Apple iPad 2 Wish (Guess) List

The much anticipated  is going be introduced on March 2 at an event,  but there has been several speculations and rumours, starting with delay in production to 5. But lets not get too ambitious on this.

Well one thing which is almost confirmed is the impending announcement about 2 on March 2 event, after the not so obvious invitation sent to journalists last week.

The following are some of the most expected additions/upgrades

– Certainty is an upgraded in the lines of (ARM).
– Higher , but Retina eye display might be a stretch , but lets see if Apple surprises.
– No 7 inch iPad for now.
– Front facing
addition to support .

We might get some new features but at the end of the day Apple could just add the Verixzon support and just lay out a
plan for 2011 just like they have mentioned in the invite.

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