why cant they do best in what they are doing instead they want to have a pie from each and every plate..

    I can quit anytime but why should I because I have given my youth in building this organization and I want the fruits.. To be Frank I have been given promotion but I am frustrated because of many reasons and I dont believe in this company or Management or Mr Tata

    I have two Humble requests for TCS guys and freshers

    1) all those who are working since 3-4 years or expecting growth please quit and look for a new Job ASAP. For TCS growth is just change is designations.

    2) Freshers with good academics dont even think of joining this Sh*t Company even if they give you good package.. they treat their employees worst then slaves. Please Please Please I request dont join this organization.. TCS S*cks a bigtime

  239. @Admin,

    Kindly update the status whether any more phases happen in TCS or not. If TCS has no plans…then we can have plans to move out of TCS.Is there any update when the VA will be applicable for the ppl who got promoted in this cycle.

  240. @RK,

    Please confirm the authenticity and source of news that any D wil not get promoted
    so that people willl leave their hope and take some corrective action to get out of this mess.

    Now economy is showing signs of recovery, If they do so, they have to pay for it in coming years.

  241. Guys, Was there a second round of promotion.. Nothing has come in ultimatix yet.. Wondering whatever HR said and we discussed here about few folks getting promoted in second batch.. is/was even authentic?

    @admin, Pls let us know what information u have about second round

  242. Guys, there is a employee in my project who was on LWP from few months. Her promotion was initiated last year but since she was not active, her promotion was not reflected during 18th August batch. Now she has joined back and HR told her that she will get promotion in 2nd batch. Also now in Ultimatix her status has changed in Corporate field from ‘No Action’ to ‘Y’. But she didn’t get any promotion letter till now.
    @Slave of TCS
    Since u guys got confirmation from HR/project management about your promotion in 2nd Batch, can you please check your status in your Supervisor’s Global Speed and update us on that

  243. @Still an ASE, Just wait two more days. According to sources second batch will start getting their letters from Tomorrow.

  244. TCS 2nd Batch Cycle is out. One can see the Promotion in HR Management->TCS ESS->IOU Details….. and you designation will be reflected here. Hope we will get offer letters within 3-4 days. I came to know they are giving promotions to the persons who got D band in previous years…. Finally Corporate awakes…

  245. @ Tech Guy,, and All, I am not able to see the change in my IOU screen. I got band D in the current year. Can anyone confirm if current year band D guys are also promoted.

    Also, can we see the change in the search box in the home page? Pl confirm……

  246. Hmm…Congrats to friends who got it.

    I was a month short of July-08, It hasn’t changed for me yet.

  247. None of my known friends who have been waiting have got. Not sure if they have rolled out at a strtch or still few jobs need to run???? It has to happen before this friday to get the salary change (even 1000rs) this month……..Pls provide some updates ………

  248. Ya that’s true, even none of my friends or colleagues got promotion in 2nd batch. Our GL has confirmed that all who have recommended will surely get it in the 2nd batch, but of no use. Hope so updates will run in batches coz its hard to believe that none of us got promoted inspite our cases were strongly pushed by ISU and we all are working in one of the critical project of our ISU. Lets wait for few more hours.
    @all, please update if you get your details changed after some time in Ultimatix

  249. @Band D Syndrome – If you are unable to see your IOU Details you can also look in the Bonafide letter. GO to HR Management->TCS ESS->Bonafide letter…. Generate Bonafide letter…. you will see your designation in letter.

  250. Hi Guys,

    I was also waiting for this but do not see any update in all places
    such as TCS ESS -> IOU Details, Bonafied letter generation-> not allowed, no update in promo letter link.

    I got D in previous years, please update if you have any info in this regard.

  251. Neelam,all, Already second batch results are out. I have got my promotion letter. People search is not showing any grade change but IOU screen shows. I do not know about band D people in current year are considered in second batch, please check with your GL and HR.

  252. Atlast….I got it!!!
    Yes, IOU reflects the change and also the letter is available now.
    Wish you all the best!! Hopy tommorrow morning everything is concrete.

  253. I got B,C,C,B,B………..
    Completed 5.38 years.
    My case was approved by PL/GL/HR..
    First time it was not picked up.. My GL, Practice head all tried to force the recomendation. But, unfortunately no luck for me..

    My friends and jouniors (who got D once ) got their promotion in second batch..

