Apple iphone X sees heavy order cancellations despite perceived shortage

and all major carriers are seem to be facing heavy order cancellations and possibly returns (before the 14/30 day return window closes). Several carriers who reported 7-8 of delay in shipping ended Sunday (11/05/2017) with 3-4 weeks delay in shipping. And by end of this week are expected to ship within a week of ordering.

In a exchange with a reseller, who picked up around 15 from a Milwaukee Apple Store, there were no limits enforced by the store and healthy stock till evening. Most of the stores had separate inventory for walk-in customers and not displayed in the store.

Scanning around local , ATT and Target, we found the same story with most stores having X in stock over the weekend.

Meanwhile online reselling markets saw a huge drop in price from Date (Oct 27 201&) to Launch day (Nov 03 2017). And at the time of writing this article many phones being sold with almost no or little profit. iphone X 256 GB had a average sale price of $1700 on Oct 27 and now trending at $1375 with few takers.

If you consider 10-15% on selling fees and shipping on top of $1220 for a 256GB (with Sales Tax), the pricing shows lack of demand for .

My local reseller contacted me again to see if I will be interested for $50 on top of the store price and he had to return the phone if doesn't sell.

While this is good news for customers, may not be good news for Apple or its stockholders.


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