Iphone 5 facing problems staying connected with ATT LTE

I was one of the early adopters of  5, got through pre-order on day 1. I badly wanted to get back to after some difficult time with on ATT (Part of it was battery drain in the ATT custom build of ).

It has been a smooth ride with ,  some new after features and a better etc.  But once in a while my mails would stop arriving, I have 2 exchange and configured. When I'm out with my family, I will suddenly realize that  I'm not receiving mails anymore. On closer look iPhone would have lost the data connection, and it wouldn't pick up , till I restart the phone.(Restart  & no way right 🙂 ).


Iphone 5 LTE

On the other hand none with Galaxy S3 had the same issues,  and once few other of my colleagues got the new iPhone 5 did we find that it common to all iPhones,  Local ATT suggested switching off LTE. The phone is now doing fine on , but  with LTE the device couldnt stay  connected.

So anyone else from other facing the same problem??

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