    Do not know what the hell is the policy for promotion… Branch ISU HR told ur case has been reviewed.. Corporate HR has considered ur case ( do not know why they needed to consider it,, it is bloody mistake and negligence of them).. But TCS corporate HR is like black box..
    Any way, enough of frustration.. I am decided and waiting for the first opportunity to quit this company, where the HR team is like this sort of efficient..

    All the best guys who got it … Congrats u.. Because u all deserve it (even me)..

  254. I have 5.5 years exp. My past 5 ratings are C,C,D,C,B.My promotion workflow is approved as per my supervisor’s speed details.I haven’t got the promotion letter.Any one who got promotion letter with band D in any of the previous years.?? .

  255. Guys,

    I am also hit by D Rating syndrome and do not see any update anywhere.
    Nobody is here to give concrete answers and suggestions about

    1) What is happening regarding promotion?
    2) Who got through in first and second batch, what was criteria ?
    3) Is this process over or still on?
    4) What will happen to rest of case?
    5) When are they going to consider new cases?
    6) Where is the updated policy?
    7) How the increment given is very low and varies from grade to grade?
    8) If HR does not want to update on this, whom should suffered associate should go to?
    9) If they are reviewing now, What the hell they did for a year?
    10) After such a chaos, should HR Team gets any increment or promotion for next 5 years?????
    11) If they can not promote, why do they recommend?

    Guys….This list can go on for miles ….keep on adding to it….

    Not sure so called PCMM 5/ Tata’s Crown Company /Asia’s No one IT company/Best IT Company to work with/Futures Global Top 10 company will answer this …..

    Really frustrated and will look for first opportunity to get out of this hell.

  256. I got D in 2006 and got promotion today. Heared from some of my friends who got D in 2007 also got their promotions.

  257. I had one D in 2007 and after that A and B, I didnt get promotion…..I dont know whats the criteria TCS has for promtoion. Its like a lucky draw… TCS promotion and compensation policy has never been transparent, this is the situation of India number 1 software company that targets to become global top 10… this way they will never achieve this….. i was waiting for this promotion list.. my journey in TCS is over now… congratulations to all those who got promotion and for those who has not got it even though they were eligible, wake up guys, kick this sucking company… really sucks our blood….

  258. TCS does not have money to give promotions to junior employees who works day and night for the company and these stupid bunch of senior management who r good for nothing eating up all the money (salary hike of 1 crore at the time of recession) and they say that there is no budget for giving us prmotion. I wonder if they dnt have money for promotion for junior employees then how come they are planning for multiple COO structure?

  259. @123….

    Please update that whether you got promoted from ASE to ITA?

    Is there anybody who was ITA (C2) and got promoted to C3 inspite having D Rating in past years?

  260. @DBCB, as far as I know whosoever has got D since last promotion will not get promotion…..One of my friend has D in 2005, was recommended thrice for promotion (last year jan, last year July and this time also his name was sent by ISU)), was tld by HR that since he had D in 2005, he is not eligible….. this is strange..
    He commited a crime (got D) in 2005 and getting punished now… even a criminal has got rehabilitation period like if you have good record for few years after conviction then he/she considered to be eigible for everything like others BUT in TCS its not the case.

    My sincere advice to FRESHERS…. PLEASE DONT JOIN TCS….Situation will be worst in coming years…..

  261. @DBCB, as far as I know whosoever has got D since last promotion will not get promotion… friend has D in 2005 and he was told by HR that he will not get promotion…its ike punishing some one twice… first by giving D rating and cutitng the VA and now no promotion also… hahhaha… these bloody senior management think they are too smart.. bastards….they are just playing with TCS future….

  262. @rk,

    Thanks for ur reply. I agree completely with you.

    The list of unethical processes followed is long and long dark night of uncertinity seems to taking over in this company.

    I heard somebody on top said (@123) that he had D in las years and got promotion letter after second batch.

    I too fall in same category but do not see any update so instead of looking for answer from unreliable TCS Mgmt, I wanted to know here as I think this is the place where u get most updated info.

    If anybody has further update, please update us.

  263. Any one who got promoted, who were falling under Case 1 criteria(falling short by a couple of months for july 08 eligibility).As i saw my status from supervisor’s SPEED page to be approved. But still no promotion.

  264. @DBCB,, I also follow exactly the same case as you D B C B in my prev 4 years..AM expecting from C2 to C3A and I didnt get promotion yet. I think those with D that got promotion would have been recommended by their project’s GL.

    Any updated info on this?

  265. NO promotion still
    2006 C
    2007 D
    2008 B
    2009 B
    Update from HR you are not eligible for promotion .. we are not able to take up your case with corp HR .. as you are not eligible till june 2008 any one with same case ? please Update .. but strange still showing my case pending with Corp HR in Supervisor work list..
    Admin please update can we wait for third batch ???

