Future of the web and HTML 5

With push from and , finally appears to be the future of  web. Even which has tried very hard to push its , has given in by implementing HTML 5 support with . With expected to bring   to mainstream consumers,  HTML 5 adaptation cant get better boost.

But days of HTML 5 only sites are still years away, last week I was playing with some of the popular tags and could immediately notice remarkable difference between and in their support and implementation. And IE9 is  not ready for adoption in enterprise. Over next few years there will be arguments and  counter arguments regarding what is best for future of HTML 5, unlike the past where Microsoft used to set the rules in HTML and rest followed, we have other players already in the game and Microsoft would be expected to follow Standards.

With the advent of HTML5 the biggest benefit will  be for low power devices, on the other hand and  Microsoft's Silverlight will be the biggest casualties. And with advent of HTML apps, Microsoft's dominance in OS realm will be seriously threated by likes of Google and Apple, overall exciting phase awaits every computer user.

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