Windows 8 Metro IE10 Browser with HTML 5

Metro IE 10 Browser of Windows 8 is going to use HTML 5 instead of Flash which leads the consumer experience browsing in Metro Style UI ie., plug-in free experience. Metro is named for its custom interface and touch layer built with Windows 8 for tablet devices. They also still support Flash and plugins through regular desktop version of IE 10 where users can still experience ActiveX controls, pen and touch input, etc.,

But 97,00o sites ie., 62 % of sites using Adobe Flash have already started changing to HTML 5. Adobe also started to support for HTML 5 video in its upcoming version, it has demonstrated its EDGE HTML 5 app an alternative to existing technology


Microsoft working on 128bit support for Windows 8 and Windows 9

Well Microsoft first launched the 64bit support with Windows XP and still most of the softwares we use on the 64bit Windows versions of XP/VISTA/Windows 7  operate in 32 bit mode . Though the 64bit technology has matured very well with latest windows versions, but there are very few softwares out in the market which uses the full power of a 64bit OS. With a few notable exceptions like Adobe Photoshop  most other softwares run in the 32 bit mode within 64bit Windows.

But Microsoft isnt worried much, they have already started working on the 128bit technology support for next generation of Windows Operating System. A profile of a Microsoft Researcher available on Linkedin brought to light Microsoft’s  Windows 8 and Windows 9 along with the 128 bit support.

Right now 64 bit Windows are only mainstream in the server market where the use of huge amount of RAM has mandated the use of 64bit windows servers.  Well the simplest reason for the 64bit OS is that any 32 bit windows cant really fully use RAM above 3.2 GB  and hence if you want to have RAM above 4GB then you need to have a 64 bit OS to get maximum use.