  266. @Admin, Is all second batch promotions out in Ultimatix ? OR still people can expect update untill the run of payroll cycle for this month.

  267. Just received a confirmation from HR that all letters for the 2nd batch promotions have been rolled out. This is the end of the promotion story this year. Guess this is the end to the long wait!! All is well that ends well for the CXOs and they lived happily ever after.

  268. I got no ‘D’s and only thing is got ‘C’ in latest apprasial last May, though all previous ratings are ‘B’. Still have been waiting for 5.5 years and nothing happened yet. When contacted HR, they say, since rating has come down and so Corporate HR is not considering. As I heard from HR, my dream is over for current year too and have to wait till next cycle. ..Agash one more bomb – that hereafter new recommendations will only be based on new promotion policy, which HR does not know when is going to be published.

    Any body got Rating drop (not D) and still got promoted?

  269. @patak, Looks like you are not sharing correct information here. If you have not got a single ‘D’ and you are eligible for promotion, surely that will get processed. I have not heard any case like yours check with your PM, GM, GL. If you sit like this nothing will happen.

  270. Now, the pattern is very clear. Those ppl who has rating D in current year or those whose rating has come down this year (from B to C or B to D or A to C or A to D were left out. Thats the reason ppl who had D earlier (3 years back) and got a better rating this year C or B were able to get through.

    Can anyone who had a band D and got promoted confirm this?

  271. Then my rating came down from last year but got promotion, don’t post messages here with assumptions and make people panic

  272. Hello @ TCS bad Drama , i am sailing on the same boat as you , i seriously dont understand there stand, Just bcos one of the IDIOT BRM ‘s mistake they gave me D, my H1 and H1 average itself comes to above 4 , but they still under rated me , raised grevensis, nothing worked , CORP HR is DUMP just DUMP as sholes….i feel like hit them hard if we where know who is the decition maker CORp HR … idiots , let our curses punish them for ever…

    And i heard there is one more batch third batch people like me…i dont know what to say..!!!!!
    Just F<<<< of this compay.

  273. I have checked one post in JustAsk that how TCS made profits by giving promotions with just a hike of 2K. Request all of you to read that and go to HR in a group and put this question in front of them. I seriously suggest that we should go on a mass leave like pilots in Jet Airways.

  274. I am another victim of the so called promotion. I Got a D in 2006-07 due to my transfer and the F. HR calls that as the reason. But I know this is not true as from the posts above, people who have got a D last year have gone through. I have 5 yr 10 months of TCS exp and dont plan on staying here anymore.Soon this company will be run by freshers only and head straight to drain.

  275. Earlier on SPEED v3 they used to carry rating process from Feb month. I got a system defined default rating due to illness on Feb & Mar 2007 and all other ratings i got B. I didnt get promoted .but my friend who had got a D rating for coming to onsite got promoted in the second batch. I dont know what criteria TCS used. Just F*** of TCS. B***s.Eventhough PM didnt approve. I had put the papers today. Will count my days.I want to get out of this hell. Even i dont get a job immediately, it’s fine.but its hurting a lot staying here.

  276. same is the case with me…. due to personal problems i was in long leave and i got D in 2007, my other ratings were A and B. F**** HR told me that since i had D in 207 i m not eligible….. assholes….

  277. The Promotions are given like Lottery system, randomly selecting anybody , I know ppl who got 2 band D ‘s since last promotion and missing 1 year in eligibility got promoted. people who were all ok were
    not , Shame on us.. btw this is what HR has to say, copied the mail content..

    “Corporate is still reviewing not promoted cases. We don’t have a date when they will be complete with the review”

    sounds familiar isnt it.. 🙂

  278. Heard from one of the top level management that second batch of promotions were entirely based on PL/GL recommendation only. They were asked to give an exception list of eligible associates who did not get it in the first batch. All those on the so called “exception list” got promoted during the second batch. This explains the inconsistency!!

  279. Hi All
    I notice that some people have been promoted in Cycle 2. Criteria is unclear. Myself and my friends having consistent 4 and 5 have not been promoted. Hurts slightly..So I am not sure.
    BTW – Only request to all fellow TCSers is not to lose hope but to wait for your opportunity to strike, take proper stock of things and got out when the time is good. Let us not curse the HRs or the company. We make our own fortunes.

