Apple iPad 2 Specifications (Available on March 11)

was back on stage at the 's event today and introduced the with 4.3. 2 will be available from march 11, and so do iOS 4.3.

The new iPad gets a dual core A5 which has 2 times faster output and 9 times better graphical output, also gets . iPad 2 gets even thinner than 4 at 8.3 mm (from current 13.4 mm) thin. The new iPad is also weighs 30% less from the original one.

The iPad 2 is priced exactly same as the original and extracts 10 hrs battery life out the device and a month of standby. Apple also introduced a splitter cable allowing HDMI output while charging the iPad all at the sametime.

Also on the show was a cover launched for the iPad2 which can be folded and used like a stand and protects/cleans the screen.

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