  280. Promotion festival is over . Those who got it Good Luck and those who left out Hard Luck and wait for next opportunity.

  281. In batch ‘2’ only those people got promotion whose case has been supported by PL/GL. Its 100% correct.

    You might be having good ratings but if that is not supported by PL/GL it is out. PL/GL can’t support everyone as all can’t be exception.

    Its not necessary that good rating people having one time ‘D’ have got promoted. It is more of good rating with one time ‘D’ and supported by PL/GL .

    What TCS can do , TCS is doing .. TCS doesn’t have budget for more promotions hence it may be possible not to giev any more promotions.

    As far as this year case is concerned I suppose there will come some update very soon.

  282. @XING….

    Did you get it today… pls confirm… what are ur ratings for last 4 years and what grade u moved to……….

  283. @XING…. Did u get promotion today? I dont think so. Everything is done and the pending ones will have to follow the new guidelines which si expected anytime in the next 6 months (thats how TCS works)

    Pls update soon….

  284. Xing is stupid, promotion party is over. New guidlines are expected in next 2 months please wait for updates.

  285. Pareshaan thi Chintu ki wife
    Non-happening thi jo uski life
    Chintu ko na milta tha aaram
    Office main karta kaam hi kaam

    Chintu ke boss bhi the bade cool
    Promotion ko har baar jate the bhul
    Par bhulte nahi the wo deadline
    Kaam to karwate the roz till nine

    Chintu bhi banna chata tha best
    Isliye to wo nahi karta tha rest
    Din raat karta wo boss ki gulami
    Onsite ke ummid main deta salami

    Din guzre aur guzre fir saal
    Bura hota gaya Chintu ka haal
    Chintu ko ab kuch yaad na rehta tha
    Galti se Biwi ko Behenji kehta tha

    Aakhir ek din Chintu ko samjh aaya
    Aur chod di usne Onsite ki moh maya
    Boss se bola, “Tum kyon satate ho ?”
    “Onsite ke laddu se buddu banate ho”

    “Promotion do warna chala jaunga”
    “Onsite dene par bhi wapis na aunga”
    Boss haans ke bola “Nahi koi baat”
    “Abhi aur bhi Chintus hai mere paas”

    “Yeh duniya Chintuon se bhari hai”
    “Sabko bas aage badhne ki padi hai”
    “Tum na karoge to kisi aur se karunga”
    “Tumhari tarah Ek aur Chintu banaunga”


  286. I am from tcs gsk nerul and its quite sad to say about NerulTCS GSK process that,the higly bad politocs are being palyed amongst higher leads (TLs,GLs) while appraisaltimes.
    Ratings are given on basis of favourisn.TLs,and GLs favourite persons are given good ratings and the one are not are given bad ratings.
    So if this goes on whats the use of ratings aand saying that TCS gives transperancy.
    Whats the use of working late night without any overtime and for this bad ratings.
    TLs have no technical knowledge.TLs roam here and there at the time of working hours.
    Is this the work pattern TCS follows.
    I don’t blame the brand TCS but the management of TCS BPO that has no control and record of this.
    And this is the only reason employee’s are fed up of TCS.

  287. Joined 2005
    confirmed at 2006 with 3/C
    2007 – 3/C
    2008 -3/C
    2009 – 4/B
    yet no promotion ultimatix says pending CORP HR
    whom to contact

  288. @ASE_S: if you joined at 2005 then as of 2008 when these promotions were initiated you had only 3 years of experience. Therefore you were not actually eligible. according to guidelines, only if you had all A rating then you can get your promotion after 3 years. so you actually have eligibility only for 2009 promotion cycle if the new guidelines are same as 2008.

  289. @Don & DCCCB-> Are you sure about this news? I thought promotion cycle was over with the second batch of people getting promotion.
    I was told by HR that I will be considered when the promotion initiated in 2009 will be considered. I have all approvals for my promotion since July 2008 and still am waiting!
    Is it a special case promotion which is happening now?

    @Admin-> Its been long that you gave out the latest news on this matter. Please update us.

  290. ASE for 5 Year: I have seen his promotion letter and now also available in people search in Umatix.

  291. @DON- Thanks DON. This means that still promotions are happening (May be in a hush hush manner)

    @Admin- Wake up before people stop visiting your website and this forum. Please update on the latest!

  292. @Victim- I checked the status several time. I am always told that its still awaiting final approval from corporate.
    When I said that promotions are perhaps happening, I was reacting to the information given by DON.
    I personally don’t know anyone who got promoted after the release of 2nd batch. But if DON is confirming, I would trust that.

  293. Hi,

    My status is approved but still has not received any letter or change in ultimatix , did any one has the same status. ?

    ple keep me posted.

  294. Same with me.

    Earlier it was showing in Promotion status link with Corp Action as “N”.

    Now it does show there but when my supervisor looks in Promotion Eligibilty Report , it is reflecting there with status as approved. No further action is allowed in this link.

    If anybody knows meaning of this, please update.

  295. Guys, this may not be the appropriate discussion for this post but i don’t know where else to post this: there is a strong rumour going around that TCS is going to give a substantial diwali bonus. anyone know if this is true?

  296. Hi

    LDP my last promotion was in 2005 , still nothing has come in ultimatix.
    MR alex think its a day dream about the diwali bonus , i hope they should not cut the va and give the bonus. Crapy management tcs,,

  297. Alex don’t expect this yaar, that under new CEO. He is culprint for all worst things in TCS. I will not expect any kind of hikes now on, new ceo is stupid

  298. Diwali Bonus..What Crap? I am not sure they will give something.
    It companies will have a challenging Q3 because of the rising rupee.

    They have just earned themselves another reason to screw us.

  299. Thanks for showing trust in me. I am also waiting for promotion but i have lost the hope now. Start evaluating options around or start making your mind. One thing that make me upset is “TCS is TATA group company” and TATAs has trust & transparency in their foundation. We cannt blame TATAs for this but sure high level management in particular HR.

  300. @ Status Approved: I have a very clear understanding of the status as approved when you check in your promotion eligibility initiation link in speed. It reflects like that only. But when you check in the promotion status report link, it will show as all approvals as Y and Corp approved as No Action. So dont get carried away. YOU ARE NOT PROMOTED.

  301. @Band D Syndrome: Earlier it was showing in Promotion Status report link as approved and Corp Act as “N” but name was not reflecting in Eligible candidates report because it was already approved by GL/HR and was in Corp List.

    Something changed and now I do not see it there in the Promotion Status report and it reflects in Eligiblity report. No sign of grade movement.

    Do you know what it means?

  302. @Status Approved : Use the condition based on the employee number in promotion status report. It says “status report will show only for tagged associate” something like that. Game is over my friend…It is showing now under Promotion Eligibility and Initiation Report as before with status “Approved”. Please check with HR…it might be that your appraiser (who initiated ur promotion) is no longer your appraiser or he is not tagged in iCALMS or may be his allocation problem. Please post.

  303. hello friends,/…. SPECIALLY FOR ADMIN…
    I AM GOING THRU PROCESS OF DEVORCE …AND A FALSE DOWRY CASE HAS BEEN PUT AGAINST ME AND MY PARENTS..BY HTE GALS PARENTS..can i tell this to tcs HR or..shud i hide the fact…only thing is i dont want to loose the job at this point of time….i am having almost 9 yrs of exp in tcs itself……
    ADMIN if you are reading this post..or if any tcs hr is reading pls reply a good human being…not as a employer…

  304. @victim,
    My full sympathy with you. I faced the same situation 3 years back and I have enquired about the same.
    The policy says that you will loose your job only when u get convicted by the court. Filing a case doesnt mean that u r convicted. so u can tell HR and go on leave. Try not to get arrested, so in that case u should not come to office as police may come to office to arrest you. Try to get the bail from the court asap. once u get the bail u can join ur job back.

    wish u all the best and i can understand what u r passing through.
    I have full phd in dowry case and 498A. I u need any more help then please let me know.

  305. hi rk.
    thanks ..thats big relief…..can you please give any of your contact details….i cant leave mine tha gal knows abt this site ..and must be searching to get any clue about me…

  306. Guys ,

    Most of ‘D’ syndrom who got promoted are in junior grade means
    ASE -> ita. Did anybody who were promotion due from AST – ASC having
    D at one time in AST garde , finally got through in second batch ??

    I mean has any AST with ‘D’ ,promorted to ASC in second batch ???

    Pl. let me know if there is any case like this ??

    It will be of

    1. For All those who are still waiting for promotion

      1. First list was all those who were clear in All regards (the ones who did not have any problems)
      2. Second list was for candidates with Band D or other issues, but still promoted due to management’s insistance.

      There are NO MORE lists. If you think that you didnot have any problem and still didn’t get promotions, then Speak to your PM and HR


        If your PM/HR is not telling anything then Surely you wouldnt get anything.

        So lets close the comments here. There is no point in expecting any updates from forum, instead check with your supervisor.

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